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modifier supprimer 40451 - de Jaimie Rose D. Angel247 , 12 ans (Philippines) - 2022-12-20
Agent secret - "Hi"

Hi I'm Jaimie Rose i wanted to be a secret agent I'm not good at Taekwondo i know, but i know i can still be a secret agent.

modifier supprimer 40439 - de Space58 (USA) - 2022-11-27
Agent secret - "Top Secret"

How do you become a spy?

40439 -
modifier supprimer 40442 - Réponse de Safiyeh 69 , 8 ans (Ghana) - 2022-12-03

I want to become an spy ninja but I'm 8 years old AND I pray to be a spy

modifier supprimer 40437 - de nellie112 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2022-11-22
Agent secret - "i really want to be a spy"

i think i will be good as a spy because i have watch so many spy movies and shows so i know a lot

modifier supprimer 40420 - de Lucy224 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-31
Agent secret - "Hi future spys."

I would like to be a spy because i am very good at being discrete. My brother and i spy on my mom in the kitchen and she only new i was there because my brother. Anyways i hope you pick me and yea have fun.

modifier supprimer 40416 - de durian6 , 12 ans (Brunei) - 2022-10-27
Agent secret - "this site be looking old"

HI i want to be spy kid plis pick me i love maths and shelock homes!1 (i never read a single thing about him)

modifier supprimer 40404 - de dekota184 (Iles Hawaï (USA)) - 2022-10-18
Agent secret - "whats the jod"

come and pick me up for the misson

modifier supprimer 40403 - de Terry rose158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-10-18
Agent secret - "Letter for those who want 2 be an agnet"

Hi, I'm Terry Rose (zumi), I'm making a group for those who want to be an agent....please don't give your real name, age, or where you live, there are a lot of bad people here. They pretend to be nice and of the same age, email me if you want to talk to me, thank you very much

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40429 - Réponse de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-11-14

Messenge me and i'll let you know if your in😊 , I'm not the leader in the group but there is more of a leader than me she is the true leader

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40415 - Réponse de Amanda Rose61 , 14 ans (Iles Cook) - 2022-10-26

Hi I am interested in becoming an agent. What would we be doing?

modifier supprimer 40393 - de Imojinn252 , 15 ans (France) - 2022-10-07
Agent secret - "Kid secret agent"

I would love to be a spy. I read all the spy school books by Stuart Gibbs and have always wanted to be a kid spy from then on.

40393 -
modifier supprimer 40428 - Réponse de Ro12 (Canada) - 2022-11-12

Not everything is like the books.

modifier supprimer 40378 - de Wisdom89 , 14 ans (Nigeria) - 2022-09-11
Agent secret - "Spy kid needed"

Hi,if you are interested in becoming a real spy kid, kindly chat me on my WhatsApp number (08030602983) to get started a spy kid is needed ,thanks.

40378 -
modifier supprimer 40381 - Réponse de chance crawford249 , 14 ans (USA) - 2022-09-13

i would like to be a spy

modifier supprimer 40367 - de Ben206 , 11 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2022-08-29
Agent secret - "Ben"

Hi I would like to be a spy but don't know how

40367 -
modifier supprimer 40405 - Réponse de dekota184 (Iles Hawaï (USA)) - 2022-10-18

i live in forda usa and tran hear

40367 -
modifier supprimer 40382 - Réponse de Shykelah rodgers20 , 16 ans (Georgie) - 2022-09-18

I would like to work please

modifier supprimer 40336 - de matthew191 , 9 ans (Australie) - 2022-07-04
Agent secret - "spy"

how do you spy?

modifier supprimer 40327 - de Paige21 , 12 ans (USA) - 2022-06-15
Agent secret - "spy"

I want to be a spy. What do I have to do?

40327 -
modifier supprimer 40361 - Réponse de Inès187 (France) - 2022-08-21

To become a spy you will have to work really really hard. But first got graduate from high school and go to college. Seems a good start to me ! Have a good day

modifier supprimer 40322 - de nathan44 (USA) - 2022-06-12
Agent secret - "I WANNA BE A SPY"

ive always wanted a soy job i wonder if a kid can get ne

modifier supprimer 40319 - de angel160 , 20 ans (USA) - 2022-06-09
Agent secret - "important"

Hi lol: dont give out personal info (where you live, age, real name, schools, etc) to strangers. if you must email people use disposable email addresses. (look what that is up.) when speaking to people make sure theyre your age, maybe video call them (photos can be fabricated or stolen from others). dont publish photos of yourself online, be careful about that. definitely be careful about showing your belongings because it may tell them where your location is. for example a school t-shirt. you really dont want this happening, even adults dont like it- because people may use this information maliciously/track you down/hurt you (even over the internet; if its possible to happen to big huge companies and even adults then it can happen to you). you may not even tell if/when it is happening, because people can be manipulative/trick you/be deceptive/lie/etc. this happens to adults too all the time as well. please keep yourself and your privacy safe.

40319 -
modifier supprimer 40391 - Réponse de Walter19 , 35 ans (USA) - 2022-10-03

no dumb bitch i live at 308 negra arroyo lane albequerque new mexico, my name is walter hartwell white

modifier supprimer 40313 - de Maxwell161 , 10 ans (Kenya) - 2022-06-07
Agent secret - "by MWM"

I have wanted to be a spy

modifier supprimer 40309 - de Victoire249 , 11 ans (France) - 2022-06-05
Agent secret - "hello everybody"

hello everybody
do you like totally spies my i dont like but is cool

modifier supprimer 40303 - de V15 , 17 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2022-05-30
Agent secret - "WARNING"

uhhh theres like bare minors here giving out personal information about themselves to complete strangers who claim to be "Agents" or "spies" without giving any evidence to prove it. i highly suggest yous dont tell theses mfs your date of birth, location and real name. its dangerous you retards. i beg yous dont tell anyone you dont now personally any confidential information about yourselves. there's prolly some dodgy mf takin notes n trynna track u to do God knows what with u. Atlest create a new email and make up ur identity before sighing up to anything

modifier supprimer 40294 - de Tamanna40 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2022-05-20
Agent secret - "Secret Agent"

I want to be a secret Agent CIA.... I am kind a experienced...

40294 -
modifier supprimer 40295 - Réponse de Andrei Vincent Franc32 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-05-20

hope to be agent

modifier supprimer 40290 - de Kris 54 , 17 ans (Philippines) - 2022-05-11
Agent secret - "Dreams"

Hi, I'm (Dagger) I want to be a spy.

modifier supprimer 40289 - de Faliha252 , 10 ans (Indonésie) - 2022-05-11
Agent secret - "Dream job"

Ummm hi my name is cilla i really want to be a spy :)))

modifier supprimer 40285 - de Cheef188 (USA) - 2022-05-03
Agent secret - "mission"

hello agents of the world, here we are trying to figure out the best spy movies and which ones our agents are seeing and what our spies are attaining from these movies.

modifier supprimer 40284 - de Julie77 (USA) - 2022-05-02
Agent secret - "Secret Agent"

I know four different languages excluding English, I’ve travelled all over the Northeast, I take self defense classes, I always carry knives, rope, an iPad, and needles around, even though I’m pre teen.

40284 -
modifier supprimer 40362 - Réponse de Shadow77 , 13 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2022-08-21

i am 13 i do to want to be a spy if there is really kid spy school please let me know

modifier supprimer 40281 - de Torrey188 , 14 ans (USA) - 2022-04-28
Agent secret - "im here"

I don't really know what this is, but I want to be apart of it. i have never been able to fine people like me and i am so excited to start. i have karate experience and i blend in well. i know how to act in stressful circumstances and i know how to get things done. i have been told i have grit and i never give up.

40281 -
modifier supprimer 40283 - Réponse de Freddy83 (USA) - 2022-04-29

I think i would be a good spy because I have a few years of karate expierience and i know parkour and I am gods with tech I am great with sneaking and that's why I should be a spy

modifier supprimer 40277 - de Hannah147 , 17 ans (Philippines) - 2022-04-26
Agent secret - "I wish to die already"

I'm bored and I'm lazy and I just want to die already I'm so tired of everything>.<

40277 -
modifier supprimer 40280 - Réponse de kb234 , 14 ans (Arménie) - 2022-04-28


40277 -
modifier supprimer 40279 - Réponse de kb234 , 14 ans (Arménie) - 2022-04-28


modifier supprimer 40276 - de Lilly whittle147 , 13 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-04-24
Agent secret - "About me"

My name is Lilly and I’m currently in England. I’ve been learning to do jujitsu. I’m a confident girl and always up for a challenge. I never let my age get in the way. I’m a quick runner and a Excellent multitasker.

modifier supprimer 40275 - de Kira19 , 11 ans (Iles Feroe) - 2022-04-24
Agent secret - "gunnerim2909@gmail.com"

Hi i relly want this I been dreaming about this since I was a little girl and I still want it now I found this website and I’m so excited to finally find this website and I really appreciate that I hope you guys read this soon cus I love spy kids and I always wanted to be one

modifier supprimer 40268 - de Sharaf Farook 115 , 18 ans (Afrique du Sud) - 2022-04-16
Agent secret - "I want to become a spy"

Hi I want to became a spy in South Africa and Sri Lanka. I'm hope for someone for selecting to a organization. I'm 18 years old now. Hope to get good news soon
Thank you

modifier supprimer 40255 - de V15 , 17 ans (USA) - 2022-04-04
Agent secret - "Bored and jobless"

So I don't know what the hell this website is that I just so happened to stumble across but I've been reading some of the messages and most if not all of them are teens introducing themselves in hopes of getting the opportunity to be casted as some sort of secret agent and spy or whatever. In that case, here's my introduction because I myself at this point in my life have no idea on what I'm going to do career wise. My name is V, I mean not really, it's just a pen name but we'll go by that for now. I'm 17 and I'm living in the UK at the moment. Although I was born here, I was raised in the capital of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) and can speak and write Arabic fluently. I can also speak Russian as I myself am half Russian on my mother's side. Anyways, I just thought it might be a handy skill if I'm ever to become an actual agent or something. I genuinely don't think this site is legit at all, but there's no harm in just telling whoever is reading this
A little bit about myself. As a kid, as most kids have, I've fantasized about being a spy and you watch stuff like SALT or James Bond and think to yourself that one day, that will be you but then you grow up and get bare responsibilities thrown at you and reality slaps you hard in your face, yet here I am most likely wasting my time wafflling about myself. Unlike the US, here in the UK our education is actually legit and therefore, I'm not retarded which I guess is beneficial..... anyways if an actual agent or spy or anyone at all even who can get me a job that pays decently, email me at @vbarginston@Gmail.com
PS i just set my location in the USA coz there's not option for the UK

40255 -
modifier supprimer 40270 - Réponse de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-04-18

Hello ava ,good to know you , anyway not all friends you can count on ava, there will be a time when they will just turn their backs on you, I already have groups ready, if you want to chase just email me.

40255 -
modifier supprimer 40261 - Réponse de AVA170 , 14 ans (Togo) - 2022-04-10

dear gency my name is sara cameron and i am a 15 year old girl teen from togo .I know it seem young but i learn quickly and i am very determinated into my job and i think i would be one of the best of your spies .Just think about it you guy would be recornise into the all world for having a teen spy who does very well her job.I also have friend who i think would be good too we could be a trio and i am Assure you that we can really make this work.Please think about it thank you

40255 -
modifier supprimer 40258 - Réponse de Nicolas152 (France) - 2022-04-04

For UK, you must select Great Britain !

40255 -
modifier supprimer 40257 - Réponse de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-04-04

Hello v , i like your name hah . Anyway im zumi... but since because im in philippines they call me terry rose..im 14 years old and i already making gruop for those who want to join with us , if you want to join , pls email me and i'll give you your first mission , but before that you can tell me your real name , age , live , birth , using email..have a good day.

modifier supprimer 40250 - de heaven86 , 11 ans (USA) - 2022-04-01
Agent secret - "Spy jobs"

im 11 years old i was in karate 1 year lives in Fontana California and my dream job was to become a spy and this is perfect I do not have a phone i am willing to serve and honor this job

thank you,

40250 -
modifier supprimer 40363 - Réponse de Shadow77 , 13 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2022-08-21

same if there is kid spy school I will see you there

modifier supprimer 40243 - de Tillie 103 , 13 ans (USA) - 2022-03-25
Agent secret - ""dream job""

As I have said I'm 13yrs old started taekwondo ever since my talent of fighting I was born with this and decided to put it to use I naturally learnt fighting easily and knew some skills I am doing good in taekwondo I can be smart when it comes to decisions like this I'm not just good at fighting I may not be really smart but I do have a good tac with things like this I am mostly always free. message me I hope this would come true as I said "dream job" ever since I was little

modifier supprimer 40229 - de Trina222 , 15 ans (Kenya) - 2022-03-21
Agent secret - "spy"

hi im a girl and i guess i wanna be a spy i would blend in because no one notices me anywhere.

40229 -
modifier supprimer 40237 - Réponse de Danielle159 , 10 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2022-03-23

No sorry

40229 -
modifier supprimer 40234 - Réponse de Trina222 , 15 ans (Kenya) - 2022-03-22

sure give me your insta to make it easier

40229 -
modifier supprimer 40230 - Réponse de Sicret158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-03-22

you may join to my group if u want, just email me if you want.

modifier supprimer 40227 - de Sicret158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-03-17
Agent secret - "Sicret agents"

hi, im terry rose villanueva aguinaldo, im 14 years old by this august, miss secret ady hasn't replied to my email yet, but honestly I've been waiting for a long time for miss ady to reply to my email, but thought I also made a spy group, so that we can be ready, as NSAK (national spy agent kids) we are working to save the world, come and save the day, if you want to join just email me. thx, have a good day to all of you.

40227 -
modifier supprimer 40238 - Réponse de Danielle159 , 10 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2022-03-23

how do i get on a team

40227 -
modifier supprimer 40228 - Réponse de caelan216 , 16 ans (Canada) - 2022-03-21

I would join

modifier supprimer 40224 - de sacha142 , 10 ans (France) - 2022-03-16
Agent secret - "taekwondo/karaté"

moi aussi je fais un sport de combat (le karaté) je ne suis que premiere danne donc en tant q'agent secret...je serais pas le plus fort

40224 -
modifier supprimer 40332 - Réponse de Tej209 (Inde) - 2022-06-26


40224 -
modifier supprimer 40236 - Réponse de Danielle159 , 10 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2022-03-23

How do I get on a team?

40224 -
modifier supprimer 40225 - Réponse de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-03-17

salut, je viens des philippines mais je peux aussi parler une autre langue, j'ai un groupe d'espionnage, si vous voulez vous joindre, nous sommes tous les bienvenus pour vous... mais sicret andy n'a pas encore répondu à mon e-mail.

modifier supprimer 40223 - de Ruby83 , 17 ans (Russie) - 2022-03-14
Agent secret - "An offer"

Hello, I am a third degree blackbelt in taekwondo and take wrestling classes. I am currently in my first year of college at a reputed university (I was moved up a year) and can speak English, Russian, German and Mandarin fluently. I believe I can add value because of my skills and stealthiness. I have already been planning for a covert operation which I cannot unfortunately disclose any further. Contact me if needed by replying here and you will get a special code (10 digit telephonic number) through which we can maintain further contact.

modifier supprimer 40202 - de wallis80 , 9 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-02-27
Agent secret - "spy"

to be fair i think i would be a good spy because i am good at handeling heavy thing (guns bombs) also i can keep a secret

40202 -
modifier supprimer 40316 - Réponse de jake67 , 9 ans (USA) - 2022-06-07

i want to be a secret agent bc when i grow up i want to be a secret agent

modifier supprimer 40189 - de Finn lendrum213 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-02-22
Agent secret - "Spy"

Hi I’m Finn and I want to be a spy
I’ve had experience with ju jitzu and guns
I also work with having lessons with spy’s to help me with all the tools you need
It’s been my dream since I was 5
So can I join please

modifier supprimer 40187 - de charlotte59 , 7 ans (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2022-02-18
Agent secret - "l need to go on my first misson"

this is the only way i can escape from school i know i am only seven but surely i must be old enough to go on a misson without a adult its destiny i was meant to be a spy

40187 -
modifier supprimer 40317 - Réponse de jake67 , 9 ans (USA) - 2022-06-08

hi im jake and i wanna be a spy.i love to take action and fight others.can someone let me join them.

40187 -
modifier supprimer 40296 - Réponse de Katush161 , 17 ans (Kenya) - 2022-05-21

I need to have my first mission

40187 -
modifier supprimer 40245 - Réponse de Sherry katumbi Nzuki160 , 17 ans (Kenya) - 2022-03-27

I still want to be a spy but I need guidance

modifier supprimer 40181 - de Ardhra106 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2022-02-08
Agent secret - "I wanna be an agent"

I have strength and i can fight nicely i can also use guns i an strong minded i have an bad temper to but i can keep patience so i wish i could be an secret agent

40181 -
modifier supprimer 40251 - Réponse de heaven86 , 11 ans (USA) - 2022-04-01

Hello, this is agent heaven speaking I really like what you said and I'm willing to give you an opportunity however, I do need to test you and your skills so email hwill4@etiwanda.org this is a school email because I'm undercover which means i have to try my best to blend in and be un-noticed

good luck,
Agent Heaven

modifier supprimer 40179 - de peace 113 , 13 ans (Nigeria) - 2022-02-05
Agent secret - "MY DREAM"

hello it always being my dream since i was 3 to kick assess. I have been watching lots of cia movies or spy movies in other to develop my skills. Currently i work for SECRET LIGHT SPY. i am good and great at tech and when it comes to hitting asses i am good but still developing. I am a master in judo as well as a beginner in krav maga and i am going to join the cia at age 26 or 27 . And i am willing to work with people in my team.I cant wait for my dream to be fuffiled.

modifier supprimer 40178 - de Surya Dinu 97 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2022-02-04
Agent secret - "Secret agent"

Hallo my name is Surya Dinu iam from India. My dream is to become a spy. Iam good at strength, intelligence.

modifier supprimer 40177 - de Saimeera Goswami161 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2022-02-04
Agent secret - "Secret agent.."

Hello. I am Saimeera Goswami from India..I am really serious about it but I am only 13 and don't have any special traning or knowledge on this topic. Still want to do this for the country

modifier supprimer 40172 - de Erin54 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-01-18
Agent secret - "Can I be a spy?"

Can I be a spy at 14?

40172 -
modifier supprimer 40176 - Réponse de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-02-02

hi im terry but im care ful to my name , im new here but if you want 2 come with my gruops email me. See u there

modifier supprimer 40170 - de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-01-14
Agent secret - "Sicret agents"

hello i'm Terry rose and im 14 years old , actually i want to be a spy since im 5 years old . I'm good at drawing and I was quick to hear. I have been looking for a way to become a sicret agent for a long time, I hope my wish to become a sicret agent will come true.

40170 -
modifier supprimer 40248 - Réponse de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-03-30

good morning to you all, if you want to join the nsa group I will allow you to join but we can also fire you if we can't trust you, email me if you want, have a nice day

40170 -
modifier supprimer 40214 - Réponse de Aaron19 , 14 ans (USA) - 2022-03-07

Hello, I know Ju Jitsu and Karate, I have black belt in both, I also have snuck into the premises of the white house before. I feel that I am a force to be reckoned with and I would love to join a Spy organization. I will be emailing you regarding Joining Your spy team shortly. Thank you for your time

40170 -
modifier supprimer 40208 - Réponse de Azumi158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-03-02

hello sopia , good to know that , im just a normal butbthe leader of this links is our boss so emeil me if you have any question. Terryvillanueva@gmail.com.

40170 -
modifier supprimer 40188 - Réponse de Sophiea 58 , 9 ans (USA) - 2022-02-19

Hi I am Sophiea I am 9 years old and I am very smart and I think I can get the job done so please trust me and I am good at fighting and watch spy movies and I am in 4th grade so please trust me again and I will really love to be a spy and please hier me I very good and i have been waiting so please hier me please I would love to be a spy.

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