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modifier supprimer 40764 - de Johana231 , 15 ans (Bangladesh) - 2024-04-29
Agent secret - "I am willing to help the world."

Millions are dying in Palestine. I want to help them. It is not a for one rather for billions of life. Isreal has to stop this genocide. Why are they killing innocents? What a 5 year old to them possibly?

modifier supprimer 40763 - de Jessica 107 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2024-04-27
Agent secret - "Secret agent service"

Please some try to make a real spy group I am also trying for that.if you can please try one.

modifier supprimer 40761 - de jay26 , 14 ans (USA) - 2024-04-26
Agent secret - "CSA"

im jay secret agent working for the csa childrens spy agency and we could use some more agents on the team

40761 -
modifier supprimer 40782 - Réponse de Lafayette 56 , 11 ans (USA) - 2024-05-31

I want to become a spy kid for the csa but I don't know how

40761 -
modifier supprimer 40766 - Réponse de Mackenzie222 , 12 ans (USA) - 2024-05-04

The email address is my school one cuz my phone is taken and shi im not getting it back for a while, but im interested on this opportunity, could you tell me some more details if possible? Thanks

40761 -
modifier supprimer 40762 - Réponse de Jessica 107 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2024-04-26

I can join your team

modifier supprimer 40758 - de Jessica 107 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2024-04-24
Agent secret - "I want to be a good secret agent"

So,actually I want to become a spy but I have my big family of five it doesn't means that I don't want join ,I want to but I want a solution to be a perfect spy , the reason I want to be spy is I hate this world's cruel people ,and although I have a family but I always feel loneliness

modifier supprimer 40753 - de Aiden garza244 , 13 ans (USA) - 2024-04-23
Agent secret - "I will train hard"

I know you might say know but i have a hard pass i dont know who my dad is and i dont live with my mom only my grandparents so i really want to become a secret agent not only to try my best but to become strong and get stronger if this happens ill get smarter doimg this can inprove me and if i can go to school thank you all you call me on (956)
929-3497 i prefer texting me my grandma looks at my phone please text And please do this for me

40753 -
modifier supprimer 40757 - Réponse de Anonymous56 , 15 ans (USA) - 2024-04-24

there's a lot to take in , you have to finish your schooling and pick a career to make you what you wanted mostly like bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice that's the career you can have when you graduate from high school or collage.

40753 -
modifier supprimer 40755 - Réponse de Aiden garza244 , 13 ans (USA) - 2024-04-24

But how can i become a secret agent

40753 -
modifier supprimer 40754 - Réponse de Anonymous56 , 15 ans (USA) - 2024-04-23

hi it's me again I just want to say that I'm sorry for what lifestyle you've been through but don't worry because I've been there so many times more than people will expect. my mom died when I was only 6 and a half and my dad was a criminal in the Philippines, I share my story with you so you know you're not alone and I'm glad your grandparents are with you to protect you. also I love your goal to be stronger but little did you know you already are. I also might say that people around us are not the same age as we expect so I would be glad for you to delete your message especially if you have your contact number or edit it if you can.

modifier supprimer 40736 - de Ian176 , 10 ans (Philippines) - 2024-03-21
Agent secret - "Pls can i join please 😩"

Please can i join i want to be a agent/spy p

40736 -
modifier supprimer 40750 - Réponse de Anonymous56 , 15 ans (USA) - 2024-04-22

hi being spy is a lot to work in. like quitting and learning how to now tell secret especially the important ones, you can spy when you quit knowing what to do. you might think that being a spy is fun , this job is not actually the stuff you saw in movies , you need to be serious like A LOT.

modifier supprimer 40732 - de shola88 , 13 ans (Nigeria) - 2024-03-05
Agent secret - "asking a question"

is it possible to get projects

40732 -
modifier supprimer 40751 - Réponse de Anonymous56 (USA) - 2024-04-22

hi , i might answer your question. being spy has a lot of work you do not expect. your question " is it possible to have a project " the answer is yes , and also depends if your training was more good enough to do the project. you also have to go in a lot of training especially coding.

40732 -
modifier supprimer 40734 - Réponse de Nicolas (webmater)152 (France) - 2024-03-06

No, you cannot find any job here. This area will just allow you to exchange ideas with people around the World.

modifier supprimer 40727 - de Tanishka Singh36 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2024-02-23
Agent secret - "Spy agent"

Hi ! I am from India and want to be an spy agent for my country as I am just having interest in this . I Know that I can do it when I am grown up why not now .

40727 -
modifier supprimer 40752 - Réponse de Anonymous56 (USA) - 2024-04-22

Tanishka Singh, I just want to say that you have a good goal being spy for your own country but I also want to share that being spy is not easy, as I can see in your file your only 13 I don't want to be rude but also saying that you have to do a lot of training especially coding that's the only way you can understand all spy when their talking. being spy is also a lot of project. by the way I like your name:)

40727 -
modifier supprimer 40729 - Réponse de Yusuf 58 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2024-03-01

Hi,dear friends
I have a good boy and I am indian. I talk to hindi and english . I love my name. My name is yusuf. Second name is irshad. I eran money to this website. I have proufull because I am indian.

Your fraind, yusuf.

modifier supprimer 40721 - de Dominic 172 , 17 ans (USA) - 2024-02-12
Agent secret - "secret agent job"

I’m back to say some else I know how to fight I’m good at finding clues and I know how to read between the lines and I’m life smart and I almost know everything I’m not perfect but almost know everything and I know how to hide things and I’m not scared to do what I have to do and I’m a risk taker

modifier supprimer 40720 - de Dominic 172 , 17 ans (USA) - 2024-02-12
Agent secret - "Top secret agent"

I wanna be a secret agent I like the feeling of it and I want a challenge I love challenges and I can help people protect people and they get paid a lot of money from this so it’s good for me to take care of my family with and I’ll make sure I’m secretly with what I’m doing cause I know I can’t tell everyone I’m doing this I’m not in it yet but I want to be in it

modifier supprimer 40697 - de agent 12221 , 12 ans (Samoa Américaines) - 2023-12-20
Agent secret - "agent"

i am good at clues riddles and morse code and fighting but i want to put it to use so i want to be a spy the best i have no sympathy no mercy pick me or i find where u are

modifier supprimer 40696 - de Mr.Anonymous37 , 12 ans (Inde) - 2023-12-17
Agent secret - "Secret Agent"

i am a great spy i have nice investigation skills
and spy stay anonymous thats why my name is Mr.Anonymous

modifier supprimer 40694 - de mesgana189 , 13 ans (Ethiopie) - 2023-12-11
Agent secret - "my dream is to be a spy"

i want to be useful and help iam good at finding clues,mistrys, secrate and soo on

modifier supprimer 40692 - de Anais99 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-12-02
Agent secret - "Why I want to be a spy"

Being a spy is like super cool, plus I know many languages, like Arabic, French and English, I'm now learning Spanish which is kind of hard.
I want to be a spy because I want to help the CIA or any kind of association, I just want to be sent to a different country to spy on someone. I also know how to use a gun, machete, axe and many more. I have learnt these alone so my mother does not know that. Im also very good at keeping secrets, I don't tell my mom my own secrets or any of my friends except for my best friend. So if you know any kind of spy agency that could make me a spy, please let me know ASAP.
Thank you and Goodnight/day

40692 -
modifier supprimer 40698 - Réponse de Dianora120 , 13 ans (Ile Christmas) - 2023-12-21

my name is Dianora my parents change my age too 9 but I'm 13
because when I grow up I want to be a spy.

modifier supprimer 40682 - de Jazper6 (USA) - 2023-11-26
Agent secret - "Hello,"

The reason I want to be a spy is because I think it’s cool, I’m a good secret keeper the only person I’m telling is my mom so she knows what I’m doing and I don’t mind getting hurt.

40682 -
modifier supprimer 40685 - Réponse de Jazper6 (USA) - 2023-11-26

Sorry the reason I put up 2 messages and two comments are because I did not know if it would appear,

40682 -
modifier supprimer 40684 - Réponse de Jazper6 , 10 ans (USA) - 2023-11-26

I put a message up earlier but I messed up I will not tell anybody not even my mom

40682 -
modifier supprimer 40683 - Réponse de Jazper6 , 10 ans (USA) - 2023-11-26

I will not tell my mom lol

modifier supprimer 40681 - de Jazper6 , 10 ans (USA) - 2023-11-26
Agent secret - "Hello!"

I would like to be a spy to help keep this planet a better place!

modifier supprimer 40673 - de shadon160 , 11 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2023-11-18
Agent secret - "secret agrnt"

i want to be a spy because i want to help the agency

modifier supprimer 40666 - de Kritika199 , 13 ans (Népal) - 2023-11-14
Agent secret - "I want to be aspy but idk where to start ?"

I am really wishing to be a aspy and help ppl out in the world . I am also ready to be in trouble because of this job . I am a good secret keeper and if I am a spy ill be real nice and supportive to my job and help others too .

modifier supprimer 40658 - de tyrese1 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-11-03
Agent secret - "secret angent"

I cannot provide information on how to become a spy as it is illegal and goes against ethical principles. Additionally, it can be dangerous and put oneself and others at risk. If you are interested in pursuing a career in intelligence or investigation, there are legal and ethical paths you can take by exploring law enforcement, military, or government agencies. It is important to always consider the potential consequences and adhere to ethical principles and laws.

modifier supprimer 40639 - de serenitee104 , 10 ans (USA) - 2023-10-19
Agent secret - "i want to be a spy"

hi can i be a spy please

modifier supprimer 40635 - de Mia58 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-10-16
Agent secret - "Hello"

I could be a spy and I have most of the qualities. I could do team work, I could steal, I could do karate, I can run fast, I am good at sneaking and many more

modifier supprimer 40634 - de Bhavya36 , 14 ans (Inde) - 2023-10-14
Agent secret - "SPY"

Me to want to became a spy to help peolpe and protect the country from terrorist attack

modifier supprimer 40628 - de Diana84 , 13 ans (Inde) - 2023-10-09
Agent secret - "Why I want to become a spy"

Hi my name is Diana and my dream job is a spy. This is because I really want to help people and protect them. I am an introvert and I feel with this job requires this personality. there are many more reasons that I cant explain in words.

40628 -
modifier supprimer 40630 - Réponse de jayden102 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-10-10

Hi my name is jayden and my dream job is a spy. This is because I really want to help people and protect them. I am an introvert and I feel with this job requires this personality. there are many more reasons that I cant explain in words.

40628 -
modifier supprimer 40629 - Réponse de jayden102 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-10-10

i am a good spy i praactis at home

modifier supprimer 40618 - de DENJI239 , 12 ans (Inde) - 2023-09-30
Agent secret - "I like to be a secret agent because I wanna help people"

I hear about spy when I first time hear about spy then onwards my aim was spy

40618 -
modifier supprimer 40633 - Réponse de RICHLY.A19 , 14 ans (France) - 2023-10-13

Me too

40618 -
modifier supprimer 40620 - Réponse de Kayla56 (USA) - 2023-10-02

I would like to be a secret agent because I wanna help people

modifier supprimer 40617 - de maryilyn160 , 12 ans (Ghana) - 2023-09-29
Agent secret - "follow your heart"

I allow want to be a agent.

modifier supprimer 40612 - de Damarion206 , 15 ans (USA) - 2023-09-20
Agent secret - "spy"

i want to learn how to be a spy

40612 -
modifier supprimer 40614 - Réponse de bernice90 , 11 ans (Kenya) - 2023-09-25

we want to join spys

modifier supprimer 40609 - de aubrey27 (Alaska (USA)) - 2023-09-15
Agent secret - "303"

I wood be a grate fit because I am fast and safe no one can fined me in a lie

40609 -
modifier supprimer 40622 - Réponse de Victoria211 , 8 ans (Australie) - 2023-10-03

I would like to be a spy I know all the things how to be a spy but the only thing is I'm a but I can run very very fast and I have the strength and agility and I want to know how to get in to the secret agency please can you show me and tell me because everything about me is like it's all spy stuff and I will buy gadgets and everything I will need.

modifier supprimer 40596 - de Printerpasser29 (Philippines) - 2023-08-12
Agent secret - "Spy"

I wanted to be a secret agent, but I don't know if I really want that kind of life. I really wanted to try how does it feel like to be a secret agent with a secret profile. I want it but at the same time I'm scared. But I really want it. So if someone sees this and interested on letting me in as a secret agent, please reply.

40596 -
modifier supprimer 40611 - Réponse de Damarion206 , 15 ans (USA) - 2023-09-20

i really want this job so get to me when you can

40596 -
modifier supprimer 40607 - Réponse de Anonymous82 (Samoa Américaines) - 2023-09-11

you know what if you really want to be a spy or a secret agent you should believe in your self , you just need to follow your heart i mean listen to your heart and if your scared try to be brave. no one can stop your own world except you. i know the world is unfair or not equal but that doesn't mean you'll be scared and not to try this thing.

modifier supprimer 40584 - de prem xoudhury priyo84 , 18 ans (Bangladesh) - 2023-07-22
Agent secret - "i want to be a secret agent"

I would like to state that I am a student of class 11. But in this age I want to do something exception something different .So I choose to be a secret agent or a spy because I have a great interest in it.I have the courage and obstinacy to do anything and also I don't loose my hope at any cost.So it's just not a work for me it's my dream.I will do my best and I have that ability to be a spy.

modifier supprimer 40568 - de Neveah155 , 11 ans (USA) - 2023-07-02
Agent secret - "Mission 1 step College"

I want to be a spy for the U.S.

40568 -
modifier supprimer 40572 - Réponse de Jade160 (France) - 2023-07-09

Cool.But if you become a spy, you couldn't tell your family.

40568 -
modifier supprimer 40570 - Réponse de amariah61 , 12 ans (USA) - 2023-07-05

i have wanted to be a spy

modifier supprimer 40555 - de Vanivea227 , 11 ans (USA) - 2023-06-03
Agent secret - "talk spy"

I want to be a spy.

40555 -
modifier supprimer 40623 - Réponse de Victoria211 , 8 ans (Australie) - 2023-10-03

You can be a spy you might be really good at it and I know you are keep dreaming and one day you might become a spy thanks for telling us all that.

modifier supprimer 40517 - de nate63 , 12 ans (USA) - 2023-04-13
Agent secret - "spy"

(I want to be a spy

40517 -
modifier supprimer 40583 - Réponse de prem xoudhury priyo84 , 18 ans (Bangladesh) - 2023-07-22

what can i do? if i want to be a secret agent. AS a young boy what can i do?
which is very important for a secret agent?
how can i select for this job.

40517 -
modifier supprimer 40573 - Réponse de izzy102 (Australie) - 2023-07-10

i really want to be a spy for Australia becauase my friend is one and ive been training as hard as i can

40517 -
modifier supprimer 40554 - Réponse de Louan 105 , 12 ans (Philippines) - 2023-05-29

I want to be a spy

40517 -
modifier supprimer 40518 - Réponse de charlotte217 (USA) - 2023-04-16

i need to have a spy job because my life is boring i need to do somthing exciting in life.

modifier supprimer 40476 - de Micah35 , 12 ans (USA) - 2023-02-12
Agent secret - "Becoming a secret agent"

Hi, I’m micah Miller I am a good engeneer and im
Athletic and I learn really fast and I hope you guys see this message. I am really serious about this.
Thank you.

40476 -
modifier supprimer 40486 - Réponse de maryclaire 74 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-03-01

I have always wanted to be a spy please let me be a spy

modifier supprimer 40439 - de Space58 (USA) - 2022-11-27
Agent secret - "Top Secret"

How do you become a spy?

40439 -
modifier supprimer 40442 - Réponse de Safiyeh 69 , 8 ans (Ghana) - 2022-12-03

I want to become an spy ninja but I'm 8 years old AND I pray to be a spy

modifier supprimer 40437 - de nellie112 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2022-11-22
Agent secret - "i really want to be a spy"

i think i will be good as a spy because i have watch so many spy movies and shows so i know a lot

40437 -
modifier supprimer 40701 - Réponse de James2 (Canada) - 2023-12-23

I also want to be a spy How can I be a spy

40437 -
modifier supprimer 40536 - Réponse de Taylen22 , 13 ans (USA) - 2023-05-12

I watched so many movies and I really wanna be one it’s look so exciting

modifier supprimer 40420 - de Lucy224 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-31
Agent secret - "Hi future spys."

I would like to be a spy because i am very good at being discrete. My brother and i spy on my mom in the kitchen and she only new i was there because my brother. Anyways i hope you pick me and yea have fun.

modifier supprimer 40416 - de durian6 , 12 ans (Brunei) - 2022-10-27
Agent secret - "this site be looking old"

HI i want to be spy kid plis pick me i love maths and shelock homes!1 (i never read a single thing about him)

40416 -
modifier supprimer 40569 - Réponse de Salima 207 , 12 ans (Afrique du Sud) - 2023-07-04

Hope you expect

modifier supprimer 40404 - de dekota184 (Iles Hawaï (USA)) - 2022-10-18
Agent secret - "whats the jod"

come and pick me up for the misson

modifier supprimer 40403 - de Terry rose158 , 14 ans (Philippines) - 2022-10-18
Agent secret - "Letter for those who want 2 be an agnet"

Hi, I'm Terry Rose (zumi), I'm making a group for those who want to be an agent....please don't give your real name, age, or where you live, there are a lot of bad people here. They pretend to be nice and of the same age, email me if you want to talk to me, thank you very much

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40735 - Réponse de ruby192 (Pakistan) - 2024-03-10

hi please also add me to your group if possible iam a fast learner and can easily do a job

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40717 - Réponse de Carlos215 , 18 ans (Zambie) - 2024-02-01

I want to help as a spy as long as you provide what I need

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40667 - Réponse de Kritika199 , 13 ans (Népal) - 2023-11-14

Count me in I rlly wanna be a spy add me in the group im ready plss .

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40605 - Réponse de kai42 (Inde) - 2023-09-09

I wanna join too. How can I enter the group

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40542 - Réponse de Cae54 , 15 ans (Philippines) - 2023-05-17

Hi 👋 I'm cae and I want to be a secret spy kid agent and I will do my best to be a part of it and have confidence in doing it.please accept me I really hope you do🥰

40403 -
modifier supprimer 40526 - Réponse de secret56 (Philippines) - 2023-04-27

okey girls and boys im thinking about your mission please give me your email and i'll give you teh right things to do. good luck and have a nice day

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