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modifier supprimer 39967 - de Li Changqing204 , 13 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-12
Traducteur, Interprète - "Find A Pen pal"

I am LiChangqing and I come from China. My dream is be a translator and my dream school is ESIT. I can speak sixty-three kinds of languages. I want to find a penpal,No matter which country people can. If your dream also is be a translator, then you can e-mail me at liyuanmenger@163.com. That's all,Look forward to hearing from you.

39967 -
modifier supprimer 40035 - Réponse de Clément 170 , 25 ans (Togo) - 2021-09-26

I will be your friend

modifier supprimer 39897 - de Anelka176 , 17 ans (Pérou) - 2021-07-06
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hola!!"

Hola a todos!! Mi nombre es Anelka. Soy de Perú, aprender idiomas siempre ha sido uno de mis sueños y en el futuro me gustaría trabajar como intérprete. . De hecho, estudio en el instituto inglés. Mi lengua materna es el español.
Quiero conocer gente de todo el mundo y creo que sería muy útil enseñarnos idiomas unos a otros para mejorar nuestro conocimiento. Busco a alguien que pueda darme una mano con el italiano ya que ese es mi idioma favorito y quiero aprenderlo.
Espero tener noticias de todos ustedes pronto !!

39897 -
modifier supprimer 40033 - Réponse de Clément 170 , 25 ans (Togo) - 2021-09-26

Vale no problema

modifier supprimer 39840 - de Xi204 (Chine) - 2021-05-31
Traducteur, Interprète - "german-chinese translation"

Is it possible to find someone here to improve translation skills together? I want to do german-chinese translation. People from all countries are welcomed.

modifier supprimer 38299 - de Jacqueline137 , 15 ans (USA) - 2020-10-28
Traducteur, Interprète - "I want to interpret/translate Chinese to English or vice versa as an adult"

Hi! I need some advice on the qualifications needed to become a Chinese to English or English to Chinese interpreter or translator when I grow up. What kind of degree(s) would I need? Are any additional qualifications that would look good on a resume? Thanks!

modifier supprimer 37843 - de Manon54 , 13 ans (France) - 2020-05-10
Traducteur, Interprète - "interprète/ traducteur"

Hello, I want to be a french/ korean translator. Can you help me? I can help you for English and french
Good bye

37843 -
modifier supprimer 38805 - Réponse de Aurore 86 , 14 ans (Belgique) - 2020-11-28

Je m'appelle Aurore et je rêve de parler Anglais. Je cherche une personne qui a entre 11 et 15 ans fille ou garçon.

modifier supprimer 37726 - de Malcolm180 , 11 ans (Australie) - 2020-04-21
Traducteur, Interprète - "Language Assistance"

Hi, I'm Malcolm! Would love help in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese :) I can help with English and Japanese

modifier supprimer 37315 - de Tianyu61 , 13 ans (Chine) - 2020-02-29
Traducteur, Interprète - "Language Help"

Hi,I am Tianyu from China.I LOVE learning languages,and I want to be a translater in the future.I need penpals/epals to help me with my English,and I can help anyone with your Chinese Mandarin.Also,I am interested in French,so I would like French penpals too

37315 -
modifier supprimer 40032 - Réponse de Clément 170 , 25 ans (Togo) - 2021-09-26

OK no problem we can change each other

37315 -
modifier supprimer 38265 - Réponse de Louise139 , 17 ans (France) - 2020-10-11

I can help in french

37315 -
modifier supprimer 37728 - Réponse de Malcolm180 , 11 ans (Australie) - 2020-04-21

I would love help with my Chinese! Can also help with English too! Please do get in touch!

modifier supprimer 36972 - de Gloria232 , 21 ans (Pérou) - 2019-10-24
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hello"

Hi, My name is Gloria and I'm from Peru. I would love to learn speak english. So if you guys can help me would be awesome!!

modifier supprimer 36627 - de Odalys131 , 22 ans (Equateur) - 2019-05-17
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hello"

hello guys my name is Odalys I am from Ecuador I like to learn about other cultures I am working in my English if you want to help me do not hesitate to talk to me

36627 -
modifier supprimer 38511 - Réponse de leon58 (USA) - 2020-11-14

I'm from the U.S. Feel free to write

36627 -
modifier supprimer 36681 - Réponse de Veronica 42 , 18 ans (Italie) - 2019-06-12

Hii!! I’d be happy to help you!!
If you want to improve our English together, just send me a message! Reply me!

modifier supprimer 36558 - de Veronica153 , 17 ans (Italie) - 2019-04-14
Traducteur, Interprète - "Language exchange - new friendship!!"

Hi everyone!! My name is Veronica, learning languages has always been one of my dreams and in the future I'd like to work as an interpreter. . I actually study at high school English, French and Spanish and my native language is Italian.
I want to meet people from all over the world and I think it would be very useful to teach each other languages in order to improve our knowledge.
I hope to hear from yo'all soon!!

36558 -
modifier supprimer 36973 - Réponse de Paige101 , 15 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2019-10-27

Hi I'd be happy to help with your dream, I'm English but I'm learning to become fluent in french

modifier supprimer 36367 - de Minji235 , 23 ans (Algérie) - 2019-01-18
Traducteur, Interprète - "heeeey"

hello everyone! i'm a student and a passionate about the korean language and culture as well, i'm fluent in arabic, french and english
if you're interested i'd more than pleased to help you yo emprove your learning and you can help me with mine ^^ just send me a message here or on kakaotalk (my ID is: fifitaeminji) annyeooooong

36367 -
modifier supprimer 36464 - Réponse de ELVIRA137 , 23 ans (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2019-02-22

Hello Minji, I am Elvira from Côte d'Ivoire. i am a trainnee in translation and i want to improve and assess my English through exchange. i also want to learn Arabic because i like this language. in Hoping an aswer, see you.

modifier supprimer 36198 - de Ashley44 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2018-11-24
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hi"

I like learning languages and I'm learning English now.I want to make friends with someone who comes from other countries.And I also want to learn more about foreign cultures.If you are interested in Chinese,I can help you and we can also make friends.

36198 -
modifier supprimer 36305 - Réponse de Délia198 , 18 ans (France) - 2018-12-27

Hi , i'm from france and i love the chinese culture if you want here is my email adress if you wan to make a new friend , i'm here ;) email adress : delia.couturier051@gmail.com

modifier supprimer 36053 - de Miranda112 , 19 ans (USA) - 2018-09-27
Traducteur, Interprète - "Free App for Learning Languages"

I'm not sure how many people know. I certainly didn't know of this app until my friend from New Zealand introduced it to me. It's called Duolingo. It has enough languages and it's not only through the English language. It's pretty nifty, I would say.

36053 -
modifier supprimer 36203 - Réponse de Stephanie237 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2018-11-24

Hello,I am Stephanie from China.I'd like you to help me improve my English.I am quite interested in American.As a return ,T can teach you Chinese and chinese cultures.If you have some idea ,please contact me.

modifier supprimer 36011 - de Adawiyya48 , 17 ans (Malaisie) - 2018-09-14
Traducteur, Interprète - "Language Tutor and friend"

Hello guys ! I am looking for friends and tutors to teach me in Japanese , Korean , French and Spanish and perhaps other languages too .it does not matter since i love languages and it's my forever dream to be a multilingual person and travel around the world . as exchange i can teach you Malay since its my mother-tounge , English and probably Arabic too since im learning them in school and . i am also hoping to be a translator in the future so i'd appreciate it if you can help me in communication although i am currently learning those languages from apps . i still need to practice communicating with others :) have a good day everybody and please notice me :)

36011 -
modifier supprimer 36044 - Réponse de Amir0 , 14 ans (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2018-09-22

No Problemo i speak english,but i need To perfect my
english and i want help you

modifier supprimer 35998 - de Cathy164 (France) - 2018-09-09
Traducteur, Interprète - "Language exchange and long-lasting relationship!"

Hello everyone!

My name's Cathy and I'd like to become an interpreter one day, as I think this is the ideal job (for me at least ;) ).

My native languages are French and Russian, therefore I could help you to improve them if you want to. Furthermore, I learn English, German and Italian at school, and I'd love to write to people speaking one of these languages! Feel free to mail me!


Mi chiamo Cathy e mi piaccerebbe diventare un'interprete un giorno (penso proprio che è il mestiere ideale).

Sono russa e francese, e se studiate una dei due lingue, potremmo aiutarsi a vicenda, perché mi piacerebbe migliorare il mio italiano.



35998 -
modifier supprimer 40534 - Réponse de Mohamed235 (Algérie) - 2023-05-10


35998 -
modifier supprimer 36002 - Réponse de Betty1 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2018-09-11

Hello Cathy ! My name is Betty, I come from China, and I want to learn French and English. Now I could only a little French and English could you help me ? Thank you very much!

modifier supprimer 35955 - de Michelle238 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2018-08-28
Traducteur, Interprète - "Nice to meet you!"

I'm a university student studying English teaching major for now.But I REALLY want to be an interpreter.I'm eager to improve my English,so that I can know more about foreign countries,and speak&read without any difficulties.It'll be wonderful if I could make friends with you!

modifier supprimer 35912 - de Jyun104 , 16 ans (Taïwan) - 2018-08-20
Traducteur, Interprète - "hey"

Hi guys,I'm Jyun ,16 from Taiwan
I'm learning English in high school,But the school only can teach us limited knowledge, so I want to find a person who can teach me, especially speaking, that's the part that I can't handle it well
If you are also learning Chinese, I can also teach you Chinese
Or just do a culture exchange.
No matter where you come from, you are any race, I would love to make friends with you!!!
I'm looking forward to hearing you soon^^

35912 -
modifier supprimer 37727 - Réponse de Malcolm180 , 11 ans (Australie) - 2020-04-21

Hi, would love help with my Chinese! Please get in touch! fmc.messages@gmail.com

modifier supprimer 35841 - de Elyssa125 , 18 ans (Indonésie) - 2018-07-29
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hello"

Hey everyone! My name is Elyssa, I come from Indonesia. My motherlanguage is Javanese and Indonesian. I really want to learn Spanish and French. I hope there is someone eho can help me. But if you dont speak in Spanish or French, feel free to reply me and teach me your language. Also I studied German and Japanese when I was in high school, so I speak German and Japanese a little. I can teach you Indonesian and Javanese if you are interested too. Hit me up! 😊😊

35841 -
modifier supprimer 38001 - Réponse de Malcolm181 , 11 ans (Australie) - 2020-07-06

hi i would love to learn indonesian

modifier supprimer 35781 - de June10 , 20 ans (Chine) - 2018-07-15
Traducteur, Interprète - "Find a friend to study together!"

I'm Chinese, and I have been learning English for 14 years. But I think my English is not good enough£¬especially my spoken English. So I want to find a friend to help my English and I can also teach you Chinese.

35781 -
modifier supprimer 35837 - Réponse de Jallow167 , 27 ans (Gambie) - 2018-07-28

I will appreciate to help one another. Am from the Gambia and I am a teacher.

modifier supprimer 35717 - de Maëlis250 , 15 ans (France) - 2018-06-06
Traducteur, Interprète - "Meet new friends and learn japanese"

Hey! I'm Maëlis and I can speak french and English.
I would like to learn to Japanese and meet new friends!
Can you help me please?

35717 -
modifier supprimer 36045 - Réponse de Amir0 , 14 ans (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2018-09-22

Salut Maëlis.moi c'est Amir,je parle français et anglais et je veux bien être ton ami

modifier supprimer 35651 - de Catalina164 , 21 ans (Chili) - 2018-05-16
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hey !"

Vegan, Goth, Metalhead, bookworm and human! I'm a fourth year translation student in Spanish, English and French. It'd be great to meet other translation students or people who want to make an exchange of languages ^ ^ Of course, it'd be super if we could be friends!

35651 -
modifier supprimer 35954 - Réponse de Michelle238 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2018-08-28

Hi~I'm a university student in China,and I'm studying English teaching.I really want to improve my English language,especially spoken English and writing.Do you want to learn Chinese?We could exchange our language!Welcome to make friend with me!

modifier supprimer 35521 - de Veronica 89 , 16 ans (Italie) - 2018-04-02
Traducteur, Interprète - "Meet new friends and language exchange!!"

Hi everyone! I’m Veronica and I live in Italy. I’m a student in high school and I want to study languages to become an interpreter. My native language is italian, I’ve been studying English since I was 6 years old, French for 6 years and, finally, Spanish and Japanese for 3 years (however? I’m not so good at Japanese). I would like to learn a Slavic language, especially polish, or Norwegian so if you can help me, I’d be so happy! I can help in Italian and I’d love to practice any language with you! I hope to hear from you soon! Bye!

35521 -
modifier supprimer 35907 - Réponse de Kenza152 , 15 ans (France) - 2018-08-18

Ciao Veronica ! Sono francese e mi piace moltissimo l'italiano e le canzone italiane ! Mi piacerebbe parlare ( e magari ridere ^^ ) con te. Et comme ça nous pourrions aussi parler français, bien sûr ! ( même si je trouve cette langue bien moins jolie que l'italien ) bref ! A presto spero ! Bye

35521 -
modifier supprimer 35546 - Réponse de Veronica 89 , 16 ans (Italie) - 2018-04-12

Hii yes it could be so cool! I sent you a message in your web email!

35521 -
modifier supprimer 35529 - Réponse de Shusheng246 , 18 ans (Chine) - 2018-04-05

Hello!I just wanna make a foreign friend, so I send this message.I don't know wether you like Chinese because you didn't mention it,but maybe you wanna learn it.
By the way,I like movies,too.

modifier supprimer 35424 - de Julia17 , 30 ans (Taïwan) - 2018-02-22
Traducteur, Interprète - "My Dream"

I used to dream of becoming a translator so that I could read a lot of books from all over the world. I think if I am a translator, I will learn a lot through translating the articles around the world and make a lot of friends around the world!

35424 -
modifier supprimer 35579 - Réponse de Lauriane181 , 16 ans (France) - 2018-04-21

Hey, I'm French and 16 too and I also want to be a translator. If you have a specific language you want to learn, like if you want to be a Korean translator, then you can just go to university so it's free. But if you want to do more than 2 languages, then you will have to pay for a special school and there's not a lot of it in France but it's not that expensive.

35424 -
modifier supprimer 35479 - Réponse de chloé93 , 16 ans (France) - 2018-03-18

Hii Julia I'm french I'm 16 and I am in my 10th grade. I'd also like to become a translator or an interpreter but I think that the universities for it must be expensive

modifier supprimer 35319 - de Ella46 , 15 ans (USA) - 2018-01-31
Traducteur, Interprète - "Spanish and Korean"

Hi, my name is Ella. I am a 15 year old high school student looking for help in Spanish and Korean. I am in a CIS Spanish 1003 class, so for Spanish it would mostly be writing and speaking to one another, but I only know a few words in Korean, so that would mostly be grammar and vocab. In return, I can help you with learning the English language and American culture.

modifier supprimer 34977 - de Emma247 , 14 ans (France) - 2017-11-10
Traducteur, Interprète - "friend and korean"

Hello! My name is Emma. I 14 years old. I can speak French and English .I would like to learn to Korean and meet new friends Can you help me ?

modifier supprimer 34871 - de Daria22 , 17 ans (Guyane Française) - 2017-10-11
Traducteur, Interprète - "Need Help"

Hi I'M Daria , I Come From French Guiana. I Need Your Help To improve my english And I want To Learn Korean And Japanese. If You Can Help Me Please Tell Me. I Can Teach French, Spanish Or Portuguese.

34871 -
modifier supprimer 35318 - Réponse de Karol31 , 19 ans (Pologne) - 2018-01-30

I reccomend to you LingoDeer for phone. I'm learning mandarin there and It helps a lot!

modifier supprimer 34841 - de Ariela88 , 18 ans (USA) - 2017-10-05
Traducteur, Interprète - "My name is Ariela."

Hello everyone! I am Ariela and I am a college student studying Lingustics, the study of languages. I speak English and Spanish and I'm learning Korean. I want to be friends with everyone! Message me so we can be friends! My instagram is arielaturtle.

modifier supprimer 34703 - de Leon67 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2017-08-25
Traducteur, Interprète - "Language exchange"

Hey! My major is translation. So I'm likely to be a translator after I graduate. So I wanna find someone who can help me with my English. My English isn't that bad. I prefer a native English speaker from whom I can learn culture. Not just the language itself .In exchange I can help you with Chinese.

modifier supprimer 34682 - de Fuyuki251 (Japon) - 2017-08-23
Traducteur, Interprète - "I wanna be a translator"

I'd like to learn English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish
I'd like to make many friends from all over the world
Feel free to message me

34682 -
modifier supprimer 35581 - Réponse de Sarah182 , 16 ans (USA) - 2018-04-23

I can help you with English, if you could help me with Japanese :)

34682 -
modifier supprimer 35480 - Réponse de chloé93 , 16 ans (France) - 2018-03-18

Heyy i'm french and I'm 16, maybe I can help you whith french! :)

34682 -
modifier supprimer 34968 - Réponse de pascal24 (Italie) - 2017-11-07


modifier supprimer 34547 - de Besso97 , 22 ans (Algérie) - 2017-08-02
Traducteur, Interprète - "I need a chinese friend"

Hello I am an algerian girl , I need a chinese friend to help me with my master degree module , I want to learn chinese so much

modifier supprimer 34520 - de Uthpala157 , 17 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2017-07-26
Traducteur, Interprète - "Language exchange"

Hello,I'm a srilankan girl .I'm doing Japanese for my advanced level.So I want to improve my japanese knowledge.Who can help me??

modifier supprimer 34518 - de jaewan138 , 19 ans (Corée) - 2017-07-26
Traducteur, Interprète - "hi"

Hi, I'm jae wan you can just call me Richard and I'm 18 from Korea. I'm looking for someone who can help me improve my english and my chinese :) I can teach some korean words, if you're interested, contact me ;)

34518 -
modifier supprimer 34969 - Réponse de pascal24 (Italie) - 2017-11-07

I like korean boy

modifier supprimer 34363 - de Alexia207 , 18 ans (France) - 2017-06-27
Traducteur, Interprète - "Improves languages"

Hi, I'm Alexia and I'm 18 from France. I'm looking for someone who can help me improve my english and my chinese :) I can teach some french words, if you're interested, contact me ;)

34363 -
modifier supprimer 34696 - Réponse de Leon67 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2017-08-24

Hey. So are you still looking for someone to help you with your Chinese? Well I think I may need you to help me learn French.

34363 -
modifier supprimer 34435 - Réponse de Peter173 , 27 ans (Chine) - 2017-07-09

Hi,girl.I come from china,I am 27 year old.I think maybe I can help you with Chinese.

modifier supprimer 33835 - de Ronaldo53 , 19 ans (Italie) - 2017-03-22
Traducteur, Interprète - "MAKE FRIENDS/ IMPROVE LANGUAGES"

Hi I'm Ronaldo , I'm 19 and I'm from Italy. I would like to know new people in order to improve English, German and French. Contact me if you want, I think it will be interesting chatting with you.

33835 -
modifier supprimer 34411 - Réponse de Celine 86 , 20 ans (Belgique) - 2017-07-04

Hi everyone!
I'am Celine and I live in belgium. I studying translation and I really need to improve my English and my German.
I can help someone learning French, which is my mother language.
Have a good day 😘

33835 -
modifier supprimer 33979 - Réponse de Lisa210 , 16 ans (France) - 2017-04-21

Hi would like to be helped.

modifier supprimer 33799 - de Michela25 , 17 ans (Italie) - 2017-03-18
Traducteur, Interprète - "Lenguage exchange"

Hi, I'm Michela, I'm 17 years old and I'm italian, I would like to improve my english, my spanish and my french, can you help me? If you want I can teach you italian!

33799 -
modifier supprimer 39896 - Réponse de Anelka176 , 17 ans (Pérou) - 2021-07-06

Hola Michela, con gusto yo podría enseñarte un poco más del español ya que esa es mi cuenta nativa:) Mi idioma favorito es el italiano y estoy en busca de aprenderlo, entonces podríamos aprender juntas:)

33799 -
modifier supprimer 34514 - Réponse de Thaliana112 , 18 ans (Gabon) - 2017-07-25

Hi,Michela. I'm Thaliana and I'm 18 years old. I can help you to improve your French, which is my native language. So if you want, I can help you. 😊

modifier supprimer 33760 - de Amy229 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2017-03-12
Traducteur, Interprète - "found penpals"

hello, i want to be a translator or an interpreter, i am from China, now, I study English and Deutsch. My written English is good, but i also need practice for it, i have learned Deutsch not so long ago, be my penpal, let£§t chat £¡

33760 -
modifier supprimer 34412 - Réponse de Celine 86 , 20 ans (Belgique) - 2017-07-04

I can help you practicing german et English if you want.

modifier supprimer 33423 - de Celia84 (France) - 2017-01-06
Traducteur, Interprète - "Friends"

Hi, i'm celia and i want to be a tranlator so i want to improve my englis and my Chinese and learn Korea. I can help you with frensh if you want.
Don't be afraid and come to talk with me

33423 -
modifier supprimer 33759 - Réponse de Amy229 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2017-03-12

hello, may be i can help you improve your Chinese.

modifier supprimer 33357 - de Michaela96 , 17 ans (USA) - 2016-12-29
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hello (:"

Hi, I'm Michaela, 17 years old from the USA. I am currently a senior in high school and next year I will be off to college to study languages and hopefully become a translator. Right now I am looking to improve my Turkish skills as that is the language I am currently studying so if anyone could help, that would be awesome (:

modifier supprimer 33268 - de Aldrian198 , 20 ans (Philippines) - 2016-12-10
Traducteur, Interprète - "I want to learn Italian Langguage"

Hi. I want to learn Italian langguage,can you please teach me how? Please message me on my facebook (Aldrian Trajano). Tahnkyou :)

modifier supprimer 33013 - de Marie242 , 17 ans (Belgique) - 2016-11-01
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hi!"

Hi everyone!
My name is Marie, I am 17 yearsold and next year I will study in the University of Liège to became a translator. I would really like to talk to someone from the United Kingdom or from the USA to improve my english and to learn more about your culture. The only thing I know about you is your tv shows! We could talk about that if you want. My favorite in the UK are "The Office", "Sherlock" and "Extras"; and my favorite in the USA are "The Office US" and "Once Upon a Time".

modifier supprimer 32986 - de Amélie92 , 17 ans (France) - 2016-10-27
Traducteur, Interprète - "Hi !"

Hi, i'm Amélie from France
I want become a translator interpreter in many languagelike English, German, Korean and many other language. I learn korean by myself and i would like practice this language.
I can help in French if you want. I would like to learn Asian languague and their culture so if you can help me, tell me it please !

32986 -
modifier supprimer 33066 - Réponse de Ernest134 (Sri Lanka) - 2016-11-08


I am a retired geography teacher from sri lanka and wish to start a project that benefit students and students with disabilities in France who is capable in arts/crafts to exhibit at exhibitions/ cultural shows music and dance organized by school authorities in other countries. The project will help students in your country to display /demonstrate his/her talents at overseas events and will create opportunities for fundraising for their activities/ and for the school. It is purely a free programme I have designed.
Similarly there should be an opportunity to display talents of overseas students in your country too
If you like to join or support the student project by coordination and wish send more details on your reply including my contact details please

thank you

Ernest Goonetilleke

sri lanka

email crawleyms@hotmail.com

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