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modifier supprimer 127022 - de ED141 (Afrique du Sud) - 2019-11-20
Autres - "Helloooooooo"

I’m Ed originally from Africa and currently residing in China and working as an English teacher. I find it very loving and interesting. I’ve been in China for five years now and I find it very amazing in the teaching field. If you would like to know more about teaching experience please you can contact me. I would love to know more about other experiences around the world too. I also have Wechat: pal4eva
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modifier supprimer 125649 - de Alandri148 (Afrique du Sud) - 2019-05-14
Ecole Primaire - "South African Kids looking for Pen Pals from around the world"

Hello everyone,

I am an English (Home Language) teacher looking for Pen Pals for my students.
There are 9 of them and they are ages 10-11.

They are super excited to learn from other kids from all over the world.
I have been challenged to Pen Pal the teacher too.

Let's learn, have fun and create an amazing opportunity!
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modifier supprimer 122222 - de Nythil186 (Afrique du Sud) - 2018-06-23
Lycée - "Twinning with secondary school in Germany"

We are a school located in a previously disadvantage area due to the apartheid regime and we looking for twinning with international schools to expose our students to the broader world in terms of educational and skills projects.
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modifier supprimer 114965 - de elizabeth227 (Afrique du Sud) - 2017-01-01
Ecole Primaire - "Living in South Africa and looking for 30 pen pals in any other country"

My class of 30 pupils, grade 5 (10-11years) are very eager to communicate with kids of other countries. My kids are Zulu speaking but the language of learning and teaching is English. We want to write about our every day life and broaden our horizons. Please contact me so that we can get started. Friendly sunny regards for South Africa
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modifier supprimer 113286 - de Thandeka246 (Afrique du Sud) - 2016-09-21
Lycée - "cultural exchange"

i am a teacher at a high school in South Africa. My learners are interested in cultural exchange with learners from school around the world. we would like to meet teachers and students

kind regards
Thandeka Sibya
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modifier supprimer 110678 - de Yvette77 (Afrique du Sud) - 2016-04-13
Collège - "Pen friends"

Good morning

I am a grade 7 English Second Language Teacher in South Africa.There are about 16 learners in my class. I am looking for pen friends for my learners. They are very excited and really looking forward to learning about other cultures and countries.

I want to improve there writing skills and will like to correspond via snail mail if possible.

Sunny South African Greetings
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modifier supprimer 107069 - de farida124 (Afrique du Sud) - 2015-08-28
Ecole Primaire - "echange"

We live in Reunion Island,just on the other side of Africa, in the Indian Ocean.We are French and we do speak french but we have another language which is called Creol.
I work with children. Since two years now, a new system has been set in our educational system.
I am in charge of extra-curricular animation in an elementary school.
Within this framework, my pedagogical team and I would like to set up a cultural plan we will call � the 5 continents � and whose aim would be to introduce our language, our practices and habits and our life style to other african countries and in return we would like to learn and discover those of other countries in order to become aware of new cultures.

I am at your disposal if you have any other questions to ask me and I remain open to any suggestion whatever the country is.

Yours sincerely.
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modifier supprimer 106989 - de Ilda229 (Afrique du Sud) - 2015-08-26
Lycée - "Echange avec une élève espagnol niveau lycée 2nd"

I am a supervisor/facilitator and a mother for my daughter who is studying Spanish by correspondance and attends a girls-only private High school in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa). She is very keen to do an exchange with a Spanish student in 2016 for 2-3 weeks and give the opportunity for a Spanish student to come and improve their English. Anyone interested please contact me.
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modifier supprimer 101052 - de eban237 (Afrique du Sud) - 2014-09-24
Lycée - "exchange for 2016"

Hi I am a teacher in Cape Town and am looking to organise an exchange with a school in Italy or france in 2016. 10 nights in Cape Town and 10 nights in Italy or France. Activities can be planned with the organiser of the exchange. Group ages around 15-16 years of age. We can give a fantastic 10 days with visits to places such as Robben island, seeing wild life, learningto surf aswell as being in the classroom.
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modifier supprimer 75872 - de eban236 (Afrique du Sud) - 2013-08-19
Lycée - "exchange with school in Cape Town"

Hi, I am a teacher at Camps Bay High School and am looking to have a 10 night exchange with host families. We will reciprocate in the same way with a unique South African experience. We will be about 25-27 learners ages 14-17 and would like to be in Spain from 26 March-5 April 2014. Visitors can come to Cape Town in February or September 2014. We would like transfers, sightseeing, entrance fees, meals etc whilst with hosts except spending money and we will reciprocate in same way. We offer game drives, boat trip to a seal colony, visit to sanctuaries where lions, cheetahs etc are kept, we will teach visitors how to surf, we will visit Robben Island where Mandela was jailed, will visit a township plus of course see and visit main historical and cultural sites in and around Cape Town. Some trips are up to 250 kms from Cape Town so you see a bit of the interior of the country. Visit our Parliament and learn about apartheid. If interested cntact me on ebantucker@gmail.com
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modifier supprimer 75798 - de eban236 (Afrique du Sud) - 2013-08-16
Lycée - "exchange with school in Cape Town"

Hi I am a teacher at a high school in Cape Town and we are looking to exchange with a school in Italy. We will be 25 plus two teachers ages 14-17 mainly girls. We would like to be hosted for 10 nights by the host parents and we would do likewise in Cape Town. We will cover all expenses eg meals, sightseeing, tours, entrance fees and so on except spending and we would expect same in Italy.We would arrive in Italy on 25 March and Italians would come to Cape Town in February (summer) or September you will visit a township, visit game farm, learn how to surf, visit Robben Island where Mandela was jailed, experience our culture etc. If interested contact e on ebantucker@gmail.com with your programme and I will forward you mine.
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modifier supprimer 75797 - de eban236 (Afrique du Sud) - 2013-08-16
Lycée - "exchange with a European High School with school from Cape Town"

Hi I am a teacher at a high school in Cape Town and we are looking for an exchange with a school in Europe in 2014 for 10 nights. We will reciprocate as well. We would like to find a host school for 25 learners aged 14-17 mainly girls and two teachers and we would like to arrive in Europe on 25 March 2014. We will pay for all the costs of the visitors in Cape Town except spending money. We would like the same in Europe.The European visitors can sbe with us in February or in September. If interested please contact me on ebantucker@gmail.com with your ideas and itinerary and I will reciprocate with ours. Ours will inclde visits to game farms, culture, learning how to surf, visit to Robben Island to see where Nelson Mondela was jailed and so on. Your kids will have a great time in South Africa and of course experience a rainbow nation
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modifier supprimer 40976 - de Marianne54 (Afrique du Sud) - 2011-09-20
Collège - "Nine 15/16 year olds want to improve their German!"

Hi there! I teach at a very small high school in Plettenberg Bay, a holiday resort on the south/west coast of South Africa. Although I do not have many pupils, they are all very keen to improve their German abilities. Five pupils are real beginners and have been learning German for 8 months and 4 girls have been learning German for 2 and a half years. Should your pupils be interested in writing to my pupils, please make contact with me. Your pupils do not have to be mother tongue speakers, but can also be learning German as a foreign language.
Hope someone out there is interested . . .!
Mit vielen lieben Grüssen aus Südafrika
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modifier supprimer 34822 - de hussain25 (Afrique du Sud) - 2010-07-11
Lycée - "history Twinning Project"

I am a history teacher at a high school in Cape Town and would like to twin with a counterpart in Australia.
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modifier supprimer 26213 - de George54 (Afrique du Sud) - 2008-08-19
Ecole Primaire - "Searching Students aged 9 - 13 for pen pals, email pals around the world"

Hello, I am looking to implement a buddy system where primary schools around the world interact with each other. The learners at our school would like to hear and get to know other learners like themselves across the world. We have in the age groups above +- 500 learners who are willing an able to correspond with others like themselves. Please let me know if there are any other educators out there who wish do to the same for their school, lets make our kids dreams a reality. I thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
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modifier supprimer 23708 - de Darrell (Afrique du Sud) - 2008-02-05
Lycée - "Searching for contacts in Goiania / Brazil"

Hi fellow teachers. I teach english for grade 10. I am also involved in coaching volleyball, table tennis and athletics at my school. I am looking for e-mail addresses of schools in Goiania or Brazil. I have always believed that if an effort is made all overcome culteral differences can be overcome and mutual respect is gained.
Please feel free to contact me on any aspects of teaching for it is still a passion I hold dear to my heart.
Thank you
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modifier supprimer 20402 - de Cindy (Afrique du Sud) - 2007-08-15
Autres - "need support"

I'm a teacher and My kid is sick and we need our moral support. you can write us at:
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modifier supprimer 19164 - de Mukadi K Jean Claude (Afrique du Sud) - 2007-05-16
Ecole Primaire - "French teacher to kids"

Teaching basic and spoken french
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modifier supprimer 18925 - de Rhona (Afrique du Sud) - 2007-05-04
Ecole Primaire - "Computer Lessons"

I teach grade 3 - 7 computers and would like some new ideas for lessons
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modifier supprimer 18671 - de Vivid (Afrique du Sud) - 2007-04-25

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modifier supprimer 16071 - de Kobbie (Afrique du Sud) - 2006-12-01

I am worried about how we have allowed our little ones to go wayward in the namr of rights and promoting children's right.
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modifier supprimer 4811 - de aminata (Afrique du Sud) - 2005-08-22
Ecole Primaire - "maths"

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modifier supprimer 1261 - de Thea (Afrique du Sud) - 2004-09-01
Ecole Primaire - "Kwas Kiddies Artschool"

Art classes offered for 4-14 years
Individual attention - no more than 10 per teacher
Bellville/Durbanville area
All mediums used
Contact Thea +27 21 72 244 0202 for more information
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