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modifier supprimer 130068 - de Marivic54 (Philippines) - 2022-07-09
Collège - "Looking fo friends"

Hi everyone.. I am Marivic, a public elementary school teacher from Philippines. I teach Filipino and Araling Panlipunan in grades 4, 5, and 6.
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modifier supprimer 126401 - de Eric150 (Philippines) - 2019-09-08
Ecole Primaire - "Fifth Grade Thai Kids Looking for Pen Pals"

Hi All,
I am Filipino teacher currently teaching in Thailand. I made a classroom project which is involving my Grade 5 and 6 students to correspond to students with the same age to different countries. As a Social Studies teacher, this help them to learn culture,belief, appreciating eacht other's differences.
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modifier supprimer 125155 - de Pauline190 (Philippines) - 2019-01-14
Ecole Primaire - "Looking for pen pals"

Hi! I'm an English teacher in the Philippines and I'm looking for pen pals for my students. I have 13 students whose ages are between 9-12, this includes 3 students from Korea. All of them are fluent in English but I'd like to sharpen their writing skills with this activity and it would be great if they learn about other cultures along the way. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks! :)
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modifier supprimer 115464 - de Lea198 (Philippines) - 2017-02-12
Lycée - "Socratic Method"

Hi! Has anybody experienced applying Socratic Method in your teaching particularly in Araling Panlipunan? How did you conduct it and how were the results? I will appreciate your reply. Thank you.
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modifier supprimer 114797 - de katkat198 (Philippines) - 2016-12-16
Lycée - "Strategies"

hi to all highschool teachers out there!!!
can you help me? What are your strategies in teaching?
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modifier supprimer 72881 - de Planetkids254 (Philippines) - 2012-12-22
Collège - "Sharing experiences"

Planetkids Montessori school would like to share experiences with Teachers Certified Montessori from Phillippines.
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modifier supprimer 43979 - de Tim78 (Philippines) - 2012-04-07
Collège - "Pen pals in UK"

I am living in the Philippines. I have recently been reading English in various schools in the Anda(Pangasinan) area. Many students have expressed an interest in beginning basic Penpal arrangements with UK children, using the old-fashioned method of writing letters. The average class sizes are around 40 children, but I believe an inter-school Penpal arrangement will benefit both pupils and schools by this medium.If any school/teacher would be interested in trying to establish this relationship,I will be happy to organise the Philippine side. The schools in Philppines do not have sophisticated IT facilities,but the use of letter-writing will be useful both from an academic side, as well as creating international understanding and friendship. Please reply with your thoughts.
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modifier supprimer 40930 - de Lalaine Santos201 (Philippines) - 2011-09-19
Autres - "Home Program for Special Children"

We cater to individuals with behavior disorder, neurological impairments and multi-handicaps.
We provide quality Individualized Educational Program with focus on functional living skills development for special needs individuals in the most relevant venue of their daily lives - the home.
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modifier supprimer 30276 - de Rodrigo217 (Philippines) - 2009-06-12
Etabl.Supérieur - "Postcards as teaching materials"

Dear Fellow Teachers from Botswana,

Greetings from the Philippines!

I am a Filipino teacher in the Philippines. I am teaching English and World History subjects. Postcards are good visual aids in history and English,too. At the moment, I am collecting postcards worldwide, but it seems a Herculean dream on my part. I am very much interested to receive and exchange postcards from your country.

Anybody who is interested in postcard collecting and exchanging postcards with me, here is my address:


My e-mail address: rodrigo_dvjr@yahoo.com.ph

Hope to hear a fellow teacher from Botswana. Thank you.
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modifier supprimer 26039 - de Antonette (Philippines) - 2008-08-05
Collège - "How I can become a teacher in united state."

Hello! My name is Antonette jean from philippines.
I am an Elementary English teacher in public school.
fisrt of all. By next year i will decided to migrate in california. but? i dont have any idea if i can continue my profession as a teacher educator in united states. please give me a basic information of how and where i can start searching.

* please advise me for more accurate question and suggestion. thank you to all my fellow teacher educator.

Sincerely: Antonette jean
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modifier supprimer 25580 - de Teacher Belle (Philippines) - 2008-06-30
Etabl.Supérieur - "English"

Good day!

I have been teaching English for 5 years. Presently, I teach English via skype messenger.I believe my students will be happy to meet other online students or students/teachers who are interested about online education.Please add my skype ID: learntoday7
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modifier supprimer 25478 - de Universal (Philippines) - 2008-06-23
Autres - "Study Online - good!"

I have been teaching online and it is really fun and effective!

skype ID: learntoday7
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modifier supprimer 24463 - de Belle (Philippines) - 2008-03-31
Etabl.Supérieur - "English Today"

Good day!

I have been teaching English for 5 years. Presently, I teach English via skype messenger.I believe my students will be happy to meet other online students or students/teachers who are interested about online education.Please add my skype ID: learntoday7 and we can converse about this exchange of ideas and thoughts.
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modifier supprimer 23059 - de ARNOLD (Philippines) - 2007-12-29
Etabl.Supérieur - "Looking for Friends!"

Hi there! I'm an Educator from the philippines, looking for friendship around the Globe in all walks of life. Someone who can share ideas, views, & opinions in life. I'm 27 years of age, single, male and loves travelling, reading, watching movies and other meaningful stuffs. I'm open to unlimited possibilties.
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modifier supprimer 20213 - de sarah (Philippines) - 2007-08-01
Autres - "what is the difference?"

I'm quite confuse........... is there any difference between learning centers and pre-school? pls if you know the anwser say me a message at my email. thank you
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modifier supprimer 18074 - de arthur sayson (Philippines) - 2007-03-19
Autres - "" enroll a friend and get the chance to learn ENGLISH FREE ""

Dear Teachers:

I wrote you in-behalf of KSE-online, it is an online class that caters' to students from begginer, intermidiate,to advance. Our school is a new company but our staff and teachers are well equiped with and highly skilled. Teachers are qualified to teach basic English, to Professional subject such as TOEIC, IELTS, TOFEL, etc. There work experience come from the following institutions' that handle the following accounts the biggest of which is YBM/sisa. I would like to invite you, try our demo class scheduled every MONDAY/WEDNESDAY/and FRIDAY. hope to make a connection and build the bridge towards a peaceful communication... ENROLL NOW WITH KSE-online........

"Language is the armory of the human mind, and at ones contains the trophies of it's past and the weapons of its future conquests"....
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modifier supprimer 14304 - de Ana Liza (Philippines) - 2006-10-16
Ecole Primaire - "kids are special"

I just opened a learning center which will cater the educational needs of our young generation. Our focus is special education for children with mental impairment, emotional impairment as well as physical impairment. We also do tutorial services. Kids are great. They are special unique individuals who needs US :-)

I am also considering to accept online tutorial and counseling services.
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modifier supprimer 10638 - de Stella (Philippines) - 2006-06-21
Autres - "I'm an Online International Tutor"

Hi there! I’m a Writer with online international credits and I’m also an International Language Tutor. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Languages. I have over 5 years of Company and Home tutoring experience and over 2 years of online teaching including English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Tagalog and Cebuano.

I believe in teaching & studying in a friendly, creative and dynamic atmosphere. It’s all about providing space for individual levels of ability, preparing them for the future and empowering them to reach their full potential and be successful in life.

Two of my great personal joys are meeting & helping people of different races and cultures. My multi-cultural experience led my sensitivity and understanding of people especially my tutees. An appreciation for other cultures is strongly established in my heart. It is in interaction, talking and helping people from different parts of the globe that impressed me the most.

Let's learn languages the fun, fast, easy, creative and dynamic way. I'm just an email away. Hear from you real soon!!!
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modifier supprimer 9883 - de christine (Philippines) - 2006-05-13
Ecole Primaire - "effective teacher in preschool"

hi there im a new preschool teacher i'll be having my first class this june. Can you give me some tips on how to keep my students focus and attentive in the lessons that i'll be teaching. thanks!
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modifier supprimer 8212 - de Precila (Philippines) - 2006-02-02
Etabl.Supérieur - "anyone interested in cultural exchange with tours"

hi everyone, anyone interested in cultural exchange with tours to different scenic spots of the Philippines? you can also have the opportunity to have business partners or learn english for one month in the Philippines. For those interested email me at precy11@yahoo.com
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modifier supprimer 7180 - de Jenelyn C. Pangco (Philippines) - 2005-12-09
Ecole Primaire - "Teacher-Applicant"

I am a teacher in the Philippines.
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modifier supprimer 6928 - de Marian (Philippines) - 2005-11-25
Autres - "Music"

Hi. I'm a Music Teacher and looking for other Music Teachers who might be able to give me ideas on how to encourage practise dicipline to younger piano students.
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modifier supprimer 5953 - de Domivee Flor (Philippines) - 2005-10-13
Autres - "Looking for a new friend in here..."

Hi chums! Im Domivee Flor U. Dacuno, 22 years old from the Philippines who is currently applying to be as future teacher in China, I just want to gain friends in here so that if God permits I will be there i can have more friends... Thanks and God Bless always...

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modifier supprimer 4532 - de imee (Philippines) - 2005-07-29
Lycée - "pingpong lesson"

Hi! good day.. i want to ask help to those who might know where i can enroll my duaghter for a table tennis lesson.. she's in 2nd high school now and interested to learn the said sport.

Thank you so much
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modifier supprimer 3785 - de richard a. caballero (Philippines) - 2005-05-25
Lycée - " please help me"

i am a pe instructor here in our place. would you mind to help me and give some info about new rules and and coaching strategies in badminton and table tennis
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modifier supprimer 1793 - de Isabeo Torres Genega (Philippines) - 2004-10-04
Collège - ""A Teacher Offers CARE not sCARE""

Teachers are to CATTER the needs of our students, ALWAYS focus on the development of the whole person, REACH OUT their dreams through personalized teaching, and EVER READY to give extra time just to be with the them.It is expected to set aside one's own SELFISH MOTIVES as the following steps are done to ensure smooth flow of the lesson:
1. S - stimulate the students
2. A - authentic activities SHOULD be given without delay
3. F - follow through SHOULD be given to ensure learning, and
4. E - evaluation could be given right after the follow up
In the course of the lesson,it SHOULD always be remembered that . . . "Our classroom is always filled with different kinds of students . . .
1. S - slow learners
2. A - average learners
3. F - fast learners, and
4. E - extra ordinary learners
Through this scenario, it is advised that our activities SHOULD match the needs of every student in class.
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modifier supprimer 1666 - de Ma. Purey Pabilonia (Philippines) - 2004-09-26
Etabl.Supérieur - ""experience is the best teacher""

Teaching doesn't exist in my vocabulary before. But things change...here i am now...in the education world! "Experience is the best teacher", coz it is my experience who taught me how to love and learn the test of time and read the signs of the time.
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modifier supprimer 328 - de Ma. Lilibeth Calsas (Philippines) - 2004-05-27
Collège - " want to hear from fellow educators"

we filipinos will forever be thankful to americans who brought education to our doors. we were educated by the americans and our educational system was influenced by them. thank you
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