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modifier supprimer 130397 - de Christina56 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2022-09-17
Ecole Primaire - "Seeking penpals/skype for my class in New Zealand (age 9-11)"

Hi there,

I am a primary school teacher in New Zealand, there are 27 students in my class aged between 9-11 years.

In a few weeks we will be starting an inquiry unit on different cultures around the world, and a writing unit on how to write letters/emails.

I would really like to make contact with a teacher from a different country with a class around the same age. Hopefully we can exchange a few letters or emails, and perhaps do a Skype call or two to find out about each others culture etc.

It might be easiest if they can speak English, but am open to any suggestions.

Please email me on christinaf@birkdaleprimary.school.nz :)

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modifier supprimer 127538 - de Simon56 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2020-02-03
Lycée - "International Pen pals needed"

High school located in New Zealand with strong cultural ties. Looking for international pen pals through letters / emails so students can build their literacy skills and gain an appreciation for different cultures and lives from students around the world. contact me on email please- simonh@huntlycollege.school.nz
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modifier supprimer 125403 - de Rebecca Davis188 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2019-02-28
Ecole Primaire - "Penpals for NZ 6-7 y.o class for a couple of lessons"

Hi there, I am a student teacher from Auckland, NZ doing an inquiry on different cultures/ countries with my year 2 practicum class ages 6-7 between late March to mid May. I would love to pair up with someone and send/ scan letters as part of it. This idea has to be signed off with my Associate Teacher but I wanted to see if anyone would be interested before I suggested it to her? At this stage I think I would be looking at between 2-4 letters. Note: we have school holidays mid-late April so could do it before the holidays or after them or both as I am flexible.

Please email me at rebeccasarahdavis@gmail.com if you are interested. :)

Thank you!!!
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modifier supprimer 125326 - de Rajesh Joshi55 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2019-02-14
Lycée - "Kia Ora from New Zealand!"

I teach English at a junior college in Auckland, New Zealand. I have a group of about 30 students who would like to exchange their views with other students around the world; particularly with English speaking students of up to 16 years of age. We do not have any pen-pal accounts. Could you please guide me how we can proceed from here?

Thank you very much fro your time and help!

Warm regards
Dr. Rajesh Joshi
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modifier supprimer 122289 - de Xinning and Salma55 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2018-06-29
Lycée - "Looking for penpals"

Hello! We have a group of around 90 girls ages between 12-18 attending high school in New Zealand. We are interested in exchanging letters with schools overseas preferably in english. If you would like a smaller group we can make it so you will be writing to our junior group (12-14) or seniors (15-18). Please email us at icepnghs@gmail.com if this interests you.
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modifier supprimer 120852 - de Nathalie224 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2018-02-16
Lycée - "Recherche classes pour correspondances en francais/anglais"

Je suis professeur de francais dans un college/lycee en Nouvelle Zelande. Je travaille dans une ecole Catholique de filles dans un pays francophone. Je voudrais trouver des correspondantes pour mes eleves. Il me faudrait deux classes de filles de Quatrieme (40 eleves), une classe de Troisieme (10 filles), une classe de Terminale (2 filles). Je voudrais aussi echanger des idees avec leurs professeurs pour etablir un echange virtuel.
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modifier supprimer 115815 - de Chantal148 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2017-04-01
Ecole Primaire - "Looking for English speaking Penpals"

Looking for class to start up a pen pal exchange with asap. I have a class of 23 children, aged 6 & 7 years. We have just recently been studying culture and I thought this would be a lovely way for my students to explore another culture and practise their writing skills. They are very excited about this. Please get in touch with me if you are interested.
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modifier supprimer 115697 - de Bianca154 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2017-03-12
Ecole Primaire - "Looking for someone to write letters to!"

I am a teacher of year 4's in New Zealand. Our class would like to find someone to write to. We have decided that we would really like to learn about that persons life and country. We will be writing to them telling them about us and our country in exchange. We might like to know about things like: food, electronic devices used in school or home, animals, weather, news, economy, language etc.
If you think you can help us please contact us!
We are looking to start as soon as possible and hope to keep it alive for the whole year.
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modifier supprimer 112691 - de Tracey93 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2016-09-04
Autres - "Kindergarten Children looking for Sister Kindergarten/Pre School 2-5yrs"

Hi everyone, our Kindergarten (children aged 2-5yrs) are looking for another Centre to exchange drawings and information on their country. Our children are from a rural setting and our Kindergarten has a roll of 20 Children. We are really interested in learning about a new culture and country and would be excited to send information about our own culture. Our Kindergarten is rural and we have no internet so we are looking to exchange letter via the postal system.
If your pre-K or daycare centre or Kindergarten is interested please feel free to contact me so we can exchange information. Thanks Tracey
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modifier supprimer 111134 - de Kylie 55 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2016-06-08
Ecole Primaire - "Mail Mates wanted for our class for 2016"

Hi There

My class of 18 students has been learning about how they are the same but different to other cultures around the world. They have really enjoyed learning about the different countries and I would love to take this further by setting them up with a pen pal each. They are aged 9 - 13 and would love to use a mixture of mail and email, possibly Skype. If you have a class that you think would like to learn a bit about New Zealand then we would love to hear from you.
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modifier supprimer 110798 - de Nathalie224 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2016-04-30
Lycée - "French speaking pen pals for my Year 11 (15-16 year old0 students"

I would like my Year 11 students to start corresponding with French speaking students from a francophone country on different cultural topics. I would like to work on a virtual exchange programme with a language teacher from a French speaking country so as to share cultural knowledge and communicate in an authentic setting. Thank you for your replies.
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modifier supprimer 97915 - de Jasmine118 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2014-02-28
Collège - "Looking for Pen Pals for our students."

Hi there,

I have started a Pen Pal programme at our school which consists of 10 - 12 year old students, boys and girls, that are interested in developing their knowledge of different countries. We are a English speaking school and would like replies from other schools that are interested in exchanging letters and possible emails.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.
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modifier supprimer 97563 - de Sam58 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2014-01-25
Ecole Primaire - "Searching for twin class for 7year olds in Auckland, New Zealand"

Hey, we are a class of 27 Year 3 (6, 7 year olds) in Mt Albert Auckland, NZ. We are looking for another primary school class of similar age in South Africa to get to know. Keen for anything - pen pals, sharing photos and writing of experiences, skype, etc... If interested in any way let me know, cheers sam
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modifier supprimer 97277 - de Toni62 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2013-12-29
Collège - "Rural Canterbury, Nz"

Hi there, I am really looking forward to starting back at school after the holidays with my new class. I would really love for them to learn about another country and its culture. I would really love for them to write letters to communicate. Please let me know if you are interested. There are 13 boys and 14 girls aged between 9-11.
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modifier supprimer 97199 - de Jack 57 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2013-12-18
Lycée - "Penpals inglés/español English/Spanish"

Hola, soy profesor de Bachillerato Internacional (IB) en Auckland, Nueva Zelanda. Mi clase de 7 estudiantes (chicos y chicas) lleva un año estudiando español y les gustaría comunicarse con otros estudiantes de la misma edad (15 - 18 años). Podemos comunicarnos en inglés/español para que los estudiantes practiquen el idioma que están aprendiendo.
Buscamos una clase de 15 - 18 años, hispanohablantes de cualquier país para empezar en febrero 2014. Por favor, no dudéis en poneros en contacto conmigo.

Hello, I am a Spanish teacher of International Baccalaureate in Auckland, New Zealand. My class of 7 students (boys and girls) has been studying Spanish for one year and they would like to communicate with other students of the same age (15 - 18). We could communicate in English and Spanish so our students can practice their language of study.
We're looking for a class of native Spanish speakers of the same age in any country looking to start in February 2014. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.
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modifier supprimer 74770 - de Melanie176 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2013-06-15
Ecole Primaire - "Childreen of 6-11 yo"


Je recherche une classe de Nouvelle zėlande et qui souhaiterait correspondre en français avec mes élèves. Se serait pas courrier, création d'un blog, échange sur les modes de vie, les fêtes traditionnelles.... Et pourquoi pas ne pas envisager un échange culturel et linguistique.

My students can't speak english so that exchange Will be only in French. We live in Réunion Island ( french Island in the Indian Ocean) and we have looking for a class who speaks french to pen pals with.

If you are interessed, contact us.
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modifier supprimer 73769 - de Sophia173 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2013-03-14
Ecole Primaire - "Pen pals 7-9 year olds"

Hi everyone
I am looking for a class in a different country to become pen pals with . I am hoping to start soon and write to each other for the rest of the year (until December). If anyone is interested please contact me.
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modifier supprimer 45466 - de Leena50 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2012-08-04
Ecole Primaire - "8-9 year-old tahitian pupils seeking NZer penpals"

I'm a tahitian teacher of a class of 20 french speaking pupils (8-9 years old). We are looking for some penpals to write to along 2 years and to visit in November 2013 or in February or March 2014 in or around Auckland.If interested, please leave a message and your email address.
Thanks for your answer, nana.
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modifier supprimer 45223 - de Kimberli109 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2012-07-20
Ecole Primaire - "Kia Ora! Penpals wanted for 6-9 year olds"

Kia ora!

I have a group of 5-9 year olds (40 in total) who are currently part of an International Club at theIr school.

They would love to be penpals with children of similar ages that need to practice English and want to find out more about life in NEw Zealand. The children will write letters, send photos, share ideas and tell you about their life.

Please contact me if you think that you cold be a penpal class/school to us. We will look forward to hearing from you and your children!

Cheers, Kimberli
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modifier supprimer 45048 - de portia58 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2012-07-13
Ecole Primaire - "I'm looking for some French speaking penpals for my 13-14y/old students"

I am looking for some french speaking penpals for a small (~17) class who have just started learning french?
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modifier supprimer 44586 - de Justine 224 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2012-06-14
Ecole Primaire - "Seeking penpals to learn about different cultures"


My class of 28 year 5 students (9-10 year olds) are seeking penpals from around the world to learn about other cultures. Please contact me if you have a class or students who would like to exchange letters or emails with us.

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modifier supprimer 44249 - de Nicole236 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2012-05-11
Collège - "French Speaking Penpals for 11-14 year old students."

Hi! I teach at a small middle school in Hamilton, New Zealand. My students have just started learning French and they would really like to have French-speaking penpals. Hope to hear from you!
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modifier supprimer 38654 - de Sue49 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2011-04-15
Lycée - "Looking for penpals"

Hi there,

I am a literacy support teacher. I would like to find a penpal for my students. I would like them to have the experience of a friendship with someone from overseas. Is there a teacher out there who would like to match up 16 year nine students? Also 7 year 10 students?


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modifier supprimer 37339 - de Lessonz Abroad237 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2010-11-11
Lycée - "Voyages scolaires Australie & Nouvelle-Zelande"

Kia Ora!

Nous sommes un Educationnal Inbound Tour Operator Francophone www.lessonzabroad.com basé à Auckland (NZ). Depuis 2004, nous sommes spéciaisés dans l'organisation de voyages scolaires en NZ et Australie. Nous proposons des séjours d'immersion dans des écoles (High Schools) néo-zélandaises et australiennes suivis de programmes découvertes et ludiques. En outre, les participants sont logés dans des famille d'accueil afin d'optimaliser leurs aptitudes linguistiques.

Nous sommes accrédités par les autorités australiennes ( DET New South Wales et EQI Queensland) et nz (NZQI).

Faites confiance à une equipe présente sur place qui connaît le terrain et parle votre langue!

Cordialement du Pacifique Sud!

L'équipe Lessonz Abroad www.lessonzabroad.com
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modifier supprimer 32474 - de Joyce De Thierry236 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2009-11-12
Ecole Primaire - "New Pen friends"

Kia ora

My name is Joyce De Thierry and I am a Teacher Associate at Waima Primary School in the North Island of New Zealand.

We would like pen friends for the students in our class.

We have 54 students in our school ranging from year 0 to year 8 which is our senior group.

We are interested in forming bonds with students from other parts of the world.

All students here live in the rural parts of New Zealand.

It would be very interersting to see them interact with other cultures and languages as over here in the Far North of New Zealand we only hear Maori and English.

Kia ora
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modifier supprimer 31977 - de Nicola236 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2009-10-12
Lycée - "Kiwi experience"

I teach English in a rural New Zealand High School. I'm interested in Penpals for my students to help them gain experience of other cultures and to use their language skills. We are a English speaking country and would love to help out countries wanting to improve their english skills. The ages of my students are from 12 - 16.
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modifier supprimer 30789 - de laura81 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2009-08-04
Ecole Primaire - "Correspondre avec des élèves de Nouvelle Zélande"

Je suis professeur en France.
En septembre 2009, j'aurai une classe de CE2 (des enfants de 8 ans) et j'aimerait qu'elle corresponde par mail avec des élèves de Nouvelle Zélande (plutôt à Auckland) afin de connaître un pays anglophone, sa culture et sa géographie et de pratiquer l'anglais mais aussi de faire découvrir la France.
C'est aussi l'occasion pour moi de préparer un voyage d'un an en Nouvelle Zélande, de juillet 2010 à juillet 2011. J'aimerais retrouver la classe de correspondants une fois en Nouvelle Zélande.
Cordialement. Laura.
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modifier supprimer 30658 - de Anita124 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2009-07-21
Ecole Primaire - "Attention Schools in Africa!!!!"

Hi! We are a class of 8-9 year olds from a small country school in South Canterbury, who are currently learning about Africa. We would love to have correspondence with a class of similar age form any where in Africa. Please contact us if this is you!
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modifier supprimer 29949 - de Kourtney57 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2009-05-08
Ecole Primaire - "New Zealand French class looking for French speaking pen pals"

Hi there, I have just started teaching French to Year 7 and 8 students at an intermediate school in New Zealand. This is an introduction to French language and culture, as most of the students are learning the language for the first time. I am looking to establish a pen pal link with a native French speaking class. The children are 11 and 12 years old. If you are interested, please let me know!
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modifier supprimer 29100 - de Lessonz Abroad237 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2009-02-19
Collège - "Étudiez dans un lycée ou collège néo-zélandais"

Kia Ora,

Nous sommes un organisme francophone basé à Auckland qui propose à des jeunes de 13 à 17 ans d'étudier dans un établissement NZ pour un trimestre, semestre ou une année scolaire complète. Possibilité pour le parent qui souhaiterait accompagner son enfant d'obtenir un visa de travail pour les longs séjours ou suivre une formation linguistique pour adulte.

Nous pouvons aussi organiser des séjours courte durée pour des groupes de min 15 participants sur la NZ et l'Australie.

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter via notre site www.lessonzabroad.com.

Warm Pacific Regards
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modifier supprimer 24827 - de Anne (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2008-05-05
Lycée - "College neo zelandais cherche echange scolaire en France"

Je suis professuer de francais en Nouvelle- Zelande. J'ai des eleves de 15 a 18 ans qui veulent faire un echange avec des lyceens francais.
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modifier supprimer 23321 - de Sam (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2008-01-11
Ecole Primaire - "Pen Pals for young students"

Hi there
I have a class of 26 5-7 year olds and am looking to correspond either by post or email with a similar age group anywhere in the world. Email me if you are interested. Our school year starts next month.

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modifier supprimer 21664 - de Mieke (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2007-10-14
Ecole Primaire - "Is there anybody out there?"


I teach 11 and 12 year old children,26 boys and 5 girls. My students would like to make contact with a class anywhere in the world and share cultural and educational information. Maybe both classes could design a webquest about their country and share these online!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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modifier supprimer 19406 - de Tiffany (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2007-06-01
Collège - "Recherche de correspondants francais"

Je suis en Nouvelle-Zelande. Nous sommes une ecole de filles (college prive) et je recherche des correspondants francais pour 10 filles de 4ieme. (year 10)
Merci de me contacter
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modifier supprimer 10084 - de Rowena (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2006-05-22
Lycée - "Overseas Experience Unit of Work - Life Skills Class"

I am the teacher for a group of Year 12 and 13 students who are studying Life Skills. This course incorporates Skills and knowledge to assist young people who are preparing to leave school and home. One of our units of work, involves the study of other cultures, Overseas Travel skills etc.

We are from Opononi, which is a quiet seaside settlement on the Northern West Coast of New Zealand's North Island. The population here is about 700. Most of the students at this school are of Maori descent and have never been out of Northland let alone New Zealand.

Our class would like to connect with a student from the country they have chosen to study. There mission is to find out about other cultures, their life style, similarities and differences.

One of our units of work is to plan and price a trip from their home to another home in the country they are studying.

We look forward to contacting students from all over the world.

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modifier supprimer 9670 - de Sue (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2006-05-04
Ecole Primaire - "Penpals for my class"

Hello primary teachers in Brazil. My year 6 class is doing a study of Brazil and would like to hear from children from the same year there. They will reply to any children---girls and boys. I'll wait patiently to hear from someone. Thanks .Sue
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modifier supprimer 4390 - de Naima (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2005-07-11
Ecole Primaire - "Looking for email penpals for term 3"

Looking to correspond on a weekly basis for a class of 20 students aged 6-7 years. We are studying around the world as our theme. So if you have a class that would be interested in writing to these enthusiastic and adorable children, please email.
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modifier supprimer 4185 - de warwick (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2005-06-29
Ecole Primaire - "kiwi students seek penpals"

A class of 24, 10-11 yr old pupils in New Zealand seek to learn more in depth about other cultures.
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modifier supprimer 73 - de Megan (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2004-03-06
Collège - "Seeking pen pals"

I am teaching a class of 32 year 4 and 5 children (Aged 8-10) in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have just started a new unit on communications. Part of this unit is going to involve writing letters. It would be great to find some children around the same age from another culture that they could write to and get a reply from. If this sounds like it appeals to you and your class, I would love to hear from you.

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