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Projets scolaires, Correspondance/Jumelage entre classes, Partenariat, Messages...
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modifier supprimer 128853 - de Lai Tsae Ling100 (Malaisie) - 2021-03-15
Lycée - "Pen-pals Exchange :)"

Hi, I am Lai from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am an English Language teacher and looking forward to a pen-pal exchange project with students age 13-15 from any states (within Malaysia) or countries abroad. This collaboration will benefit our students in many ways especially to hone their writing and thinking skills using the English Language. Plus it is a wonderful way to share cross-cultural experiences. My 14 year-olds can't wait to write their first friendly letter. Do contact me at elvaling0209@gmail.com if you are interested.
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modifier supprimer 125105 - de Ravjeet92 (Malaisie) - 2019-01-07
Ecole Primaire - "looking for pen pals for my pupils"

Hi, I am a teacher from Malaysia. I am looking for schools who are interested to join a pen pal programme with my school.
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modifier supprimer 123006 - de Jennie120 (Malaisie) - 2018-08-23
Ecole Primaire - "Cherche une classe francophone pour correspondance avec ma classe anglophone"

Je suis enseignante de français à une école primaire britannique à Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie. J’ai une classe de Year 3 (CE1) de 12 enfants qui je vois deux fois par semaine et je cherche une classe francophone pour être correspondants (pen pals) avec nous (peut-être pour travailler l’anglais?) Ça fait 2 ans qu’ils apprennent le français. Merci de me contacter si ça vous interesse!
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modifier supprimer 120502 - de Sakinah171 (Malaisie) - 2018-01-14
Ecole Primaire - "Cultural Exchange Pen Pal Programme"

I'm Sakinah, an English teacher from Malaysia. I would love to collaborate with any English native speaker schools in a cultural exchange English Language Pen Pal Programme. The aim of this programme is to improve students' English proficiency through sharing, learning & community support. This programme is supervised by the Malaysia Ministry of Education as well as the State & District Education Board. It is to be conducted for 9 months starting from March until November 2018 & participants will be given certificate of participation. We have 25 students age 11 & 12 participating. I welcome any collaboration or enquiries :-)
Let's make learning English as fun as possible! Send your email to akinazraq16@gmail.com
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modifier supprimer 118853 - de Jane132 (Malaisie) - 2017-10-02
Collège - "Letter writing program"


I teach Year 7 English at a private school in Malaysia and my students are between 13 to 15 years of age. I am looking for a group of students from any country (hopefully all from the same class) who would like to write letters in English for the purpose of language practice and/or simply getting to know people in other parts of the world. We can do either individual letters or even group ones, depending on preference. I'm thinking of snail mail to start with, but perhaps later on, we can include skyping to present on topics of interest to both sides? I'm pretty much open to any learning opportunity.

I have 14 students in my class who will move into Year 8 in mid-October. They are a group of 3 girls and 11 boys, of varying English ability. I am hoping to run this program for at least a year, with the possibility of continuing into the following year if the students remain interested and keen on writing.

Please email me at jaayel2015@gmail.com if you have an interest in linking up. We are ready to go any time!

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modifier supprimer 118819 - de Mellisa171 (Malaisie) - 2017-09-30
Ecole Primaire - "Looking for Pen Pals - 10 to 12 year olds"

I'm a teacher in an primary school in Sarawak, Malaysia. My pupils are aged 10 to 12 and currently looking for penpals with whom they could correspond in English. However, it doesn't really matter to me if the pupils are from an English speaking country or not, as long as they can exchange letters in English.

If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me! My pupils and I are looking forward to hear from you!

Kind regards,
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modifier supprimer 116105 - de Maeva210 (Malaisie) - 2017-05-22
Lycée - "Echange linguistique et voyage scolaire en France"


Je suis professeur de français à l'école internationale de Beaconhouse à Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie. J'aimerais faire un échange par lettre avec une école francaise. Mes élèves parlent couramment l'anglais et apprennent le français depuis la 6eme. Je planifie aussi un voyage scolaire pour l'année 2018 à Paris pour mes élèves de 2nd. Ce serait bien que certains de mes élèves puissent loger dans des familles d'accueil ou chez leur correspondant.
Si vous êtes intéressés, vous pouvez me contacter: maeva.mauduit@beaconhouse.edu.my


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modifier supprimer 115912 - de Sarah192 (Malaisie) - 2017-04-18
Lycée - "Interested In Conducting A Penpal Progamme"

Hi, My name is Sarah, and im conducting a penpal programme to help my studetns improve their English language.

I have a number of students consisting 20. Theyre ages are 15-17.

We're interested in doing a penpal programme with any country interested. It would be a great opportunity for my students to learn and gain more knowledge by connecting with you.

if interested, please contact me as soon as possible!!

Vice President/Organizer
Sarah R.
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modifier supprimer 111212 - de priya164 (Malaisie) - 2016-06-16
Ecole Primaire - "interested to have pen pal students from your school"

Hi,I am a english teacher from Malaysia a country where full of culture and traditions.Here i am teaching english for 10 yrs old kids to 12 yrs old kids.I would like to improve my kids english through the pen pal program.hope to hear from you soon.pls mail me to rishipriya20@gmail.com
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modifier supprimer 110213 - de Kheira 134 (Malaisie) - 2016-02-15
Ecole Primaire - "Looking for penpals from Asia & English speaking countries for 12yr old pupils"

I'm an English teacher in a rural area school. I hope to find penpals for 30 pupils of mine. It's best if it's a group of children from the same class in a school. I plan to communicate via Skype at least once a month in which my pupils can practise speaking in English plus encourages them to use the language confidently. Besides, exchanging emails are welcomed :)
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modifier supprimer 108897 - de Paji Amer49 (Malaisie) - 2015-10-31
Lycée - "Penpal for high school students"

Hi, my name is Paji. I am teaching English language and would like to hold a penpal programme for my students. They're aged 16 and 17, both male and female. I would like to help my students to improve their English and glad if there is anyone interested all over the world. I prefer to have this educational programme through snail mail. Feel free to be contacted and hope to hear from you soon!!
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modifier supprimer 103580 - de Camille195 (Malaisie) - 2015-04-30
Collège - "Recherche classe de correspondants français de 11 à 14 ans"

Bonjour à tous,

J'enseigne le français dans un petit collège privé en Malaisie. Je suis à la recherche d'une classe de collège Francophone qui souhaiterais correspondre avec mes étudiants de 11 à 14 ans, afin d' échanger sur leurs modes de vie, leurs habitudes et leurs traditions respectives.( Mes élèves parlent tous couramment anglais, et seraient très heureux d'avoir un correspondant français!)

Si cette proposition vous tente , n'hésitez pas !

Contactez moi par e-mail
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modifier supprimer 102825 - de lee1 (Malaisie) - 2015-01-27
Lycée - "Pen Pals from Malaysia"

Hi, My name is Siew Chen and am from Malaysia. I am looking for traditional letter writing pen pals for my ESL students.I have 25 students in my English class. They are about 17 to 20 years old and they are the beginners in learning English Language. My students are willing to make new friends with foreigners especially who are from UK. I hope my students could improve their writing skills through this process. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Siew Chen
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modifier supprimer 102559 - de Roslizah51 (Malaisie) - 2015-01-03
Collège - "Getting Connected"

Hello! I am teaching English to 16-17 year old students. I would like them to have friends from english speaking countries so they can improve their writing and speaking skills. They are of average and below average proficiency. If interested please contact me.
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modifier supprimer 97709 - de Stephanie106 (Malaisie) - 2014-02-09
Collège - "Echange scolaire Kuala Lumpur / Paris"


Je suis professeur de français à l'école internationale Sri KDU à Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie. Je souhaiterais faire un échange par lettre/email avec une école parisienne. Mes élèves parlent couramment l'anglais et apprennent le français depuis la 6eme. Je planifie aussi un voyage scolaire pour fin juin à Paris pour mes élèves de 3eme. Ce serait bien si certains de mes élèves puissent loger chez des familles d'accueil ou de leur correspondant.
Si vous êtes intéressés, envoyez-moi un email à s.covez@srikdu.edu.my
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modifier supprimer 43469 - de Josephine82 (Malaisie) - 2012-02-18
Lycée - "Snail Mail Pen Pal"

Hi I'm Josephine from Malaysia.I want to start a writing project (snail mail pen pal) for my students (age 13). Hope to hear from any of you soon.
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modifier supprimer 38664 - de Fisha53 (Malaisie) - 2011-04-16
Ecole Primaire - "Pen pal programme for my students"

Hi.. I m fisha an english teacher fr Malaysia. I would to find teachers out there to start pen pal programne for my students age 10-12. Hope to hear fr any of u soon.
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modifier supprimer 34278 - de wawa82 (Malaisie) - 2010-05-13
Lycée - "epal project"

I'm a 52 year old female, English teacher from Malaysia. I'm looking for English teachers in Perth Australia who are interested in starting an epal project where our students can write to each other via email. The purpose of the project is to improve their English as well as to exchange ideas about schools and cultures. Those interested please write to me.

Truly yours,
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modifier supprimer 34149 - de masz82 (Malaisie) - 2010-04-29
Ecole Primaire - "Looking for partners (penpals programme for my pupils)"

Hi all educators. I am a teacher in charge for my school program where we want to have friends from all over the world so that the pupils in my school could practice English and be friend with pupils from other part of the world. My pupils age range from 10 - 12 years old.
Please drop me an email if you are interested.
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modifier supprimer 29593 - de malee13 (Malaisie) - 2009-03-31
Lycée - "learn english"

education is wise, interesting, matured,highly disapline, centers a person, forms + create+ humbleness, calmness, makes a smooth living, its not a lost + its recorded in mind forever for life, leads the life , could give others a great diveration a better way of life as highly mannered human to lead the world
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modifier supprimer 29010 - de furziah120 (Malaisie) - 2009-02-09
Collège - "Penpals wanted"

I'm teaching English to 15/16 year olds in Penang, Malaysia. I'm doing a program to encourage my students to write and exchange cultural information with English speaking students from all over the world. I would prefer snail mail at the beginning, and later maybe we could do video conferencing, msn, etc.

To all the teachers who are also doing the same program, email me and we can start something good for our students.


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modifier supprimer 23949 - de Furziah (Malaisie) - 2008-02-21
Lycée - "links with other schools"

Hi, I'm a high school English teacher and interested to have links with students around the world for my English class project. I'm encouraging my students to write and learn about the cultures around the world.

Please get in touch with me if any of you teachers are interested in this project. The students are 13 to 17 years old.


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modifier supprimer 23579 - de mira (Malaisie) - 2008-01-27
Lycée - "*Holes by Louis Sachar*"

Any teacher out there who can help me understand more about 'Holes', feel free to help me out. Help REALLY wanted. Hope we can arrange some time to discuss/etc. If anyone is interested, please drop me an email to my email address... TQ!
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modifier supprimer 21972 - de Richard Jenkins (Malaisie) - 2007-11-03
Ecole Primaire - "Live it, Learn it, Speak it. Australian teacher"

If you would like to learn the English language, properly. Contact me; Teacher Richard
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modifier supprimer 19258 - de Steve883 (Malaisie) - 2007-05-22
Collège - "English grammar test worksheets"

My name is Steve, and I'm an English teacher in Malaysia. I've a set of English grammar test worksheets in PDF format to give away free to all the students here. If anyone of you want a copy of it, please drop me a line at steve883@gmail.com
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modifier supprimer 16913 - de mira (Malaisie) - 2007-01-20
Autres - ""BLOG OF THE MONTH""


Title :
*get to know MALAYSIA*

Author : Mira
Country : Malaysia


Title :
*Brenda Song as LONDON TIPTON*

Author : Mira
Country : Malaysia

URL : http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/sites/tv/2512.php



p/s : to log on to it, you can also click at the *BLOG OF THE MONTH* in the blog section and go to my BLOGS!!

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modifier supprimer 5132 - de Farhang (Malaisie) - 2005-09-09
Autres - "German Language Tuition in Malaysia"

IF you are interested to learn German Language please do Call me at

012 2702725 or email me farhangmoh@yahoo.com.
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modifier supprimer 5083 - de claire (Malaisie) - 2005-09-07
Autres - "renseignements sur fle"

25 ans bac pro commerce aimerai passer un fle
par quoi dois je commencer
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modifier supprimer 4370 - de adeque (Malaisie) - 2005-07-09
Ecole Primaire - "Wanna learn Malaysian language?"

Good morning?= Selamat Pagi
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