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modifier supprimer 44624 - de Alaïs 14 , 16 ans (France ) - 2022-05-18 >> NEW
Jeux vidéos - "Genshin"

Hi. Some genshin impact player here?
Have a good day everyone

modifier supprimer 44607 - de Adel173 , 10 ans (Russia) - 2022-04-29
Jeux vidéos - "games"

hello! my name is adel i hope we will be good friends. i like games like garry's mod,dying light,portal,half life,flatout,undertale, hollow knight,cuphead,fnaf and much more. have a Good day =)

44607 -
modifier supprimer 44622 - Réponse de Ira58 , 5 ans (Russia 🇷 ) - 2022-05-15 >> NEW

Я тоже люблю Hollow Knight и undertale

modifier supprimer 44606 - de Maya173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-04-29
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

Hello, my name is Maya what is your name? I want to talk about VIDEO GAMES. Ok 1.My HOBBIES is VIDEO GAMES (BUT I HAVE ALSO ANOTHER HOBBIES) 2.My favorite GAMES is BRAWL STARS and ROBLOX but last time i played more BRAWL STARS know i don't play any GAMES.Also in the SCHOOL we have GAMES in the computer but it not like BRAWL STARS its like more logical or something another maybe you want to find our GAME i will tell you GAME name:COLONIZATION and BUSINESS CATS very intresting strategy games!We play this games during the lessons in Alabuga International School! If you want to talk with me about VIDEO GAMES send me a MESSAGE.

modifier supprimer 44581 - de Kalvin21 , 16 ans (USA) - 2022-04-11
Jeux vidéos - "rocket league"

rocket league is just better

modifier supprimer 44579 - de คิร$27 , 23 ans (Thailand) - 2022-04-07
Jeux vidéos - "Call me"

Do you play genshin impact?

modifier supprimer 44537 - de William203 , 10 ans (United States) - 2022-02-14
Jeux vidéos - "For Nintendo switch users out there"

Hey guys. I have a Switch and I like to play Mario kart 8, Ninjala, and Super Kirby Clash. I want some friends to play with. If you're a switch user, put your friend code in the comments.

modifier supprimer 44536 - de Vera158 , 19 ans (Philippines) - 2022-02-14
Jeux vidéos - "Rec Room buddy to hangout"

Hi! Does anyone play rec room and just wanna hangout and get to know one another?? If anyone wants to, here's my username: pambibummer

I'm really looking forward to making new friends all around the globe! :3

modifier supprimer 44507 - de William132 , 6 ans (UK) - 2022-01-24
Jeux vidéos - "Nintendo switch"

I like playing games on the Nintendo switch

44507 -
modifier supprimer 44594 - Réponse de Iraida58 , 5 ans (Russia) - 2022-04-19

Me too i like Mario Kart and Snipperclips

modifier supprimer 44495 - de Vinn198 , 17 ans (PHL) - 2022-01-09
Jeux vidéos - "Otoges"

Hello. Anyone here a fan of otome games? Plz I need to brainrot with someone hhhhh. I'll email you my twitter and we'll talk/interact there!!

My current favs are Tears of Themis (lvl10, just started a few days ago) and Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side (played all 3!)

I play on mobile, DS, and PSP (I use an emu for the last two).

Looking forward to everyone's reply!

44495 -
modifier supprimer 44535 - Réponse de Vera158 , 19 ans (Philippines) - 2022-02-14

Hello! I love playing otome games! I may not have played a lot but there a few that I really like to play such us Mystic Messenger, Obey Me, and Sleeping Delivery. I would love to discuss otome games with you and know more games related to it.

modifier supprimer 44490 - de timeo127 , 11 ans (france) - 2022-01-07
Jeux vidéos - "jeux video"

salut moi j adore FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 44476 - de Harone62 , 16 ans (Belgium) - 2021-12-24
Jeux vidéos - "I would like to find a teammaeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Hiiii or Salut , I speak a little bit English and Frensh. I would like to find a teammate to play with mee in League of leg ndsss. I’m bronze AHAHAHAZH ( but I am so much stronger seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy KEKW)

modifier supprimer 44461 - de Mayin189 , 32 ans (México) - 2021-12-09
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

Hi dear!
How are you doing this nigth? I would like to play some video game online with you.
I like to play FIFA but is soccer and sure you don't like it.
What kind the video games do you like?

modifier supprimer 44454 - de marie50 , 16 ans (France) - 2021-12-01
Jeux vidéos - "Genshin impact"

Genshin impact player? (I'm AR55)

44454 -
modifier supprimer 44610 - Réponse de Jake82 , 20 ans (U.S>A) - 2022-04-30

I also play Genshin if you like we could play together

modifier supprimer 44434 - de Alexey29 , 15 ans (Russia) - 2021-11-12
Jeux vidéos - "Hi)"

Do Anyone play c&c3 kane wrath? I can't play good but you can teach me)

modifier supprimer 44418 - de Tiphaine218 , 13 ans (France) - 2021-11-03
Jeux vidéos - "Hi! :)"

Hi! I'm looking for friends who like video game. My favorites are Sally Face, Minecraft and Little Nitghmares. If you want to discute a little, don't hesitate!

44418 -
modifier supprimer 44599 - Réponse de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-04-29

Hi Tiphane!It's me Ali.Thank you for explaining me what Sally Face is.Do you like cuphead.Because i am very good at it and i can give a tip.

44418 -
modifier supprimer 44596 - Réponse de Tiphaine218 , 13 ans (France) - 2022-04-25

Hi Ali! Yeah, I love Undertale!! ALso, Sally Face is an horror game where we play a teenager, Sally Face, who has to dismantle a satanic cult in his building :)

44418 -
modifier supprimer 44586 - Réponse de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-04-15

Also tell me what is sally face?

44418 -
modifier supprimer 44585 - Réponse de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-04-15

Hi do you like undertale?

44418 -
modifier supprimer 44482 - Réponse de Amiyrah38 , 11 ans (United States) - 2021-12-30

i play little nightmares but im kidna stuck if you can could i have a tip thank you.

44418 -
modifier supprimer 44453 - Réponse de Baxter29 , 9 ans (us) - 2021-11-30

hi im baxter i love fortnite and minecraft do you want to play mine craft my gamer tag is baxterthebest22 pls send back bye
/ \

modifier supprimer 44405 - de Ava65 , 15 ans (US of A) - 2021-10-24
Jeux vidéos - "Fable?"

Does anyone else play the Fable game series? Or Assassin's Creed?

44405 -
modifier supprimer 44480 - Réponse de Rhy224 , 16 ans (United States) - 2021-12-28

Hallå! (I actually speak english if it helps) I like assassins creed:D

modifier supprimer 44402 - de anthony210 , 10 ans (phoenix) - 2021-10-21
Jeux vidéos - "back 4 blood"

has anyone here played back 4 blood the best game in my opinion my favorite character is Jim and my most favorite special infected is hag i like how it devours you whole

44402 -
modifier supprimer 44403 - Réponse de Ty210 , 100 ans (phoenix) - 2021-10-21

i do

modifier supprimer 44401 - de Cindy210 , 10 ans (USA) - 2021-10-21
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

I love roblox and minecraft what about you.

44401 -
modifier supprimer 44623 - Réponse de Ira58 , 5 ans (Russia) - 2022-05-15 >> NEW

Yes I love minecraft so much

modifier supprimer 44365 - de ryne221 (usa) - 2021-09-27
Jeux vidéos - "Have you played this game"

Have you played combat reloaded my user name is IQuber btw the game is a FPS game.

modifier supprimer 44315 - de Thomas56 , 26 ans (France) - 2021-08-15
Jeux vidéos - "Gaming buddy"

Looking for someone to play Stardew Valley with and who know his/her stuff better than I do, also Pam is best girl and that is a hill I wil die on. I'm also into mhw and lots of other games, message me and i'll give you my steam name! Preferably be at least 18, see ya !

modifier supprimer 44303 - de boyan40 , 15 ans (China) - 2021-08-13
Jeux vidéos - "about TouHou Project"

It is so strange that there are almost nobody have mentioned it!?
TouHou Project is REALLY a great game series!

modifier supprimer 44295 - de Lucy224 , 13 ans (China) - 2021-08-10
Jeux vidéos - "1500409"

Is there anyone plays Minecraft?then you must know dream!I really ship Dream and Georgenotfound. I enjoy watching their videos.

44295 -
modifier supprimer 44508 - Réponse de william161 , 6 ans (UK) - 2022-01-24

i dont like minecraft because i ceap getting killed

44295 -
modifier supprimer 44392 - Réponse de Makayla115 , 16 ans (United States) - 2021-10-18

Hey! I play minecraft on ps5, if you want to add me its h0n3yy_makayla (aka. Maki Mclovin), it will be a pleasure making new friends!

modifier supprimer 44248 - de Montarnna195 (Australia) - 2021-07-21
Jeux vidéos - "Watchdogs question and video game recs"

I got watchdogs 1 and 2 a week ago and already finished both games. Does anyone know if the 3rd games is good? Or any games that have long play time but aren't too upfront combat based (I prefer stealth focused combat) of just some fun games in general

modifier supprimer 44244 - de A232 , 13 ans (USA) - 2021-07-18
Jeux vidéos - "Anybody like touhou or roblox?"

They are so fun, but idk if anybody knows them

44244 -
modifier supprimer 44511 - Réponse de William161 , 6 ans (UK) - 2022-01-24

I don’t know what those games are?

44244 -
modifier supprimer 44304 - Réponse de boyan40 , 15 ans (China) - 2021-08-13

it is sooooooo nice to find sth about touhou!
i like konpaku youmu most!

modifier supprimer 44220 - de Mal40 (USA) - 2021-06-30
Jeux vidéos - "Anyone know a squad-shooter type game ok for kids?"

I want to play a squad shooter game with my friends that doesn't have content inappropriate for kids, like cursing and too-realistic deaths. I'm into Halo and Doom - that kind of violence is ok because they ragdoll when they die. Does anyone know a squad shooter game like that?

44220 -
modifier supprimer 44224 - Réponse de Candy2 (Hong Kong) - 2021-07-08

How about "EARTH DEFENSE FORCE: WORLD BROTHERS"? This game is very cute.

modifier supprimer 44192 - de bomin126 , 12 ans ((South)Korea) - 2021-06-13
Jeux vidéos - "Is there anyone who knows undertale"

and other AUs?

modifier supprimer 44183 - de Elle127 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2021-06-10
Jeux vidéos - "Hi"

Hi my name is Elle and I love the Sims 4. I am saving up for a computer so I can buy it. I would love to make a friend with similar interests.

44183 -
modifier supprimer 44483 - Réponse de Amiyrah38 , 11 ans (United States) - 2021-12-30

i like the sims to but its only really fun when you have packs the island pack is a great buy. cats and dogs is a great pack too. best of luck save for your computer. sims 4 is really fun.

44183 -
modifier supprimer 44258 - Réponse de Max26 , 14 ans (USA) - 2021-07-25

Hi! I also love the sims 4. I wish you luck on getting a computer!

modifier supprimer 44110 - de Maria58 , 12 ans (Michigan) - 2021-05-05
Jeux vidéos - "Roblox?"

anyone wanna play Roblox my username is baby_riaa12

44110 -
modifier supprimer 44166 - Réponse de Mariah6 , 9 ans (Malta) - 2021-05-23

Hey! Yea shure I would love to play with you! Do you Play Adopt me by any chance?

modifier supprimer 44107 - de Cagan234 (Turkey) - 2021-05-02
Jeux vidéos - "Games I play"

I play Geometry Dash and I love that game, I dont play anything other than that. We can collab on GD if you want: TheDasherGuy is my name.

modifier supprimer 44080 - de jipsy135 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-04-19
Jeux vidéos - "pew ! pew !"

Zombie catchers
love the hunt
pew ! pew !

modifier supprimer 44062 - de Leonardo95 , 14 ans (Usa) - 2021-04-01
Jeux vidéos - "Fortnite"

If anyone would want to play with me Fortnite then text me or reply

modifier supprimer 44053 - de forest s'moe152 , 18 ans (us) - 2021-03-29
Jeux vidéos - "Stardew Valley"

Hey, I'm wondering if anyone else plays Stardew Valley and would like to chat abt it :^), whether that's, farmer ocs, cool updates, if Lewis is neutral-neutral or lawful evil, how *X* bachelor/bachelorette is perfect in every conceivable way, What (probably illegal) method Shane used to breed blue chickens, etc, etc, yeah anyways hit me up lol

44053 -
modifier supprimer 44534 - Réponse de Vera158 , 19 ans (Philippines) - 2022-02-14

Hello! I absolutely LOVE playing Stardew Valley and would love to discuss the game and it's mechanics with a fellow player! If possible, we could also play together. It's just that I only have Stardew Valley on my PS4 and can't afford Playstation Plus. I also can't afford to buy the one on Steam for my pc...I would still love to talk about it with you though! Looking forward to talking with you!

modifier supprimer 44003 - de Alaïs43 , 15 ans (France) - 2021-03-16
Jeux vidéos - "Hi !"

Hi everybody ! How are you today ? Me I'm fine. Who playing at Minecraft ? Me I play at it with my brother and on servers (like Hypixel and Cubecraft).
Have a good day 😊

44003 -
modifier supprimer 44056 - Réponse de Али 83 , 17 ans (Russian) - 2021-03-30

Hi! I rarely play video games. I play on Cristalix. I`m 17 years old. Can we talk?

44003 -
modifier supprimer 44030 - Réponse de yangrunze8 , 15 ans (China) - 2021-03-20

I play minecraft too!

44003 -
modifier supprimer 44015 - Réponse de Zoey12 , 11 ans (United States) - 2021-03-18

I'm not much of a minecraft player, but my brothers used to play it all the time. They played and played and played. They even FOUGHT over who would get to play it. Eventually my dad got rid of minecraft so they wouldn't fight over it anymore.

modifier supprimer 43992 - de Eloane64 , 12 ans (France) - 2021-03-13
Jeux vidéos - "Does anyone have any FNAF"

Hi, I am looking for people who like to play fnaf game series, I find this to be one of the best games! I even find that it is more and more popular! If people want to talk theory with me or just talk about the game, contact me

modifier supprimer 43959 - de Angus141 , 9 ans (Australia) - 2021-03-04
Jeux vidéos - "Roblox"

Hi I love to play Roblox my user name is GetParried. I like to play Build Island, Ace attorney, SCP Tycoon and sno day.

43959 -
modifier supprimer 44031 - Réponse de yangrunze8 , 15 ans (China) - 2021-03-20

Wow!I play Ace attorney too!Which case do you like best?

modifier supprimer 43952 - de Jason121 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2021-03-02
Jeux vidéos - "Anyone play Minecraft on Java?"

Hi, my name is Jason I'm looking for friends to play with on Minecraft Hypixel. I like playing Skyblock on there. If anyone see's this that plays Skyblock let me know :D

modifier supprimer 43950 - de Johnny11 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2021-03-02
Jeux vidéos - "Hi Im Johnny, im 11 and from canada. Im looking PS friends"

I play lots of different games. I’m friendly and mature for my age and want to make PlayStation friends.

modifier supprimer 43834 - de Tiana86 , 16 ans (United States) - 2021-01-23
Jeux vidéos - "new friends to play call of duty with"

hello im Tiana and i'm looking for new people to play call of duty mobile with. shoot me a email if you wanna play or respond to this !!!

43834 -
modifier supprimer 44571 - Réponse de Andrew184 (Australia) - 2022-04-01

I am also a Call of Duty fan. If you wanna play Modern Warfare, Cold War or Warzone I would be happy to play with you. I am currently looking for Warzone teammates (kinda hard since the game is dying) so if you play Warzone please let me know.

43834 -
modifier supprimer 44393 - Réponse de Makayla115 , 16 ans (United States) - 2021-10-18

Hey!! i also play call of duty! i play cold war on ps5 and other games,i think you are super pretty and it wouldnbe nice making a new friend!

modifier supprimer 43833 - de Ingrid154 , 13 ans (Belgiqur) - 2021-01-23
Jeux vidéos - "Hello players ˋ( ° ▽、° )"

Hello, I love some video games and I have: Genshin Impact, Roblox, Eldarya, Amour sucré, Minecraft, ... (*≧︶≦))( ̄▽ ̄* )ゞ

43833 -
modifier supprimer 44115 - Réponse de Liz255 (USA) - 2021-05-10

I do play roblox and minecraft(partially reply and i'll explain)
I don know what genshin impact is tho(sorry if i wrote it wrong)
I would like to know though.

43833 -
modifier supprimer 44109 - Réponse de Gréta 157 , 14 ans (Hungary ) - 2021-05-05

Hi! I might be a little late but if you're still searching for people to play with we could play. I play Genshin Impact too. If you'd like to play you can message me anytime!

modifier supprimer 43813 - de Isabelle196 , 13 ans (United States) - 2021-01-19
Jeux vidéos - "Looking for players not afraid to get scared (on roblox so doesn't really count)"

I LOVE playing scary games on roblox and usually am online (on roblox, here not so much tho), if you are interested in playing with me I have discord and would love to play something scary with you!

43813 -
modifier supprimer 43815 - Réponse de Isabelle196 , 13 ans (United States) - 2021-01-19

I don't always play scary games though, sometimes I play Arsenal, Tower of Hell, Jail Break, stuff like that. :)

modifier supprimer 43785 - de Alexandra254 (Bulgaria) - 2021-01-10
Jeux vidéos - "Hi! Does anybody have Fortnite?"

Hi! I wanna meet new people and I wanna play with them. I have Fortnite, so if anybody has it or just wanna be friends - type me. 😁

modifier supprimer 43612 - de Damla3 (Turkey) - 2020-12-08
Jeux vidéos - "Games with stories"

Hi, I am not so into video game. Actually ı've never played one. But still ı like to watch. I prefer games that have stories to tell. Can you guys reccomend some?

43612 -
modifier supprimer 43846 - Réponse de Gianluca19 (Ireland) - 2021-01-28

If your parents let you, I would recommend a nice military story game like Rainbow Six Siege or Call Of Duty: Cold War.

43612 -
modifier supprimer 43844 - Réponse de Olivia201 , 16 ans (USA) - 2021-01-26

I recommend the MOTHER trilogy (MOTHER, EarthBound, or MOTHER 3), and any Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game.

43612 -
modifier supprimer 43814 - Réponse de Isabelle196 , 13 ans (United States) - 2021-01-19

If you don't mind getting jump scared, try the fnaf series but if you do mind then I wouldn't recommend fnaf lol.

43612 -
modifier supprimer 43621 - Réponse de Jacqueline137 , 15 ans (United States) - 2020-12-08

My picks would be The Last of Us, L.A. Noire, Mass Effect, and the Red Dead Redemption series.

modifier supprimer 43594 - de Alexandra254 , 10 ans (Bulgaria) - 2020-12-05
Jeux vidéos - "Hi! That's the game I like."

Hi! I'm Alex. 10 years old from Bulgaria and I really love Yandere simulator. Does anybody know this game?

43594 -
modifier supprimer 44042 - Réponse de Trinity236 (United States) - 2021-03-25

I've watched a lot of game plays of it, so I know it fairly well, but I've never actually played it.

43594 -
modifier supprimer 43993 - Réponse de Eloane64 , 12 ans (France) - 2021-03-13

Yes finally someone who knows this game! It's too good, unfortunately I can't play this game. So I'm sad ° = °. But I can talk about it!

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