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modifier supprimer 45154 - de Torin 0 , 11 ans (USA) - 2023-10-25
Jeux vidéos - "fellow roblox players.... i see you PLS READ MESSAGE ALL THE WAY THROUGH"

hello fellow Roblox players!(._.) I am Torin and I am from California I love to play video games and tinker with electronics! pls leave me a message including your Roblox name. I am TDragonFire71 on Roblox but my display and what I will show up as is Torin >_> >_> >_> >_> >_> >_> lol tysm!! OH AND ALSO READ THIS!!!!! IF ANY OF YOU USE "RUNE" VOICE CHAT, please friend me. I am xXcottoncandyXx on rune pls friend me I would love to voice chat with my fellow gamers!!!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 45122 - de Alexandre65 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-08-12
Jeux vidéos - "Zelda"

hello! I think Zelda breath of the wild is the best video game of Nintendo because the history is so good

modifier supprimer 45107 - de Théo168 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-07-14
Jeux vidéos - "I search friends in roblox"

Hello i love roblox and i search friends in roblox my favorite games is raimbow friends, blox fruit,broken bones my pseudoname is XxninjaxxuxX999 or Zeniox999

45107 -
modifier supprimer 45165 - Réponse de Xen9964 , 13 ans (France) - 2023-11-09

Moi je veux bien jouer avec toi mon pseudo c BOB_602 ou Greg

modifier supprimer 45085 - de Rocío189 , 31 ans (México) - 2023-06-03
Jeux vidéos - "Overwatch"

Hi, I need people who speak english and a little of spanish to practice english while we play overwatch. I play in console, rank diamond ;) also I have a master account but im not that good haha. Emilia#11618

45085 -
modifier supprimer 45091 - Réponse de William150 , 33 ans (México) - 2023-06-08

Hi I can practice with you if you want at me on Discord WillyGauss#9728

modifier supprimer 45078 - de Maryssa150 , 11 ans (france) - 2023-05-11
Jeux vidéos - "^^/ hi!"

hi! i play roblox/minecraft/fortnite and stardew valley! and you

modifier supprimer 45076 - de Amiyrah38 , 12 ans (United States) - 2023-05-09
Jeux vidéos - "Hihoo!!"

my name is Amiyrah! I love cozy games like animal crossing and the sims 4. but then I also like games like farcry 5 and the legend of zelda breath of the wild! pls conctact me if you like these games too! < 3

modifier supprimer 45062 - de eli236 , 13 ans (america) - 2023-04-26
Jeux vidéos - "Old games"

Hi, im 13 and am really into old or old style games, i really like OSRS and Star Wars : The Last Republic. So, based on these does anyone have suggestions?

modifier supprimer 45038 - de yechezkel180 , 16 ans (usa) - 2023-02-13
Jeux vidéos - "anyone have xbox?"

looking 4 someone to game with.

modifier supprimer 45022 - de Rachel94 , 9 ans (France) - 2023-01-21
Jeux vidéos - "je cherche une partenaire de jeu"

je cherche une fille qui aimerait jouer avec moi au jeu Roblox livetopia

modifier supprimer 45020 - de tom.175 (vietnam.) - 2023-01-18
Jeux vidéos - "hang out (?)"

hi. i play roblox. i feel kind of lame these days so anybody playing with me ?

modifier supprimer 45018 - de Rachel94 , 9 ans (France) - 2023-01-16
Jeux vidéos - "je cherche une partenaire de jeu"

je cherche une partenaire de jeu pour jouer a Roblox mon nom de jeu Roblox[Rachou777] merci de repondre en disants otre nom de jeu est envoyer sur Roblox une demande d'amie je

modifier supprimer 45007 - de Ali173 (Russia) - 2023-01-13
Jeux vidéos - "Any genshin impact players?"

Hi i am Ali and i want to say who wants to play genshin impact. I am kind good at the game and i hope someone would like to play it.Also am i the only person that loves cooking in genshin??? I mean i like it a lot and its easy for me.so anyone wanna play if yes send a friend request To alistillplays

45007 -
modifier supprimer 45051 - Réponse de Alfia149 , 14 ans (Russia) - 2023-03-22

Hi! I play Genshin too. My AR is 50, but I thing its gonna get more than that because I didn't pass the acsension domain yet. I can't say that I like cooking there. I do it only when I need it. Like healing, buffing and stuff

modifier supprimer 45005 - de Urazman173 (Russia) - 2023-01-13
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

Hi my name is Urazman.I like watching JOJO. if you watch on what season are you. Iam on 4 season series 21 I like to play video games. Iam playing standoff 2,pubg mobile,roblox,
if you want we can play together🙃


modifier supprimer 44996 - de Ilan173 , 9 ans (Russia ༼ {) - 2023-01-10
Jeux vidéos - "Roblox"

Hello!My name is Ilan. I play roblox, my nicknme is ilanhorosh. I have friends in roblox only 5 or 4 .(*/ω\*)🙂😀😁😃😄😆😉😊😋😎🙂🙂🙂🤗😏

best wishes,
from Ilan

modifier supprimer 44978 - de Ambrine 164 , 13 ans (France) - 2022-12-20
Jeux vidéos - "Partenaire of gaming"

Hiii everyone ~
I like play of a lot of game , aaand I want to play with people.
I like Yandere Simulator, King Choice, Roblox, animal crossing, FIFA mobile…..
If you can play with me , send me a mail :)
My discord : Ambrine #7819
Sooo bye 😊

modifier supprimer 44974 - de Amir Latypov173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-12-19
Jeux vidéos - "what that is inside what that is inside bigger what"

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ︵ ┻━┻ hello my name is Am1r116 in r0bl0x. i have 197 friends in r0bl0x so i have3 friends left, lol. i mostly play slap battles with glove "moon". so i oftly in island that is levitating. i have to beat 6000 slaps to glove "shukuchi". if u my friend so go with me to [bank] mining clicker simulator and i'll give to u 1000000000000000 gems, so if u want this just be my friend in roblox. and roblox its very very very very very very top. bye bye! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ︵ ┻━┻

modifier supprimer 44966 - de Ariana194 , 9 ans (United Kingdom) - 2022-12-16
Jeux vidéos - "Uhh Games"

Hello! My name is Ariana I am 9 nearly 10 and I like playing roblox and Minecraft and animal crossing! Please send me a reply if you are intrested in being my penal and play these games with me ( I only play on weekends! )

44966 -
modifier supprimer 44999 - Réponse de Amir173 , 9 ans (Russia ༼ {) - 2023-01-10

hello Ariana! My name is Amir and i like to play minecraft on ps4 and roblox on iPad, my name everywhere is Am1r116. I have 196 riends in roblox so you have little time to be my friend. If in robloxyou could rename you i realy wantedname Mr_cringe. bye bye!

44966 -
modifier supprimer 44994 - Réponse de Amir173 , 8 ans (Russia) - 2023-01-09

Hello Ariana!
I like to play Roblox too. I think Roblox is better than Minecraft. Could you tell your nickname in Roblox to find you there?
Best wishes,

44966 -
modifier supprimer 44992 - Réponse de Valeriia173 , 8 ans (Russia) - 2023-01-09

Dear Ariana,
I think Roblox is better than Toco Boca. Roblox is like Minecraft and I like that everything is made of squares. My nickname is Valera_031213. I wish to be a friend with you there!
What kind of games do you like more?
Looking forward to your answer.
Best wishes,

44966 -
modifier supprimer 44979 - Réponse de Gleb173 , 9 ans (Russia ◕_`) - 2022-12-21

Hello my name is Gleb.I also like playing Roblox and Minecraft!My name in Roblox is gthjghf5566_v! If you will see my anwser please send me a message to be my penpal in Roblox and in real life‼(⌐■_■)(⌐■_■)(●'◡'●)

BEst WIshES,

modifier supprimer 44957 - de Yun245 (China) - 2022-12-11
Jeux vidéos - "The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the wild"

Hello, everyone. My name is Yun. I am from China. I like playing Switch. My favourite Switch game is The Legend of Zelda:Breath of the wild. If you like this game, you can send SOTW mail to me.

44957 -
modifier supprimer 45016 - Réponse de Ilan173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2023-01-16

HELLO MY NAME IS ilan. i lik to play roblox. My nickname is : Ilanhoroshfdfgd. MY FAVOURITE GAME IN ROBLOX IS BUILD THE BOAT ,RAINBOW FRIENDS 🧡💚💙💜 (╯° □°)╯︵ ┻━┻(⌐■_■☞).

44957 -
modifier supprimer 45015 - Réponse de Gleb173 , 9 ans (Russia ◕_`) - 2023-01-16

Hello I dont hear about this game but I very like to play Roblox.My favorite game in Roblox is Rainbow Friends!It is my second acount in Roblox so I have only 2 friends!My first nick name is gthjghf5566_v and my second name is Robl14Mine.Please anwser to my message good bye!

44957 -
modifier supprimer 44995 - Réponse de Salikh173 , 8 ans (Russia) - 2023-01-09

Hello Yun!
I have never heard about this game. I think computer games is the best way to spend a free time. I like to play Minecraft. I play it when I feel happy and in free time. What kind of games do you like more? Do you play Minecraft?
Looking forward to your answer.
Best wishes,

modifier supprimer 44948 - de Emir173 , 8 ans (Russia) - 2022-11-27
Jeux vidéos - "video games"

Hello my name is Emir I like to play ROBLOX and i like minecraft.

44948 -
modifier supprimer 44976 - Réponse de SASHA 173 , 9 ans (Russia ༼ {) - 2022-12-20

Hello my name is Sasha and i like undertale,roblox,mincraft,standoff 2,cs go,dota,gatcha life,broforce,qwop,bhop go and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ---- ┻━┻

modifier supprimer 44936 - de Murat173 , 8 ans (Рос) - 2022-11-24
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

I like to play video games

modifier supprimer 44935 - de Akif173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-11-24
Jeux vidéos - "Games"

Hello,friends!How are you?My name is Akif and i am 8 yaers old.I like roblox.

modifier supprimer 44911 - de Ali173 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-11-18
Jeux vidéos - "Wanna play stardew valley"

Hello everyone!!! I would like to play with someone stardew valley as i have perfection and i LOVE this game :) I hope someone would love to play with me and look at my teddybear of perfection.I hope someone will write to me soon as its getting boring.Please answer soon!!!

modifier supprimer 44909 - de Adel149 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-11-18
Jeux vidéos - "lets be friends =)"

hello! my name is adel i hope we will be good friends. i like games like garry's mod,dying light,portal,half life,flatout,undertale, hollow knight,cuphead,fnaf,roblox and much more. have a Good day =)

modifier supprimer 44898 - de Marwa170 , 11 ans (France) - 2022-11-02
Jeux vidéos - "Roblox"

Whate is your favoritr vidéo games ? My is Roblox .

modifier supprimer 44891 - de Olivia216 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27
Jeux vidéos - "Please i need a gaming partner"

Hi Im Olivia and i need a gaming partner i play roblox somtime minecraft fornite sooo=n to be other games to

44891 -
modifier supprimer 44920 - Réponse de Anvar173 , 12 ans (Russion) - 2022-11-23

Hello, pen pal. I study at Alabuga International School, I also like to play minecraft, especially online. I like to build beautiful houses and I have a discord Anwar Toronto #7036 I will be glad to play minecraft good luck)

44891 -
modifier supprimer 44893 - Réponse de Olivia216 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27

I Love playing other games to i also have discord

modifier supprimer 44887 - de Anna216 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27
Jeux vidéos - "Bonjour!"

Bonjour, j'aime jouer ROBLOX et je veut un pen-pal qui est a l'age 9 - 12

44887 -
modifier supprimer 44889 - Réponse de Nadia216 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27

ANNA We love roblox can we penpals

44887 -
modifier supprimer 44888 - Réponse de Olivia216 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27

HOIIIIII i would love to be ur friend

modifier supprimer 44885 - de Nadia216 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

I love video games my favorite after school is Roblox, Minecraft, Among us, hermitcraft, Gacha club, Undertale and thats all

44885 -
modifier supprimer 44890 - Réponse de Anna216 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27

bonjour est-ce-que je peuvent etre ton ami?

44885 -
modifier supprimer 44886 - Réponse de Olivia216 , 11 ans (Canada) - 2022-10-27

hoi i would love to be ur friend

modifier supprimer 44878 - de Adel149 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-21
Jeux vidéos - "lets be friends"

hello! my name is adel i hope we will be good friends. i like games like garry's mod,dying light,portal,half life,flatout,undertale, hollow knight,cuphead,fnaf and much more. have a Good day =)

modifier supprimer 44877 - de Urazman173 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-21
Jeux vidéos - "VIDEO GAMES"

Hi my name is URAZMAN .I like play video games . I play PUBG MOBILE and ROBLOX. If you play some of this game say your nickname.

(¬_¬ )


modifier supprimer 44876 - de Adel149 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-21
Jeux vidéos - "lets be friends =)"

hello! my name is adel i hope we will be good friends. i like games like garry's mod,dying light,portal,half life,flatout,undertale, hollow knight,cuphead,fnaf and much more. have a Good day =)

44876 -
modifier supprimer 45073 - Réponse de Anna67 , 12 ans (USA) - 2023-05-08

Hi I also like a lot of these games! I would love to be penpals.

modifier supprimer 44872 - de Adel149 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-21
Jeux vidéos - "lets be friends"

hello! my name is adel i hope we will be good friends. i like games like garry's mod,dying light,portal,half life,flatout,undertale, hollow knight,cuphead,fnaf and much more. have a Good day =)

44872 -
modifier supprimer 44874 - Réponse de Adel149 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-21


modifier supprimer 44851 - de Mark173 , 8 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-18
Jeux vidéos - "ROBLOX"

Hello I am Mark. I like to travel and play ROBLOX and on summer I go to Saint Petersburg camp Armenia. My hobby is sport like swimming

modifier supprimer 44843 - de Urazman173 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-14
Jeux vidéos - "Looking for friend"

Hi, My name is Urazman. I like to play video games. I play PUBG MOBILE, ROBLOX,
FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 2. If you play some of these games, say your nickname. We can play together. My nickname is. PUBG(ориолд).ROBLOX(Natu228Ral)

44843 -
modifier supprimer 44875 - Réponse de Adel149 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-21

панда пп панда панда ппанда панда

44843 -
modifier supprimer 44869 - Réponse de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-10-21

Hi urazman which one do you like fnaf 9 or fnaf security breach XD

44843 -
modifier supprimer 44859 - Réponse de semyon149 , 8 ans (Russia) - 2022-10-18

Hello my name is Semyon Moseychuk. Let's in the school i will show you my magic stick i like Harry potter my favorite coler is red i have playstation5

modifier supprimer 44802 - de Eliséa114 , 11 ans (France) - 2022-08-23
Jeux vidéos - "Fortnite fille ;)"

Salut je suis une fille qui adore fortnite, et je joue qu'avec des fille de mon âges.

modifier supprimer 44790 - de Harone136 , 17 ans (Belgium) - 2022-07-25

I need a mate to improve my lvl on Valorant plssssss

44790 -
modifier supprimer 44938 - Réponse de Anvar173 , 12 ans (Russia) - 2022-11-25

Hello, I play games as well, so let's play together. I  have a discord (Анвар Торонто # 7636). submit a request

modifier supprimer 44766 - de Loujain 212 , 12 ans (Egypt) - 2022-07-13
Jeux vidéos - "Hellu"

Hellu I'm loujain and I love playing Mc and the vacation is very boring without sm to play Mc with sooooooo yeh Im wandering if any of u are interested in being my friend :3

44766 -
modifier supprimer 44952 - Réponse de Anvar173 , 12 ans (Russion) - 2022-11-28

Анвар Торонто #7636 is the discord ID I have and I would like to play with you. If you don't, sign up and submit an application. While I'm waiting for an application, I enjoy playing games online.

modifier supprimer 44739 - de Nari173 , 14 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Jeux vidéos - "PUBG Mobile and Brawl Stars"

Hi everyoune. My name is Nari. I am 14 years old and I study in Alabuga International School. Ilike to play PUBG Mobile and Brawl Stars. Write me on my gmail if you wish.

modifier supprimer 44732 - de Dima173 , 12 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Jeux vidéos - "game"

Hi I'm from Russia I study at an international school we study English. i like to play video games like fortnite or csgo in fortnite i play on ps4 and csgo on laptops. And on my phone i play pubg and standoff. I also play the guitar and not a lot of drums. What games do you play?

modifier supprimer 44681 - de kylian194 , 15 ans (France ) - 2022-06-02
Jeux vidéos - "add me pls"

i play brawlhalla on nintendo switch pls add me for play (i'm glold) cod : sw-111-2415-6735

modifier supprimer 44679 - de hailey196 , 10 ans (United States) - 2022-06-01
Jeux vidéos - "games!"

hi y'all i play animal jam roblox club penguin neopets panfu and moshi monsters!

44679 -
modifier supprimer 44819 - Réponse de Laurel175 , 9 ans (canada) - 2022-09-20

HI! I saw that u play roblox too and i was wondering if we could be friends! PLZ reply to me bye.

modifier supprimer 44666 - de dima149 , 12 ans (russia) - 2022-05-31
Jeux vidéos - "i really enjoy playing computer games"

I also had a passion for computer games. I played a lot and with passion. The first games were primitive and not even worth mentioning, and then there were Galaxy, Wolf3D, Doom, Duke Nukem, Doom II, Dune II, Quake, WarCraft, Quake II, StarCraft.
i like to play cs go and fortnite it's my favorite games i play them with my friends and i really like it. Mai is not a favorite game of this standoff 2 because I think this game is a plagiarism of cs go

modifier supprimer 44650 - de Arthur173 , 13 ans (Russia) - 2022-05-30
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

Hi everyone do someone play pubg new state?

modifier supprimer 44640 - de Urazman173 , 10 ans (Russia) - 2022-05-20
Jeux vidéos - "Video Games"

Hi. I am Urazman.I like to play video games Brawl Stars,Pubg mobile,Standoff 2,Five Nights at Freddy's if you play some of games write to me.

44640 -
modifier supprimer 44871 - Réponse de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-10-21

Hello do you like genshin impact? I do like it and I am really good. I have many five star items now :)

44640 -
modifier supprimer 44649 - Réponse de Arthur173 , 13 ans (Russia) - 2022-05-30

Hello Urazman i also play Brawl Stars, if you want we can play together)).

modifier supprimer 44624 - de Alaïs 14 , 16 ans (France ) - 2022-05-18
Jeux vidéos - "Genshin"

Hi. Some genshin impact player here?
Have a good day everyone

44624 -
modifier supprimer 44817 - Réponse de Miori68 , 14 ans (USA) - 2022-09-13

I love genshin too who do you like i love xiao so much btw kinda weird question but who do you simp in genshin lmao whats your UID in genshin? reply to me sometime

44624 -
modifier supprimer 44803 - Réponse de Gréta 157 (Hungary ) - 2022-08-29

Hello! I also like genshin, I started playing again recently after a few months. If you'd like to play you can send me a message and share UIDs! Or if anyone among the people who read my reply can also message me if you want to play with someone.

44624 -
modifier supprimer 44744 - Réponse de Ali173 (Albania) - 2022-06-21

Hi my name is Ali. i also like to play genshin impact. i am really good but i really need better things. I have lots of heros and i think i have like 4 star things. I dont have a 5 star yet. but i am trying.

modifier supprimer 44607 - de Adel173 , 10 ans (Russia) - 2022-04-29
Jeux vidéos - "games"

hello! my name is adel i hope we will be good friends. i like games like garry's mod,dying light,portal,half life,flatout,undertale, hollow knight,cuphead,fnaf and much more. have a Good day =)

44607 -
modifier supprimer 44667 - Réponse de Anton149 , 21 ans (russia) - 2022-05-31

Adel you noob in fnaf.I hacked your steam account and spend all yuor money!!!!!

44607 -
modifier supprimer 44633 - Réponse de Ali173 (Russia) - 2022-05-20

Hello Adel I like all of those games too and if you want we can play!

44607 -
modifier supprimer 44622 - Réponse de Ira58 , 5 ans (Russia 🇷 ) - 2022-05-15

Я тоже люблю Hollow Knight и undertale

modifier supprimer 44606 - de Maya173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-04-29
Jeux vidéos - "Video games"

Hello, my name is Maya what is your name? I want to talk about VIDEO GAMES. Ok 1.My HOBBIES is VIDEO GAMES (BUT I HAVE ALSO ANOTHER HOBBIES) 2.My favorite GAMES is BRAWL STARS and ROBLOX but last time i played more BRAWL STARS know i don't play any GAMES.Also in the SCHOOL we have GAMES in the computer but it not like BRAWL STARS its like more logical or something another maybe you want to find our GAME i will tell you GAME name:COLONIZATION and BUSINESS CATS very intresting strategy games!We play this games during the lessons in Alabuga International School! If you want to talk with me about VIDEO GAMES send me a MESSAGE.

modifier supprimer 44581 - de Kalvin21 , 16 ans (USA) - 2022-04-11
Jeux vidéos - "rocket league"

rocket league is just better

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