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modifier supprimer 44789 - de Ikia226 , 11 ans (Mexico) - 2022-07-24
Cuisine - "Tacos"

In my country mexico what we usaly eat tacos
so what we need is tortillas(check goggle) and meat os your choice a salsa if u wants after that
we grab the tortilla put the meat add the salsa if we want ad its ready to eat hope u found this helpful.

modifier supprimer 44735 - de Arthur173 , 13 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Cuisine - "sponge cake in microwave in 5 minutes"

Hello I am Arthur and a am from Alabuga International School, to cook a sponge cake you need
to put a bowl, 1 egg, 2 tables spoons of milk, 1 table spoon of oil, 1.5 table spoons of sugar, 1 table spoon of cacao, 2 table spoons of flour mix it and put 1 teaspoon of baking powder and mix it again. then you put it in microwave on maximum power on 3 minutes

44735 -
modifier supprimer 44736 - Réponse de Arthur173 , 13 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-17

Hello I am Arthur and I am from Alabuga International School, to cook a sponge cake you need to put in a bowl: 1 egg, 2 tables spoons of milk, 1 table spoon of oil, 1.5 table spoons of sugar, 1 table spoon of cacao, 2 table spoons of flour mix it and put 1 teaspoon of baking powder and mix it again. then you put it in microwave on maximum power on 3 minutes

modifier supprimer 44734 - de Almaz173 , 12 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-17
Cuisine - "Cooking"

How we can make any desert or pasta in microwave for 20 minutes.Also came to my school in tatarstan behind Torgovii Kvartal.Can you reply faster.Write to me message on email maulinanvar689@gmail.com

44734 -
modifier supprimer 44737 - Réponse de Arthur173 , 13 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-17

Transfer the noodles to a microwave-safe dish, spray a tablespoon or two of water over the top, and cover with a microwave cover to reheat plain pasta. Microwave for 1 minute at a time on high until the noodles are completely reheated.

modifier supprimer 44671 - de viktoria173 , 11 ans (Russia) - 2022-05-31
Cuisine - "intro"

hello my name is Vika. I like to cook. I started cooking at 9 years. mostly I cook desserts. But all they take too much time. So I need a recipe of a fast dessert.

modifier supprimer 44647 - de Almaz173 , 12 ans (Russian) - 2022-05-30
Cuisine - "How to cook cake"

How to cook chokolate cake for 15minutes

44647 -
modifier supprimer 44731 - Réponse de Almaz173 , 12 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-17

Ingredients: Flour - 100 Grams Chocolate - 100 Grams Sugar - 100 Grams Butter - 50 Grams Eggs - 3 Pieces Soda - 1 Teaspoon
Nutella - according to your taste. We can make this cake for 5 minutes microwave. Hope this will help you! Text me back

modifier supprimer 44582 - de Oleg58 , 13 ans (Uzbekistan) - 2022-04-12
Cuisine - "Tasty snack from my country"

This is my father’s recipe for somsa, a tasty snack

Make a dough with flour and water, butter & salt, and stir well and make thin layers

Make about 40x layers, roll it out

Make little squares

Fill with cooked meat and onions, and cumin

bake it until crispy!

modifier supprimer 44561 - de Amy203 , 14 ans (Canada) - 2022-03-14
Cuisine - "A little help? :)"

Hello! My name is Amy. I love cooking but i have a bit of trouble finding new recipes that are good and on a small budget! I always end up making the same things since most recipes are a bit pricey.. I have a budget of around 10$ per reciepe.If anyone could give me suggestions of fun and cheap meals or snacks i woule be eternally grateful! < 3

44561 -
modifier supprimer 44695 - Réponse de Kitdus149 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-08

Hello my name is Kitdus and I will advice you cooking chanel vanzai. it's very cheap and very tasty.

44561 -
modifier supprimer 44657 - Réponse de Almaz173 , 12 ans (Russian) - 2022-05-30

ten bucks equals:
1:putin from Canada:French fries drenched in cottage cheese - it sounds bad, and it looks even worse, but as soon as you put a silky blend of cheese, sauce, and French fries in your mouth, you'll lose your mind with delight.
2:To some extent, this salad is not only a symbol of Thailand, but also one of the most popular Pan-Asian cuisines. Garlic, chili pepper, tamarind juice, fish sauce, peanuts, dried shrimp, lemon juice, pilongrass, green beans, and rice are commonly used in the cooking of catfish.

3:Paella is one of the most well-known Spanish foods. As a result, it is sometimes referred to as Spain's national cuisine, yet Spaniards nearly universally regard it as a regional dish.

44561 -
modifier supprimer 44597 - Réponse de William219 (USA) - 2022-04-26

Hamburger Helpler

44561 -
modifier supprimer 44562 - Réponse de skye130 , 13 ans (pennsylvannia) - 2022-03-15

White Cheddar Mac and Cheese With Chicken and Broccoli.
Buffalo Chickpea Wraps.
Bean and Cheese Burritos.
Sheet-Pan Crispy Chicken Strips and Veggies.
Roasted Sausage With Broccoli and Fennel.
Penne Aglio e Olio.
Five-Ingredient White Chicken Chili.
Chickpea Masala.
they are all inexpensive recipes! Your welcome :D

modifier supprimer 44450 - de Faustine204 , 10 ans (France) - 2021-11-28
Cuisine - "La pâtisserie c'est du gâteau"

Salut aujourd'hui j'ai remarqué que il y en avait qu'il me réclamer de nouvelles recettes alors je me suis dit bah oui je vais leur donner quelle heure aujourd'hui comme recette des cookies aux pépites de chocolat
Il faut comme ingrédients
- 100 g de beurre
- une cuillère à café de sucre vanillé
- 160 g de farine
- 2 g de levure chimique( un sachet)
- 150 g de pépites de chocolat
- 2 oeufs
- 120 g de sucre fin
Tout d'abord préchauffer le four à 180° puis dans un grand saladier mettre le beurre le sucre les oeufs le sucre vanillé puis mélanger dans cette mixture ajouter la farine et la levure chimique bien malaxer avec les mains et ajoutez les pépites à la fin puis disposer la pâte en forme de petites boules sur une plaque de cuisson puis faire cuire jusqu'à ce que cela gonfle bien espacer les petite boule environ cuir 7 minutes
Si mes vous plaît bien j'en publierai une chaque semaine regardez bien sur le site
Au revoir et à bientôt

modifier supprimer 44396 - de Oneli134 (Sri Lanka) - 2021-10-19
Cuisine - "Friends who love cooking"

Hi! I mostly make pasta, salads, rice at home and I want some tips on getting a really nice garlic bread. Can you also add cheese?

44396 -
modifier supprimer 44408 - Réponse de Mohan98 (India) - 2021-10-27

Can you find an short and easy method to make cheese?

modifier supprimer 44337 - de Kaniz148 , 22 ans (Bangladesh ) - 2021-08-30
Cuisine - "Hey"

I love cooking...
My parents told me that if i choose cooking as my profession i could be a great chef...but i am not interested hehehe..But yeah i am a good cook
I wanna know about more country dishes and wanna make more and more new friends so guys Don't hesitate to knock me ❤️❤️

modifier supprimer 44319 - de Faustine204 , 10 ans (France) - 2021-08-17
Cuisine - "La pâtisserie c'est du gâteau"

Salut, je vois qu'il y a quelque personnes qui cherche des recettes et moi je m'intéresse à la pâtisserie depuis que j'ai 5 ans je vais vous donner une recette simple. Alors il faut:
-200g de chocolat noir
-100g de beurre
-100g de sucre en poudre
-50g de farine
-3 œufs
Mélangez le beurre et le chocolat ensemble dans une casserole et faite fondre. Pendant ce temps l'à dans un saladier mélangez le sucre + la farine puis les œufs et mélangez le tout. Ajoutez le chocolat et le beurre fondu la mixture d'avant, mélangez. Mettre dans un plat du papier cuisson histoire que cela ne colle. Mettre au four pendant 25 à 30 minutes. Dégustez chaud.
C'est normal si le gâteau est fondant.
Dites moi si ça vous à plus, je continuerai.

44319 -
modifier supprimer 44748 - Réponse de Nicole 225 (Jamaica) - 2022-06-25


Can you send some recipes to my e-mail please?

44319 -
modifier supprimer 44648 - Réponse de Almaz173 , 12 ans (Russian) - 2022-05-30

It nice reciept can you send to emailreciept of desserts.(kiopmkl@mail.ru

44319 -
modifier supprimer 44334 - Réponse de Genesis Abanilla54 (Philippines) - 2021-08-30

I love to cook as well. Can you send me some of your recipes, please.

modifier supprimer 44075 - de Oneli134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-04-15
Cuisine - "Cooking"

I love cooking. I can give you tips or recipes just message me. I would like to exchange recipes.

44075 -
modifier supprimer 44715 - Réponse de alexander173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-16

It nice reciept can you send to emailreciept of desserts.(kiopmkl@mail.ru

44075 -
modifier supprimer 44335 - Réponse de Genesis Abanilla54 , 25 ans (Philippines) - 2021-08-30

Yeah me too.

44075 -
modifier supprimer 44127 - Réponse de Ayansa252 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-05-14

I too love cooking. Can you give me tips and recipes?

44075 -
modifier supprimer 44103 - Réponse de Oneli134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-04-29

Hi Mélina! Could you send your page so that i can send a message to you? Or you could send me one.

44075 -
modifier supprimer 44091 - Réponse de Mélina173 , 12 ans (France) - 2021-04-23

hello i love cooking. Tu parle français? You speak french? Contacte moi. Contact me

modifier supprimer 44070 - de Jane150 , 14 ans (China) - 2021-04-09
Cuisine - "Do you want to know about Chinese food?"

Hi, I'm Jane. China has a lot of food, such as Beijing roast duck, chongqing hot pot and so on. I can do some homely food, like sweet and sour pork ribs, beef noodle soup, tomato scrambled eggs, Fried vegetables, shredded cake and so on. I also like western food. Steak, pasta, cake, cookies, I can do it.
If you have some simple and delicious recipes, welcome to communication with me.
[PS:My English is not very good,please understand]

44070 -
modifier supprimer 44376 - Réponse de Muheebat70 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2021-10-03

I don't think I have ever eaten Chinese food I don't really even know any Chinese food but I'd love to find out some < 3

44070 -
modifier supprimer 44262 - Réponse de Silumini134 , 16 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-07-31

hi. I would like to know about Chinese food because I'm interested on it. can you tell some recipes?
waiting for your reply

44070 -
modifier supprimer 44113 - Réponse de Liz255 , 12 ans (USA) - 2021-05-08

Wow that is awesome i think your English is perfect.
How do you know that much food? man i am already imagining some of it.
I eat almost anything so i would like to know how to cook some of that food.
and i'll learn a new thing to cook.

modifier supprimer 43880 - de Fifi214 , 23 ans (Sénégal) - 2021-02-06
Cuisine - "Besoin d'aide et de conseil"

Bonjour à tous et à toutes je suis une passionnée de cuisine et je suis tout le temps entrain de créer de nouvelles recettes dans ma tête sans jamais pour réaliser les autres par ce que j'ai besoin de matériel comme un mixeur et un four si j'en avais les moyens je l'acheterais volontier mais c'est pas je poste pour avoir des solutions a ça et j'espère être lu et compris .. merci

modifier supprimer 43825 - de Isabelle196 , 13 ans (United States) - 2021-01-21
Cuisine - "Good ideas for dinner"

Hello, I have to cook dinner once a week and have been doing so for a while but I'm sort of out of ideas of what to make. Maybe someone could give me some ideas? That would be super helpful! Thank you.

43825 -
modifier supprimer 43827 - Réponse de Isabelle196 , 13 ans (United States) - 2021-01-21

I also bake a lot more than I cook so if you have any recommendations I will be glad to try them all!

modifier supprimer 43745 - de Trinity192 , 15 ans (United States) - 2020-12-31
Cuisine - "Recipes"

anyone want to exchange vegan/vegetarian recipies? My siblings have many food alergies, so i also cook Gluten Free, and Dairy Free.

43745 -
modifier supprimer 44718 - Réponse de alexander173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-16

hi! i want to exchange recipes! please tell me your recipes. i send you an email if you want.

43745 -
modifier supprimer 44717 - Réponse de alexander173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-16

I also bake a lot more than I cook so if you have any recommendations I will be glad to try them all!

modifier supprimer 43742 - de amalnee135 , 12 ans (sri lanka) - 2020-12-31
Cuisine - "ommelets"

hi, who know how to make delecious ommeletts . reply me to know about my own recipies.

43742 -
modifier supprimer 43768 - Réponse de Raya243 , 9 ans (Indonesia) - 2021-01-06

hi! i want to exchange recipes! please tell me your recipes. i send you an email if you want.

modifier supprimer 43714 - de amalnee135 , 12 ans (sri lanka ) - 2020-12-22
Cuisine - "cookary group"

hi, guys who would like to make whatsapp cookary group. i ll make the group and send me your name, age and whatsapp number. this is email. bandaraanurasiri61@gmail.com. to this. we can share new recipies and it will be sweet group. okay guys , bye.

modifier supprimer 43713 - de amalnee135 , 12 ans (sri lanka) - 2020-12-22
Cuisine - "cooking"

hi, guys i want some friends to share recipies with. please be my friend.

43713 -
modifier supprimer 43819 - Réponse de Katie64 , 13 ans (Canada) - 2021-01-20

I would love to share my recepies and be friends too!

modifier supprimer 43678 - de Mary14 , 13 ans (USA) - 2020-12-17
Cuisine - "Food!"

Hi! I don't cook as often as I bake, but I'd be more than willing to share some of my favorite recipes! If you would like a recipe, it would be better off if you would just message me. -Mary :)

43678 -
modifier supprimer 43826 - Réponse de Isabelle196 , 13 ans (United States) - 2021-01-21

Hi! I love to cook and bake but I'm sort of out of ideas. I can give you some of my recipes that have worked very well for me! I usually bake but I have some cooking recipes too.

modifier supprimer 43605 - de amalnee135 , 12 ans (sri lanka) - 2020-12-07
Cuisine - "cooking"

i also love cooking very much. i can cook rice, eggs, sambola, rotti, dhal , potato ect. most of my foods are with eggs. omlets, boiled eggs.............
but sometimes enyone can t eat my food...................

43605 -
modifier supprimer 43699 - Réponse de Abbey88 , 13 ans (Canada ) - 2020-12-19

Hello! My name is Abbey, I’ll be your friend:)

modifier supprimer 43477 - de Shafiqah153 (Malaysia) - 2020-11-18
Cuisine - "Selamat sejahtera!"

Hello there, I'm from Malaysia and we have wholesome dishes which are easy to make. If you would like to exchange recipes, do messgae me.

43477 -
modifier supprimer 43779 - Réponse de Raya243 , 9 ans (Indonesia) - 2021-01-09

salam dari negara jiran! (Indonesia)
we can exchange recipes!

modifier supprimer 43453 - de Oneli134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-11-11
Cuisine - "Cooking"

Hi! I started cooking in covid 19 lockdown and it was amazing. If i hadn't i would even hold a saucepan. I would like to exchange recipes too.

modifier supprimer 43358 - de Shivaanshi49 (India) - 2020-09-30
Cuisine - "Exchange of recipes"

Hey guys! I love cooking and baking vegetarian dishes and so if you'd like to exchange recipes with me mail me. Also I have a good amount in Instagram called foodismood2020.

modifier supprimer 43325 - de Goda15 , 15 ans (Lithuania ) - 2020-09-16
Cuisine - "Enjoy cooking"

I like cooking 😀
I can make very delicious spaghetti or the best apple cake in the world 😂
But also I have got not very good experience in cooking 😂😂
Anyway I just want to meet friendly personalities 😀
So don't be afraid to write me 😀

43325 -
modifier supprimer 43664 - Réponse de Abbey50 , 13 ans (Canada ) - 2020-12-14

Hi! I like to cook as well! Would you like to be friends?

modifier supprimer 43312 - de Elise166 , 12 ans (France) - 2020-09-09
Cuisine - "I love cooking"

Hi, i love cooking but it's really interesting

43312 -
modifier supprimer 43726 - Réponse de Liu 104 , 18 ans (China ) - 2020-12-26

Hi friend,I from china,and glad to meet you in this web. I love cooking too,it a really interesting thing to me,and i want to add your Ins ,so we can communicate more about the culture of cooking between our countries,my Ins name is LiuQiJun

modifier supprimer 43279 - de Oneli134 , 13 ans (Sri lanka) - 2020-08-20
Cuisine - "Cooking"

I didn't like cooking at all but once the virus started spreading i thought of trying cooking and it turned out great. I would like to know more recipes from other countries.

43279 -
modifier supprimer 44719 - Réponse de alexander173 , 9 ans (Russia) - 2022-06-16

hi! i want to exchange recipes! please tell me your recipes. i send you an email if you want.

43279 -
modifier supprimer 43397 - Réponse de Oneli134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-10-18

hello Mona nice to meet you but i can't find your web page here

43279 -
modifier supprimer 43294 - Réponse de mona145 , 18 ans (benin) - 2020-08-29

Hello l am orphène but you can call me mona from benin l have 18 years old wanna make friend and your profile interest me so this is my email:monalisamona630@gmail.com you can write to me there or add me on facebook:monalisa orphène thanks !

modifier supprimer 43273 - de Annalisse160 (USA) - 2020-08-18
Cuisine - "Recipes"

I'd like to find new dishes from different cultures and places. If you could please leave one or all of the following, I would be very thankful:

•Your favorite dish
•A common dish in your area or home
•A traditional dish specific to your region
•A dish that you enjoy making
•A dish or food that is unique to your family or you (family recipe and such)

Thank you so much for your help in my journey to learn about other cultures and food around the world.

43273 -
modifier supprimer 43850 - Réponse de Sarai234 (Peru) - 2021-01-30

Hi there,
My favorite dish is Lomo Saltado
We have a grant variety of dishes.
Food from my region: ceviche, tiradito, leche de tigre, pan con chicharron, causa de atún, etc.
I enjoy cooking peruvian aji de pollo.

43273 -
modifier supprimer 43357 - Réponse de Shivaanshi49 , 17 ans (India) - 2020-09-30

Hey! I would love to exchange some recipes with you! I love cooking and baking, and would prefer something vegetarian.

modifier supprimer 43184 - de WU XIN93 , 21 ans (China) - 2020-07-15
Cuisine - "Cooking"

Hi ! I like making delicious food, most food is traditional Chinese food or in Chinese type. Would you like to exchange any recipes or valuable experience with me?

43184 -
modifier supprimer 43441 - Réponse de yahaira236 , 20 ans (Perú) - 2020-11-09

I would like to recomend a typical dish from Peru called ceviche. It's my favorite meal because a love lemons and fish.

43184 -
modifier supprimer 43217 - Réponse de Silumini 134 , 15 ans (Sri lanka ) - 2020-07-26

Can exchange your recipes with me

modifier supprimer 43112 - de Annika11 , 13 ans (Norway) - 2020-06-16
Cuisine - "Cooking/baking"

Hello, i like cooking or baking; cakes, cookies and other thing. what do you like to cook? I`d like to exchange some recipes with someone if somebody wants to.

43112 -
modifier supprimer 43114 - Réponse de Carolina102 , 20 ans (Portugal ) - 2020-06-16


I've read your comment saying you like to cook. I love to cook healthy food - fish, free sugar desserts etc. Maybe we can exchange some recipes, what do you think? Write to me in my e-mail or in my account here on this site.

modifier supprimer 43094 - de Nuvini 134 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-09
Cuisine - "My name is............."

Hi I'm Nuvini and I can cook. I can make butter cake,milk rice, egg roti and chocolate mousse. How about you?

modifier supprimer 43062 - de Lilly231 , 9 ans (USA) - 2020-06-02
Cuisine - "Cooking"

I love to watch cooking and baking shows although I am only 9 so I can't use the stove and oven a lot.😪😪

modifier supprimer 43059 - de Nuvini 134 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-02
Cuisine - "Hi"

Hi l Love to cooking 👩‍🍳🔪🍳🇨🇰👨‍🍳.....

43059 -
modifier supprimer 43154 - Réponse de Yuki195 , 15 ans (日本) - 2020-07-05

sorry but im a flag nerd ur forth emoji isnt anything koocing related its the flag of the cook islands in new zealand

modifier supprimer 43042 - de Dulshanya2 , 16 ans (Sri lanka) - 2020-05-29
Cuisine - "Hey"

Anyone around my age to to snail mail?we can share recipies!

43042 -
modifier supprimer 43185 - Réponse de WU XIN93 , 22 ans (China) - 2020-07-15

Hello! I'm interested in your suggestion. Would you want to try between us?Write to me in my e-mail or in my account.

modifier supprimer 42972 - de Giftey26 (United Kingdom) - 2020-05-07
Cuisine - "Baking"

If anyone is interested in cooking/baking and understands English, I know a great website!

42972 -
modifier supprimer 43017 - Réponse de Yeyun216 , 14 ans (Korea) - 2020-05-21

I'm curious about the site. Let me know if you can!

modifier supprimer 42962 - de Blaise168 , 10 ans (Australia) - 2020-05-02
Cuisine - "Apple Parkin"

Would someone like to try an apple parkin?
I think apple parkin is DELICIOUS!

42962 -
modifier supprimer 42967 - Réponse de Mary32 , 12 ans (USA) - 2020-05-04

Hey, I have never heard of Apple Parkin, and was wondering what it is.

modifier supprimer 42904 - de Pamela176 , 15 ans (Mexico) - 2020-04-17
Cuisine - "I just hope we are friends"

I just hope we are friends my name Pamela

modifier supprimer 42885 - de Mary32 , 12 ans (USA) - 2020-04-16
Cuisine - "Need recipes?"

Hi! I have plenty of recipes for cooking and baking. If you would like the recipes, please message me! Here are a few of my choices (I have plenty!): Banana Bread, Black Bean Dip, Breakfast Casserole, German Pancakes, Taco Soup, Tuna Noodle, Casserole, Corn Souffle, Curried Broccoli/Cauliflower, German Potato Salad, Fruit Bars, Baking Powder Muffins, Rice Pudding, Pumpkin Bread, and much, much more!

42885 -
modifier supprimer 42951 - Réponse de Keith44 , 10 ans (Ireland) - 2020-04-30

I have an awesome cupcake recipe ( Almond and Chocolate)

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