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20265 -
modifier supprimer 20268 - Réponse de Stephen229 (Hungarie) - 2018-08-11

tu parles Anglais? tu as e-mail?

modifier supprimer 20254 - de Maria29 , 12 ans (Great Britain) - 2018-07-07
Histoire - "Tudor Times"

Hi! I'm Maria and I love History, especially the Tudor times. I enjoy learning new things about that Era, and that might be the reason why I love Historical Fiction set in those times. Anyone want to talk about it with me? I get so excited when I can share something I'm passionate about :) PenPals of the world would be the best way to contact me. Or we can just talk here. It doesn't bother me in any way!

20254 -
modifier supprimer 20271 - Réponse de Chad Capote19 , 24 ans (US) - 2018-08-21

Absolutely, yes! What do you think of the Bloody Mary myth? Ever tried it for real?

modifier supprimer 20227 - de Zazie193 (France) - 2018-05-28
Histoire - "History"

Hello I am passionate about History and I would like to be able to share my passion with someone or help some person in History.

Bonjour je suis passionnée d'Histoire et je voudrais pouvoir partager ma passion avec quelqu'un ou aider certaines personne en Histoire.

20227 -
modifier supprimer 20568 - Réponse de Shruti35 , 16 ans (India) - 2020-01-09

Bonjour Zazie! I am reading The French Millennium at present. Can you help me with things I found unsure ( first time reading about France history so :)

modifier supprimer 20204 - de Justin41 , 16 ans (Thailand) - 2018-04-12
Histoire - "world war 1"

Hi, Can anyone help me on a project on the Battle of Verdun?

did the battle of verdun violate the just war principles? and if so, what are the examples of how they violated it.

20204 -
modifier supprimer 20226 - Réponse de Ghislaine236 (France) - 2018-05-24

Hi, I am curious to know the answer of your subject... Who? German? French? English-speaker?

modifier supprimer 20195 - de Lucy2 , 11 ans (United Kingdom) - 2018-03-14
Histoire - "History Help"

Hello can anyone help me with my school work on here? I know a lot about history but I'm not good at the Anglo Saxon history. Can people help me learn about William the conqueror from 1066 to whenever he dies?? X❤

20195 -
modifier supprimer 20252 - Réponse de Maria29 , 12 ans (Great Britain) - 2018-07-06

OH! I know a great deal about William :) We leant about him a couple of months ago! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! I wouldn't call my self an absolute expert, but I know a lot, so... XD

modifier supprimer 20183 - de Emily87 , 14 ans (USA) - 2018-02-20
Histoire - "Scandinavian and Slavic history"

Hello! My name is Emy and I am very interested in the history of the Scandinavian and Slavic countries. I have always been interested in those regions, so if anyone would like to give me some information please do!
Thank you!

modifier supprimer 20161 - de Quincey94 , 16 ans (CHINA) - 2018-01-15
Histoire - "China history"

I am a students from CHINA,I am good at CHINA history .If someone need information about that,please leave messages on my e-mail(2318489781@qq.com).I will be very glad to help you.

modifier supprimer 20150 - de Julie100 , 18 ans (France ) - 2017-12-28
Histoire - "History Student"

Hello everyone !
Since September, I am studying history at the university. For the moment, I studied the history of France ( 1919-1994), Ancient Egypt, The history of Rome until the death of Neron, history of Art ( Minoan civilization for exemple ). If someone wants to know more about them, I can explain them by messages :D

20150 -
modifier supprimer 20727 - Réponse de Hugo172 , 18 ans (France) - 2020-12-03

Hey ! I'm french i can help you for the french history ^^

20150 -
modifier supprimer 20333 - Réponse de lokesh38 , 23 ans (India) - 2018-12-16


20150 -
modifier supprimer 20256 - Réponse de Kelvin173 (Poland) - 2018-07-07

I would like to more about France and it's history. I am very good with Egyptian history as well. Let's link up and help each other. Inbox me prowrite247@gmail.com

20150 -
modifier supprimer 20222 - Réponse de Alain11 , 44 ans (France) - 2018-05-22

Hello, i'm a french teacher of History. Are you interested on talking about History ? thanks

20150 -
modifier supprimer 20193 - Réponse de ethan 144 , 14 ans (south africa ) - 2018-03-06

Hi Julie
I would like to learn about ancient Egypt. Can you teach me please.

modifier supprimer 20133 - de Giuliana199 , 14 ans (Argentina) - 2017-12-04
Histoire - "Nordic Peoples"

Hello I am from Argentina. I would like to know more about the Nordic peoples, especially their beliefs and religion, if anyone knows and is interested in talking about this, you can contact me. bye

modifier supprimer 20077 - de OOn214 , 16 ans (Korea) - 2017-09-30
Histoire - "I am mading about world history club."

HI~ I am korean and I am planning about making history club. I need many people and many country nationality. we will make a video about explan your country history at intervals 2weeks. (we will meet on kakao talk or hangout just oneday.) and talking about your country news at intervals 1week. ofcourse just oneday.

If you wanna join our history club, plz send a email or give a message on oonah3592

20077 -
modifier supprimer 20397 - Réponse de Célia 169 (France ) - 2019-03-14

Hi ! Could you add ? my because I love history

20077 -
modifier supprimer 20217 - Réponse de Ruthanne 211 , 13 ans (USA) - 2018-05-08

I would love to Join! I'm really big into European history right now, Last year I was really interested in the fall of Tsarist Russia, but right now i'm really into German unification, 1871. Personally I don't know as much about it as i would like to, but my dad likes history too! I've been really keen on it since I was about 6!

20077 -
modifier supprimer 20175 - Réponse de maya101 , 11 ans (algerie) - 2018-02-10

hello I would like to know if you will talk about the history of the whole world (:thanks

20077 -
modifier supprimer 20170 - Réponse de Natalia236 , 16 ans (Peru) - 2018-02-03

Hello! My name is Natalia and Im from Peru. Im interested in world history but also from my own country, which I consider myself good at. However, I feel is not well known so I would love to help and in the process meet and get to know more about other countries' culture. Count on me!

20077 -
modifier supprimer 20151 - Réponse de Léa202 , 19 ans (France) - 2017-12-28

My name is Léa, I come from France, and I'm really in love with history.
Your idea is so great!
I don't know anything about Korea's history (except some events in actuality but I think that's all I know... aha sorry) and I would like to learn more about it!
So interresting :)

20077 -
modifier supprimer 20140 - Réponse de Nathasha 134 , 16 ans (Srilanka ) - 2017-12-09

My country is srilanka. Srilanka has very proudfull country. Parakramabahu,kashyapa, Dathusena , Dutugemunu, srivickrama rajasinghe are some kings in srilanka. And srilanka has many world heritage places. They are sigiriya , pilonnaruva and kandy etc. kings are made kala lake is some of the lakes.

modifier supprimer 20058 - de Chunru212 , 18 ans (China) - 2017-09-01
Histoire - "Learn history"

I love Chinese history and I'm interested in World War2.We had World history lessons in school so I know the basics.I'm willing to learn other countries history and make friends with you!

20058 -
modifier supprimer 20732 - Réponse de 依诺61 , 15 ans (China) - 2020-12-06

Hello, i'm a Chinese girl.My name is 依诺.If you don't mind, please let me tell you the history about China.

20058 -
modifier supprimer 20065 - Réponse de Anthony198 , 19 ans (France) - 2017-09-13

Hi, I'm also passionated by WW2, and willing to talk about it.
If you need some detailed explanations, like about uniforms and equipment, vehicles or battles and other facts, just ask.

20058 -
modifier supprimer 20064 - Réponse de Daisy223 , 17 ans (Korea) - 2017-09-09

Hey, i'm interested in Ww2, and history is my favorite subject< 3

20058 -
modifier supprimer 20060 - Réponse de Anna228 , 18 ans (Germany) - 2017-09-05

Hi Chunru,
I'm from Germany and would be glad if I could help you learning about WW2. Sadly, Germany's role was quite important, but inglorious, so we learn a lot at school about this topic. I think it is very important to know about the history of one's own country!
Besides I'm interested in history in general so maybe I can explain some things for you! Of course, it will be more or less of a modern german point of view - but I'd also like to learn to see things from another side!
So if you want to know anything, please write me!

modifier supprimer 20045 - de Ricky53 , 24 ans (CHINA) - 2017-08-23
Histoire - "Share history knowledge"

I come from china ,my english name is ricky ,l love history especially Chinese history,and l really like song dynasty,l think song dynasty is a great times. I want to know more about different countries' history £¬I want to share history knowledge, whether you are Chinese or foreigners.

20045 -
modifier supprimer 20198 - Réponse de Gin253 , 23 ans (Italy) - 2018-03-28

Hi:)! I'm graduating in Japanese language and culture so my main focus is Japanese history. However I just started studying Chinese History, since I think one cannot understand the East without understanding China. If you're still around on the site I'd love to discuss with you.

20045 -
modifier supprimer 20056 - Réponse de Jo103 , 16 ans (Greece) - 2017-09-01

i'm willing to talk with you about my History and i would like to learn about Chinese History!

modifier supprimer 20005 - de Marianne158 , 16 ans (France) - 2017-07-26
Histoire - "History < 3"

Hello everyone ! I'm a Frenchgirl who loves History ! I would love to be able to speak with other people about these passion ! I can tell you about the History of France.
By the way, I'm passionate about WWII !

20005 -
modifier supprimer 20057 - Réponse de Jo103 , 16 ans (Greece) - 2017-09-01

Hello! I love History too but my friends hate it so i have no one to talk about!By the way I LOVE France!

modifier supprimer 19993 - de Teague97 , 10 ans (USA) - 2017-07-05
Histoire - "WWll"

Hi Everybody! I am very Interested in WWll and need sombody to talk with about it! if you are interested as much as i am on WWll, give me a message and maybe we could be friends!

19993 -
modifier supprimer 20335 - Réponse de Elias225 , 12 ans (Österreich) - 2018-12-19

I woud talk with you about WWII. I'm also very interested in WWII. Contact me! :-)

19993 -
modifier supprimer 20266 - Réponse de stephane190 , 48 ans (Belgique) - 2018-07-30

Hello, I collect the material and uniforms of the 2nd war, I belong to a group of military reconstitution, our group represents the 2nd armored division USA, our village was the first Belgian village liberated by the American troops on September 2nd, 1944 .


19993 -
modifier supprimer 20004 - Réponse de Cheryl158 (France) - 2017-07-26

Hey, I am passionate about the WWII too ! I really want to talk with you about it :) What do you want to know?

modifier supprimer 19984 - de maud33 , 9 ans (France) - 2017-06-25
Histoire - "Bonjour"

Pouvez vous m'apprendre à écrire avec des hieroglifes?

19984 -
modifier supprimer 19987 - Réponse de Nicolas126 (France) - 2017-06-25

essaie cette page : http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/jeux/callig/calligraphie.html

modifier supprimer 19976 - de ethan 73 , 14 ans (south africa ) - 2017-06-11
Histoire - "exchangeing history"

I Have a interest in learning the history of other counteries . I can teach you about the history of south Africa.

19976 -
modifier supprimer 20481 - Réponse de Sandali135 , 17 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2019-08-09

I also glad to learn the history of South Africa

19976 -
modifier supprimer 20022 - Réponse de ethan50 , 14 ans (south africa ) - 2017-08-05

Sure I can. Would you mind to talk on stow mail.

19976 -
modifier supprimer 20020 - Réponse de Domiziana8 (Italy) - 2017-08-04

Can tou teach me the history of your country please?

modifier supprimer 19972 - de Star1 , 16 ans (China) - 2017-06-03
Histoire - "Share your thoughts"

I took the history course at the age of 14, and by the time I was 14, I was only aware of history, and I was particularly fond of watching costume dramas. After formally accepted history education, think history particularly attract me, I to the world of history, the history of China, all feel very strange, for the rise of a dynasty and death, I feel like a superstar's death, what do you think? Do you have any unique ideas about the rise and fall of the dynasty? Hope to share with me

modifier supprimer 19963 - de Esteban236 , 17 ans (ecuador) - 2017-05-31
Histoire - "Urgente trabajo"


Saludos, estamos entrevistando a multiples cubanos para obtener mayor informacion y conocimiento de la revolucion cubana. Quisiera saber si nos puedes ayudar respondiendo 5 simples preguntas y le agredeceria si te explicases y escribieses una buena acntidad.

1.- Si tuvieses la oportunidad de liberar o mantener en seguir los ataques a los cuarteles moncada, qué hubieses hecho? Por qué?

2.-Qué opinabas de Castro cuando hizo su primer discurso?

3.-Cómo te sentiste cuando Fidel Castro intentó tomar control del cuartel moncada? Tomaste precauciones posteriormente? Por qué?/Por qué no?

4.-Si te fuiste de Cuba, por qué te fuiste y si no, por qué no?

5.-Crees que la revolución cubana fue buena o mala? Por qué?

Gracias por tomarte tiempo en ayudarnos.

19963 -
modifier supprimer 19970 - Réponse de Esteban236 , 17 ans (Peru) - 2017-06-02


Hi, I'm doing a proyect at school about the Cuban Revolution and I need to ask a bunch of people the following questions.

Geographic location-
Ethnic Background-
Political beliefs-
Religious identity-
Social group-
Married/Not married-

1.- If back then you had the opportunity to release Fidel Castro or keep him in following his attack on the moncada barracks, what would you do? Why?

2.-What was your opinion of Castro when he made his first public speeches?

3.-How did you feel when Fidel Castro attempted to take control of the Moncada barracks? Did you take any precautions? Why?/Why not?

4.-If you left Cuba why did you do it and if not why did you stay in Cuba?

5.-Do you think the Cuban revolution was a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

Thank you so much for reading these

PS: I cant say my real name:)

19963 -
modifier supprimer 19965 - Réponse de Student229 (USA) - 2017-06-01

Write in English, dude.

modifier supprimer 19953 - de Alice192 (Spain) - 2017-05-25
Histoire - "American history"

Hello! I'm currently looking for someone to talk about American history since it's my favourite topic. I would love to share knowledge with people from all around the world. Also, I can share information about Spanish history if you like.

19953 -
modifier supprimer 19979 - Réponse de Olivia187 , 11 ans (USA) - 2017-06-16

Well American history starts off with the Revolution against Great Britain which included the Boston Tea Party,Washington crossing the Delaware, General Cornwallis surrendering, and the cold winter at Valley Forge. Then we start making our own government and then the British ScallyWags come to try and take us back. They picked a good time to attack us since it was the weakest point in our history. But we beat those Lobsterbacks in 1814 and sent them back to England. That is the first part later I will go on about the civil war.

19953 -
modifier supprimer 19977 - Réponse de Samuel5 , 17 ans (USA) - 2017-06-14

Hey, I'm from the U.S. and would totally up for talking about history, I come from Florida so we have a rich history from the Spanish colonization to the Confederacy.

19953 -
modifier supprimer 19971 - Réponse de ÖÓÑþ1 , 16 ans (China) - 2017-06-03

You love history! What a coincidence!
I also love history. Can you share with me the history of the United States? Maybe we have a common topic, we can chat online, I am a Chinese girl, are you an American? I am glad to meet you here on this website and hope that we will become special friends

modifier supprimer 19945 - de Marianah74 , 14 ans (Madagascar ) - 2017-05-16
Histoire - "histoire des autres pays"

Je m 'appelle Marianah, je vis a Madagascar (une grande ile de l 'ocean Indien ) l 'histoire est a la fois ma matière et ma passion preferees, j 'aimerais avoir plus de details sur la pre histoire,l'antiquite, les moyens ages etc .....et aussi sur l 'histoire de la france , merci pour vos aides

19945 -
modifier supprimer 20578 - Réponse de Lou137 (France) - 2020-02-20

Salut! Si tu veux, je peux t'apprendre quelques Trucs sur l'histoire de France. Je sait pas mal de choses sur le 18ème siècle et le 20ème
Si ça peut t'aider...

modifier supprimer 19942 - de Rebecca227 , 15 ans (USA) - 2017-05-11
Histoire - "[ History ]"

Hi everybody!

My name is Rebecca. I'm 15 and I live in the USA. I'm very interested in other countries and their respective histories, and I would love to learn about them further. If you want to know about the history of my country, maybe we can exchange knowledge!

So, what is your favorite part of your country's history? Mine is the American Revolution!

19942 -
modifier supprimer 20310 - Réponse de Arfang219 , 21 ans (Senegal) - 2018-11-03

Hi Robecca,My name is Arfang i live in Senegal,Africa.I speak french and english,i really want to exhange with you because english is my subject and also iam doing American civilisation at the university (First year).Besides,i want to colaborate with you for to learn more about your country in return,i will teach you mine.For more information you can contact me in here E-mail: gassamaarfang1996@gmil.com

19942 -
modifier supprimer 20021 - Réponse de Domiziana8 , 15 ans (Italy) - 2017-08-04

My favourite part is when Falcone and Borsellino arrest the mafiosi criminal by the maxiprocesso of Palermo. But some month later are both killed. Then Italian people's consciousness wakes up and most of citizens fight against the mafia. P.S. Italian aren't all mafiosi. Thanks.

19942 -
modifier supprimer 19973 - Réponse de Irene136 , 16 ans (China) - 2017-06-03

hello,I'm a chinese girl who loves history very much.My dream is to be a historian in the future and you can ask me anything about chinese history.But in fact I don't know which part of chinese history do I like best.because firstly as you may know,China has a really long history.what's more,in my opinion,what matters the most is what the history tells us about human rather than the story itself.(I'm poor in English,hope you can understand)recently I read a book written by French historian Marc bloch,I really admire his brilliant thoughts.I want to know more about others feeling about history(^_^) please email me if you have some special ideas(✪¨Œ✪)

19942 -
modifier supprimer 19951 - Réponse de Alice192 (Spain) - 2017-05-25

Hello, Rebecca! I'm Alice, a Spanish girl. I also love history and I'm very interested in American history too. I would love to talk with you about Spanish and Catalan history! See you soon.

19942 -
modifier supprimer 19944 - Réponse de ethan 50 , 13 ans (south africa ) - 2017-05-15

Hi Rebecca

I would like to exchange the history's of our countries. Would you like to learn the history of south africa. Kind regards Ethan

modifier supprimer 19939 - de koko198 , 19 ans (Hong Kong) - 2017-05-08
Histoire - "History lover"

Hey, guys, I am Koko from Hong Kong and I really love history especially Chinese history. I want to know more about different countries' history, who would love to discuss about it?

19939 -
modifier supprimer 19940 - Réponse de Fritz229 (Germany) - 2017-05-08

Koko Soko Asoko Where are you, my heart? Koko Soko Asoko Can't find you in the dark)
(performed by Smile.dk)

modifier supprimer 19915 - de Jeanne8 (FRANCE) - 2017-04-11

Hello everyone!!!My name is Jeanne and I can you say of History of FRANCE

19915 -
modifier supprimer 19938 - Réponse de nahim said189 , 34 ans (brasil) - 2017-05-07

quem foi napoleao bonaparte

19915 -
modifier supprimer 19916 - Réponse de Jonathan229 (Taiwan) - 2017-04-11

How old are you? A student?

modifier supprimer 19911 - de Hannah156 , 14 ans (Usa) - 2017-04-08
Histoire - "Hi"

Hey everyone, if you are interested in Egyptian, Greek, Roman, or US history contact me.

19911 -
modifier supprimer 20219 - Réponse de Simran17 , 13 ans (USA) - 2018-05-12

I'm a huge fan of Greek and Roman mythology (Kinda obsessed) and parts of Egyptian and US history interest me

19911 -
modifier supprimer 20202 - Réponse de Ethan253 , 14 ans (south Africa) - 2018-04-05

Hi. Id like to learn more about the Egyptian abd Roman historys.

19911 -
modifier supprimer 19996 - Réponse de Lily66 (France) - 2017-07-10

Hi Hannah can you tell my more about US story please ?

modifier supprimer 19907 - de Evan Davis61 , 14 ans (USA) - 2017-04-01
Histoire - "I have 5 clues to find who a person can be, and NEED help."

Hi, in History class my teach gave me 5 clues and I have to find who the person is with these 5 clues. Here they are:

#1 Hej means Hellow in his native language - I think it is Sweedish
#2 He loved rocks
#3 He helped develop/Invent/Come up with the idea that different layers of rocks hold fossil records or records of fossil life
#4 He tutored for the Medici family in Italy
# He was a Bishop in the Catholic church

I have searched the web for hours with no success, thought you guys might could help!
Thanks in advance, Evan

19907 -
modifier supprimer 19924 - Réponse de Asta72 , 15 ans (Denmark) - 2017-04-20

HI ;-)
Probably a bit too late, but "hej" means hallo in other countries than Sweeden :-) for example Denmark, I took a little look around the internet for Danish people like that and i am pretty sure you are looking for Nicolaus Steno. He was involved with the Medicis, he had a bishop title and he founded geology. But your teacher probably told you already :-) anyway I had fun trying to find him, so thank you for sharing that task :-)
Asta, Denmark

modifier supprimer 19873 - de Benjamin232 , 18 ans (Germany) - 2017-03-06
Histoire - "History of other countries"

Hi everybody,

in school, we learn a lot about German history but only few things about the past of other countries. Therefore, I'd love to know more about the history of other countries (especially Britain, France, the US, Russia and Spain).
It would be great to hear from someone :)

19873 -
modifier supprimer 19967 - Réponse de Luna158 , 18 ans (France) - 2017-06-01

Hey ! I'm studying French History at university so if you want some clues about cool things in french history feel free to ask ahaha
I'm quite good at story of the monarchy, especially in the XVIth century and the religious question in the XIXth century (even though I'm not particularly conservative ahahahaha)
But I have however basis on french history since middle age so feel free to ask

19873 -
modifier supprimer 19952 - Réponse de Aliz192 (Spain) - 2017-05-25

Hello! I know a lot about Spanish & American history, so I can talk with you about these topics.

19873 -
modifier supprimer 19890 - Réponse de Lou Ann204 , 17 ans (France) - 2017-03-17

Hi, I'd be very happy to tell you what I know about the history of these countries. History is my passion, so I can be of help to answer your questions, mostly about France and US, but I know some things about Britain, Russia and Spain too. :)

modifier supprimer 19870 - de H104 (China) - 2017-03-05
Histoire - "wake up Japanese"

Why do some Japanese always denied that they had disgusting atrocities in history.😠

19870 -
modifier supprimer 19887 - Réponse de Sbongile193 , 17 ans (South Africa) - 2017-03-17

They don't have to because it's a known fact that every country has committed some sort of atrocious act.

19870 -
modifier supprimer 19871 - Réponse de Thomas229 (USA) - 2017-03-05

Just like some Chinese Commies ))

modifier supprimer 19854 - de Yichen215 , 19 ans (China) - 2017-02-25
Histoire - "History class in your country"

Hello guys, as you could see, I come from China, which means our history education is very unique from most country in the world. I don't want to judge it here, I'm just very curious about how the history class work in your country. When I was at middle school, to be honest, I'm very interested in history, even if teachers were just do their soliloquy during most time. But when I know more and more, especially after get into college, I realized there is something wrong both how and what the history are given to the students. Now, I really what to know how do you think about your history class, and I would be very appreciate it if you could give me some examples.

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