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modifier supprimer 21011 - de Samia73 (Pakistan) - 2023-07-28
Géographie - "Pluto was a ninth planet."

Hello, This is Samia from Pakistan! I'd be delighted to elaborate on the features of Pluto, the former ninth planet in our solar system, now classified as a dwarf planet. Here are some key features of Pluto:

Size and Composition: Pluto is relatively small compared to the classical planets in our solar system. Its diameter is approximately 2,377 kilometers (1,477 miles), making it about two-thirds the size of Earth's Moon. Pluto is primarily composed of rock and ice, with a thin atmosphere consisting mainly of nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide.

Distance from the Sun: Pluto orbits the Sun in the outer regions of our solar system. At its closest point (perihelion), it comes within about 4.4 billion kilometres (2.7 billion miles) from the Sun. At its farthest point (aphelion), it can be as distant as about 7.4 billion kilometres (4.6 billion miles) away.

Highly Elliptical Orbit: Pluto's orbit is highly elliptical, which means its distance from the Sun varies significantly over time. This unique orbital pattern is one of the reasons why Pluto's distance from the Sun is quite different during different points in its orbit.

Kuiper Belt Object: Pluto is part of a region in the outer solar system known as the Kuiper Belt. This region contains numerous small icy bodies, similar to Pluto, and is located beyond Neptune's orbit. The Kuiper Belt is believed to be the source of many comets in our solar system.

Moon: Pluto has five known moons, with the largest one being Charon. Charon is relatively large compared to Pluto, and together, they form a binary system where they both orbit around a common center of mass. The other four moons are much smaller and are named Styx, Nix, Kerberos, and Hydra.

Extreme Surface Conditions: Pluto's surface is cold and covered in a thin layer of frozen nitrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide. Its temperatures can drop to extremely low levels, reaching as low as -240 degrees Celsius (-400 degrees Fahrenheit) due to its great distance from the Sun.

New Horizons Mission: NASA's New Horizons spacecraft conducted a flyby of Pluto in July 2015, providing humanity with the first close-up images and detailed data of this distant world. The mission revealed fascinating geological features, such as icy mountains, plains, and evidence of past geologic activity.

Despite being reclassified as a dwarf planet, Pluto remains an intriguing and scientifically significant object of study. Its unique characteristics and its location in the Kuiper Belt offer valuable insights into the formation and evolution of our solar system.

modifier supprimer 20988 - de Nicole225 , 13 ans (Jamaica ) - 2023-01-28
Géographie - "Sweet Jamaica"

Hi everyone !
My country is Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea.
Long ago, It was called Xaymaca.

We have endangered species like the American crocodile and the Jamaica Boa.

Ackee is our National Fruit, and it is poisonous.
I love eating them!


modifier supprimer 20659 - de Louie 0 , 11 ans (Indonesia) - 2020-07-13
Géographie - "History"

My name is Louie. I will tell you about Indonesia.: The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta. Indonesia is between Pacific and Indian Ocean. Pacific ocean is the largest ocean in the world. Indonesia is developed country too. You have to visited Indonesian Underwater paradise, Boronudur Temple, National Monument, Raja Ampat, Bali island, Prambanan Temple and more again. Indonesia have 34 province. In Indonesia we use name: province not a states.

I live in Big City. City is very beautiful. The strongest kingdom in Indonesia is Kingdom of Majapahit. The largest kingdom in Indonesia is Kingdom of Sriwijaya (Srivijaya). If you want to ask me, you can ask me if you don't understand what i say

20659 -
modifier supprimer 20716 - Réponse de Chad132 , 28 ans (USA) - 2020-11-13

Indonesia is still a developing country

modifier supprimer 20646 - de Louie124 , 11 ans (Indonesia) - 2020-06-18
Géographie - "Geography"

Hi Guys. My name is Louie, I will help your homework. I will tell you about Geography: Who know Indonesia, Indonesia have an Borobudur Temple, Yogyakarta and Nasional Monument, Jakarta, Raja Ampat, Papua. Vietnam: A beautiful Ha Long Bay. Sydney, Australia: A beautiful Opera House. All over USA: Disney land, Liberty Statue, Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. All over France: Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace. China: China Great Wall. Japan: Bambo Forest. You can ask me if you don't understand

modifier supprimer 20629 - de Maci225 (USA (maine)) - 2020-05-09
Géographie - "Balkans"

Hi, i don't need to learn about this, its not assigned or anything, but i have been wanting to know more about the balkans and/or southeastern europe! Anyone got anything good? If you need help with anything about us states than i'm all good to help!n Just nothing history....

20629 -
modifier supprimer 20898 - Réponse de Eli210 , 10 ans (USA) - 2021-10-21

Hello my name is eli and i like geography and exploring new places and i been to many places and i like to talk about usa,United States of America capital is Washington DC and they name it like that because there first president george washington won the war against Great Britan with help of Spain,Netherlands,and france and United was now independent then the cilvilans want george washington to be the first president then they they make the capital name that so thats how it was name like that.

modifier supprimer 20315 - de Romey120 , 11 ans (United Kingdom) - 2018-11-12
Géographie - "Wanna be my friend, I'm very interested in Ancient Egypt!!!"

Hi, I'm Romey.
I live in Hastings on the South Coast of England and I love reading techno-thrillers by James Rollins. I love running and have run a couple of half-marathons and currently I go to two track sessions week and run 20km a week inluding parkrun on Saturdays. I just started yoga this week and I enjoyed it.
I'm vegan and I enjoy cooking especially baking and I can do a pretty good shortbread.
I'm fascinated by quantum physics and other sciences but partiularly anything space-related.
I am Jewish so I observe the Jewish festivals and it is Hanukkah soon which I love, and I want to learn Hebrew.
I'm homeschooled and I dyed my hair green, and now black! And I would love some penfriends from all around the world.
I would love to hear from you. I love Geography!!

20315 -
modifier supprimer 20770 - Réponse de Jaqueline56 , 17 ans (Guatemala 🇬&) - 2021-01-31

Hi, I'm Jaqueline from Guatemala, Guatemala is located in Central America, I would love to learn more about your country and geography, greetings.

20315 -
modifier supprimer 20630 - Réponse de Maci249 , 9 ans (USA (maine)) - 2020-05-10

Yes! I loooooooooooooooooove geography too! And yes i want to be your penpal!

20315 -
modifier supprimer 20319 - Réponse de Shamaheri220 (Uganda) - 2018-11-19

Hullo, i love Geography too. i have studied much geography and still feel there is still more knowledge out there.

modifier supprimer 20215 - de Meggy49 , 12 ans (Italy) - 2018-05-04
Géographie - "My favourite cities"

I think geography is a subject only. Why I love it. I know a lot about the subject, and I know many State capitals of the world.
My two favorite cities are Rio de Janeiro and Kaapstad.
Here are two descriptions.
Rio de Janeiro City of southeastern Brazil. Rio is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the western part of the Guanabara Bay, which is dominated by the imposing granite mass of Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf '; 390 m) on top of which comes a cable car opened in 1913. In 2012 the city was declared a Unesco World Heritage site. The particular physiognomy of the city, of extraordinary Visual impact, is closely related to the morphology of the site, characterized by not high reliefs but impassable (morros) and narrow flat areas. The same morphology, together with the proximity to the sea, influenza, mitigandoli, even his characters typically tropical climate. Winters are particularly mild and little rainy then, summers are hot and rainy.

Morro do Castello, r. has developed along the adjacent shores, valleys and spurs which descend from the Serra da Carioca and the Serra do Mar. In the early twentieth century the face of the city changed radically, with the reclamation of swampy areas, the opening of new roads, the construction of the waterfront, new neighborhoods and parks. A result of rapid development has been the formation, on the outskirts of the city and close to the industrial areas of poor settlements (favelas), characterized by a very serious social unrest. Population growth, due, first, to the strong immigration from abroad and subsequently from rural inland, is now among the lowest of Brazil. The city is divided in two by the Serra da Carioca and from Corcovado).
Cape Town (nederland. Kaapstad) cities of the Republic of South Africa has a harbour, at the end of the Bay, which is the busiest in the country and one of the largest on the African continent: absorbs an intense movement of passengers and goods and has a lively fishing activity. Remarkable is also the international airport's traffic. . It is located in the Bay of the Board. It is also scientific and cultural activity center.

Founded in 1652 by the Dutch settlers originating from India, remained to the United Provinces until 1795, when it was conquered by the British. In 1803 Napoleon returned to the Batavian Republic and in 1806 was finally incorporated in the British Empire.

See photos!!!

modifier supprimer 20162 - de luke252 , 8 ans (America) - 2018-01-17
Géographie - "hi"

Hi my name is Luke
Dear Ayden

modifier supprimer 19792 - de ousmanou235 , 24 ans (Cameroun) - 2016-12-30
Géographie - "recherche étudiant chercheur"

Bonjour à tous. Je suis ousmanou, jeune étudiant-chercheur en didactique des disciplines à l' université de yaoundé 1.J'ai par ailleurs une maîtrise en geographie humaine notamment en marginalité et stratégies de développement dans les pays du Sud. Je cherche des étudiants-chercheur pour une collaboration scientifique et aussi pour la co-production d articles scientifiques et des œuvrages aussi.Merci

modifier supprimer 19626 - de Friedrich 93 , 9 ans (Canada) - 2016-07-21
Géographie - "Looking for People from Australia / oceanien /"

Hello everyone!

I am homeschooled and we go to a homeschool Coop (September to may) and my mom would like to teach a class about oceanien. What is life like in your Country. What Do you eat? Where you live (House/Apartment......) where you sleep? What you Play? What your Country is known for?

19626 -
modifier supprimer 20165 - Réponse de Isaiah111 , 15 ans (U.S.A.) - 2018-01-25

I'm isaiah and I am home schooled too. I don't know awole lot about oceanien, but i'll be your freind.

19626 -
modifier supprimer 20043 - Réponse de Ben167 , 17 ans (Rwanda) - 2017-08-23

hey. Wsp am Ben from Rwanda in Africa I liked u boy! hh! ooh my favourite food is pizza and what do u like

modifier supprimer 19568 - de Int mans212 (USA) - 2016-06-01
Géographie - "Sharing flags with others"


I post on another forum similar to this one where we exchange information with people from other countries to learn more about them. We have a hobby where we want to talk to people from every country, and save a picture of their flag to keep track of who we have talked to. We would love it if anybody here was interested in sharing information there too! We have a shortage of people from African countries in particular, as the site is mostly popular in Europe and North America.

19568 -
modifier supprimer 20586 - Réponse de Maci78 , 9 ans (USA) - 2020-03-16

Could I join as well?

19568 -
modifier supprimer 20121 - Réponse de Raziyah10 , 17 ans (South Africa) - 2017-11-19

I'll be willing to join, if you want?

19568 -
modifier supprimer 19601 - Réponse de Preston250 , 8 ans (USA) - 2016-06-20

I am interested in joining, too.

19568 -
modifier supprimer 19576 - Réponse de L166 (Netherlands) - 2016-06-11

I can contribute if you want

19568 -
modifier supprimer 19571 - Réponse de K212 (CANADA) - 2016-06-07

so,how can i contact your guys?

modifier supprimer 19519 - de Fidele244 , 16 ans (Cameroun) - 2016-04-05
Géographie - "Les unites lithologiques du socle"

S'il vous plait aider moi a:
-localiser les unites lithologiques du socle sur la carte geologique du cameroun la nature petrographique
-Identifier les afleurements de substratum sedimentaire
-Identifier les afleurements des substratum sedimentaire

modifier supprimer 19437 - de M@®©U$54 (Brazil) - 2016-01-17
Géographie - "Hey ya!"

Have you ever traveled to a foreign country as part of your project school?

modifier supprimer 19371 - de HOPE DANIEL RUKUNDO183 , 27 ans (RWANDA) - 2015-11-17
Géographie - "Land of a Thousand Hills"

Country in Africa
Rwanda is a landlocked East African country whose green, mountainous landscape has earned it the nickname “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Its renowned Volcanoes National Park is home to mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. Bordering Congo and Uganda, the park encompasses 4,507m-tall Mt. Karisimbi and 4 other forested volcanoes. Kigali, the nation's sprawling capital, has a vibrant restaurant and nightlife scene.

Capital: Kigali
Currency: Rwandan franc
Population: 11.78 million (2013) World Bank
Official languages: French, Kinyarwanda, English

19371 -
modifier supprimer 20044 - Réponse de Ben167 , 17 ans (rwanda) - 2017-08-23

hello bro me am Rwandan glad 2meet u

modifier supprimer 19336 - de mazurkiewiez39 , 42 ans (france) - 2015-10-16
Géographie - "amitié"

hello.I write today because I want friend all country for friendship.I d like cwrite and travel.i live to larochelle.I collect phone cards all country in all I m more of 180 country.i want friend in oceania;groenland,nepal,mynmar,sri lanka,maldives,island ste helena,panama,belize,mozambique,etc...here my adress:mazurkiewiez stephane 9 bis rue jacques prevert 17000 la rochelle france

19336 -
modifier supprimer 19497 - Réponse de Alexis145 (Sénégal) - 2016-03-09

salut je serai aussi enchanté de te compter parmi mes amis et d'échanger sur diverses choses

19336 -
modifier supprimer 19372 - Réponse de jean148 , 21 ans (TOGO) - 2015-11-18

Salut,comment allez-vous ?

modifier supprimer 19223 - de Nathaniel Wong18 , 10 ans (Hong Kong) - 2015-07-30
Géographie - "One of the most beautiful Places in the world"

Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam, and Fjords in Norway are one of the most beautiful

modifier supprimer 17673 - de Megumi247 , 14 ans (Srilanka) - 2015-04-18
Géographie - "Paraside"

what is the most beautiful island in the world ????? you know?????? it is Srilanka. If you want to look its beauty you will have to visit

17673 -
modifier supprimer 17690 - Réponse de megumi247 , 14 ans (Srilanka) - 2015-04-29

yeah you are right , where do you come , to colombo

17673 -
modifier supprimer 17689 - Réponse de Tourist119 (Taiwan) - 2015-04-28

Yes i did. Sri Lanka is poor (not as India but poor). It's a fact.

17673 -
modifier supprimer 17681 - Réponse de Megumi247 , 14 ans (Srilanka) - 2015-04-24

Nope it is not a poor country but is a developing country , lot of famous people appreciate it , did you ever have been come to our country

17673 -
modifier supprimer 17680 - Réponse de Tourist119 (Taiwan) - 2015-04-24

Sri Lanka is a rather poor country sorry

modifier supprimer 17193 - de soumeya205 , 20 ans (algerie) - 2014-03-26
Géographie - "realisation d'unerubrique concernant le vresil"

bonsoir toutle monde j ai besoin de votre aide concernant ma rubrique.je suis redactrice dns un magazine de notre ecole d'ingeniorat en agronomie et je suis chargée par la rubrique geographie dans laquelle je vais parler cette fois sur le bresil et sa relation avec l 'agronomie et sa participation aussi et ses sites agricols et une petite idée sur le bresil en général sous le thème histoire et culture.merci d'avance j'apprécis toute aide.

modifier supprimer 17188 - de marina148 , 11 ans (france) - 2014-03-16
Géographie - "Coucou"

voila se qu'on apprend sur madagascar:Autrefois un royame indépendant, Madagascar est devenu une colonie Française en 1886, mais a regagné son indépendance en 1960. Les élections libres présidentielles et de l'Assemblée Nationale de 1992-93, ont mis fin à 17 années de gouvernement à parti unique. En 1997, au cours des secondes élections présidentielles, Didier RATSIRAKA, ancien dirigeant des années 1970 et 1980, est revenu à la présidence. Les élections présidentielles de 2001 ont été contestées par les partisans de Didier RATSIRAKA et Marc RAVALOMANANA, causant presque une séparation de la moitié du pays. En Avril 2002 la Haute Cour Constitutionnelle a désigné RAVALOMANANA comme gagnant.

modifier supprimer 16614 - de Rowan142 , 13 ans (US) - 2013-10-15
Géographie - "Help."

How does the tilt of the earth's axis explain changes in temperature from one season to another in the temperate zones?

modifier supprimer 16536 - de María del Mar37 , 17 ans (Spain) - 2013-08-25
Géographie - "Hello everybody!!"

Hi!! Are there people from Southamptom, Great Britan or somebody who lives near here?
I usually go here so I think is a good Idea to make friends!! I speak spanish and english.
Best regards!!

modifier supprimer 16427 - de Kate122 , 20 ans (Ukraine) - 2013-06-17
Géographie - "We////"

We have beautiful land!

modifier supprimer 16345 - de sarah76 , 17 ans (indonesia) - 2013-04-26

okay indonesia is really beautiful, it is like paradise,we have so much an amazng place that we can visit, such as beautiful beach in bali, and komodo island, bono river, wakatobi sland, raja ampat and more.

modifier supprimer 16253 - de marine214 , 13 ans (france) - 2013-03-06
Géographie - "aidez moi s'il vous plait pour l'exo 119 p 84"

Le sujet du probleme est:Marc a un jardin carre .Il decide d'augmenter deux cotes de ce carre de 20 m et les deux autres de 30m de facon a obtenir un terrain rectangulaire . La difference entre l'aire du nouveau terrain et l'aire du terrain carre est de 2100carre.
Quelle est la mesure du cote du terrain carre initial

16253 -
modifier supprimer 16486 - Réponse de vicky203 (canada) - 2013-08-02

As-tu toujours besoin d'aide?

modifier supprimer 16182 - de Ali229 (Asia) - 2013-02-16
Géographie - "Do they study foreign history and geography in French schools?"

To French students:
Do you study history/geography of other countries at schools if you live in France and how they generally describe foreigners there?
N.B. French people are often said to know very few about countries other than France and it's a big surprise.

16182 -
modifier supprimer 19230 - Réponse de Elisabeth227 , 16 ans (France) - 2015-08-09

Yes we study foreign history and geografy in French schools.
For the history we study history of all around the world and for the geography we study the USA , the China and the Brasil.
But yes I'm agree with you because all school doesn't teach that, and sadly you're right with the " cultural nationalists".
But not all the french people are nationalist... I think this is a bit stereotyped.

16182 -
modifier supprimer 16191 - Réponse de ali229 (asia) - 2013-02-19

Padeolu, you're absolutely wrong!
I've met a lot of French people (in every age) but they don't know almost nothing about foreign countries (geography and history) because it's not studied in France (except for just basics related to large countries).
Statistically, French people are least travelling Europeans and many of them are "cultural nationalists" so they're focused at France and don't want to look in other ways. That's the key. Btw, many French people confirm it!

16182 -
modifier supprimer 16187 - Réponse de padeolu239 (Nigeria) - 2013-02-18

i quite disagree about that. though have never been to france, but i have being lucky to meet and interact with alot of them. Most of them do know about geography/history of other countries.

modifier supprimer 16176 - de Marek41 , 22 ans (Austria, Slovakia) - 2013-02-12
Géographie - "Traveling by train"

Hi friends! I m 22 years old boy from middle of Europe (Austria, Slovakia). I am a student and I like traveling. I travel a lot. I am looking for a good friend/s from the world! I would like to improve my languages and I like chatting. If you are ok we could travel togehter! I prefer traveling by trains. Its really cool and not so expensive. I understand German and Italian too. If you want we can practise german language. All the best to everyone here! My e-mail is marcos.tkac@yahoo.de

16176 -
modifier supprimer 16406 - Réponse de Ringo228 (Tanzania) - 2013-06-06

Yaah!am ready,feel free 2e-mail me and am interested with German.u can reach me at baraka_ringo@yahoo.com

modifier supprimer 16170 - de Priyanshu201 , 9 ans (India) - 2013-02-10
Géographie - "Hello , How r U ? I m Priyanshu fom India ."

Hi ,
I live in beautiful and holy place in northern Indian state My place s surrounded by beautiful hills and forest . l like reading and knowing about science.
I also like to know about other places like Germany.
My father has visited Germany .

luv u all German



modifier supprimer 16097 - de sarah68 , 16 ans (indonesia) - 2013-01-30
Géographie - "bono river"

hi guys, im sarah, i live in indonesia, do you know that indonesia has a wave river?we called bono river, we could surfing on it,that's cool!!

16097 -
modifier supprimer 16487 - Réponse de vicky203 , 17 ans (Canada) - 2013-08-02

That's soo awesome !!!!!

modifier supprimer 16066 - de cyrille66 , 23 ans (cote d ivoire) - 2013-01-08
Géographie - "demande d aide"

salut a tous euh je suis etudiant en licence 2 de geographie a l universite d abidjan et je cherche des amis d autres pays qui peuvent me filer des docs surn la geographie physique et humaine en generale

modifier supprimer 16023 - de Megan80 , 17 ans (USA) - 2012-12-09
Géographie - "Need help with school project"

guys,I am working on a project and I need to make a video montage of people from all around the world, just saying "HEY" to me in a 10-20 second video clip. Also be nice to get a actor for me lead in a little longer. I need people around me age, and mostly guys cause i got 4 girls from town. email for details at meganmoore52577@gmail.com

modifier supprimer 15927 - de Lee184 , 11 ans (Korea) - 2012-10-08
Géographie - "Please penpal me"

Please penpal me.
I'm from jangsu Elementery school.
and I love Geography very much.
But I need your help........
I will do my best.

modifier supprimer 15854 - de MONGO113 (BURKINA) - 2012-08-08
Géographie - "configuration du diagramme ombrothermique"

lors de l'élaboration du diagramme les deux bouts de la courbe doivent-ils toucher les deuxdroites portant respectivement les précipitations et les températures ? Telle est ma préoccupation. Merci d'avance.

modifier supprimer 15587 - de Ella115 (USA) - 2012-02-21
Géographie - "Geography..... No Promlem"

If you have geography projects or quizzes coming up, come to me. My friends call me the " Geography Queen "

15587 -
modifier supprimer 15897 - Réponse de love201 (ghana) - 2012-09-14

thanks so much.... hope u be a really good friend .

15587 -
modifier supprimer 15634 - Réponse de Federica36 , 13 ans (Italy) - 2012-03-11

Hi Ella i need help. I have to do a project in English about Chicago. Can you write me by SnailMail?

modifier supprimer 15492 - de Luis ThomasAV134 (Jeremiah Wood) - 2012-01-08
Géographie - "Isabella Tibbitts"

OMG , tu vois ce qu'il se passe en Syrie? Indépendamment de la répression gouvernementale brutale , les manifestations continuent

modifier supprimer 15442 - de Sedinam203 , 11 ans (Ghana) - 2011-12-12


modifier supprimer 15371 - de FAHED156 , 9 ans (algerie) - 2011-11-05
Géographie - "FRANCE"

IL YA 666000 VILLE ET COMMUNES (lyon/paris/toulouse)

15371 -
modifier supprimer 15819 - Réponse de Régine8 , 45 ans (France) - 2012-07-18

Que signifie ton message ?

modifier supprimer 15248 - de Anna Jean Saleeby244 , 11 ans (USA) - 2011-09-24
Géographie - "I love SCIENCE!!! :D"

I love doing science experiments in class, and I also love studying space. My favorite. planet is Venus. :P

15248 -
modifier supprimer 15255 - Réponse de paola36 , 13 ans (italy) - 2011-09-27

I love Science too!!

modifier supprimer 15215 - de Lucas216 , 16 ans (France) - 2011-09-11
Géographie - "Friends :)"

Hi, I'm Lucas, I live in France, I'm 16. I like geography, meteorology too. I speak French and I want to improve my English and my Spanish so you can answer me ;)

15215 -
modifier supprimer 15217 - Réponse de wang19 , 14 ans (China) - 2011-09-12

I'm chinese and I'm 14 years old. I want to make your penpal.

modifier supprimer 15143 - de Gizem55 , 16 ans (Turkiye) - 2011-08-10
Géographie - "Friends"

Hi :) I'm Gizem. I'm 17. I want to make friends from other countries. Would you be my friend? :) Also if you want, we can improve our English and Deutsch or I can teach you Turkish :) I'm waiting your messages.

15143 -
modifier supprimer 15198 - Réponse de elisa36 , 15 ans (italy) - 2011-09-03

hi! I'm studing english, german and spanish and I would like to learn Turkish. I would like to be your friend. :D

modifier supprimer 15103 - de Ksyusha131 , 15 ans (Russia) - 2011-07-17
Géographie - "Hello"

Hello everybody! I'd like to talk with people from The USA, because I'm going to study there. Can you help me with my English and tell me more about it. Also I can help you with your homework(Russian).

15103 -
modifier supprimer 20587 - Réponse de Maci78 , 9 ans (USA) - 2020-03-16

I can help you too. My reference number is 1453340, and you can go to my page.

15103 -
modifier supprimer 15105 - Réponse de Madeline49 , 12 ans (U.S.A) - 2011-07-19

Hi Ksyusha! my name is Madeline, and I live in America, so I would be glad to help you. just search my ref number ( 705942. ) on the pen pals from U.S.A page and write me from there. thanks! bye! (:

modifier supprimer 15083 - de Madeline49 , 12 ans (U.S.A) - 2011-06-25
Géographie - "African country"

Hi! I'm Madeline and I'm doing a presentation on several different countries and I what one of them to be an African country. But I'm not sure which one to chose. Any one have any ideas? Thanks! Bye!

15083 -
modifier supprimer 15086 - Réponse de Mike240 , 20 ans (France) - 2011-06-27

Hi Madeline,
I advice you Algeria, because it's a major actor of the worldwide, it's a giant country by her superficial.
A link for to help you >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algeria
I wish you an excellent day.

modifier supprimer 15002 - de mouahm207 , 21 ans (senegal) - 2011-05-11
Géographie - "soutient"

salut je suis mouhamadou sakho étudiant en licence1 de géographie.
je cherche des gens qui pourrons m' aider à aquerir des connaissances sur ce domaine

15002 -
modifier supprimer 15510 - Réponse de Aaron 180 (UK) - 2012-01-14

bonjour jemappele Aaron

modifier supprimer 14882 - de Giulia118 , 11 ans (Italy - Italia) - 2011-03-28
Géographie - "I can help you in Geography!!!"

I'm italian.
I love geography.
I'm very good in this subject.
I can help you!!!!!!!
have you got 6 to 12 years? Can I help You!!!! I'm very good!!!
Please.I'm happy to help someone!!!!!!
By Giulia.
Goodbye from Giulia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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modifier supprimer 15606 - Réponse de abdelhak137 , 18 ans (maroc) - 2012-03-01

hello me too i like geography and this subject

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modifier supprimer 15546 - Réponse de Tim19 , 17 ans (Russia) - 2012-02-03

Hello! I wany to talk with you about this subject! it's interest so much! Please write me back!

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