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modifier supprimer 35330 - de Kenna199 , 16 ans (USA) - 2021-11-17
Oiseau - "Lonely budgie"

I've had two budgies for a few months but one of them died recently. I don't know if I should get another one or not. I'm worried the one I still have might not bond with a new one.

35330 -
modifier supprimer 35366 - Réponse de Annie127 , 13 ans (USA) - 2022-01-22

Oh I'm sorry for your loss. I think you should get new ones, because I'm sure you will hav a good relationship with them, even though they are not the same as the ones that passed.

modifier supprimer 35079 - de Nuvee 134 , 12 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-05-23
Oiseau - "My Bird Beez"

Hi guys, Ayubowan all! I'm Nuvee! I had a bird name Beez! I fee her and i cared her always! She lives with me one month and a 13 days! I After that she went to the Wildlife Conservation! It's sad. But I always love my pet! She is cute, beautiful and lovely! If you want to see him, please gi my penpal page and see him. She can sunbath and she speak "Quick,Quick." Please reply me! AND tell me about what would you think about Beez! I don't have words to tell you about my bird Beez's cute and beautiful! I wish she will go to the nature and have nice life. Reply me! AND tell me what would you think about BEEZ! Byeeeee! Triple Gems Bless you 😇.......

35079 -
modifier supprimer 35193 - Réponse de Nuvini134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-08-25

Hi Vicki nice to hear from you. I'm fine. Thank you. How are you?

35079 -
modifier supprimer 35189 - Réponse de Vicky199 , 12 ans (Chine) - 2021-08-24

I also have two birds. They are Xuanfeng parrots. Very beautiful and lively.How about you?😊

35079 -
modifier supprimer 35175 - Réponse de Nuvini134 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-08-03

Yes Ann! She is so cute! 🤩🤩🤩

35079 -
modifier supprimer 35173 - Réponse de Annie50 , 13 ans (USA) - 2021-08-02

Aww! Beez is so cute!

35079 -
modifier supprimer 35095 - Réponse de chisom145 , 11 ans (Nigeria) - 2021-05-31

I wish I could take care of a bird for just 2 weeks, I wish I even had a bird, but my mum thinks I am not responsible enough, your so lucky.

modifier supprimer 34919 - de Sam121 , 16 ans (USA) - 2021-01-28
Oiseau - "Budgerigars"

I currently have 4 budgerigars as pets, specifically two pairs of mates. So I might as well put out some info I have from experience, as I've had these birds for a few years or so. First, the perches that come with a cage are nice, but if you stick with only wooden, round dowels, their feet are going to hurt eventually. Think of if you could only stand on hardwood and couldn't sit anywhere else. Second is to supply them things to destroy (i.e small cardboard boxes and sticks that are safe for birds) so they have something to do and not mess around with the cage. Third, keep them away from plants. I'm not sure about anyone else, but mine particularly love eating the dirt. Finally, a bird will not bond with you on the first day, let it get used to it's surroundings first before trying to get close.

34919 -
modifier supprimer 35122 - Réponse de Hunter94 , 11 ans (Corée) - 2021-06-14

Wow, I actually have 2 budgies. One was named Berry but, she flew away while we were cleaning her cage. :( But, I have Lemon and Kiwi, they are so adorable and energetic birds.

modifier supprimer 34914 - de Olivia201 , 16 ans (USA) - 2021-01-26
Oiseau - "Pigeons"

I know a lot of people think pigeons are flying rats, but I really like them. They have so much personality! I like watching them interact in their little groups. Do you guys ever notice that sometimes there's a brown one? I wonder why that is.

34914 -
modifier supprimer 34916 - Réponse de Augie/Hatsuki87 , 15 ans (USA) - 2021-01-27

I like the statement not all pigeons are rats with wings, I cant say I've heard that before. Birds are pretty over all interesting in my opinion. :D

modifier supprimer 34760 - de Joseph94 , 13 ans (Espagne) - 2020-11-21
Oiseau - "Aren't birds just the best?"

Hi! my name's Joseph. I love in southern Spain and I absolutely love birdwatching and nature. I am currently at 114 species (birds) my most recent addition being a sparrowhawk. Would love to chat, don't mind where you're from. Bye!

34760 -
modifier supprimer 34794 - Réponse de toey122 , 16 ans (Thaïlande) - 2020-12-10

Hi, call me Toey. I love Parrot a lot it's so beautiful bird and interesting .You can talk about everything with me. If you are interested, please reply me. Let's be friends.

modifier supprimer 34585 - de Nesta161 (Antilles Néerlandaises) - 2020-09-05
Oiseau - "Birds are amazing creatures"

Have you ever wondered about the freedom of a bird?

That feeling must be awesome!
To fly to anywhere you want like, having the rush of the wind above and beneath you.
The ability to soar over hills and mountains and along the beaches of the seashore.
To balance in trees and chirp until your heart away.
Oh, that must be a feeling of beauty to be a bird!

34585 -
modifier supprimer 35372 - Réponse de Trinny 144 (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-02-04

I think that robins, parrots and budgies are very adorable, don't you think?

I like to feed birds and water birds!

modifier supprimer 34527 - de Sahan134 , 17 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-07-16
Oiseau - "Bird lovers"

Hi! I'm Sahan Bhanuka. I love birds a lot. My favourite bird is flamingo. I like to learn about birds and other creatures. If you are interested, please reply me. Let's be friends.

34527 -
modifier supprimer 34913 - Réponse de Olivia201 , 16 ans (USA) - 2021-01-26

I love birds! I used to want to be an ornithologist, and it is still a very interesting subject for me. I love to watch the birds outside; sparrows, finches, morning doves...
I especially like the great-tailed grackles because they look like skinny little crows.
I actually have a parakeet at home! He's a very good boy.
I don't go to zoos anymore, but I used to see flamingos there. They're very pretty birds :)

modifier supprimer 34350 - de Melani242 , 12 ans (USA) - 2020-04-16
Oiseau - "Hello!"

Hello, my name is Melani Sleder, I love birds and all animals. The Golden Eagle is my favorite animal. I'm looking for friends from all around the world. I can speak English and Hungarian and I am learning Spanish and German. Please write me!

34350 -
modifier supprimer 34967 - Réponse de Annie127 , 12 ans (USA) - 2021-02-26

I like birdwatching too. Have you ever seen a Golden Eagle?

34350 -
modifier supprimer 34352 - Réponse de Chloe213 , 12 ans (USA) - 2020-04-16

Hi, I'm Chloe, and I am from North Carolina, and I've been wanting to become a penpal with someone and learn about their life, teach their mine, and hopefully, we can become friends!! I just started on this website so if you could teach me how to do the whole letter thing, that would be great lol. I am an actress, well I'm hoping to become a television actress, but right now I'm stuck on the stage; I write stories too, I know it's silly; I enjoy reading and drawing for fun; and if you have any social media, let me know and we could connect through there!! Thank you for taking the time to read this! And I hope you and your family are safe during this quarantine!

modifier supprimer 34127 - de Nathaly124 , 22 ans (Paraguay) - 2019-11-11
Oiseau - "Hi"

Hi! I love Koalas, birds, cats, dogs :)

modifier supprimer 34099 - de Katie168 , 11 ans (USA) - 2019-10-27
Oiseau - "I'm getting parakeets, is two or three better?"

How many parakeets should I get I want two or three but idk. The cage im gonna get is big enough for three but I might only get two.

34099 -
modifier supprimer 34918 - Réponse de Sam121 (USA) - 2021-01-28

You may be tempted to get as many pet birds as you can, but I warn you to probably start out with only two. One may be lonely, and 3 is a hassle, especially if they start fighting for love. Plus, if the cage can fit 3, then 2 will give them some extra space to flap around and plenty of room for you to put extra toys, perches, and maybe even extra food and water bowls.

34099 -
modifier supprimer 34438 - Réponse de Izzy155 (Australie) - 2020-05-19

Depends, is this your first time owning them? I would start with just 2.c

modifier supprimer 33935 - de JOSE CARLOS 235 (Mexique) - 2019-06-04


modifier supprimer 33760 - de Sylvia59 , 17 ans (USA) - 2019-02-04
Oiseau - "Hi!"

Hi! I have two lovebirds named coco and kiki. they are both cute. coco is green and kiki is blue. IDK they are male or female:( but it is good to have adorable birds!

33760 -
modifier supprimer 33879 - Réponse de Zineb92 (Maroc) - 2019-04-29


33760 -
modifier supprimer 33761 - Réponse de Harish110 , 26 ans (Inde) - 2019-02-05


modifier supprimer 33580 - de Gabby48 , 11 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2018-10-04
Oiseau - "Birds"

Hi! I have a whiteface cockatiel named Finn, she is my first bird and i love her so much. I also have ten chickens and three ducks. Hopefully we can adopt some parakeets too! I really love birds!

33580 -
modifier supprimer 34049 - Réponse de Raj134 , 72 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2019-09-03

I also love birds. But I will never trap the birds and disturb their freedom.

modifier supprimer 33490 - de Scarlett215 , 16 ans (Chine) - 2018-08-19
Oiseau - "cute parrots"

I keep two little parrots in my house.Their feather colour is green.They have stayed with me for nearly two years.They are always my good friends.

33490 -
modifier supprimer 34050 - Réponse de Raj134 , 72 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2019-09-03

I also love birds. But I will never trap the birds and disturb their freedom.

33490 -
modifier supprimer 33505 - Réponse de lochana231 , 5 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2018-08-26

hi, i am lochana i love birds.i have a love birds

33490 -
modifier supprimer 33504 - Réponse de Hayden184 , 13 ans (USA) - 2018-08-25

Hi, I'm Hayden from USA. I love birds, too. My favorite bird is the bird of paradise. Where in China do you live?

modifier supprimer 33060 - de Maya92 (USA) - 2018-03-07
Oiseau - "Birds!"

I have two birds named Sol and Luna, who are budgies. They are very sweet! :-)

33060 -
modifier supprimer 35394 - Réponse de HIRASAH-Trinny48 (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-03-03

Ooh! I have one green yellow

33060 -
modifier supprimer 34100 - Réponse de Katie168 , 11 ans (USA) - 2019-10-27

Im gonna get parakeets, two or three. What do you think I should get? please message me!

33060 -
modifier supprimer 33241 - Réponse de Isabella146 , 10 ans (USA) - 2018-06-01

I have two parakeets too! There names are, Kiwi and Mango. They are very sweet also.

modifier supprimer 32879 - de Barsha134 , 11 ans (Bangladesh) - 2017-12-20
Oiseau - "My closest friend"

My closest, cutest friend was my Parrot "Mitthu".In Bangali it's "Tiapakhi".But it just flew away in this month by itself.It used to bite a lot.I really miss it a lot😢

modifier supprimer 32784 - de Rim158 , 17 ans (Maroc) - 2017-11-22
Oiseau - "Perruches"

Bonjour,j'aime vraiment les oiseaux surtout les perruches j'ai un couple (sephora et twitty)pour ceux qui ont le même centre d'intérêt n'hésitent pas à me contacter

modifier supprimer 32706 - de Camille73 (France) - 2017-10-27
Oiseau - "Oiseaux!"

Salut tout le monde. Moi qui vit en pleine campagne, je passe de longs moments à observer les oiseaux. Dans mon village, on y voit des buses, des milans, divers petits oiseaux et même une fois un ornithologue qui vient souvent a vu un aigle!!!!!!! J'adore la sitelle la buse, la mésange...
Tu veux en parler avec moi??? Voici mon num de ref: 1300504 et sinon tu peux m'écrire sur le forum. Tu peux aussi m'écrire en anglais.

32706 -
modifier supprimer 33008 - Réponse de Constance50 , 20 ans (Canada) - 2018-02-16

Bonjour, moi aussi,je viens de la campagne, je travaille sur la ferme et je connais peu les noms d'oiseaux, mais j'aime tellement les entendre.

modifier supprimer 32446 - de Bademci55 , 10 ans (Turquie) - 2017-07-16
Oiseau - "Birds!!"

My name is Ceyda.
I'm Turkish.
My favorite bird is budgerigars birds.

modifier supprimer 32203 - de Morgan136 (USA) - 2017-03-21
Oiseau - "les oiseaux"

Bonjour! J'aime observer des oiseaux. Quelqu'un veut parler sur les oiseaux avec moi? Mon oiseaux favorite est le cockatiel.

32203 -
modifier supprimer 32429 - Réponse de Camille73 (France) - 2017-07-04

Hi!!!C'est quoi le cockatiel???Apprends moi tout sur les oiseax.Je suis fan!!!!!!!!!!

32203 -
modifier supprimer 32250 - Réponse de Rishabh sharma167 , 21 ans (Inde) - 2017-04-11


32203 -
modifier supprimer 32235 - Réponse de ʱѧÈã180 , 14 ans (Chine) - 2017-04-07

ÄãºÃ£¬ÎÒÏëºÍÄã×ö¸öÅóÓÑ¿ÉÒÔÂð£¿ÎÒÊÇÀ´×ÔÖйúµÄÅ®Éú£¬ÎÒÏëÈç¹ûÁĵÃÀ´¿ÉÒÔ³ÉΪ±ÊÓÑÂð£¿ÎÒ°®ºÃÊÇд×÷£¬Ô˶¯£¬¿´Ó°ÊӾ磬ÄãÄØ£¿Ï£ÍûÎÒÃÇ»á³ÉΪÅóÓÑ£¡Hello, I want to be a friend with you? I am a girl from China, I think if you can come to a pen pal? My hobbies are writing, sports, watching movies and TV shows, and you? I hope we can be friends!

modifier supprimer 32176 - de kavishwa245 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2017-03-10
Oiseau - "BIRDS"


modifier supprimer 31917 - de esra200 , 15 ans (Turquie) - 2016-12-11
Oiseau - "birds"

I love the birds. I had a bird.Its name is Paşa. it was green and tiny.died a month ago and I'm so sorry. :(

31917 -
modifier supprimer 32317 - Réponse de Engin1 , 15 ans (Turquie) - 2017-05-08

Merhaba hangi şehirlisin ben bursa kuşları çok seviyorum senle arkadaşlık etmek isterim

31917 -
modifier supprimer 32258 - Réponse de yu- jeong114 , 11 ans (Corée) - 2017-04-12

oh l had one. but it died. ¤Ð_¤Ð
l gave my cousin. but unfortunately, my cousin killed it. (it's awful mistake)
but after all, l missed my Chichi.(my bird's name)

modifier supprimer 31281 - de Felis239 (France) - 2016-05-10
Oiseau - "My birds"

Hi everybody! I share with you my passion for birds and other animals. You can look at my blog. :) Enjoy


31281 -
modifier supprimer 32253 - Réponse de Ceyda Naz233 , 10 ans (Turquie) - 2017-04-11

My name is Ceyda Naz.I'm 10 years old.I'm from Turkey.
My hobbies:Swimming,my favorite animal is bird.
I want to make friends from the USA anda the UK.

31281 -
modifier supprimer 31803 - Réponse de jocelyn13 , 11 ans (USA) - 2016-11-05

I love birds to I have a bunch of books about them look at my page maybe we could be friends?

modifier supprimer 31182 - de Lily236 (Grande Bretagne) - 2016-04-15
Oiseau - "Garden birds"

The birds I watch in my garden - starlings, house sparrows, house pigeons - are nothing like the parrots and hummingbirds you'd see in your garden in Mexico or Hawaii, for instance. But when Ive just got out the shower and go into my room to dry off, I pull some underwear on and stand at my window, gazing at the birds below. I drift off into my own little world and stare at them, on the bird feeder and in the nest box. It is truly magical. I love it.

Please reply if you have a similar connnection to me with the magic garden birds.

31182 -
modifier supprimer 31640 - Réponse de Deborah145 , 23 ans (Nigeria) - 2016-09-11

bird are just like pet

31182 -
modifier supprimer 31319 - Réponse de Kate86 , 12 ans (Grèce) - 2016-05-21

I think I have been in a similar story. I remember, sitting in my room in january and turning to see out the window. There was a Robin looking around (the ones with the red neck!)!! Before I tell you the second story, I need you to know this. Because I am from Greece, my last name is weird. I'm called Kate Gioni and Gioni means Scops Owl. I was walking down the road with my mom to go to a friends house. But then I hear this hoot and I was surprised. When I asked my mom what animal it was she told me it was a Scops owl (When I was young, I thought Scops Owls where scary, but they're tiny and cute!!!)

modifier supprimer 30972 - de Daniel76 , 11 ans (Finlande) - 2016-03-04
Oiseau - "Hello"

I like very much birds. My one hobby is birds watching

30972 -
modifier supprimer 32195 - Réponse de jocelyn13 , 11 ans (USA) - 2017-03-19

I think so to we should protect birds I love them so much. I hate how people hunt birds for NOTHING!!! I hate how people act at any animal I HATE hunters. if you like any animal then go to my page might we be friends?

30972 -
modifier supprimer 31097 - Réponse de dilara167 , 16 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2016-04-02


modifier supprimer 30684 - de Jalen251 , 13 ans (USA) - 2015-12-17
Oiseau - "Hello"

Hey. My name is Jalen. I am from Mississippi. I have a pet bird also. It is a Sun Conure. His name is Sunny.

30684 -
modifier supprimer 31869 - Réponse de jocelyn13 , 11 ans (USA) - 2016-11-27

I have never heard of that bread of bird I have always wanted a pet bird myself. look at page maybe we can be friends?

modifier supprimer 30487 - de Áõçù235 , 12 ans (Samoa Américaines) - 2015-10-31
Oiseau - "hao"


30487 -
modifier supprimer 30488 - Réponse de Grace235 , 12 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2015-10-31

I like bird and dance . I 12 years old

modifier supprimer 30437 - de Dasha158 (Ukraine) - 2015-10-17
Oiseau - "Pet"

Hellow Mica. I have not bird but I want.My cousin Dima have three bird and one cat.

modifier supprimer 30426 - de Mica190 , 7 ans (Philippines) - 2015-10-15
Oiseau - "My Pet Bird"

I love birds. My pet birds are Maddie and Zac. Do you have pets too? Zac is a green bird, Maddie is a white one. I love my pet birds..

30426 -
modifier supprimer 30711 - Réponse de Grace100 , 12 ans (Chine) - 2015-12-26

Make friends

30426 -
modifier supprimer 30505 - Réponse de Ellerion179 , 8 ans (Canada) - 2015-11-08

I don't have a bird but my parents used to have a few birds.
I love pets I have 2 guinea pigs,
4 cats and a lot of fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

30426 -
modifier supprimer 30483 - Réponse de Kate20 , 9 ans (USA) - 2015-10-30

Hello Mica, I am 9 years old and I would like to be your friend. I have beautiful white homing pigeons. Write to me when you can.

Yours truly,

30426 -
modifier supprimer 30438 - Réponse de Dasha158 (Ukraine) - 2015-10-17


modifier supprimer 30030 - de Lexx236 , 13 ans (USA) - 2015-08-02
Oiseau - "birds"

I just love birds. I wish I could have one as a pet, but I can't because I'm scared my dog might hurt him. But I think little birds like Chickadees are cool and their little beady eyes are really cute haha. I really love birds.

30030 -
modifier supprimer 30097 - Réponse de Daisy168 , 13 ans (Chine) - 2015-08-18

Hello~I like birds,too!Especially the birds with many beatiful colors!But my mom doesn't like animals any more,she can't suffer them any more!
Besides,i also want to have a dog at home like you!You know,thereis no pet in my house!
I'm loking forward to hearing from you~

modifier supprimer 28518 - de sally grace252 (USA) - 2015-07-17
Oiseau - "birds"

birds are sooooo cute and we have all kinds of bird feeders in our yard and i love to watch them and my favorite bird is a chickadee :0)

28518 -
modifier supprimer 31870 - Réponse de jocelyn13 , 11 ans (USA) - 2016-11-27

hi my name is Jocelyn I love birds! my favorite bread is the um.... that's a hard decision
I guess all of them!

modifier supprimer 28100 - de nur252 , 18 ans (Turquie) - 2015-03-30
Oiseau - "bird"

Who like lovebirds? I think they are so sweet. Especially their eyes ^^ ah i really love birds

modifier supprimer 28079 - de Gabriella92 , 8 ans (USA) - 2015-03-29
Oiseau - "bird"

Birds like to eat worms I wonder why.

28079 -
modifier supprimer 35123 - Réponse de Hunter94 , 11 ans (Corée) - 2021-06-14

They, crave protein, and since worms are easy to catch. And, can nourish their bodies it is perfect for their babies, and themselves.

28079 -
modifier supprimer 31219 - Réponse de bryan26 , 10 ans (USA) - 2016-04-25

becaues they have to fed there babys

28079 -
modifier supprimer 30099 - Réponse de Daisy168 , 13 ans (Chine) - 2015-08-18

Cute boy!(if you do not like to hear peopel calling you like this ,i make your pardon~)It seem that you can imagine so many strange things!
Why birds like to eat worms£¿I think it's just like a question about why are you like to eat meat(maybe not)!Maybe the worm is a kind of snacks~

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