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modifier supprimer 35499 - de Izzy228 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2022-06-22
Lapin - "Lets talk about rabbits now!!!"

hey ive got a black super floofy bunny, she was born in aprill last year. she is so cute and could see anyone else having a rabbit so come on guys get to it we need to fin everyone who has a bunny!!!

35499 -
modifier supprimer 35527 - Réponse de Emily34 , 12 ans (USA) - 2022-08-30

I have two rabbits soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 35147 - de Ro-hee134 , 16 ans (Corée) - 2021-07-11
Lapin - "Rabbits 🐰"

I love Rabbits 🐰 🐇 so much, They are so cute!😘😘
🌼 We can talk about Rabbits! 🌼

35147 -
modifier supprimer 35463 - Réponse de joao vinicius52 , 16 ans (Brésil) - 2022-05-27

hi i'm joao vinicius i'm from brazil how is it where you live here and much more i don't know well but answer there

35147 -
modifier supprimer 35364 - Réponse de Amélie251 , 15 ans (Martinique) - 2022-01-16

Indeed. They are very cute.
I had a rabbit named sushi. At first, he escaped from his house so we decided to put him in the garden. But he vanished from our home 6 months later. It was nice to see him run with his little ears and all.
I miss him so much.

35147 -
modifier supprimer 35155 - Réponse de 糖奶216 , 15 ans (Chine) - 2021-07-16


modifier supprimer 34802 - de Nicole143 , 11 ans (Jamaïque) - 2020-12-11
Lapin - "Rabbits"

Would you like to know the breeds in Jamaica?

modifier supprimer 34772 - de Rafiel Denver157 , 21 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-11-25
Lapin - "About the two rabbits I have!"

Hi I'm rafiel.
I have two beautiful rabbits one is cookie and the other one is coco

34772 -
modifier supprimer 34942 - Réponse de Luise4 , 15 ans (Allemagne) - 2021-02-10

That are sweet names. My sister chose the names for our rabbit and now they are called Willi and Polly... Better than the other two rabbits we had. Their names were Flecki and Schnuppi. (Sorry for my English)

modifier supprimer 34602 - de veronikha240 (Pérou) - 2020-09-12
Lapin - "Hola"

Yo me quedé sin conejo

modifier supprimer 34488 - de Kat55 , 16 ans (USA) - 2020-06-19
Lapin - "Does anyone else show rabbits in their country?"

I show standard Rex rabbits in America. Does anyone else here have show rabbits? I have heard that the rabbit fancy in the UK is a big deal.
Someday I wish to have German Angoras because I have heard that they have the best wool in the world. It would also be cool to get a Continental Giant. Neither breed is showable in the USA, but it would still be fun.

modifier supprimer 34483 - de Duranga134 , 6 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-06-11
Lapin - "Hi"

Hi I'm Duranga and I love rabbits...

modifier supprimer 34463 - de Talitha1 , 13 ans (Indonésie) - 2020-06-02
Lapin - "Hi!"

I like rabbit!!

34463 -
modifier supprimer 34788 - Réponse de leshi84 , 13 ans (Chine) - 2020-12-06

hi my name is leshi.Can I make a friend?

modifier supprimer 34439 - de Duranga134 , 6 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2020-05-19
Lapin - "Hi"

I love rabbits ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️......

modifier supprimer 33934 - de Naylé235 (Mexique) - 2019-06-04
Lapin - "RABIT"


33934 -
modifier supprimer 34030 - Réponse de Tess87 , 9 ans (USA) - 2019-08-16

Coco is a boy he is a bunny he is very crazy and loves to jump in the air. He loves resting and running around the house. he is 1 year old.

modifier supprimer 33769 - de Stef233 (Roumanie) - 2019-02-10
Lapin - "My rabbit"

I have a rabbit. He is white. He eat all he can eat. I had two ones. But they died. Today we gave him dry grass. He likes it.

modifier supprimer 33767 - de Stef233 , 10 ans (Roumanie) - 2019-02-09
Lapin - "My rabbit"

I have a rabbit. He are white. Are eat all are can eat. I haved two ones . But they are died.

modifier supprimer 33638 - de Kaisa50 , 12 ans (Finlande) - 2018-11-06
Lapin - ":)"

I have one rabbit, he name is Elvis. I want friend, who have rabbit too. I want to be good friend to someone.

33638 -
modifier supprimer 33648 - Réponse de Julian67 , 9 ans (USA) - 2018-11-09

Hi, I do not have a rabbit but there is one at the animal shelter that I visit every day her name is Scarlet O Hare. My brother is afraid of dogs so we visit the homeless dogs every day to make him more comfortable around them.

modifier supprimer 33477 - de Matilda199 , 12 ans (Australie) - 2018-08-12

Hi my name is Matilda and i love rabbits, i have 2 at home they show my they love me by scratching the life out of me, i love them to.

33477 -
modifier supprimer 35077 - Réponse de kavinu231 , 13 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2021-05-20

I have too

33477 -
modifier supprimer 33800 - Réponse de ushani134 , 15 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2019-03-05

me too

33477 -
modifier supprimer 33696 - Réponse de Eloïse184 , 11 ans (France) - 2018-12-16

I have a bunny.

33477 -
modifier supprimer 33612 - Réponse de Miguel144 , 12 ans (Espagne) - 2018-10-19

Ilove rabbits too!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 33371 - de Adriana1 , 13 ans (Malaisie) - 2018-07-18
Lapin - "How to take care a rabbit"

Hi!My name is Adriana.I am 13years old.I am from Malaysia.I have a rabbit at home,so I want to know how to take care a rabbit.Can anyone tell me about that.I am interesting to be your friend.

33371 -
modifier supprimer 34478 - Réponse de Björk140 , 13 ans (USA) - 2020-06-07

Hello! My name is Björk I have a rabbitHis name is Love! To take care of a rabbit you have to have a cage, a litter box, And you may also want a playpen so it can play. For breakfast it would eat bunny pellets with raw oatmeal and for dinner you can give it a vegetable or fruit. And you need to clean it’s cage and litter like once a week. You should search online for more

33371 -
modifier supprimer 33474 - Réponse de Matilda199 , 12 ans (Australie) - 2018-08-12

Hi, my name is Matilda 2 Rabbits at home (that's why they're my favorite animal) so I know that they can 1) smell a lot 2) eat a lot and 3)drink everything.
They need consent attention and scratch when you hold them wrong, but they're still the cutest things in the world.

33371 -
modifier supprimer 33462 - Réponse de ATIRAHTARANYA1 , 13 ans (Malaisie) - 2018-08-01


33371 -
modifier supprimer 33377 - Réponse de yanyan1 (Malaisie) - 2018-07-18

hi adriana. i always love rabbit but i have none. how to take care of the rabbit? urmm.. they poop a lot right? sometimes they even eat their own poop!

modifier supprimer 33256 - de Aesha92 , 7 ans (USA) - 2018-06-04
Lapin - "Hi"

My name is Aesha.I would like to get a pen pal from Europe.Write to me!

33256 -
modifier supprimer 33374 - Réponse de Adriana1 , 13 ans (Malaisie) - 2018-07-18

Hi!My name is Adriana.I would like to be yours penpal.I hope we can be a good friend!

modifier supprimer 33215 - de Alaïs61 , 12 ans (France) - 2018-05-16
Lapin - "Hello"

Hi !
I love animals. I have 2 rabbits and fishs.
I love seals, rabbits, horses (horse-riding), bears, and all the rest !
Bye :)

33215 -
modifier supprimer 33362 - Réponse de yanyan1 , 21 ans (Malaisie) - 2018-07-18

rabbits are so cute!

modifier supprimer 32888 - de franck armel120 (Côte d'Ivoire) - 2017-12-25
Lapin - "le lapin est un animal si choux"

le lapin pour moi un l'un des animaux les plus jolis et choux fleur qui a un corps si lisse et doux.aussi ce qui me plait le plus chez le lapin ce sont ses oreilles bien longues.

32888 -
modifier supprimer 32892 - Réponse de Camille73 , 10 ans (France) - 2017-12-31

Slt!!! j'ai 2 lapins. Et toi? Veux-tu correspondre avec moi???? Mon nuléro de référence est: 1300504.

modifier supprimer 32846 - de Passion166 , 13 ans (USA) - 2017-12-06
Lapin - "hello from arizona!"

hello im passion begay 13 yrs old i love RABBITS and im new to this and just wanna make new friends please give me ur number or mail me ur p.o. box thanks for reading ppl

32846 -
modifier supprimer 33366 - Réponse de syafawati1 , 13 ans (Malaisie) - 2018-07-18

Hi,my name is syafawati.I am 13 years old.I love rabbit.They are so cute!i am interested to be your friend.

32846 -
modifier supprimer 33032 - Réponse de Kricia156 , 10 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2018-02-23

Hello Arizona my name is Kricia. how are you? I am glad you like rabbits I enjoy looking at them.Do you have a rabbit? Tell me more about you.
Your sincerely Kricia

32846 -
modifier supprimer 32917 - Réponse de susan183 , 19 ans (Chine) - 2018-01-13

I like rabbits too. We can talk about it.

modifier supprimer 32652 - de Soizic25 , 12 ans (France) - 2017-10-09
Lapin - "Lapin à vendre"

Nous vendons de jeunes lapins nains femelles!
Il y en a 5.
- Une rousse
- Une rousse et blanche
- Deux blanches.
- Une blanche et grise

Elle sont à 10 € chacune.

Elle sont nées en mis-aout. Mais sont encore petite.

Pour les photos, n'hésitez pas à nous le demander.

Pour nous contacter :

Soit par : ref : 1269829





Sur ma page il y a des photos d'elles.

Merci !!

modifier supprimer 32570 - de Camille73 (France) - 2017-09-06
Lapin - "Hello!!"

Hi i have got 3 rabbit.It's very cute!!!!!§Do you like rabbits too???Reply me please!

traduction en français:
Salut j'ai 3 lapins.C'est trop mignon!!!Tu aimes les lapins aussi???Répinds moi s'il te plaît.

32570 -
modifier supprimer 32858 - Réponse de Camille73 (France) - 2017-12-09

Hi Berra. I like rabbits. Have you got rabbits????

32570 -
modifier supprimer 32781 - Réponse de Berra246 (Turquie) - 2017-11-22

Hey, I love rabbits too. Actually I wanted to adopt an animal. But still I am not sure :)

32570 -
modifier supprimer 32590 - Réponse de Camille73 (France) - 2017-09-13

Hi Keisha.Thank you for your message.Yes a rabbit is a cute animal.
Do you have rabbits???
Bye bye

32570 -
modifier supprimer 32586 - Réponse de keisha sanduan213 , 12 ans (Indonésie) - 2017-09-12

hey there! i like rabbit too!

modifier supprimer 32355 - de Auréline22 , 12 ans (Guyane Française) - 2017-05-31
Lapin - "them beautifiul rabits"

I love rabits too!!!😘😘

32355 -
modifier supprimer 33475 - Réponse de Matilda199 , 12 ans (Australie) - 2018-08-12

I have 2 rabbits and they are so so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

modifier supprimer 32246 - de Kaleigh219 , 11 ans (USA) - 2017-04-11
Lapin - "RABBITS!!!"

I love rabbits, they are one of my favorite animals EVER!!! I love rabbits soo much... my friend has some rabbits and I help her take care of them!!:) I love rabbits!!

32246 -
modifier supprimer 34526 - Réponse de Naura96 , 10 ans (Indonésie) - 2020-07-15

Hi i'm Naura,i'm 10 years old from Indonesia.i like rabbit too.i have two rabbit in my home

32246 -
modifier supprimer 32326 - Réponse de guojiameng184 , 13 ans (Chine) - 2017-05-16

I love rabbits,they are rellay lazy,but i love them

modifier supprimer 32055 - de Jaydah61 , 13 ans (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2017-01-24
Lapin - "Rabbits!"

Hi! I love rabbits. They are so sweet. Their big eyes and soft fur, the idea of cute is a rabbit:)

32055 -
modifier supprimer 32845 - Réponse de Passion166 , 13 ans (USA) - 2017-12-06

sup i wanna be ur friend so give me ur number....

32055 -
modifier supprimer 32192 - Réponse de citra215 , 17 ans (Indonésie) - 2017-03-17

hi, i agree with you. i really like rabbit. it is funny. then it has thick fur. and usually the rabbit is clean, not traipse

32055 -
modifier supprimer 32162 - Réponse de saranya231 (Sri Lanka) - 2017-03-05

Wow that was what I was thinking on how cute rabbits were you have almost read my mind

32055 -
modifier supprimer 32104 - Réponse de Tina14 , 15 ans (Taïwan) - 2017-02-11

Hi, I love rabbit, too.
I can't agree with you more.
I have a pet rabbit, he's name is Charlie.
Nice to meet you.

modifier supprimer 32047 - de saranya231 (Sri Lanka) - 2017-01-21
Lapin - "yes yes yes"

My mother finally let me keep rabbits
So I will need some tips

32047 -
modifier supprimer 33476 - Réponse de M199 , 12 ans (Australie) - 2018-08-12

Hi I have 2 Rabbits and they need a lot of hay, water and food.
My rabbits favorite foods are in a list below...
-More Carrots

32047 -
modifier supprimer 32161 - Réponse de saranya231 (Sri Lanka) - 2017-03-05

Thanks I have a part if my garden in clover so I can feed them that
I knew rabbits eat a lot of hay
But don't they eat even a little carrot

32047 -
modifier supprimer 32105 - Réponse de Tina14 , 15 ans (Taïwan) - 2017-02-11

They eat hay not carrots.
I take care of my pet rabbit for two years.
If you need more tips, just send an e-mail for me.

32047 -
modifier supprimer 32066 - Réponse de Stanley89 , 9 ans (USA) - 2017-01-29

Feed him\her clovers. They LOVE them!!

modifier supprimer 31758 - de Erlend168 , 12 ans (Norvège) - 2016-10-19
Lapin - "Hi i love Rabbits."

Hello i am a boy from Norway and i Love Rabbits. :D

31758 -
modifier supprimer 32106 - Réponse de Tina14 , 15 ans (Taïwan) - 2017-02-11

Hi, I'm from Taiwan.
I love rabbit, too.
Actually, I kept one now.

modifier supprimer 31545 - de saranya231 , 11 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2016-08-08
Lapin - "rabbit"

i looove rabbits
i wanted to have one as a pet
but mom doesnt like to keep cajed animals

modifier supprimer 31449 - de Soizic54 , 11 ans (France) - 2016-07-01
Lapin - "Comment c'est lapins sont arriver là???"

Bonjours, on ne s'ai pas pourquoi, on a trouver deux lapereau dans notre jardin, pourtant, notre jardin est fermé!!!!
Un voisin a du nous faire un cadeau, j'ai deux autre lapins adulte, mais ce n'est pas possible que ce sois eut qui l'ont fait car, déjà ce ne la fait assez longtemps qu'ils sont assemble, et plein d'autre chose.

Si mon histoire vous intéresse, vous pouvez devenir amie avec moi pour que je vous l raconte.

31449 -
modifier supprimer 33151 - Réponse de Charlotte203 , 11 ans (France) - 2018-04-17

Ouiiiiii ! Raconte !

31449 -
modifier supprimer 32114 - Réponse de Soizic59 , 11 ans (France) - 2017-02-13

Translation in English for Saranya and others of what I said on my forum.

Hello, we did not know why we found two rabbit in our garden, yet our garden is closed !!!!
A neighbor has had to give us a present, I have two other adult rabbits, but it is not possible that this would be who did it because already it does not long enough that they are assembled, and full something else.

If you are interested in my story, you can become a friend with me so that I can tell you about it.

31449 -
modifier supprimer 31794 - Réponse de Levi0 , 19 ans (Togo) - 2016-10-30

Salut.Je suis levi je 19ans je vie au togo .j'ai vue votre adresse et je voudrai correspondre avec vous.je serai enchanté de faire votre connaissance.j'elève les lapins chez moi avec mon père.je peux vous envoyé autant de lapins comme vous voulez. bye bye. j'espère que vous allez me contactez mes salutation a votre famille.

31449 -
modifier supprimer 31624 - Réponse de saranya157 (Sri Lanka) - 2016-09-06

yes please

31449 -
modifier supprimer 31622 - Réponse de Soizic9 , 11 ans (France) - 2016-09-05

It doesn't matte Saranya...You want me to tell you what I said in English?

31449 -
modifier supprimer 31569 - Réponse de saranya231 , 11 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2016-08-17

i am really sorry i understand only english

modifier supprimer 31077 - de Julie184 (France) - 2016-03-28
Lapin - "Rabbits and advice(s)"

Hello everyone ! My name is Julie and I'm a French girl. I really love rabbits and I wish to have one. Do you have advice(s) for me please ? Oh and... A rabbit can live in an apartment ? Is that ok or it's better to live in a house with a garden etc. Bye bye ! (^-^)

31077 -
modifier supprimer 31246 - Réponse de Dominique83 (USA) - 2016-04-30

I have a rabbit named Aj and she is the most awesomest pet you could ever have. I think its better to have a rabbit in your apartment because you pay more attention to them. They can't accidentally overheat, freeze. starve, or even be eaten. Just make sure to get one that is maybe older or is accustomed to houses, otherwise they will probably chew up your carpet!

modifier supprimer 31033 - de Soizic54 , 11 ans (France) - 2016-03-23
Lapin - "Me gustar los conejos"

Hola, tengo dos conejos se llaman Marso y Sixtise,

Me gustar los conejos...

31033 -
modifier supprimer 33000 - Réponse de ILEANA16 , 10 ans (Argentine) - 2018-02-14

vos sos francesa hola cuantos años tenes yo tengo 10 y tu

modifier supprimer 31030 - de Anne-sophie Tessier93 (France) - 2016-03-22
Lapin - "rabbit vs snake"

maybe i weird because i love rabbit i think it's cute but i love snack ( that eat rabbit ) am i strange ?

modifier supprimer 31025 - de Soizic25 , 10 ans (France) - 2016-03-21
Lapin - "J'ai deux lapins"

Bonjours, j'ai deux lapins marso et sixtise, ils ont environs 3 ans.

31025 -
modifier supprimer 31202 - Réponse de kaina142 , 10 ans (France) - 2016-04-20

bonjour tu parle francais ou espagnol

31025 -
modifier supprimer 31154 - Réponse de Rosie116 , 10 ans (France) - 2016-04-12

Les lapins sont très mignons mais je n'en ai pas.
J'aimerai bien en avoir un car c'est très mignon !!!
A bientôt
Ta correspondante

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