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modifier supprimer 35818 - de Avi245 (Afrique du Sud) - 2024-04-19
Hérisson - "I used to own 2 African pigmy hedgehogs"

Hey my name is Avi and I used to own 2 African pigmy hedgehogs a male named Pringles and a female named Blueberry.I got Pringles from my brother as a birthday present and we rescued blueberry from our neighbours. You see my neighbours had two kids a few years younger than me and they had kept two small hedgehogs in a cage outside in the rain only feeding them cabbage leaves. I asked them if I could buy them but they gave me a price higher than a second hand xbox. The next day the girl came running up to me with one of the hedgehogs(the other one had passed during the night) and said that the one she held was still breathing and asked me to save it. I told her that I would save it but I'm keeping it and she agreed. Me and my mother spent that whole day trying to get the hedgehog now named Blueberry out of hibernation. She survived. Cut about a year and a half later and I had introduced my two hedgehogs to one another. Blueberry was still to young to mate but Pringles made the biggest effort in sounding like a squeaky toy to impress her. Pringles passed soon after due to cancer. After Pringles passing I found a suitable breeding program for Blueberry. And that's my story with hedgehogs. I still miss Pringles very much tho.

35818 -
modifier supprimer 35821 - Réponse de Avi245 , 18 ans (Afrique du Sud) - 2024-05-01

Blueberry was very cute. She had a round black nose that looked like a blueberry, hence the name😊.

35818 -
modifier supprimer 35820 - Réponse de Saffy88 (Nouvelle Zélande) - 2024-05-01

Omgsh, Blueberry seems so cute!!

modifier supprimer 34983 - de Anonymous127 (France) - 2021-03-09
Hérisson - "Pourquoi les herissons sont mes animaux preferes ?"

Les hérissons sont des animaux très mignon et affectueux. On pense souvent à tort qu’ils sont dangereux à cause de leurs piquants. Or, les piquants sont simplement leurs poils, et avec de shandy’s vous pouvez les toucher sans problème ! Ce sont des animaux nocturnes qui chassent des invertébrés comme des escargots ou des limace. Ils hibernent.

modifier supprimer 34975 - de Treacy228 , 14 ans (Irlande) - 2021-03-03
Hérisson - "Hedgehogs"

I love hedgehogs.

34975 -
modifier supprimer 35201 - Réponse de Calysta Davelyne4 , 13 ans (Indonésie) - 2021-09-03

does the hedgehog smell?

34975 -
modifier supprimer 34984 - Réponse de Anonymous127 (France) - 2021-03-09


modifier supprimer 33956 - de Audrey-Anne195 (France) - 2019-06-13
Hérisson - "les hérissons"

salut Calypso ça va? il y a quelque chez moi avant un soir notre chien n'a pas fini ses croquette un hérisson est venu finir ses croquette du coup chaque soir on mettait des croquette pour qu'il l'est mange et ont on s'asseyait dehors et on les entendait même qu'une fois on a fais le tours du jardin et on a compté 7 hérisson mais maintenant plus rien on en fois parfois écrasé par les voiture c'est fou que les gens ne font pas attention aux animaux c'est le triste destin des bête de maintenant bon il y a des gens qui les observent ça c'est bien mis de toute façon les hérissons sont en vois de disparitions (dit moi si c'est faux (si c'est dans se cas désolé)) et les gens il s'en foutent bravo (hier soir il y avait une émission sur les animaux c'était bien
sinon au revoir a bientôt j'éspére

modifier supprimer 33849 - de Emma128 , 8 ans (USA) - 2019-04-07
Hérisson - "What would you name it??"

What would you name your hedgehog if you got one?? If you already have one, reply the name down below.

33849 -
modifier supprimer 35412 - Réponse de amelie182 (Australie) - 2022-03-30

I would name it Harris the hedgehog

33849 -
modifier supprimer 35061 - Réponse de marina146 (France) - 2021-05-13

sin duda lo llamaría Rolly, no se porque pero me encanta ese nombre jajaja😂😂😂

33849 -
modifier supprimer 34693 - Réponse de Bella112 , 12 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-10-20

I would totally name mine Needles or Pincushion🦔 💖 !!!

33849 -
modifier supprimer 34377 - Réponse de Kaley63 (USA) - 2020-04-23

If I had a hedgehog I would probably name it something like Spike or Mari.

33849 -
modifier supprimer 34216 - Réponse de Lila21 (USA) - 2020-01-28

Hello. I have a hedgehog and named her Athena because I've always liked Greek mythology. If I had to pick another name I probably would've named he Raa after the Egyptian sun god.

33849 -
modifier supprimer 33904 - Réponse de Dahlia103 , 9 ans (USA) - 2019-05-15

If I had a hedgehog I would name it Grace.

modifier supprimer 33001 - de sara205 , 7 ans (Canada) - 2018-02-14
Hérisson - "I love hedgehogs"

i really want a hedgehog my dad did not let me yet he said when i am older

33001 -
modifier supprimer 34692 - Réponse de Bella112 , 12 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-10-20

Do you have one now?

33001 -
modifier supprimer 33831 - Réponse de Emma128 , 8 ans (USA) - 2019-03-28

Hi my name is Emma and I have a hedchog named Mr.Priklpants Want is your name. If you had a hedchog want wode you name it. I love airplans and anamals and Disney and art and I love to play on my elechrek pioto. Wight bake soon. Emma Geoffroy

modifier supprimer 32839 - de Yara135 , 15 ans (France) - 2017-12-05
Hérisson - "Hedgehogs are adorable!!"

I’ve been trying to convince my parents to get me a hedgehog but they wont let me... they’re so cute! I want ten!
If anyone can relate, message me...

32839 -
modifier supprimer 34690 - Réponse de Bella112 , 12 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-10-20

Hedgehogs are so cute! I would love to have one, but my mom doesn't because of the bristle on it's back. Even though I can't have one, I think they are all adorable! My favorite breed is an African Pygmy! What's your favorite?

32839 -
modifier supprimer 33848 - Réponse de Emma128 , 8 ans (USA) - 2019-04-07

What would you name a hedgehog if you got one??

32839 -
modifier supprimer 33335 - Réponse de Leah221 , 13 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2018-07-08

Omg I totally agree I don’t want them as pets but I think I could reach out to one of you get back to me if you could please because I would libe to hear some things about you I totally love hedgehogs but my parents would kill me if I asked for a hedgehog.

32839 -
modifier supprimer 32972 - Réponse de Julia64 , 16 ans (Samoa Américaines) - 2018-01-27

I want one so bad and my parents won't let me get one too.

32839 -
modifier supprimer 32943 - Réponse de Lauren226 , 14 ans (Canada) - 2018-01-22

I totally agree. Hedgehogs are totally awesome. I recently got one (the week before last actually) They are amazing pets, but they are a lot of work. I have to clean out her food and water bowls once or twice every day, and she needs her cage to be cleaned up once or twice a week. She enjoys her running wheel, but she actually favors her running ball, because she can explore and she knows that she is safe in it (although some hedgehogs do not enjoy running balls as they feel trapped). Also some hedgehogs can be litter trained, but my little girl (her name is Thistle by the way) does not. she goes basically wherever she currently is, although she seems to think her running wheel doubles as a toilet! As I said hedgehogs are a lot of work, but it's totally worth it. I suggest proving to your parents that you are responsible enough by pet sitting if you can, or perhaps working extra hard on other responsibilities around the house. Anyway I hope that helps, if you have any questions just write me :)

32839 -
modifier supprimer 32907 - Réponse de Brianna 226 , 14 ans (Porto Rico) - 2018-01-09

hi this is brianna

32839 -
modifier supprimer 32868 - Réponse de Camille73 (France) - 2017-12-13

Yes, they are cute.

modifier supprimer 32641 - de Krista245 , 16 ans (Finlande) - 2017-10-04
Hérisson - "want < 3"

In future i want many animals buthedgehog is one most important of them. They are so cute and nice

modifier supprimer 32547 - de Camille73 (France) - 2017-08-31
Hérisson - "Hérisson.."

It is very cute.I love Hedgehog.And you???
Reply me please!
See, you

modifier supprimer 32484 - de lee221 , 11 ans (Corée) - 2017-08-06
Hérisson - "Yay"

Just one WORD.

modifier supprimer 32193 - de Illy44 , 10 ans (USA) - 2017-03-18
Hérisson - "The Real angels in disguise"

I Love hedgehogs ! They are so cute !!! I wish they had a hedgehog emoji because if they did I would die!!!! So hey if you want to talk about hedgehogs or any other favorite things if you message me .

32193 -
modifier supprimer 34691 - Réponse de Bella112 , 12 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-10-20

I think they are adorable! Also, 🦔!!! Don't die!

32193 -
modifier supprimer 32597 - Réponse de susie110 , 11 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2017-09-16

hi i love hedgehogs to!
wanna chat?

32193 -
modifier supprimer 32211 - Réponse de Lila67 , 10 ans (USA) - 2017-03-27

I love hedgehogs. My favorite animal is one. I know someone who has a hedgehog and I'm jealous. Could we be friends?


modifier supprimer 32152 - de Mujhtaba202 , 17 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2017-02-28
Hérisson - "Hahahahahaha"

hedgehogs will take over the world in the near future, all hail the supreme overlords!! 🙌🙌 And they are so cute 😍😍😍

modifier supprimer 31019 - de Lovelyjoy168 , 10 ans (USA) - 2016-03-18
Hérisson - "Hedgehogs!!!"

I love Hedgehogs!!!

That's why I like Sonic so much. < 3

Who else knows Sonic the Hedgehog?

31019 -
modifier supprimer 33099 - Réponse de Rumeysa54 , 16 ans (Turquie) - 2018-03-20

Hi! Oh you like Sonic The Hedgehog? Guess what, me too😊! Even though i haven't played most of the games i know about most of the games and characters! Maybe we can talk about it🙃? Hope tp hear from you soon!

31019 -
modifier supprimer 31540 - Réponse de Izac126 , 17 ans (USA) - 2016-08-08

I now all Sonic the Hedgehog I like so much!

modifier supprimer 30867 - de Giovana0 , 13 ans (USA) - 2016-02-03
Hérisson - "Hedgehog"

Hello my name is Giana(short for Giovana) and I have two Hedgehogs! One's name is Hazel and the other is Autumn. I have alot of pictures of them and they are so cute (:

30867 -
modifier supprimer 31257 - Réponse de Caelan26 , 18 ans (USA) - 2016-05-02

I have one named Benji. He's a diva I think

modifier supprimer 30825 - de Emily166 , 14 ans (Australie) - 2016-01-26

I've never seen a hedgehog in person because as far as I am aware they are illegal in my country. Even without first hand knowledge of hedgehogs I can guarantee they do not even remotely look like echidnas. Sad face:( . I wonder if I shall ever glimpse such a beautiful animal in person. :P

modifier supprimer 27317 - de Bret28 , 13 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2014-09-14
Hérisson - "hedgehogs"

hedgehogs are sooo cute feel sorry for the way they are killed on roads

27317 -
modifier supprimer 30599 - Réponse de chloe102 , 16 ans (USA) - 2015-11-28

yesss i feel sorry for that too

27317 -
modifier supprimer 28011 - Réponse de Rasangi157 , 14 ans (Sri Lanka) - 2015-03-14

Yes I agree with you.

27317 -
modifier supprimer 27502 - Réponse de Mi222 (Allemagne) - 2014-10-17

Oh yes.
It is so sad to see. :(
Sorry for my horrible english :')

modifier supprimer 27124 - de Ben204 , 13 ans (France) - 2014-08-18
Hérisson - "Hedgehog"

Hi,I love hedgehogs too; Currently I only have a plush hedgehog, it is very cute!

27124 -
modifier supprimer 30660 - Réponse de hugh38 (USA) - 2015-12-14

I like them but not a fan of the quills.

27124 -
modifier supprimer 27207 - Réponse de Eleanore179 , 19 ans (USA) - 2014-09-07

Hedgehogs are the cutest little creatures ever!

modifier supprimer 27084 - de Brookelyn1 , 18 ans (USA) - 2014-08-08
Hérisson - "Hedgehog"

I have a hedgehog, she is 1 year old her name is Poppie and she loves to curl up in my hair and sleep! (Sorry if that last part sounded strange i just have thick, warm, curly hair)

27084 -
modifier supprimer 34694 - Réponse de Bella112 , 12 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-10-20

I don't have a hedgehog, but I have a guinea pig that does the same thing!

27084 -
modifier supprimer 27159 - Réponse de lilly156 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2014-08-27


27084 -
modifier supprimer 27123 - Réponse de Ben204 , 13 ans (France) - 2014-08-18

I would like to have a hedgehog too! Now I've just got a plush hedgehog, it is very cute.

modifier supprimer 13849 - de kaylee53 , 12 ans (USA) - 2013-10-15
Hérisson - "hedchog"

i hate hedchogs thay are so ugly jkjkjkjkjkjk but ive never seen oneeeee

13849 -
modifier supprimer 34695 - Réponse de Bella112 , 12 ans (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-10-20

How could you say that? They are adorable!!!This 🦔 is a hedgehog.

13849 -
modifier supprimer 27165 - Réponse de Haley28 , 11 ans (USA) - 2014-08-28

If you have never seen one how do you know hedgehogs are so ugly huh huh!

13849 -
modifier supprimer 27162 - Réponse de rose156 , 12 ans (Canada) - 2014-08-27

there CUTE

13849 -
modifier supprimer 27160 - Réponse de lilly156 , 10 ans (Canada) - 2014-08-27

headchogs are cute!

13849 -
modifier supprimer 26362 - Réponse de CY139 , 18 ans (Corée) - 2014-02-09

No Hedgehogs are very cute. If you see them, you would fall in love with hedgehog.
They looks a little scary, but they're just shy.

13849 -
modifier supprimer 26262 - Réponse de amaya198 (USA) - 2014-01-18

that are not ugly my camp teacher brought her hedgehog it was so cute and I got to hold it

13849 -
modifier supprimer 26241 - Réponse de Jazmin56 , 11 ans (USA) - 2014-01-12

They're not ugly!

modifier supprimer 13848 - de Christian53 (USA) - 2013-10-15
Hérisson - "somic"


13848 -
modifier supprimer 31541 - Réponse de Izac126 , 17 ans (USA) - 2016-08-08

I like so much SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, i like all Sonic characters and all video games so do you like? tell more about :)

13848 -
modifier supprimer 31020 - Réponse de Lovelyjoy168 (USA) - 2016-03-18

sanic teh hedkehog


13848 -
modifier supprimer 30714 - Réponse de Moon22 (Corée) - 2015-12-26


13848 -
modifier supprimer 26231 - Réponse de Thomas87 , 17 ans (USA) - 2014-01-09

R u a fan of Sonic?

13848 -
modifier supprimer 26037 - Réponse de Thomas185 , 17 ans (USA) - 2013-11-22

Silver The Hedgehog: ITS NO USE!!!

modifier supprimer 13245 - de Ashley87 , 13 ans (USA) - 2013-06-26
Hérisson - "Hedgehogs"

I have been trying to convince my parents to get me a hedgehog for years! They are so flipping cute! I think Kipper would be a really cute name for a hedgehog. :-)

modifier supprimer 12443 - de Millie90 , 12 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2013-02-19
Hérisson - "Ickle snedges!"

I have a male African pygmy hedgehog called Ed- Ed is not short for Edward or Edmund but for 'Edgehog! I love the way he sniffs and snuffles, so I sometimes nickname him Snedge (snuffling hedge). My mum calls him 'the wee beasty' because she hasn't got tough enough hands to pick him up with. I love tickling his little soft white belly! He loves to go on my shoulder or in my hood and in the summer I take him out for walks! He loves to go to the park (on the grass). My hedgehog loves turmeric, but not any other veg, what veg/other food does your hedgehog like?

12443 -
modifier supprimer 13045 - Réponse de Charlène253 , 10 ans (France) - 2013-05-23

Hedgehogs eat hot milk quality and especially cats.
Or hot water with honey. If it is a baby you have to keep warm by putting boiling water in large pots of jam especially! Should be packed pots of boiling water by big sock ski.Voilà this is what I had to say!

modifier supprimer 12035 - de SeulGi182 , 18 ans (Corée) - 2012-12-29
Hérisson - "Hi :)"

I have pretty hedgehog.
Her name is Surie, named after Surie Cruise. Cause she is so cute!
She is almost 4 years old.
I love her so much. She is my first and only pet.

modifier supprimer 9506 - de EunSeo201 , 14 ans (Corée) - 2012-02-17
Hérisson - "umm.."

I've had two hedgehog.
They were so cute..
But, They've gone to heaven two weeks ago.
I'm still so sad.

9506 -
modifier supprimer 12676 - Réponse de Tae Jung236 , 9 ans (Corée) - 2013-03-24

me too. I'm so sad. Cheer up..

modifier supprimer 8591 - de Logan52 , 14 ans (USA) - 2011-11-05
Hérisson - "ClairaBbz."

Hello, I'm Logan, and I have baby African Pigmy Hedgehog. She is 2 months old, and her name is Claira c:

8591 -
modifier supprimer 9923 - Réponse de madison154 (Grande Bretagne) - 2012-04-11

hi i have 2 hedgehogs there names are kiki and mouse i dont know why the names but they just sound really cool!!! :)

8591 -
modifier supprimer 8600 - Réponse de Logan52 , 14 ans (USA) - 2011-11-05

She isn't much bigger than an American dollar! And she is a pinto with a mask.

8591 -
modifier supprimer 8593 - Réponse de Bree188 , 14 ans (Australie) - 2011-11-05

That's so cute! how big is she?

modifier supprimer 6852 - de lars8 , 8 ans (USA) - 2011-04-02
Hérisson - "hedgehogs"

hi i love hedgehogs i wish i had one.

6852 -
modifier supprimer 13481 - Réponse de Ana46 , 10 ans (Irlande) - 2013-08-17

I have a family of them living in my back garden and they come out every couple of nights and eat our pet's leftover Kibble!It really is amazing watching them and they can actually crawl really quickly .:)

6852 -
modifier supprimer 9457 - Réponse de beciy71 , 8 ans (Grande Bretagne) - 2012-02-08

same.so cute!

modifier supprimer 6390 - de jennifer55 , 12 ans (USA) - 2011-02-21
Hérisson - "sega hedgehogs"

...spiky on the outside
fuzzy on the inside

6390 -
modifier supprimer 6850 - Réponse de lars8 , 8 ans (USA) - 2011-04-02

hi i love hedgehogs to i wish i had one

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