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modify delete 9112 - from Montana252 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2012-11-29
Surfing - "Surfing penpals"

I would love to start being a penpal for someone into surfer, male or female, preferably around 15-17. I would be super interested with talking to someone from Australia, Africa, or other places with good surf areas (; haha

9112 -
modify delete 10177 - Reply from bethany200 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2013-06-28

hey i'm beth, im from australia and i am a surfer i love it and would love to be your penpal and we can talk about surfing just message me if that sounds alright to you :)

9112 -
modify delete 9694 - Reply from Thomas254 , 16 yrs (France) - 2013-03-06

Hi, My name is Thomas, i'm french and i living around hossegor (40). I'm surfer. I want one correspondent for work my english because I want to live in australia later.

modify delete 9093 - from Lucie141 , 15 yrs (France) - 2012-11-26
Surfing - "Surfer penpals"

Hi I'm a french girl and I'm looking fo a surfer penpal. My friends don't like surf and Il hope you will write me. Tanks !

9093 -
modify delete 9176 - Reply from irwin200 , 19 yrs (Philippines) - 2012-12-10

Hey there! sooooo you're in to surfing..hahaha

modify delete 8800 - from Brunnhilde90 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-10-14
Surfing - "I LOVE Surfing!! :D"

Hey, I'm Brunny and I LOVE surfing!! I go to 'Surf Camps' where I practice surfing. I've always wanted my own surf board.
Fellow surfers in between the ages of 11 and 13, will you be my penpals? Thanks.

8800 -
modify delete 26309 - Reply from Ethan0 , 11 yrs (South Africa) - 2019-02-19

Hi, Brunny my name is Ethan I also love to surf but I am too busy playing golf. Do you play golf? I live in South Africa in KwaZulu- Natal we have great surf here. You should Google Surfing Durban. What is the surf like there and where do you live.

8800 -
modify delete 9127 - Reply from Jeanne157 , 13 yrs (France) - 2012-12-02

Hi I love surf too! I'm french girl and i'm practice the sport from 2 years:) xx

modify delete 8066 - from Bella216 , 12 yrs (Mexico) - 2012-06-18
Surfing - "Surfing"

before i got this sick i used to love to surf but i cant go out of the hospital now. thanks.

8066 -
modify delete 8216 - Reply from vincent210 (Philippines) - 2012-07-20

oh! so sad,being there at the hospital is not good because they may think that your sick even-though its not.

modify delete 8041 - from Aine75 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2012-06-15
Surfing - "Surfing"

Hi! I LOVE surfing too. I live in California and i am currently ranked 5th place for girls longboarding in all of California. I also have an AWESOME surf coach

8041 -
modify delete 14583 - Reply from Sophie116 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2014-09-01

I'm in Santa Cruz, California and wow you're a good surfer. I just rec surf with friends so I'm not too good at surfing but its chill. We should talk sometime!

8041 -
modify delete 8573 - Reply from youyou84 (France) - 2012-09-16

Hello are you really champion in surf ?!! :) Can you invite me to California please ..

8041 -
modify delete 8215 - Reply from vincent210 , 25 yrs (Philippines) - 2012-07-20

hi. . i love surfing too,i usually do this when i'm in internet cafe,mall or any place that has internet access "LOL",

8041 -
modify delete 8196 - Reply from Naholia21 , 16 yrs (France) - 2012-07-12

j'adore ce sport :)

modify delete 7571 - from Meredith231 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2012-04-09
Surfing - "Hi!!!"

Hi Chrissie,
My name is Meredith. I live in DC. I love surfing, too. (when I go to the beach over the summer.) My favorite sport while in DC though is soccer. When I grow up I want to be a Marine Bioligist. My family is thinking of moving to the west coast of California so we can be closer to the ocean and so I can surf. Do you surf alot? Message me back!
Yours Truly,

7571 -
modify delete 8326 - Reply from Edith210 , 17 yrs (Uganda) - 2012-08-04

Hey it so sad but i will be happy if you feel find may God bless you

modify delete 7524 - from Dan210 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-03-28
Surfing - "I love surfing!"

Hi I'm Dan, I learned how to surf on Oahu,but now I surf yacht wakes in the Delta in California where I live.I also paddle-board and practice paddling with my arms.I once got a kayaker's kayak back to him on a windy day.Surfing is an awesome sport!

7524 -
modify delete 9801 - Reply from Jenna197 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2013-03-22

Haha i live in los angeles and the surf around me is pretty bad but i love it so much :) email me!

7524 -
modify delete 7850 - Reply from Mikayla41 (USA) - 2012-05-14

hi dan i never learned to surf becuz of where i live but ive always liked two sports archery and surfing

modify delete 6466 - from Vincent0 , 18 yrs (France) - 2011-10-30
Surfing - "surf < 3"

I thing the surf is'nt a sport it's a drug !!!

6466 -
modify delete 7237 - Reply from Marie101 , 16 yrs (France) - 2012-02-18

Je pense la même !

modify delete 6463 - from Opal78 , 14 yrs (Australia) - 2011-10-30
Surfing - "Surfing Babee x"

I just love surfing any one wanna eb friends?
KK so I'm going on a trip to Hawaii soon to go surfing babyy.

Opal xoxo

6463 -
modify delete 9640 - Reply from fée86 , 23 yrs (France) - 2013-02-25

Hi my name is Ferouz . How are you ?

6463 -
modify delete 6647 - Reply from Mya91 , 10 yrs (Hawaii (USA)) - 2011-11-24

I live on Oahu and love to surf. One good spot for beginners is Kalamas. I learned to surf there. Have fun on your trip! Maybe I'll see you! ~Mya

6463 -
modify delete 6464 - Reply from Opal78 , 14 yrs (Australia) - 2011-10-30

sozz I meant *be*

modify delete 6306 - from claudia58 , 16 yrs (Spain) - 2011-10-07
Surfing - "allo"

allo je m apelle claudia and i like surf

6306 -
modify delete 8205 - Reply from Marie214 , 16 yrs (France) - 2012-07-16

hola! me too i like surf because it is a sensation sport!

modify delete 6174 - from An118 , 12 yrs (Viet Nam) - 2011-09-22
Surfing - "Greeting"

Konichiwa!!! I love surfing too. And BTW( By the way) I woukd love to be friend with a nice girl like you. Please write back soon.

6174 -
modify delete 10127 - Reply from An121 (Viet Nam) - 2013-06-16

Absolutely, i wanna be your pen pal too

6174 -
modify delete 10105 - Reply from Victoria66 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2013-06-12

Hi I'm speak Vietnamese so I can understand u.So do u what to be pen pals?

6174 -
modify delete 6501 - Reply from An254 (Viet Nam) - 2011-11-03

Hi, it'd be nice to be your friend.

6174 -
modify delete 6176 - Reply from Ally75 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2011-09-23

Hey wanna be pen pals if so respond and I'll give you my e-mail

modify delete 6117 - from Sophie14 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2011-09-10
Surfing - "Surfing :)"

Hey everybody!
Every summer, I go to Hawaii and stay with some friends, and they taught me how to surf! At first, it took me a while, but then I got better and I love it!! I can't wait to go back and get some waves! Haha maybe i will smack the lip this time... (:

6117 -
modify delete 10630 - Reply from Mathilde10 , 13 yrs (France) - 2013-10-05

hey i was reading your mess and i love surf to! lucky to going once time a year to hawai!:p maybe read you soon!

6117 -
modify delete 6648 - Reply from Mya91 , 10 yrs (Hawaii (USA)) - 2011-11-24

Cool! I like to surf too! I live on Oahu and like to surf at Kalamas. Have fun! ~Mya

modify delete 5037 - from Luiza175 (Brazil) - 2011-03-22
Surfing - "-"

I like surfing and your?

modify delete 3963 - from Antoine201 , 14 yrs (Belgium) - 2010-10-20
Surfing - "Surf In Belgium"

Hello ! I love surfing but in Belgium, it's impossible... I got my "Silver Wave" on the Antlantic Coast. There, the waves is bigger than the waves in Belgium. So, in Belgium, I do kite-surf on the sea or I do mountain board on the beach :) !

3963 -
modify delete 25967 - Reply from Léonie201 , 15 yrs (Belgium) - 2018-07-15

Hello Antoine in Belgium it is IMPOSSIBLE to surf especially in Ostend if you want great waves you have to go to Teahupo'o (Tahiti) some of these waves are super fat they shudder just looking at them but they are very dangerous Or at Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (Mexico) but go from May to October the waves are better than the fastest and ruthless I hope that this information will be useful to you personally I prefer those of Thaiti and you ??

3963 -
modify delete 5461 - Reply from Rachid137 , 25 yrs (Morocco) - 2011-05-28

Hello to all,
My name is Rachid and I live in Taghazout, Morocco.
we are blessed we have some of the best waves in the world and in particular, 300 days of sunshine a year. I surfed for the first time few years ago, and I loved it, I think the sensation when you riding a green waves is much more better than sex, drugs, food and everything else.
Now I'm working for a surf company called Surf Berbere, I'm so lucky and I really enjoy working in surf industry. Come and try Moroccan waves, there is a large choice of breaks here in Taghazout, some suitable for beginners and intermediates and some perfect breaks for pro or advanced surfers.
come to Surf Berbere and meet me if you like :
everyone is welcome!

modify delete 2428 - from Katrina234 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2010-02-25
Surfing - "Surfing!!!"

I once went surfing and i thought i wud be really bad at it...
but i rocked!
i was with my friend and we both did really well!

2428 -
modify delete 6116 - Reply from Sophie14 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2011-09-10

I love surfing! I surf on the North Shore when I go there during the summer, to stay with my friends. I thought I was going to be really bad at it too, but I did ok (:

2428 -
modify delete 6109 - Reply from Anakallia/Andrea58 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2011-09-10

I cant wait to surf the northshore. :)

2428 -
modify delete 5230 - Reply from Rosie96 , 10 yrs (Philippines) - 2011-04-16

I'm just learning to surf. My dad is teaching me, I'm still abit scared. ❀

2428 -
modify delete 4525 - Reply from Leslie106 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2011-01-21

I have always wanted to learn how to surf! I wanted to give it a try in Hawaii, but I did not want to surf alone. It sounds as if I missed out on a lot of fun :(

2428 -
modify delete 2732 - Reply from amber l.218 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2010-04-16


modify delete 2208 - from Marine116 , 16 yrs (France) - 2010-01-21
Surfing - "Le Surf"

Avis a tous les surfeurs et surfeuses ce sport c vraiment le mieux pour tout ce qui en pratique et qui viennent de commencer perceverer parce que ça en vaut vraiment la peiine :p Biisoux à tous :)

2208 -
modify delete 7236 - Reply from Marie101 , 16 yrs (France) - 2012-02-18

Hey ! Il y a plein de francais ! Moi aussi j'adore le surf mais je peux en faire qu'en été vu que j'habite pas sur la cote :(

2208 -
modify delete 6713 - Reply from laura179 , 15 yrs (New Caledonia) - 2011-12-05

salut moi je suis aussi francaise ( de nouvelle caledonie), j'adore le surf, mais je ne sais pas en faire malheureusement... a chaque fois que je vois des videos de surf je suis hyper motivée pour apprendre a en faire ! j'ai hate d'essayer, surtout que làc'est les vacances d'été, alors autant en profité :)
gros bisouxx

2208 -
modify delete 5469 - Reply from nais179 , 10 yrs (Belgium) - 2011-05-30

moi j aime le surf mais je ne trouve pas de temps en belgique

2208 -
modify delete 3438 - Reply from Fanny5 , 18 yrs (France) - 2010-08-05

Yeah! keep surfingggggggg! :D

2208 -
modify delete 3208 - Reply from Flore72 (France) - 2010-06-29

Salut, je suis aussi français et j'en fait du surf depuis que j'ai l'âge de 7 ans !! J'adore ce sport ! Je me suis même mis au snowboard ! C'est moins bien mais on retrouve quelques sensations ! Vous vous en faîtes où ?

2208 -
modify delete 2953 - Reply from camille215 , 11 yrs (France) - 2010-05-19

salut je suis francaise et j'adore le surf BISOUS BISOUS BISOUS

modify delete 2188 - from Laura75 , 13 yrs (Netherlands) - 2010-01-19
Surfing - "Surfing"

Im not very good about it bud i love to learn it and to do it in the vacations!

2188 -
modify delete 2384 - Reply from Lilly182 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2010-02-20

I love to surf I learned how from my uncle in california

modify delete 1574 - from claire197 , 12 yrs (France) - 2009-10-10
Surfing - "j'adore le surf"

coucou j'habite vers Annecy et cet été , j'ai appris a faire du surf à Capreton.
J'aimerai savoir qui a déjà fait du surf et s'il aime et pourkoi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
répondez svp

1574 -
modify delete 14012 - Reply from camille129 , 14 yrs (France) - 2014-03-27

Salut j'habite a l'Alpes et sa fait 1 ans que je pratique. L'année prochaine je m'inscrit dans un club.

J'ADORE le snowboard j'en fait tous les week end et si j'adore se sport c'est parce que tu t'amuse, pour sauts ces plus facile et le boardercross c'est génial en snowboard. Mais l'inconvénient, c'est les télésiège et toute autre remonté mécanique.

1574 -
modify delete 10301 - Reply from julia45 , 12 yrs (Reunion) - 2013-07-28

J'ai appris a surfer quand j'avais 9 ans et des la 1ere vague j'ai réussi a me mettre debout
Franchement le surf est un sport super car je rencontre des gens dans l'eau et je reste en contact avec eux
J'ai 13ans j'ai surfé pendant 3ans
Maintenant le surf est mort a la Réunion
Peut etre que l'on pourra resurfer dans 1 ou 2ans malheureusement
C'est a cause des requins il y en a beaucoup plus qu'avant.

1574 -
modify delete 8832 - Reply from Mattéo49 , 13 yrs (France) - 2012-10-17

Salut moi c est Mattéo (ou mamat) ça fait 2 ans que je surf,et j adore ça car je trouve que c est un sport avec une grande sensation et le truc qe j aime le mieu c est de prendre une petite vague pour revenir au bord

1574 -
modify delete 2954 - Reply from CAM215 , 11 yrs (France) - 2010-05-19


1574 -
modify delete 2696 - Reply from Mara215 , 14 yrs (France) - 2010-04-10

Salut Claire,
Désolée je risque de beaucoup écrire,
tu surfe souvent à CapBreton ? Moi je surfe régulièrement à siouville-Hague (50) les vagues parfois sont grosses mais c'est rare, au moins on apprend facilement :) Au spot où t'as surfer n'est-il pas trop compliqué pour débuter ? Parce que l'Aquitaine est réputée pour avoir la majorité des meilleurs spots de France, et je voudrais faire un surftrip près de Biarritz ou de Lacanau.
Pour répondre à ta question dès ma première session j'ai tout de suite accrochée, et j'ai compris que c'était le début d'une longue passion, c'est ma drogue, mon addiction. J'y pense tout le temps, en cours, avec mes amis, en famille, ... ça devient parfois éprouvant, mais ça prouve à quel point j'aime le surf, et je pense qu'il est important d'avoir une passion, un but.
Je pourrais te parler encore longtemps du surf mais je pense avoir écris suffisamment pour satisfaire ta requête, non ?
Tu voies j'aime tellement le surf que je veux aller vivre en Australie au bord de la plage ^^ et même avec un bras ou une jambe en moins je continuerais à surfer. Un pote m'a dit que le surf c'est à la foie "aimer" et "accepter" :-aimer le surf- et -accepter l'idée de devoir un jour arrêter
Dsl j'ai trop écris
A+, & continue de surfer ou d'aimer ça, et protège ton environnement sinon dans 20 ans on ne pourra peut être plus aller dans la mer sans protection (sur :) (il y a une image que j'aime bien sur l'un des liens de ce site)
Courage, surfe, et un jour les gens pourrons te considérer comme une surfeuse ^^

1574 -
modify delete 2563 - Reply from titouan115 , 11 yrs (Martinique) - 2010-03-16

coucou, moi aussi j'adore le surf j'ai appris a< 8ans la sensation de glisser sur l'eau est super!

1574 -
modify delete 1900 - Reply from nicoco22 , 16 yrs (Hawaii (USA)) - 2009-11-25

my name is nicoco love body board nand you

1574 -
modify delete 1711 - Reply from claire197 , 12 yrs (France) - 2009-10-30

I love surf
I live Annecy. This holidays , I maked surf.
Can you surf? (Rasmus)
And why?
Bye bye

1574 -
modify delete 1697 - Reply from Rasmus48 , 12 yrs (Denmark) - 2009-10-28

hallo my name is Rasmus. can you talk english i coem for denmark. have a good day

bye bye plzzzz send reply

modify delete 1256 - from juliet0 , 20 yrs (Uganda) - 2009-08-21
Surfing - "I LOVE SURFING"

I like surfing i think is the best way of relaxing i always spend my time on like it also? OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh surfing is good

1256 -
modify delete 23474 - Reply from Jessica6 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2015-09-26

Surfing is awesome. hang loose

1256 -
modify delete 2207 - Reply from Marine116 , 16 yrs (France) - 2010-01-21

yes Surf is the best sport !! i love surfing too =)

1256 -
modify delete 2206 - Reply from Marine116 (France) - 2010-01-21

yes Surf is the best sport !! i love surfing too =)

1256 -
modify delete 1358 - Reply from Charlotte16 , 17 yrs (Great Britain) - 2009-09-04

I love surfing too :D I discovered the wonders of this amazing sport on my holiday in Cornwall last year. I'd do it more often but I live a bit too far away from the coast :( If I ever get the opportunity to do it again I will :D

modify delete 1255 - from julie0 , 20 yrs (Russia) - 2009-08-21
Surfing - "I LOVE SURFING"

Hello,i like surfing i think is the best way of relaxing OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like surfing .Do you enjoy it also

1255 -
modify delete 2955 - Reply from CAMILLE215 , 11 yrs (France) - 2010-05-19


modify delete 745 - from Quentin240 , 17 yrs (France) - 2009-05-17
Surfing - "slide lover"

For anyone wanting to make friends sharing the same passion in the world (surf, windsurf, snowboard, sailing, ...)

745 -
modify delete 1899 - Reply from nicolas22 , 16 yrs (Bermuda) - 2009-11-25

tu ne serais pas agathe rio ?

745 -
modify delete 1320 - Reply from quentin240 , 17 yrs (France) - 2009-08-30

Salut Agathe,
je ne suis pas contre rencontrer des Français(e) qui aime le surf et tout les autres sports du même genre. Moi je surf en Bretagne et toi ?

745 -
modify delete 1305 - Reply from Agathe12 , 15 yrs (France) - 2009-08-28

Salut Quentin! :)
J'ai vu que tu cherchais des amis ayant la même passion que toi :
Et justement, j'ADORE ça! ;D
Mais je sais pas si tu voulais discuter avec des personnes étrangères ou françaises :)

modify delete 381 - from potential surfer7 (USA) - 2009-03-09
Surfing - "SUP"

Has anyone here tried stand up paddleboarding. I really want to try it, it looks pretty cool and really calming. I also heard its a pretty good ab workout. I have to hone my swimming skills though before I can get into the ocean, lol. Let me know.

381 -
modify delete 7525 - Reply from Dan 210 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-03-28

Hi I'm Dan and I'm a paddle-boarder.If you want to work on your balance try using a long oar or buying a paddle-board- paddle.Start out on a lake or calm river then work your way up to go on the ocean.P.S.try going over the waves not under the waves when going out,try not to get the waves over your board on the left or right side,and do fast paddling when coming back to shore.

381 -
modify delete 4622 - Reply from lucy108 , 15 yrs (Virgin Islands GB) - 2011-01-30

hi, i live in england i couldnt find it in the country thing so i just put that!
i love surfing and stand up paddle surfing, in 2007 i was english womens champion at stand up paddle boarding its a pretty fun sport so keep going it great ;)

381 -
modify delete 511 - Reply from Janna197 (France) - 2009-03-31

I do that! It is very fun but hard

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