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modify delete 27152 - from Olivia215 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-11-19
Petanque - "What is this game?"

Hello! What is this game? Never heard of it.. could someone explain the game and where does it come from? Thank you so much :)

27152 -
modify delete 27539 - Reply from MAGALI183 , 61 yrs (France) - 2022-03-07

This game comes from the South of France. It's played with iron balls that you hold in your hand. You can play with 2 or three balls and a little one of the size of a walnut made of plastic or wood.
The game consists in First, throwing the little one between a distance of 6 to 10 meters, and then the players throw the balls in order to get as close as possible from the little ball. Each player plays until they get the closest, and then the othe players do the same.
The winner is the player or team who scores 13.
That's it; tell me if you understand.
Have a good day !

modify delete 26981 - from Malcolm181 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-07-07
Petanque - "Someone who actually plays petanque"

ye thats me i play petanque

26981 -
modify delete 27495 - Reply from DOUGLASS254 , 15 yrs (Andorra) - 2021-11-29


modify delete 6065 - from Cath x8 (Great Britain) - 2011-09-04
Petanque - "Even thogh I have NEVER heard of pentaque..."

So... could someone jsut explain the rules of the game?? That would really help >.<

6065 -
modify delete 26174 - Reply from Audrey37 , 17 yrs (Great Britain) - 2018-11-19

You have six iron balls and one small plastic ball that we call the ‘cochonnet’ (piglet ?). So each participant got two iron ball. We throw the cochonnet and the the whole point of the game is to throw your balls the closest to it. Or to kick off other participant balls.

modify delete 5415 - from Katy8 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2011-05-21
Petanque - "Strange sport"

is pentaque a very strange sport?

5415 -
modify delete 5962 - Reply from Coralie40 , 16 yrs (Canada) - 2011-08-21

I don't think so. It's a sport most practice by olds persons, but some yong peaple like me love it too :)

modify delete 4363 - from Ria...x71 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2010-12-28
Petanque - "What is Petanque????"

Someone tell me what on earth petanque is....
I doubt anyone goes on his forum anyway...

4363 -
modify delete 5113 - Reply from Manuéla44 , 16 yrs (France) - 2011-04-01

Hi Ria,
Petanque is a sport. I practice it since I'm 6.
It is a sport which is played with balls there is one whiwh is smaller and you have to put your balls as nearas you can to earn points. A game is finished when a team has 13 points.
You can play one against one and each player has 3 balls. Or two against two each player has also 3balls and the last possibility 3against 3 and each player has 2 balls. If a ball or your opponent is too close to the smaller ball ( what you have to aim ) you can remove it by sending inside a ball very hardly.
It isn't easy to explain but I hope you have understood a little

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