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modify delete 39405 - from Vanessa2 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2021-02-21
Photographer - "sunrise / sunset"

i can't choose tho between sunrise / sunset!!! but both are good either rite? i mean, u can't just ignore it like that when it rise / set on the edge of the ocean!! it makes u want to lift up ur cameras and capture the beautiful moment. with the color of the clouds, they're just feel so magical!

**sorry tho for my grammars lol

modify delete 37992 - from Jim89 (Uganda) - 2020-07-01
Photographer - "Africa"

Waking up early morning with feeling the breeze looking up in the sky hills seeing birds of different colours different sounds diverse cultures makes me take pictures every day I feel passionate about my sorrounding

modify delete 37716 - from jessica 245 (USA) - 2020-04-18
Photographer - "photographer"

I am 16 and I have recently become very interested in photography for Christmas I got a camera and have been taking lots of photos on it

modify delete 37407 - from Emma.c44214 (France) - 2020-03-13
Photographer - "aspect ngatifs du mtier"

bonjour le mtier de photographe mintresse beaucoup mais je n'ai pas les moyens de m'acheter un appareil photo.

37407 -
modify delete 37435 - Reply from NP152 (France) - 2020-03-17

Il ne faut pas s'inquiter pour a ! les prix baissent continuellement et la technologie s'amliore toujours. Demande-toi surtout quel genre de photo tu souhaites faire : Portraits ? Sport ? Animaux ? Macro-photographie ? Architecture ? Paysages ? Journalisme ? et tu trouveras forcment un appareil adapt ton budget.

modify delete 37351 - from Elsa 43214 , 14 yrs (France) - 2020-03-13
Photographer - "mtier"

le mtier de photographe est en voie de disparition mais avec la nouvelle gnration nous pouvons le faire renatre avec de nouvelle perspective.
je pense que dans le futur il y aura de nouveau appareil photo donc la manire de travailler va changer.

et vous ? quand pensez-vous ?

37351 -
modify delete 37512 - Reply from Alexia4323 (France) - 2020-03-20

Bonjour, oui le mtier de photographe est en voix de disparition mais si c'est vraiment ce que tu veut faire il y toujours photographe d'cole ou autre

37351 -
modify delete 37434 - Reply from NP152 (France) - 2020-03-17

Oui, car tout volue ; surtout dans le numrique !
- on verra probablement des appareils double objectif permettant de prendre des photos en relief (effet 3D)
- dveloppement de la technique photographique 360
- des capteurs numriques sensibles aux rayons infrarouges, UV, X...
- un super stabilisateur d'image associ un super zoom pourraient permettre de photographier en gros plan une libellule + de 100m
- un systme d'clairage dcal, qui viterait la perte de contraste due aux clairement directs
- peut-tre une nouvelle mode tourne vers l'infiniment petit, pas seulement pour le matriel, mais aussi pour les clichs, qui nous plongeraient dans le monde quasi-inexplor du microcosme
- Et videmment, la ralit augmente qui va probablement se dmocratiser et offrir des possibilits compltement folles tous les photographes qui dbordent d'imagination...

modify delete 37341 - from DEVON142 (Gabon) - 2020-03-11
Photographer - "PHOTO"

hi is there anyone?

modify delete 36989 - from Brianna2 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2019-11-04
Photographer - "Photogrpahy?"

I am a photographer, mainly nature, macro, and sports photography and I hope to be a photojournalist one day. I hope to find other people with the same interests as me to be friends with! Hope to hear from you and have a good day!

modify delete 36881 - from Ethan202 , 16 yrs (South Africa) - 2019-09-06
Photographer - "Hello"

My name is Ethan. I'm 16 years old and I live in SA. I have recently become very interested in Photography. I would like to become a professional photographer. I would like to find people who share my passion for photography. please don't hesitate to contact me.

36881 -
modify delete 36894 - Reply from Ethan202 , 16 yrs (South Africa) - 2019-09-11

Hi Angie,
Thanks for the information. I am currently in High school. I d home schooling online

modify delete 35541 - from Minhthi170 , 16 yrs (France) - 2018-04-09
Photographer - "Photographe dbutant"

ENG--> Hi! I really love taking pictures. In my high-school we have a photo club, as well as audiovisual.
I have just started taking pictures with a camera and I must admit, everything is accurate, and it's pretty technical. But that I like all the same. I already have some plugs that are not bad, some are on my profile, others on my account instagram (justminhthi). I would like to be able to continue taking shots, but I do not have my own device. And that's where I'll like your help. My parnets want to give me a device for my birthday, but they do not know which one is the best. Could you help me?

FR --> Salut! J'aime vraiment prendre des photos. Dans mon lyce nous avons un club de photo, aussi bien qu'audiovisuel.
Je viens juste de commencer prendre des photos avec un appareil photo et je dois admettre que tout est correct, et c'est assez technique. Mais a me plat tout de mme. J'ai dj quelques prises qui ne sont pas mauvaises, certaines sont sur mon profil, d'autres sur mon compte instagram(justminhthi). J'aimerais pouvoir continuer prendre des photos, mais je n'ai pas mon propre appareil. Et c'est l que j'apprcierai votre aide. Mes parnets veulent me donner un appareil pour mon anniversaire, mais ils ne savent pas lequel est le meilleur. Pourriez-vous m'aider?

35541 -
modify delete 36880 - Reply from Ethan202 , 16 yrs (South Africa) - 2019-09-06

Hi Minhthi,
I found a Canon EOS 500d to be quite good. Its quite an old camera make but it is very easy to use, you can also change the lens on it, as well as the settings and its relatively cheap to buy
I hope this helps

35541 -
modify delete 36678 - Reply from Clara38 , 12 yrs (France) - 2019-06-09

Salut, je te conseille vivement l'" olympus OMD "

35541 -
modify delete 35823 - Reply from Siti Durra Aishah1 , 14 yrs (Malaysia) - 2018-07-24

hye ^-^. my name is durra. i love to take a lot of pictures especially the sunsets. my gallery are full with sunsets and nature pictures. I love taking pictures so much

35541 -
modify delete 35542 - Reply from Nicolas132 , 53 yrs (France) - 2018-04-09

Tout dpend de ton budget. Je suppose que tu veux un rflex. Dans ce cas, il vaut mieux commencer par un APSC. Ex : Canon 80d ou Canon 7d (la nouvelle version Mark III doit sortir cet t). Personnellement, j'ai choisi cette marque pour sa fiablit, le rendu des couleurs et son ergonomie (facile maitriser).

Pour les objectifs, je te conseille ce site (trs pro):

modify delete 35416 - from Mark Anthony54 , 30 yrs (Philippines) - 2018-02-20
Photographer - "Freelance Photographer"

Hi guys, I'm a freelance Photographer, I do events like debut and weddings but I do most is capturing portrait pictures. Hope someone can help mo to improve more in photography by sharing your ideas with me. :D :D :D

modify delete 34644 - from Maykaefer212 , 16 yrs (Germany) - 2017-08-17
Photographer - "Hey :)"

Hey people out there!

I really love photography and its a really important part of my life.
It would be nice to talk to people which love the photography as much as I do and to share experiences and maybe tips and tricks ;)

34644 -
modify delete 36543 - Reply from maria179 , 15 yrs (Brazil) - 2019-04-05

hi!!! great that you wanna make friends, cause i want it too! email me so we can talk ~

34644 -
modify delete 35829 - Reply from Caroline163 (France) - 2018-07-27

Hello! Me too, I love photography but i'm just a beginner who is not very good XD

34644 -
modify delete 35788 - Reply from arisya1 , 13 yrs (Malaysia) - 2018-07-18

hi,my name is arisya syazwani.I am 13 years old.Great to know that you likes to taking picture just like me.Hopefully that we can be a good friends.

modify delete 34582 - from Kazim 21 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2017-08-09
Photographer - "Hi!"

I am a really passionate photographer and if you like taking pictures or even like photography as a hobby let me know lets be friends!!

34582 -
modify delete 34583 - Reply from kazim21 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2017-08-09

check out my instagram @imkazimali

modify delete 34531 - from Simone80 , 16 yrs (China) - 2017-07-30
Photographer - "Hello!"

I have been fond of photography for almost 5 years. And I really want a friend who can share his/her experiences about photography with me. I personally love to take photos of nature stuff. And I wonder if there is someone who has the same hobby as I do. ;)

34531 -
modify delete 36616 - Reply from Savannah101 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2019-05-14

I also love nature photography. I have taken several classes on it and I am always snapping photos. I would love to be friends with you.

modify delete 33670 - from silmi4 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2017-02-26
Photographer - "tips or photography"

Hallo!i love photography but i But I do not believe yourself with the I take, if we punya a hobby that the same, then you can taught me? You can see the photo I in instagram belonging to me @silmjulia

modify delete 33556 - from Eugenia178 , 18 yrs (Mexico) - 2017-01-30
Photographer - "Photography"

Hello, I am Eugenia from Mexico, I am 18 years old, about to be 19. I read your profile and saw that you also liked photography! I was wondering what kind of camera you use and what you are doing to pursue your dream of photography? I also really enjoy it, however I would like to learn more about the more technical side of photography, since I just got a new camera.

modify delete 33096 - from Angle250 , 15 yrs (France) - 2016-11-13
Photographer - "Le monde de la photo ;)"

Hi, coucou!
(dsole de parler en franais, j'ai un niveau d'anglais proche de zro xD)
Je souhaite devenir photographe/cameraman, j'aime les photos naturelles, prises sur l'instant >.< a serait super de correspondre avec une personne qui partage ma passion :D
(mon mail:
Bye bye, bientt peut-tre x)

33096 -
modify delete 34296 - Reply from Camarotis44 , 13 yrs (Spain) - 2017-06-07

Salut nous aussi aimons les naturels photos parce que nous pensons quils sont plus beaux que les prpars.

33096 -
modify delete 33133 - Reply from Sofia149 , 14 yrs (Italy) - 2016-11-19

Hi Angle,
my name is Sofia.I come from Italy and I'm 14 years old.I'v read from your profile that you can speak lots of languages...Italin,too!!! Do you study them at school or you have people in your family who come from other countries? Do you live in France,right?I went to Paris four years ago with my parents and from that moment I fell in love of your country...It's wonderful!!! I'd like to know you better and if also you agree,write soon please;I'm too curious!
Hugs and kisses

modify delete 32900 - from ramya231 , 27 yrs (USA) - 2016-10-19
Photographer - "planning a b'day surprise for my partner(birthday wishes from ppl diff countries"

hey hi !
iam ramya i live in california i am planning a surprise for my husband's 30th bday this nov 14th . i want to bring birthdsay wishes for him from all over the world. iam trying to do best to collect a pictire at a famous tourist place in their country with holding a display with birthday wishes to dheeraj. i want some to take pic of someone holding the display infront of that tourist spot in your place(Eg; Eiffel tower in paris). and send it to my email before 30th oct. i will be more than happy if you guys help me work it out . and make husband have a memorable experience to recieve wishes from different countries.

will be waiting for the response :).

modify delete 32870 - from ALEXIS SCATES204 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2016-10-13

so I love doing make up playing dress up, doing hair, and taking photos. I want this as a career one day but I don't know where to really start :/

Does anyone by chance wanna help me out some? I just need pointers please.

32870 -
modify delete 33117 - Reply from Rmi136 , 21 yrs (Mauritius) - 2016-11-16

hi Alexis,

I saw your advert.

From what you wrote, i can see that you enjoy doing things related to modeling.

The types of jobs you mentioned are quite different from each other since everyone of them have a sort of specialization. Mastering all four of them can be almost impossible. But since you're seeking advice for all four of them, the first thing i would recommend is to see what are the requirements of being a photographer, make up artist, clothing designer, and hair stylist.

If you would like more info, don't hesitate to contact me!


modify delete 32396 - from Soline230 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-07-06
Photographer - "photo amateur"

salut :) j'ai fais un compte instagram avec quelque photo pour avoir des avis extrieur :)

modify delete 32316 - from Amaryllis153 , 15 yrs (France) - 2016-06-13
Photographer - ""Landscape photos""

Hi everyone! I'm french and of course I'm not a professional photographer, but my father is, so I have some experience. I'd love to exchange with people from around the world, photographies from other cities and landscapes to discover new countries! Maybe to talk about these pictures and why not learn new languages and become friends? So here is my idea, hope some people will be interested and feel free to respond!

32316 -
modify delete 33758 - Reply from Liv36 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2017-03-12

I love to do photography too! I would love it if we talked more about our countries and show some pictures we have taken.

32316 -
modify delete 33071 - Reply from Ernest134 (Sri Lanka) - 2016-11-08


I am a retired geography teacher from sri lanka and wish to start a project that benefit students and students with disabilities in France who is capable in arts/crafts to exhibit at exhibitions/ cultural shows music and dance organized by school authorities in other countries. The project will help students in your country to display /demonstrate his/her talents at overseas events and will create opportunities for fundraising for their activities/ and for the school. It is purely a free programme I have designed.
Similarly there should be an opportunity to display talents of overseas students in your country too
If you like to join or support the student project by coordination and wish send more details on your reply including my contact details please

thank you

Ernest Goonetilleke

sri lanka


modify delete 32196 - from Tanica36 , 17 yrs (Hong Kong) - 2016-05-23
Photographer - "Finding photography friends :)"

Hello i m a 17 years old girl from Hong Kong and i've been focusing on photography for 3 years. I'm currently using film camera to take photos as i prefer the outcome by film camera more than digital camera! if you're also interested in taking film photos or just interested in photography, feel free to contact me and be friends!! ^^ I've got a self website for posting my projects : Thankyou and hav a good day!

modify delete 31823 - from Jessica124 , 14 yrs (France) - 2016-03-20
Photographer - "PHOTOGRAPHY"

Hi everybody ! My name is Jessica,and I love photography. I am French and I want a correspondant American, speak english... yes ? Bye ! :)

31823 -
modify delete 35820 - Reply from Putri1 , 14 yrs (Malaysia) - 2018-07-24

HI,i love photography too.we can become friendly

31823 -
modify delete 34217 - Reply from Jessica 124 , 16 yrs (France) - 2017-05-25

Salut oui je suis intress ! :) rcris moi par mail si jamais tu veux toujours 😜

31823 -
modify delete 34209 - Reply from Jrme19 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2017-05-23

Bonjour! Je m'appelle Jrme, et je suis un tudiant Amricaine, qui adore prendre des photos. Est-ce que on veut corresponder? Repondez-moi s'il vous plait!

31823 -
modify delete 32154 - Reply from Jessica124 , 15 yrs (France) - 2016-05-15

Tu es franaise ? :)

31823 -
modify delete 32142 - Reply from Elsa156 , 14 yrs (France) - 2016-05-12

Hi jessica i'm french i also look for a correspondent and i love photography if you want we can become frendly

modify delete 31705 - from Manon95 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-03-01
Photographer - "Share our passion for photography"

Hi everybody ! :) I love photography and I start an Instagram to share my picture, if you have time to go see and send me a comment, thank you. I want to talk about photography and other with french or english people, excuse me for my english but I am here, also for improve my level in english ^^
See you soon ! :)

31705 -
modify delete 32143 - Reply from Elsa156 , 14 yrs (France) - 2016-05-12

Hi manon i'm elsa i love photography!!! You can be my correspondent if you want

31705 -
modify delete 31788 - Reply from Manon95 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-03-14

Hi Matilde :) !
I have many favourite subjects, they are nature, my boyfriend, animals, me (sometimes), monuments :)
I have see your Instagram and I follow you, I have send you a DM with my instagram of photography :)

31705 -
modify delete 31787 - Reply from Matilde233 , 16 yrs (Italy) - 2016-03-14

Salut Manon ! I have an Instagram account too ( )!
What is your favourite subject ?
I take pictures of sea , flowers , nature , friends and sisters :)

modify delete 31123 - from Manon229 , 16 yrs (France) - 2015-11-22
Photographer - "Hello!"

Hi, I'm in school of photography in France, if somebody shares this passion and wants to speak with me, come on ! :D

31123 -
modify delete 32272 - Reply from Robyn175 , 13 yrs (Zambia) - 2016-06-05

Hello I like photography and I am having trouble figuring some stuff out since you are going/went to a photography class Mabey you could help me?

31123 -
modify delete 31672 - Reply from Julia129 , 15 yrs (France) - 2016-02-25

A ce que je vois des milliers de personnes veulent tre photographe.. Comme moi ! ^^

31123 -
modify delete 31402 - Reply from Sarah2 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-01-14

Salut! Je m'appelle Sarah, j'ai 16ans. J'habite aussi en France. En lisant ta description je me suis dis qu'il fallait que je t'envoie un message ahah! J'aimerai tre photographe, donc je suppose qu'on partage la mme passion, donc on pourrait changer sur a! Voil, bientt! :)

modify delete 30938 - from Ana223 , 16 yrs (France) - 2015-10-24
Photographer - "Photographe"

Hi ! I want to become a photographer, or work in the business image in cinema. If you want to talk about this with me, contact me !

30938 -
modify delete 31703 - Reply from Manon95 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-03-01

Hi ! :) I want to become a photographer too but I know is difficult :/ If you want, send me a message to talk about this or many things :)

30938 -
modify delete 31205 - Reply from kazeem Ola145 , 17 yrs (Nigeria) - 2015-12-07

I love your passion and it be my great pleasure if you accept me I have a good vision and passion and also wit a good character wit strategy

30938 -
modify delete 31128 - Reply from Emily47 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2015-11-23

Hey, my names is Emily I love photography, I actually want to start my own photography business, I would love to talk to others who are also interested in photography as much as I am. I hope to meet a lot of new people soon

Emily G.📷

modify delete 30761 - from Guillaume186 (France) - 2015-09-16
Photographer - "what is your favorite photographer?"

Hello everyone !

I'm a french guy who wants improve is bad english and i also was a professional photographer few years ago. Currently i have an other job cause it's hard to earn your life with photography but i still this hobbit. Recently i was in Iceland, i think it's the heaven for photographers, so many beautiful scenery, colors...great memories.

So if you want exchange with me, don't be shy and let's talk. See you

30761 -
modify delete 31585 - Reply from Chan21 (China) - 2016-02-16

French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson is famous

30761 -
modify delete 30926 - Reply from nid172 , 18 yrs (Thailand) - 2015-10-19

Hi.Your trip must be wonderful and i like the beach photoes .

30761 -
modify delete 30883 - Reply from ubong 112 , 17 yrs (Nigeria) - 2015-10-08

Hi! I can be of help

modify delete 30655 - from Levy238 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2015-08-27
Photographer - "up for a chat?"

I'm interested in talking with others about photography, if you are interested. Mail me on my penpal page. I look forward to talking to you.

30655 -
modify delete 32868 - Reply from Alexis204 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2016-10-13

Hey I would LOVE to talk about photography with you! I take huge pride in my work even though it isn't much... I don't pinhole work, work with a like $700 canon camera, a small $80 canon camera, and I love photoshop and editing

modify delete 30474 - from Carmeen154 , 17 yrs (Spain) - 2015-08-03
Photographer - "mail"

i would like speak with someone and talk about photography or other. Please mail ^^

30474 -
modify delete 31403 - Reply from Sarah2 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-01-14

Hi Carmeen! I'm Sarah. I send you an e-mail because I saw your description : I love photography, and I would like to speak about it with you if possible!:) Bye!!

30474 -
modify delete 30654 - Reply from zhanghj60 , 24 yrs (China) - 2015-08-27

hey , i am a chinese architecture student in university , and i like photography ,and i took many potos in china when i wenta trip,besides, i like Antonio Gaudi wish we can talk about architecture and photography.

modify delete 28915 - from rick159 , 29 yrs (USA) - 2015-07-16
Photographer - "Hi!"

I'd love to talk more with you about cameras and some shots. Please email!

modify delete 28855 - from Agathe93 (France) - 2015-07-02
Photographer - "Photos!"

Bonjour tous!
Je m'appelle Agathe et ma passion est la photographie! Auriez-vous des conseils me donner? Je cherche aussi une ou un correspondant pour parler de cette passion!

28855 -
modify delete 38414 - Reply from Marie 4c214 , 14 yrs (France) - 2020-11-04

Bonjour je veux savoir c'est quoi comme spcialit comme(ex:mode ,mariage, paysages....)
je veux savioir un peux plus comme a je pourrait t'aider
merci davence.

28855 -
modify delete 30615 - Reply from Lisa240 , 14 yrs (Belgium) - 2015-08-21

J'aimerai correspondre avec toi !

modify delete 28777 - from Echica26 , 18 yrs (Netherlands) - 2015-06-14
Photographer - "Photography"

Hi, my name is echica and I'm studying to be a professional photographer. I would love to talk to someone who likes the same things. so don't be shy and let's talk :)

28777 -
modify delete 30927 - Reply from nid172 , 18 yrs (Thailand) - 2015-10-19

Hi,I'm interested in photographer too but I'm not good at that

modify delete 28726 - from Clmentine146 , 16 yrs (France) - 2015-06-03
Photographer - "Urbex"

Hello everyone ! I love photography and urbex, if you don't know urbex I'm waiting for your mail... also if you are just a fan of photos and travelling contact me !

modify delete 28655 - from Analle10 , 14 yrs (France) - 2015-05-17
Photographer - "i love photo"

Hey people ! I live in Paris and I love to take pictures ! I have an instagram account. send me a dm if u want to talk about photography :D

28655 -
modify delete 30692 - Reply from laila nur fadila184 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-09-02

Hi, Anaelle
My name is Laila, Iam a student Senior High School from Indonesia. Can we be a friend ?
I hope you can reply this message
Thank you

28655 -
modify delete 28923 - Reply from yan136 , 15 yrs (Mauritius) - 2015-07-17

tout comme toi j`aime la photographie.J'aimerai etre ami avec toi

modify delete 28641 - from Marianne209 , 16 yrs (France) - 2015-05-14
Photographer - "Photography"

Hi there! Like all of you I absolutly LOVE photography!!!
I started taking pictures not long ago and I finally got my first camera pro!
What I love most is taking pictures of my trip! Since i'm a toddler I'm use to travel a lot and it's a real passion!
Please contact me guys! I'm looking for pen friends! ;)

modify delete 28405 - from Edward56 , 16 yrs (China) - 2015-04-04
Photographer - "Photographer"

I like take photos very much.When I was young I had a DSLR camera.My father want me to take some nice photos.I like the scenery photography.Two years ago, I have been to Tibet
and toke many very beautiful photos.I took photos the Mount's so beautiful.
I want to communicate with friends around the world.Waiting for your letter!

modify delete 28175 - from Samali245 , 22 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2015-02-25
Photographer - "I love photography....."

Hi, I am Samali from Sri Lanka. I am interested in photography. I do not have a professional camera yet. I hope to bye one. I would like to take capture my friends, family and nature. I would like too be a photo journalist.

28175 -
modify delete 28707 - Reply from drwolf116 , 44 yrs (Austria) - 2015-05-31

Hi Samali, I also like it very much to shoot photos, especially from foreign countries and People. As teacher in Austria I have interest tooexchange photos with you in Sri Lanka, because I would also like to visit your beautiful area

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