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modify delete 38470 - from Charlotte B 4A108 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-11-08
Pharmacist - "tre prparatrice en pharmacie"

Combien d'tudes faut il faire pour tre prparatrice en pharmacie ?

Que peut on faire en tant prparatrice en pharmacie ?

Quelles sont les inconvnients et les avantages pour faire se mtier ?

38470 -
modify delete 38631 - Reply from Timo 4A214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-11-18

Bonjour, pour exercer se mtier il faut poursuivre ses tudes car la vie de personnes sont entre tes mains

modify delete 37477 - from emma4423 (France) - 2020-03-19
Pharmacist - "Pharmacienne"

Est-ce que vous savez des choses sur ce mtier?

37477 -
modify delete 37525 - Reply from emma4423 (France) - 2020-03-23

Merci beaucoup pour tous vos conseils

37477 -
modify delete 37507 - Reply from Clarisse43126 , 14 yrs (France) - 2020-03-20

Bonjour, je pense que dans ce mtier il faut pouvoir aimer tre une caisse pour servir les mdicaments, ranger les commandes de mdicaments mais aussi renseigner les clients. Tu peux aussi tre pharmacienne mais avoir une "spcialit" comme la vue ou l'oue.

37477 -
modify delete 37478 - Reply from NP17 (France) - 2020-03-19

pour faire ce mtier, je pense qu'il faut :
- tre trs ordonn, aimer et rangement
- avoir une excellente mmoire (produits, effets, posologie, contre-indications, stocks)...
- savoir dchiffrer l'criture des mdecins qui crivent toujours trs mal
- avoir de la patience, le sens du contact et de l'accueil

modify delete 28586 - from Esther108 , 8 yrs (Great Britain) - 2015-04-27
Pharmacist - "Pharmacists are cool"

I love pharmacist because they help people get better by giving them drugs that would help you and they prescribe and dispense drugs to patients and they are cool because people that help people get better are cool themselves cooler than actress's because they do it for themselves to earn them money there not helping anyone else though sometimes you have to help yourself before helping others so being a actress is good but personally I think because being a pharmacist helps other as well as yourself I think its better.

28586 -
modify delete 31973 - Reply from Hayet212 , 13 yrs (France) - 2016-04-12

I wish to become a pharmacist because we are listening to the people and because I 've always been passioner by health

modify delete 26544 - from saif249 , 21 yrs (India) - 2014-06-19
Pharmacist - "pharmaceutical industry"

hey hows the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in canada? do they have job opportunities for indians?

modify delete 20022 - from sarra28 , 12 yrs (Tunisia) - 2013-01-08
Pharmacist - "salut"

salut, moi mon pre est pharmacien et plus tard je reprendrai sa pharmacie aprs avoir fait mes tudes en france ( mon pays d'origine )

20022 -
modify delete 33820 - Reply from Agathe128 , 14 yrs (France) - 2017-03-21

Oh !!! trop cool, j'aimerais trop avoir une pharmacie ! petit piston

20022 -
modify delete 28230 - Reply from Kenza238 , 11 yrs (France) - 2015-03-05

Oh la chance ! J'aimerais beaucoup faire pharmacienne ! Ca demande 6 ans d'tudes, et un bac S ! Et a rapporte gros ! :)

20022 -
modify delete 25474 - Reply from cheick amadou239 , 32 yrs (Burkina Faso) - 2013-12-28

slt sarra je te souhaite bcp de courage.les etudes en pharmacie st tres passionantes

modify delete 19719 - from Paco231 , 16 yrs (Spain) - 2012-12-09
Pharmacist - "Coucou!!"

Alors, je suis un garon espagnol qui aime beaucoup la chimie et la biologie, surtout les plants et la medecine naturelle, comme la fitoterapie. Je vous remercierais si quelqu'un(e) peut m'aider parce que je veux aller tudier France aprs finir le bacaleurat en Espagne mais je connais pas si je peux demander une bourse ou une autre chose. En plus, je sais pais quelle universite est la meilleure pour tudier pharmacie en France. Merci beaucoup!!!!! ^^ Paco

19719 -
modify delete 22396 - Reply from Thibault10 , 17 yrs (France) - 2013-10-30

salut je suis en premire anne de pharmacie en france et je te recommande pas l'tudier en france, car la premire anne dbouche sur un concours trs slectif donc dur avoir

modify delete 17398 - from Suppalak183 , 22 yrs (Thailand) - 2012-07-13
Pharmacist - "Hello,I'm a pharmacist student."

I would like to practice english language.
I'm interested herbal and medication.
I love read book.

17398 -
modify delete 19718 - Reply from Paco231 , 16 yrs (Spain) - 2012-12-09

Hi! I would like to be a herbal pharmacist. What are you studying?? If you could help me to choose a degree, I would be so grateful :) Thanks in advance!

modify delete 16528 - from zenah145 (Kenya) - 2012-05-31
Pharmacist - "Hi!!"

How does it feel,being a pharmacist? can't wait to feel the experience.

modify delete 14263 - from Esra175 , 16 yrs (Turkey) - 2012-01-11
Pharmacist - "help.P"

I'll be next year the university entrance and I want to study stanbul niv. Eczaclk Fak. but many of the people around me don't want to it. Because they think 'pharmacist=grocery diploma' How do I convince them that it is not true. Please help me.Thank you in advance.

modify delete 12172 - from Lewis246 , 25 yrs (Korea) - 2011-09-26
Pharmacist - "I'm interesting in sharing culture difference"

Hey there. I'm from south Korea. What I like is dacing. I love going to dacing club. I'm studyding biochemistry. This is my last semester studying. After this, I'm gonna work for phamaseutical company. I'm interested in producing new medicine or "Amtamer". But more of all, what I like is to make freidns and understnad there culture. I'm not a studing guy but enjoying talking and making friends. If you inteseted in me or my coutrieds culture, contact me. I'll help you. I've tought chinese guy learning Korean.
"lewis10041" this is my skype ID or you can connect me through e-mail ""

Best regards for ya! see ya!

modify delete 7255 - from Loan44 , 17 yrs (Germany) - 2011-04-20
Pharmacist - "Hi to everybody!"

Hello everybody!
My name is Loan and I like to studie pharmazeutics after finishing school. I think it is a very interesting job, because I like chemistry and biologie a lot. Do someone know, in which country or where there is the best universities for this subject? If you know that, so pleeease email me back soon!!!
I'm waiting! :)

7255 -
modify delete 16152 - Reply from Delphine42 , 17 yrs (France) - 2012-05-16

To answer to your message I think you have to go in Fraaaaaaaaaance at Montpellier basically because I have already been in this faculty (university)and I think go there after finishing school.

contact me for more informations :) bye !


modify delete 1864 - from Binh Son187 , 20 yrs (Viet Nam) - 2009-11-22
Pharmacist - "bs"

Je m'appelle Binh Son.Je suis en train d'tudier le franais pour le voyage d'tudes en France.Je suis tudiant en pharmacie.Je voudrais faire connaissance avec les franais qui aiment discuter avec les vietnamiens.

1864 -
modify delete 40463 - Reply from Lonie125 (France) - 2023-01-11

Moi je suis partante

1864 -
modify delete 33821 - Reply from Agathe128 , 14 yrs (France) - 2017-03-21

Oh !! trop gnial

1864 -
modify delete 33396 - Reply from Mona157 , 12 yrs (France) - 2017-01-03

Je voudrai devenir pharmacienne plus tard pour trouver des mdicaments et je voudrai savoir le parcours scolaire qu'il faut faire pour y arriver . Merci !

1864 -
modify delete 5677 - Reply from mathilde122 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2011-03-14

Moi, ma mre a sa propre pharmicie et je vais souvent travailler avec elle ! plus tard je suis sure que je vais acheter sa pharmacie et que je serais une grande pharmacienne!

1864 -
modify delete 2549 - Reply from haifa224 (Tunisia) - 2010-02-23

bonjour, je suis une jeune pharmacienne tunisienne,jviens tt just de finir mes etudes et je suis bien interesse a faire plus de connaiscence apropos de notre domaine et en savoir plus sur le mtier que tu pratique.

1864 -
modify delete 2186 - Reply from audery186 , 16 yrs (France) - 2010-01-09

bonjour binh son je m'appelle audrey je vis en France et plus tard je projte de devenir pharmacienne j'aimerai bien discuter avec toi pour connaitre ta culture ta langue et en savoir plus sur le mtier que tu pratique.

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