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modify delete 40203 - from Martina45 , 20 yrs (Chile) - 2022-02-27
Journalist, Reporter - "Practise english"

Hello! I'm a student of journalism from Chile who would like to practise English speaking with some native. I want to live in an english speaker country. I need your help!

modify delete 39802 - from Adèle229 , 12 yrs (France) - 2021-05-17
Journalist, Reporter - "en savoir plus"

slt j'aimerais bcp faire grand reporter mais je n'ai pas bcp d'informations dessus quelqu'un pourrait m'aider svp

modify delete 38987 - from Ines 4b214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-12-09
Journalist, Reporter - "Quelles qualités ??"

Bonjour,d'après vous quelles-sont les qualités qu'il faut avoir pour devenir journaliste ?
Personnellement je pense qu'il faut etre:
-Curieux,avoir envies de découvrir de nouvelles choses
-Ouvert d'esprit,pour entendre des avis différents du sien

38987 -
modify delete 39218 - Reply from Oli0789 , 12 yrs (France) - 2021-01-09

Je rajouterais aussi la patience et la réactivité.

modify delete 38766 - from clara214 , 4 yrs (France) - 2020-11-25
Journalist, Reporter - "Questionnement sur le metier de journaliste reporter"

Bonjour, j'ai quelques questions concernant le métier de journaliste reporter pour commencer qu'elle sont les études nécessaire pour réussir dans ce métier et qu'elle diplôme?

38766 -
modify delete 39004 - Reply from harmmonie.R 4B214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-12-09

bonjours,Clara cela dépend de si tu veux faire journalisme radio,journalisme pour un journal,...
je ne sais pas vraiment quelles études et diplômes faut t'il avoir pour ce métiers mais pour moi il faut avoir un très grande envie de faire ce métier,pour ma part je n'en sais rien mais je ne voudrait certainement pas faire journalisme télévisé.

modify delete 38765 - from lisette214 , 4 yrs (France) - 2020-11-25
Journalist, Reporter - "Question sur le métier de journaliste reporter"

Bonjour, je voudrai savoir les études essentielles pour être de journaliste reporter ainsi que les diplômes nécessaires pour faire ce métier.

modify delete 38452 - from NATHAN4A214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-11-04
Journalist, Reporter - "COMMENT ME DECIDER"

Bonjour je voudrais poser des questions sur ce metier car sa m'interraisse et en plus on peut voyager

modify delete 38428 - from léonard 4A214 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-11-04
Journalist, Reporter - "difficultés du journaliste"

Quelles sont les difficultés que l'on pourrait affronter en tant que journaliste ? je voudrais aussi en savoir plus sur comment ce passe ce métier , ou devons nous aller pour faire ces études et combien d'année necessite ce métier pour réussir dans ce domaine.

modify delete 37464 - from Lorik 41184 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-03-18
Journalist, Reporter - "Conseillez moi svp"

Bonjour j'aimerais en savoir plus sur ce métier(journaliste sportif) en ce qui est aspect négatif et positif.

37464 -
modify delete 37482 - Reply from NP17 (France) - 2020-03-19

les + et les - à mon avis :
+ le plaisir de ramener de beaux clichés
+ l'honneur de rencontrer & interviewer des sportifs célèbres
+ c'est un métier relativement indépendant, lorsqu'on est en reportage
+ la carte "presse" est un formidable "laissez-passer"
- la difficulté de trouver une place de parking lorsqu'il y a un grand évènement sportif
- la foule attirée par les grands évènements sportifs
- le prix du matériel photo et les risques de casse dans la foule. Un objectif 800mm fixe plein format coûte facilement 12.000 Euro.
- la difficulté de sélectionner la meilleure photo (en oubliant parfois toutes les autres)
- la concurrence (parfois bousculade) avec les autres journalistes

modify delete 37461 - from Lorik 41184 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-03-18
Journalist, Reporter - "JOURNALISTE SPORTIF."

Quels sont les inconvéniants pour ce métier(journaliste sportif)

modify delete 37459 - from Lorik 41184 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-03-18
Journalist, Reporter - "Journaliste sportif est un metier qui je pense me convient."

Je voudrais faire ce metier car je suis passioné de sport m, j'aime voyagé et je suis prêt a être loin de ma famille et de mon domicil si c'est pour le travail.Je sais que les journaliste sportif qui voyagent se font rares mais je ferai tout pour en faire parti.

37459 -
modify delete 37645 - Reply from joana41152 (France) - 2020-04-03

Salut Lorik,
Pour se métier tant que tu es près a être loin de chez toi pour les études fonce et crois en toi.

37459 -
modify delete 37483 - Reply from NP17 (France) - 2020-03-19

Quels sont tes sports préférés ?
Et quel aspect du métier préfères-tu : les voyages ? les rencontres + interviews ? la photo ? la vidéo ? rédiger des articles de presse ?

modify delete 37295 - from Garance220 (France) - 2020-02-16
Journalist, Reporter - "Looking for journalists !"

Hi my name is Garance and I'm french. I hace an Instagram account where I publish little articles. Lately I find myself with lot of work in school and less content... do I am looking for people who would be interested in writing for my account sometimes... If you are interested, contact me on l_imperieuse@yahoo.com

modify delete 37009 - from Raina232 , 19 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-11-14
Journalist, Reporter - "Story of me"

Hello, let me introuce myself. My name is Raina. I hope you all can accept me in this group. I'm so happy if that can be happend. My english is still basic, i'm sorry if i'm wrong. May you all can be teach me. Thankyou.

37009 -
modify delete 37039 - Reply from Lou89 , 18 yrs (France) - 2019-11-28

Hi Raina, I would love to know you better and help you in english if you want ! I hope we can become friends.

modify delete 36307 - from paloma185 , 16 yrs (France) - 2018-12-27
Journalist, Reporter - "salut"

my name is paloma, future journalist
I am 16 years old
In this moment, I create a channel youtube and a blog that would allow me to discuss different subject

I am looking for perssones from different countries to answer my question about women's rights, ecology, education, capitalism, family
if you are interested
contact me
I'm waiting for you

36307 -
modify delete 36337 - Reply from Vikas37 , 17 yrs (India) - 2019-01-09

Hi Paloma... yes I'm intersted

modify delete 36276 - from Sydney45 , 16 yrs (Ireland) - 2018-12-16
Journalist, Reporter - "BLOG OF 2019!! LOOKING FOR YOU!!"

Hi there! I'm Sydney and I'm 16 years old. I want to make a blog where people from different types of countries describe their cultures and make really funny content for other teenagers our age to relate to! If you have an interest in Journalism, Photography, Outdoors and languages+ it could help in making relatable blog posts about and hopefully one day, the blog will become big and friendly! As well as you, I have no limit yet on how much members this blog will have so if you have any friends that are interested please be sure to let me know and I would love to allow them the opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon and maybe with good news? Thank you for reading! Syd x ps. Sydney is my temporary nickname because I really like it haha!

36276 -
modify delete 37692 - Reply from Emma183 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2020-04-12

Hey! Your project sounds so interesting! I thought I would just get in touch, I want to be a journalist too and would love to be friends! :) Have a great day!

36276 -
modify delete 36306 - Reply from paloma185 , 16 yrs (France) - 2018-12-27

I am very interested in your ad
you think that we can contact by a social network or mail?

modify delete 36275 - from Sydney45 , 16 yrs (Ireland) - 2018-12-16
Journalist, Reporter - "BLOG OF 2019!! LOOKING FOR YOU!!"

Hi there Eveliina! You have got a real lovely name! I'm Sydney and I'm 16 years old. I checked out your profile and you seem like a real cool person to make a blog with! I want to make a blog where people from different types of countries describe their cultures and make really funny content for other teenagers our age to relate to! I see you have an interest in Journalism, Photography, Outdoors and languages+ which could help in making relatable blog posts about and hopefully one day, the blog will become big and friendly! As well as you, I have no limit yet on how much members this blog will have so if you have any friends that are interested please be sure to let me know and I would love to allow them the opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon and maybe with good news? Thank you for reading! Syd x ps. Sydney is my temporary nickname because I really like it haha!

modify delete 35406 - from Vaibhav64 , 14 yrs (India) - 2018-02-15
Journalist, Reporter - "Job"

I am 14 years old, good in public speaking, please advice if you find any journalism or any media related things. Thanks

35406 -
modify delete 36800 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Azerbaijan) - 2019-08-07

Hello, I study Media too. As for me, Media is one of the most interesting study program today. It is really interesting to study it in university. I know cool web where you can find all information about the best universities to study Media - Free-Apply. I highly recommend you this web, here you will find all information to become a student. Good luck!

35406 -
modify delete 36116 - Reply from apolline216 , 13 yrs (France) - 2018-10-19


modify delete 35332 - from Rikky39 (USA) - 2018-01-31
Journalist, Reporter - "How to get news"

I run a small neighborhood blog/newspaper but i have a hard time getting good news:( how do i get a better scoop?

35332 -
modify delete 35968 - Reply from Abigail228 , 13 yrs (Cyprus) - 2018-08-30

I would say just keep your eyes and ears open to what's around you. It also depends if you have like a specific category that you want to focus on. Like maybe what the lastest trend is. Fashion, music, maybe even new stores that have opened up. Just keep a broad outlook on things.


modify delete 34986 - from suki194 , 17 yrs (Switzerland) - 2017-11-12
Journalist, Reporter - "like thai"

sawadee karb
dichan chaw s wis par thed
dichan chaw s wis khat
©Ñ¹ '¹Ñ¡àÃÕ¹
¢Í§â»Ã´ ÀÒÉÒ µèÒ§»ÃÐà·È.
would like learning thai.

modify delete 34777 - from Veronica150 , 22 yrs (Philippines) - 2017-09-13
Journalist, Reporter - "SPEECHLESS^^"

Good day!^^ Im a bit new here and I dont care LOL.
anywaysssss I am just super duper ultra mega amazed of how young people keep on dreaming to be a Journalist SOMEDAY :) keep it up guys! push forward :)

By the way I am a Graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Broadcasting ^^ and if you wanna know my experience being part of the Media Industry, message me and I'll show you how thrilling and enjoying to be part of it. :) We're going to ride a roller coaster! Get ready to know about the UPS and DOWNS! :) and Im going to show you the backbone of it ^^.

And hopefully by sharing my experience to you,I hope you could learn something while enjoying the view :)


34777 -
modify delete 35017 - Reply from William83 , 19 yrs (Martinique) - 2017-11-21

I really enjoy your message, it was entertaining as well. I really want to know more about your experience and how did you manage to succeed in this career ... And if you had any form of difficulties, or harsh hardship to face ?

modify delete 34762 - from cherine239 (France) - 2017-09-08
Journalist, Reporter - "my future job that i don't know"

hi , later i would like work in the communition or medias but i haven't precise idea .
could someone help me ? i speak english spanish and french .

modify delete 33258 - from Lea134 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2016-12-09
Journalist, Reporter - "Quiz: What Type of Journalism Should You Pursue?"

Quiz: What Type of Journalism Should You Pursue?

1. How do you normally watch things?

a. Cable TV
b. Youtube
c. Netflix

2. Which of these would you watch on TV?

a. The news or Disney Channel Pop News
b. Beachfront Bargain Hunters or Private Islands
c. Anything on Food Network

3. How would you spend a free afternoon?

a. Researching or writing about celebrities
b. Looking up low priced but luxurious seaside villas
c. Cooking and baking up every dish imaginable

4. Which out of these four is your favorite candy?

a. Any type of chocolate
b. Taffy or Gummies
c. Reeses
d. Forget candy. what about cupcakes and ice cream?

5. Which out of these four is your favorite Disney movie?(includes short films and Disney Channel)

a. Neither, Disney Channel Pop News
b. Piper
c. Ratouille
d. Teen Beach 2

Mostly A
Celebrity Journalist or Reporter

Mostly B
Travel Blogger

Mostly C
Cuisine/Food Journalist

Mostly D
Fashion Journalist

33258 -
modify delete 33497 - Reply from ferdinand119 , 29 yrs (Burundi) - 2017-01-20



modify delete 33047 - from Dania213 , 14 yrs (France) - 2016-11-05
Journalist, Reporter - "Journalist in Videos games"

English: Hi~I would like since i was young become an journalist especially in videos games,beacause i love play,talk in front of persons,i like write too and travel around the world!(especially i would travel asia and live in Seoul in Korea)
I love the world of mangas,game.I'm a otaku and Geek! :p
French: Salut~J'aimerai devenir journaliste dans la jeu vidéo (comme marcus dans Game one,julien telouck...)parce que juste j'adore jouer aux jeux(toutes sortes mais mes préféré reste les mmorpgs et fps^^),j'aime parler devant pleins de personnes je n'ai pas de gêne.J'aime aussi écrire et voyager autour du monde!(surtout en Asie,j'aimerai habiter à Seoul^^)J'aime le monde des mangas,animés,jeux vidéos.En gros je suis une otaku et une geek!

modify delete 32628 - from Mathilde157 , 16 yrs (France) - 2016-08-22
Journalist, Reporter - "Surf Journalist"

-English- Hi! I'd like to be a journalist about surf and i'm kinda of lost. i don't know what kind of studies to do? If any of you have the slightest info that could help me, please email me! Thanks

-French- Coucou! J'aimerai être journaliste de surf plus tard et je suis un peu perdue. Je ne sais pas dans quelles études je dois me lancer ou si je deciderai de ça après un tronc commun? Si tu as la moindre information qui pourrai m'aider, n'hésite pas à m'envoyer un mail! Merci

32628 -
modify delete 34720 - Reply from claire250 , 15 yrs (France) - 2017-08-29

bonjour, je pense que pour commencer le mieux et de te diriger vers des études de journalisme sportifs.... après tu peu toujours commencer par le journalisme généraliste et puis t'orienter côté sport puis te spécialisé dans le sport "surf". Si tu veux plus d'information je pense que c'est cool d'aller voir des conseillers d'orientation où même carrément des personnes qui sont dans le monde du journalisme. Bye et bon courage pour la suite.

32628 -
modify delete 33264 - Reply from Lea134 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2016-12-10

Look up water sports, the dangers and pros of surfing, and famous surfers. If you're serious try starting a blog on a site like wix.com or blogspot.com

32628 -
modify delete 33069 - Reply from Ernest134 (Sri Lanka) - 2016-11-08


I am a retired geography teacher from sri lanka and wish to start a project that benefit students and students with disabilities in France who is capable in arts/crafts to exhibit at exhibitions/ cultural shows music and dance organized by school authorities in other countries. The project will help students in your country to display /demonstrate his/her talents at overseas events and will create opportunities for fundraising for their activities/ and for the school. It is purely a free programme I have designed.
Similarly there should be an opportunity to display talents of overseas students in your country too
If you like to join or support the student project by coordination and wish send more details on your reply including my contact details please

thank you

Ernest Goonetilleke

sri lanka

email crawleyms@hotmail.com

32628 -
modify delete 32855 - Reply from Karo100 , 16 yrs (Germany) - 2016-10-10

Omg I want to be a journalist about Surfing too.that is so cool!!!!!!!

modify delete 32328 - from elinor192 , 12 yrs (Ireland) - 2016-06-16
Journalist, Reporter - "hi"

my dream is to be a jornalist or writer and to travel to new countries.If anyone has the same dream, maybe we could team up and work something out? I love meeting new people!

p.s i don't live in Ireland i live in england

32328 -
modify delete 33667 - Reply from Juliette215 , 14 yrs (France) - 2017-02-24

I wanna be a journalist because I wanna bring the truth! No, I was just joking ^^ I love writing and I speak a lot, so it'd be fun to do that as a job...

32328 -
modify delete 32335 - Reply from Brian48 (USA) - 2016-06-18

I want to be a journalist because I love stating my opinions and thoughts. I love travelling especially out of country.

modify delete 32150 - from Elhadji177 , 25 yrs (Morocco) - 2016-05-14
Journalist, Reporter - "Rêve d'un journaliste."

Devenir journaliste,decouvrir, aller à l'encontre des endroits et des personnes les plus sollicités.
Le journalisme, un metier de noblesse, de cultures plein d'enseignements, un métier qui faconne et qui ouvre de toutes les portes de l'univers,. Bref j'aime exercer quelque chose qui nourrit l'esprit et stimule le savoir faire, et laisse une pensée autonome, et le journalisme en est un.

32150 -
modify delete 37460 - Reply from Lorik 41184 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-03-18

Salut je pense que ce métier te convient car tu prends compte des notions qu'il faut et que ca apporte.

modify delete 31976 - from Randika255 , 22 yrs (Indonesia) - 2016-04-13
Journalist, Reporter - "Journalist career"

hi guys..
please let me introduce myself. my name is Randika, you can call me Randi or Dika,
now im a student in one of reputable university in my country, faculty of communication sciences, majoring journalism. work in mass media was my dream since i was high school student,. as a collage student i have some experiences that can share with you guys. so , please let me know if you're have same interested with me :)

31976 -
modify delete 34462 - Reply from Florence 239 , 21 yrs (Uganda) - 2017-07-13

Hai Dika,am Florence from Uganda from my childhood I was dreaming to be journalist and i still have that dream now am doing a diploma in project planning but I still have that hope please help me how can I do it because my parents don't have money
Thank you dear

modify delete 31881 - from Amanda222 , 24 yrs (USA) - 2016-03-30
Journalist, Reporter - "Dream"

I always wanted to be a journalist) If you are directed to your aim and don't notice the procces itself you cannot improve yourself) As for me, I'm training my typing speed) And I'm proud of each my result, even when it is worse than I expected, but better than previous)
I began to read interesting articles
“how to improve the typing speed”, here are some of them
Now working on it, noticeable a little progress ^^))
check my results here http://www.ratatype.com/typing-test/

31881 -
modify delete 32455 - Reply from hae-ryeong235 , 22 yrs (Korea) - 2016-07-22

WOW!!!I'm reallly impressed by your message...
I also dreaming journalist, but I'm little frustrated to keep carry on my dream...
Thanks for help to get cheering up myself!!
Especially,'If you are directed to your aim and don't notice the procces itself you cannot improve yourself' This pharse is amazing.
I respect to your positive thinking!!

modify delete 30843 - from Kamryn134 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2015-10-01
Journalist, Reporter - "PLEASE!!!"

I have always had the dream of writing. Please help me persue my dreams!!!

30843 -
modify delete 33252 - Reply from Lea134 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2016-12-09

Hey Kamryn! I recommend building a blog or website and choose a subject to write about. I used wix.com to build my websites, cultureblogs.wixsite.com/goodvibes and cultureblogs.wixsite.com/alrededordelmundo If there is any space in the links, delete them.
Hope I could help, Lea

modify delete 30766 - from Charlotte165 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2015-09-17
Journalist, Reporter - "A short range of my work"

this is a short passage of my work.

I feel like a blanket slowly fading amongst the cold, icy snow, I am being stood on by lonely depressed residents moping rapidly past my humungous brown eyes. Some say my eyes are like the night elapsing into time, waiting for an opportunity to desire and fade amongst the rest.

30766 -
modify delete 32848 - Reply from Mariam154 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2016-10-07

Hello, My name is Mariam and I would like to be you to be my penpal. I absolutely love journalism and I have already made a short story

30766 -
modify delete 32578 - Reply from Sietske49 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2016-08-13

Hi Charlotte
I would love to meet you which city do you live in?
Sietske in Adelaide

30766 -
modify delete 31909 - Reply from Charlotte4 (USA) - 2016-04-02

Hi i like your "short range of work" and was wondering if you want to be my penpal.I am working on a book myself and i have already made a short story. I hope we can be friends and work on journalisam and writing together.

From, Charlotte

modify delete 30765 - from Charlotte165 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2015-09-17
Journalist, Reporter - "Please consider"

To whom this may consider
I am writing in regards to becoming a journalist. My heart desires desperation and dedication, which journalism requires. Please consider my note and write back.

Thankyou, Charlotte

30765 -
modify delete 33256 - Reply from Lea134 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2016-12-09

Hi Charlotte! You've got everything journalism requires. I recommend starting a blog on a website like weebly.com or wix.com , it's free. The templates are super legit and look really professional. I built two blogs there cultureblogs.wixsite.com/goodvibes (celebrity news) and cultureblogs.wixsite.com/alrededordelmundo (travel). Hope this helps!

30765 -
modify delete 32636 - Reply from Sietske90 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2016-08-26

Hi Charlotte how do you become penpals?
Is it on the website?😃

modify delete 30469 - from Lexx236 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2015-08-02
Journalist, Reporter - "Journalism!"

I'd love to become a journalist or maybe even an author. I like those ideas of becoming one because it's like you can spread news and ideas, and then also you could write a whole world of your own which I think is really cool!

30469 -
modify delete 30767 - Reply from Emma22 , 16 yrs (France) - 2015-09-17

It's the same thing for me :) and I would like to be journalist to learn lot of things about culture for example... I would like to travel around the world for this reason and that's why I m here: To train the foreign languages that I study because it's really important if I want to travel... Please send me a mail we could speak about journalism and books because my second dream is became an author like you

modify delete 28913 - from Anni192 , 13 yrs (Finland) - 2015-07-15
Journalist, Reporter - "New friends? :)"

Hi everyone, my name's Anni and I'm 13. I'm from Finland. I dream of being a journalist, because I love writing and travelling and meeting different people. If there's anyone who has the same dream, I'm waiting for your email. :)

28913 -
modify delete 30624 - Reply from Moussa203 , 21 yrs (Burkina Faso) - 2015-08-23

i have the same dream

28913 -
modify delete 30459 - Reply from Josephen160 , 12 yrs (Australia) - 2015-08-01

Same i want to be a journalist

modify delete 28806 - from Chloé201 , 14 yrs (Belgium) - 2015-06-21
Journalist, Reporter - "C'est un rêve - It is a dream - Das ist ein Traum"

Je rêve de devenir journaliste ! J'aime tellement voyager, photographier et apprendre de nouvelles choses, découvrir de nouvelles personnes. - Ich träume, ein Journalist(Journalistin) zu werden! Ich reise so gern, zu fotografieren und neue Sachen zu lernen(mitzuteilen), neue Personen zu entdecken. (Ich lern deutsche Sprache aber ich spreche darüber nicht sehr gut) - I dream to become a journalist! I so much like travelling, photographing and learning new things, discovering new people. - I do not speak English, I translate with a site of translation

28806 -
modify delete 35442 - Reply from Audrey 104 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2018-02-27

Salut! J'aime voyager et photographier aussi et je voudrais parler avec toi! contact moi si tu veux.

28806 -
modify delete 33452 - Reply from Anne Sara37 , 15 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2017-01-11

Coucou, je suis en Côte d'Ivoire et j'adore également le journalisme, la photographie, les interviews

modify delete 28285 - from Lira28 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2015-03-16
Journalist, Reporter - "Journal-crazy!"

Hello,from USA!Do you like 2 journal?I LOVE it so much that I have about...7 journals! On top of being a journalist I would love to become an author.Seya:)

28285 -
modify delete 28900 - Reply from joyous229 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2015-07-13

Hey! Yeah I love writing and reading . Its my second favorite thing to do. I have written stories & even published one on https://www.wattpad.com I just love it . you know?

28285 -
modify delete 28862 - Reply from Owethu167 , 14 yrs (South Africa) - 2015-07-04

Really?Me too,I love writing and have written many short stories.I also would like to be a journalist i could spread news.Writing is more than a hobby for me.It is a passion.

modify delete 28273 - from Sophie125 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-03-14
Journalist, Reporter - "The best job!"

My dream it's to become a journalist!

28273 -
modify delete 30590 - Reply from I don't care I live143 , 43 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2015-08-19

I think that anyone on this suvhdhdjjdjdmkxkskkskdkdkkd

28273 -
modify delete 28549 - Reply from Sophie125 , 13 yrs (France) - 2015-04-23

Thanks you! 😉

28273 -
modify delete 28434 - Reply from dorian255 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2015-04-08

The best job is the job that you work hard for with determination. In order to get that far you have to go through school and temporary jobs to get to you to your goal. Basically you have o go through major processes to get to the top of your goals and achievements. My word to you is try harder than ever before to reach your highest goal.

modify delete 28173 - from YAE IN200 , 13 yrs (Korea) - 2015-02-25
Journalist, Reporter - "hi~everybody!"

my name is YAE IN.
i want to be a Journalist, Reporter.
because i am great to this area.
please call me~

28173 -
modify delete 36615 - Reply from Laura46 , 16 yrs (France) - 2019-05-12

Hey Yae In,
I'm Laura and I'm from France.
Are you still interested to be a journalist ? Because I want to be a journalist too and I want to learn other language...

modify delete 28117 - from Marsha94 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-02-18
Journalist, Reporter - "I want to speak out"

I want to be a reporter. I love to speak. I want to be smart. I want to go and travel the world and discover new things and share it with others

modify delete 27392 - from Jordan120 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2014-11-13
Journalist, Reporter - "Travel Journalists"

Hi! I have always wanted to be a travel Journalist. As in traveling all across the world and bringing news to people who otherwise might not see it. I know that journalism can be a very dangerous job with the ISIS and everything, but I'm willing to take that risk to pursue my passion.

27392 -
modify delete 33253 - Reply from Lea134 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2016-12-09

YAAAAAASSSSS!! Any one who really wants to be a travel journalist will be willing to take that risk. I have my own travel blog, cultureblogs.wixsite.com/alrededordelmundo . I love to travel and write, so I combined it. You can build your own on wix.com. It's really cool.

27392 -
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I'd like to be a travel journalist because I love languages learning and cultures around the world. I live in Brazil and we have a giant danger here because of mean people and those things that nobody likes... I wanna live in New Zealand or Japan when I become an adult.

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