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modify delete 40370 - from Bob22 (France) - 2022-08-31
Antique dealer - "Hey"

I was searching the "drug dealer" section but didn't find it...
Kidding haha. Anyway I hope you'll enjoy this job !

40370 -
modify delete 40371 - Reply from Bob (again22 (France) - 2022-08-31

*in "this job" I meant antique dealer... anyway... I hope you'll all find a job that you love guys :)

modify delete 38717 - from Nathan 4a70 (France) - 2020-11-22
Antique dealer - "Question"

Je fais ce message pour poser des questions concernant ce métier car il m'intéresse fortement je voudrais vous demander quel licée au alentour de la Normandie ou en Normandie pour étudier et en plus quel diplôme faut t'il avoir.

modify delete 2391 - from David239 (South Africa) - 2010-02-05

Im an artist myself,been doing this from when i was young as a hobby but later on in highschool,my mates used to buy my art.I would it if someone pointed me in the right direction,turn it into a big business someday when am done with school.In my country i take them to various stalls around flee markets.Id love for people out there to tell me whether they african art.

2391 -
modify delete 4964 - Reply from Aymen218 , 17 yrs (Ethiopia) - 2011-01-16

Hay! That sounds really interesting!

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