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modify delete 40718 - from ashan134 , 19 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2024-02-01
Explorer - "Intro;"

Hey Iam Ashan. So I adore improving my English knowledge and making new friends abroad.So mates;Drop me a mail.I m using telegram and emails...

modify delete 40354 - from piya6 (India) - 2022-08-08
Explorer - "i wan to learn german"

hello all..I m piya..I m from India..and looking for someone who can talk to me in German and help me to improve my German speaking skills..I m good in English and Hindi ..I can help too...

modify delete 40262 - from Seth162 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2022-04-11
Explorer - "Hi"

When I grow up I want to be a explorer and see every country I can in my lifetime and want to live in Japan please reply to me if you want

modify delete 38237 - from Louie4 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-10-01
Explorer - "Hi"

Hi guys I want to be a Succsessful factory entrepreneur but if you want to explore the world. You have to Traveling Indonesia. Like: Komodo National Park, Bali, Komodo island, Labuan, Bajo, Toba lake, and more again

modify delete 35590 - from zahra195 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2018-04-26
Explorer - "hy!"

Hi,i really love traveling but i've never travel to the other country,and i really love travel at my own country.If you want to know more about interesting trip destination at my country,you can contact me,and let's be my friend!

35590 -
modify delete 40263 - Reply from Seth162 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2022-04-11

Oh cool I have never been out of my country but I love travel to I have only been to a few states but I set my sights high you are much older than me so if you friend me do not be wierd thanks for posting

modify delete 35288 - from rihaam51 , 10 yrs (Australia) - 2018-01-25
Explorer - "who i am"

name:riaan friends:i'm a newbie how old am i am 10 yrs old i'm not scared to make friends i would like to make friends pets:0 Sibling:1 where i live:that is none of your beeswax! :l

modify delete 34295 - from Marine 97 (France) - 2017-06-07
Explorer - "Bonjour,"

Bonjour, pouvaient vous m'aider s'il vous plais , je cherche un métier qui pourrai avoir un rapport avec l'exploration... =P merci.

34295 -
modify delete 38810 - Reply from Michael193 (Brazil) - 2020-11-29

Je suis d'accord avec les autres réponses!
Il-y a aussi les biologistes, zoologistes, et écologistes (qui explorent les être-vivants et ses habitats), les océanographes (qui explorent les océans), les astronomes et astronautes (qui explorent l'espace), les scientistes du climat & météorologie (qui voyagent pour étudier les variations du climatique), les archéologues (qui explorent les sites anciens) et, bien sur, les psychologues, qui explorent l'esprit humain ;)

34295 -
modify delete 38527 - Reply from Céline165 (France) - 2020-11-16

Un ethnologue / Anthropologue peut voyager très loin dans différentes cultures.
Des géographes, des botanistes, des géologues et autres métiers qui ont rapport avec l'étude de la planète peuvent aussi être amenés à explorer des aires géographiques éloignées :)

34295 -
modify delete 37452 - Reply from Nina41249 (France) - 2020-03-17

Bonjour, je pense que journaliste-reporter ou encore hôtesse de l'air peuvent etre des métiers qui font découvrir des pays.

modify delete 32291 - from Ireland58 , 14 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2016-06-09
Explorer - "Exploring is my muse"

I love love love traveling to and exploring new places! though I don't get to vert often, i appreciate the time i get to do it. I'm a free spirit so I could travel to just about anywhere and find beauty in all places! Please Contact me if you feel the same!

32291 -
modify delete 40531 - Reply from Jojo93 , 16 yrs (Germany) - 2023-05-04

Hey! I love traveling too! I think being able to find beauty in every small thing is a great gift and I've learned to appreciate the joy of it on my last journeys. I've not been many places yet, but there's a lot on my list! I'm pretty new to this site so I'm a bit confused about how it works, but I'd love to talk to you!

modify delete 31363 - from Avalon12 , 8 yrs (USA) - 2016-01-08
Explorer - "I love traveling soon much!!"

I love traveling! One time me and my mom went on 2 month camping trip (i'm not kidding)!!! We drove around in our car and we started our trip in Oklahoma (state), and we went to Wyoming, Oregon, Alaska, and Hawaii!!!!
(We flew on a plane to Hawaii and Alaska, of course!)

31363 -
modify delete 31796 - Reply from Kate86 , 12 yrs (Greece) - 2016-03-16

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?! I need to go to another country! I've already explored both my mom's and dad's home villages!!! I NEED TO FIND SOMETHING TO DO WITH MY EXPLORER'S LIFE!!!!!

modify delete 30436 - from LEILA148 , 20 yrs (Norway) - 2015-07-27
Explorer - "Leila:3"

Hi my name is Leila i'm from africa,i'm born in usa in new york city but i have lived in my mother country.And this country is Togo do you know:).Well i"m here for making friends over world specially form Norway and sweden.I love these countries.

modify delete 28946 - from Sally 103 , 18 yrs (China) - 2015-07-22
Explorer - "student from China"

Hi !I am Sally from China.I am very interested in different cultures and countries .So l want to make friends all over the world to help me learn cultures and English as well .If you want ,please feel free to email me!!!

28946 -
modify delete 35456 - Reply from Leslie37 , 23 yrs (France) - 2018-03-05

Hi, i'm from France (Metz) ! I traveled to China in 2012 (Chengdu, Beijing) with my school and my chinese teacher (at this time I studied mandarin)
What a wonderful country ! I really hope to come back ! I would really love to chat with you :D

28946 -
modify delete 30628 - Reply from mpumr145 , 25 yrs (Tanzania) - 2015-08-23

hello! wants to be your friend!

modify delete 27111 - from Garrett224 , 19 yrs (USA) - 2014-09-24
Explorer - "Looking for a pen pal in any country :)"

Hey everyone I'm Garrett :) I'm a university student and want to chat and talk about other parts of the world! if any of you guys have Snapchat mine is Glacich. Add me and send me pics of your world! i'll show you what Arizona is like in the United states.

27111 -
modify delete 27218 - Reply from tumie220 , 21 yrs (Lesotho) - 2014-10-14

hey i also love exploring and wanna gain knowledge about other worlds. i am also a university student studying Geography, i think it would be nice exchanging ideas with you.

modify delete 26317 - from morgan30 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2014-05-08
Explorer - "hey"

hello nice to met you

26317 -
modify delete 26336 - Reply from ritz73 , 20 yrs (India) - 2014-05-10


modify delete 25893 - from Cara30 , 19 yrs (USA) - 2014-02-25
Explorer - "The million dollar question"

If you could go anywhere in space or time.... With $1 million dollars..... Where would you go? And what would you buy?

25893 -
modify delete 28475 - Reply from Robin192 , 17 yrs (France) - 2015-04-11

In Russia of course ! I would buy few mansions in St-Petersburg, Moscow, near the Baikal Lake, near the Black Sea.
I would also go to Japan indeed.(Mount Fuji)
Australia would be cool.

25893 -
modify delete 26448 - Reply from Aziz193 , 19 yrs (India) - 2014-05-31

Wow. i would go to to past buy gold in cheap and sell it in future for more.
Eventually i would buy stuff like cloths and stuff for needy in my and other countries.
that life would be worth living.

25893 -
modify delete 26087 - Reply from Marina89 , 16 yrs (France) - 2014-04-05

Certainly in the moon!

modify delete 25545 - from Mickel13 (Great Britain) - 2014-01-06
Explorer - "Making waves....."

Just a line to say that I already work on a yacht....currently moored in the Med. Write me if you like, I am very open minded.

modify delete 15398 - from Michael74 (Ghana) - 2012-03-23
Explorer - "We can chat"

Hi, I want to open a forum for us to talk about issues on establishing a website, finding codes on the net(ip addresses, host names, ....) hacking if I should be precise. U've got my e-mail: zindoo@yahoo.com...I lik chatting through facebook.. hope u gotta glow interest theree.... c u........!

15398 -
modify delete 19641 - Reply from HIRUSHINI245 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2012-11-30

Please send your information.
I am G.R.A. Hirushini .
I like music & dance.
I have two sisters.
My school is Tholangamuwa Central Collage.
Please send your Photos.

modify delete 14961 - from d160 (American Samoa) - 2012-02-21
Explorer - "e"

(=’ :’)✩

modify delete 14844 - from Marianne150 , 10 yrs (Canada) - 2012-02-11
Explorer - "awesome"

explorers are awesome!

14844 -
modify delete 27797 - Reply from Emma200 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2015-01-13

I think explorers are amazing I would love to travel all over the world:)

modify delete 13935 - from Milly104 (Great Britain) - 2011-12-20
Explorer - "Explorer"

I was just thinking wouldn't it be awesome to be an explorer!

13935 -
modify delete 16915 - Reply from inoshiro12 , 18 yrs (Spain) - 2012-06-10

hehe be looking at the world looking for something that will mmm if I would love to be an explorer

modify delete 10718 - from tuðba163 (Turkey) - 2011-08-02
Explorer - "Exploring is my middle name"

I like exploring new places, new countries. Travellling is sth indispensable in my life. I've always wanted to be one of those great explorers. Maybe I could be one of them. Who knows?

modify delete 10629 - from Goksu141 , 11 yrs (Turkey) - 2011-07-24
Explorer - "Explorer"

Hello I'm Göksu. I enjoy exploring my garden.I favorite animal is rabbit. I like go to the cinema. I want to climb a high mountain.I'm playing the voleyball.I faavorite fruits are banana and apple.

10629 -
modify delete 26977 - Reply from Mathéo94 , 10 yrs (France) - 2014-08-31

Hello , do you speak french? I can speak English my mother can help me; I enjoy travel,trains,cinema ,cats dogs and swimming

10629 -
modify delete 12393 - Reply from peace0 , 13 yrs (Uganda) - 2011-10-05

hello am peace in uganda am looking for a friend in hollanda because am coing their some time.

modify delete 10353 - from grace93 , 9 yrs (Great Britain) - 2011-07-11
Explorer - "exploreing"

i love exploring.when i go out to a wood i look round and find little houses made of trees and stuf like that. exploring would be like playing not working.

modify delete 10318 - from Dita162 , 14 yrs (Indonesia) - 2011-07-10
Explorer - "I want to be a world explorer!"

I love discovering and learning new things. Being an explorer would be the perfect job. Not only will I get to travel alot, but also encountering different and unique cultures. Anyone agrees with me?

10318 -
modify delete 36140 - Reply from Mihret108 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2018-11-01

I totally agree

10318 -
modify delete 32095 - Reply from syahirah32 , 18 yrs (Malaysia) - 2016-05-03

hi dita :)
i hope that i can be your friend, bcs i plan to explore the world too! hehe

10318 -
modify delete 16921 - Reply from nadege206 (France) - 2012-06-10

You are totally right

10318 -
modify delete 15127 - Reply from Ethan116 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2012-03-02

i love exploring i explore every day

10318 -
modify delete 10577 - Reply from john80 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2011-07-21

i love exploring

modify delete 5707 - from MAGGIE 48 , 11 yrs (Denmark) - 2011-03-16
Explorer - "I want to level up a lot of things in nature"

I love being outside and experiencing many things

I love nature

5707 -
modify delete 27798 - Reply from Emma200 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2015-01-13

I like nature but the bugs not so much. Nature has cool things to learn about.

5707 -
modify delete 27237 - Reply from Constantine74 , 10 yrs (Greece) - 2014-10-18

I love exploring things near the sea. On holiday I search for turtle shells and old coins

5707 -
modify delete 10630 - Reply from Goksu141 , 11 yrs (Turkey) - 2011-07-24

I also. Well actually. I like to nature.

modify delete 3843 - from ABDELHADI102 , 12 yrs (France) - 2010-08-10
Explorer - "METIER"


modify delete 3358 - from arianne80 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2010-06-14
Explorer - "les rêves forment la jeunesse"

J'aimerais me retrouver tels mes héros de littérature....... me sortir de cet univers et vivre pleinement mes rêves..... mais pour l'instant à l'aube de cette vie adulte mes désirs guide ce travail acharné qui fera de moi une grande archéologue......

3358 -
modify delete 15700 - Reply from yang227 , 13 yrs (China) - 2012-04-15

Hello,i like nature too!please give me a little help how to make friends on this websites,could help me, could you be my first friend

modify delete 3077 - from Deonte53 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2010-05-12
Explorer - "being an explorer is fun!"

In my opinion being an explorer would be a fun career to pursue. I really like exploring and discovering new things. Every day I strive to uncover something newor at least learn something new.

3077 -
modify delete 15128 - Reply from Ethan116 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2012-03-02

hi i explore alot

3077 -
modify delete 13936 - Reply from Milly104 (Great Britain) - 2011-12-20

I would love to be an explorer too!

3077 -
modify delete 8307 - Reply from C.T195 , 13 yrs (Maldives) - 2011-05-09

Wow!nice aim!Go for it!

3077 -
modify delete 4602 - Reply from kevin.k.k179 , 15 yrs (Kenya) - 2010-11-27

i like your aim

modify delete 3049 - from sid224 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2010-05-06
Explorer - "smell"

to be an explorer would be cool but scary.
ps, you smell

3049 -
modify delete 27799 - Reply from Emma200 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2015-01-13


3049 -
modify delete 26318 - Reply from morgan30 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2014-05-08


modify delete 2009 - from catherine179 (Canada) - 2009-12-15
Explorer - ".."

Je ne suis pas explorateur! Je devais choisir un métier est c'est qui se rapprochait le plus de ce que je veux faire!! lol

2009 -
modify delete 2249 - Reply from Jimmy185 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2010-01-15

Sorry, I don't speak french

2009 -
modify delete 2236 - Reply from charles0 , 22 yrs (Uganda) - 2010-01-14

thats my eamil

2009 -
modify delete 2028 - Reply from nick10 (USA) - 2009-12-18

sorry i can not under stand you writing

modify delete 791 - from nousa203 , 14 yrs (Tunisia) - 2009-05-12
Explorer - "le métier"

C'est beau d'etre expolrateur mais en quoi?

791 -
modify delete 19708 - Reply from merve9 , 18 yrs (Turkey) - 2012-12-08


791 -
modify delete 2029 - Reply from nicl10 (USA) - 2009-12-18

i can not under stand your languig

791 -
modify delete 811 - Reply from jade77 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2009-05-17

bonjour je mappele jade i am not that good at french

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