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modify delete 40747 - from Calie150 , 10 yrs (France) - 2024-04-07
Writer - "cool!"

Je trouve ce forum hyper intéressant ! IL y a des personnes de tous les âges et des personnes mettent des poemes d'autres des histoires ,des conseillent etc... Bref c'est super intéressant ! Etes-vous d'accords ?

modify delete 40716 - from Allie242 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2024-01-31
Writer - "Une auteure"

Je veux être une auteure parce que j'aime écrire des histoires. Ces jours-ci j'écris un roman.

40716 -
modify delete 40743 - Reply from Léna184 , 13 yrs (France) - 2024-03-30

Salut, tu aimes quel genre de livre, ou d'écriture?
Tu vient d'où ?
Moi j'aime tout ce qui est histoire antique, science-fiction, et biographies...

modify delete 40713 - from Calie150 , 10 yrs (France) - 2024-01-20
Writer - "écrire des histoires ? J'adore !!"

Moi j'aime beaucoup écrire des histoires j'ai commencer d'écrire :
La petite fille et le dragon ,La clé de sol de Camille, La mémé sorcière et j'ai fini d'écrire 'Green et la malédiction'. Mon problème ? Je suis dépandante de mon imagination,je ne choisis pas lorsque je veux écrire car il faut que j'ai de l'inspiration !

40713 -
modify delete 40715 - Reply from Nicolas (webmaster)152 (France) - 2024-01-21

Bonjour Calie,

c'est intéressant ce que tu dis. Si tu aimes écrire, tu devrais publier tes histoires sur internet afin que tout le monde puisse en profiter !

Par exemple, tu peux proposer tes histoires à Daniel (responsable de l'association Les Francas) qui pourra peut-être es publier sur son site : https://studentsoftheworld.info/sites/ecoles/ecriture.php

Tu peux aussi créer ton propre site sur blog-city.info par exemple pour publier toi-même toutes tes histoires. Si tu as besoin de conseils, n'hésite pas.

modify delete 40703 - from Lily135 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-12-26
Writer - "poet"

{36}- Life

Life has a mile to go,
Meeting a friend or a foe,
There’s a hill to climb,
And a treasure to find.
It’s between life and death,
Moments to enjoy or *fret.

Life has more to move,
Another mile or two,
Feet swelling with pain,
Sweat filling up the brain.
Every moment you take a move,
The treasure goes away from you.
There’s more to scout,
I say that without a doubt.

Life has more to walk,
To observe like a hawk,
To run when the moments come,
To shout, ‘Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum!’
To look front and back,
Until the sky’s black.

Life is too long for me,
More than it takes for tea,
Sometimes I wish I had no treasure,
So that I won’t suffer this pressure.
Only ‘cuz of this treasure,
I have got a life to measure.

40703 -
modify delete 40709 - Reply from maddie69 (Canada) - 2024-01-04

as a poet myself, i love this. you're an amazing writer!

modify delete 40699 - from Lily157 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-12-22
Writer - "One of my poems"

The Lonely Night

Lurking in the shadows,
Of the bare woods,
Under the trees that has burrows,
With some rabbits running ‘round.

Everything seemed lifeless,
Filled with deathly darkness,
I walked under the shadowy trees,
And I spotted a hive of some bees.

Fireflies were lighting the place,
They were all over the space.
The hooting owl perched on an Oak,
Trying to show that it could talk.

The flowers were asleep,
So were the healthy sheep,
I was the only one awake,
Having a night walk.

Calm and beautiful the night,
Sleeping was its might.
Trees standing very still,
Covering the wheat mill.

- Lily S.

modify delete 40689 - from Israel235 , 13 yrs (Israel) - 2023-11-29
Writer - "Writing"

I love to write, I want to be an author. Mostly I write medium length books (I’ve been trying to reach the accepted “novel” word count but never made it…) and poems, occasionally short stories. Usually I write in English but I have started writing this really cool book that is half English half Hebrew. The only sad thing is that not so many people will be able to read it. Usually I write realistic fiction, that’s what comes most naturally. Historical fiction is also fun.
Is anyone interested in me sending a poem or story?

modify delete 40654 - from Lily104 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-10-31
Writer - "Stories and poems"

I write stories and poems. Most of my stories are about horses.

Lydia hurried towards the front door to open it—someone had been knocking. When she opened the creaky door, nothing was there, except for a pair of dusty white footsteps in the front stair. The night was very dark, and mysterious noises from the Starfall Woods could be heard. Lydia was terrified. She believed in paranormal things, and if something like that happens, she gets really scared.

I know dis is 2 short, but it’s ~to be continued~

modify delete 40601 - from Saad73 , 40 yrs (Pakistan) - 2023-08-24
Writer - "Riddles in Literature: Analyzing Symbolism and Subtext in Classic Tales"

ntroduction: Literature often hides deeper layers of meaning beneath its surface. Riddles, with their intricate language and hidden answers, share a kinship with the symbolism and subtext found in classic tales. In this article, we explore how riddles can serve as entry points to analyzing the deeper layers of meaning in the literature.
Unveiling Symbolism:
Metaphorical Exploration: Riddles encourage readers to decipher metaphors and analogies.
Hidden Meanings: Just as riddles have concealed answers, literature often has underlying messages.
Enhanced Critical Reading:
Textual Examination: Riddles train students to scrutinize language and uncover implied meanings.
Contextual Insights: Riddles develop the ability to infer information from surrounding context.
Subtext Discovery:
Character Motivations: Riddles mirror characters' motives in literature, enhancing character analysis.
Social Commentary: Literature's social commentary finds parallels in riddles' subtle commentary.
Conclusion: Riddles and literature share the art of concealed communication. By analyzing riddles and literary subtext, students deepen their understanding of both disciplines, honing critical reading skills and discovering layers of meaning.

modify delete 40589 - from Dieu Anh130 , 15 yrs (Viet Nam) - 2023-08-01
Writer - "Help with publishing/printing books"

I‘m writing my own „cultivation“ danmei (chinese boys love) novel that is about a doomed kingdom and a prince who is devoted to saving it.
But I am here to ask how I even publish these books? It‘s probably going to be a series, and I don‘t know how I can publish them free?

I want to target young adults, but it‘s wide range nonetheless. I don‘t want to use Wattpad, or Ao3, because of Copyright issues and I really want to see my books in stores someday. So, where do I market my books first to let people read it first and then see if it‘s popular to actually print and sell it?

I‘ve seen a lot of chinese authors publish their work, let them be translated and posted (somewhere. I don‘t know where and would like to know, so I can target the same audience as well.). Later on, when they know that these books are a big hit, they print and sell it. Any websites that you recommend? Preferably where there are other asian authors, for the same audience.

modify delete 40582 - from maddie71 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-07-21
Writer - "heyy"

hey guys I'm super bored and I want feedback on my writing so I'll start posting it here, mostly poetry. idk if anyone's really active on here but I hope you like my posts

modify delete 40579 - from Nuvini 134 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-07-18
Writer - "The Father of Mahinda Rajapaksha College had gone...."

*The father of Mahinda Rajapaksha College had gone.....*

He finished summer and was the first sun ray of spring...
And he made the way for lots of flowers, to bloom...
He waited until the spring starts...
Then the father of Mahinda Rajapaksha College had gone...

It's only started that flowers blooming...
So, why are you leaving us so soon...
Can't you wait till the all flowers bloomed...
Dear father, will you come again when the all flowers bloomed...

One day we will be smiling in the spring...
On that day you will be with us too...
Until that moment comes we are waiting...
To see you again dear father...

We will never hear the words 'my dear sons and daughters...'
We will never see your face at school again...
But we never forget you a valuable words...
Dear father, we will find the spring in the future...
Until that we never be fallen down.....

This is for my lovely principal sir Mr.M.R.D. Kasun Gunarathe. The principal of Mahinda Rajapaksha College. (From 2015 to 2023...) We had many lovely memories with you sir! We will be successful people in the future and it's the best gift we can ever present you! 🎁

modify delete 40578 - from Nuvini 134 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-07-18
Writer - "*ගුරු පියා සමු"

*ගුරු පියා සමුගත්තේ මිහිඳු මව් හඬවලා*

නිමා කර ග්‍රීෂ්මය, වසන්තය පුබුදලා
මල් කැකුළු උපදින්න ගව් ගණන් මග හදා
වසන්තයෙ අරුණැල්ල වැටෙන තුරු ඉවසලා
ගුරු පියා සමුගත්තේ මිහිඳු මව් හඬවලා

මල් කැකුළු පිපෙන්නට පටන් ගත් මොහොතේම
අප්පච්චි යන්න යයි සමුගන්නෙ ඇයි එහෙම
මල් කැකුළු පිපෙන තුරු ඉන්න බැරිදෝ ඔබට
යළි දිනෙක එනවා ද මල් කැකුළු පිපුනාම

වසන්තෙට ගිහින් අපි සිනා වෙන හැටි බලා
ඔබ හිනාවෙයි දිනක අපි එක්ක එක් වෙලා
ඒ ලෙසට ආයෙමත් අප්පච්චි හමුවෙලා
හිනැහෙනා දින තුරා සිටිමු අපි මඟ බලා

'මගේ මිහිඳු දරුවනේ' වදන් පෙළ ඇහෙන්නෑ
ඔබෙ සිනා මුව මඩල යළිත් මෙහි පෙනෙන්නෑ
ඒත් ඔබෙ වදන් වැල් මතක නැති කරන්නෑ
වසන්තය හොයාගෙන යනවමයි වැටෙන්නෑ

modify delete 40576 - from Gilbert126 (USA) - 2023-07-11
Writer - "Who is your inspiration?"

Hi everyone! I'm amazed at how many talented writers are here. I have a question for you, who are your inspirations?

40576 -
modify delete 40588 - Reply from Dieu Anh130 , 15 yrs (Viet Nam) - 2023-08-01

My inspiration comes mostly from music, not the lyrics but the atmosphere. But I also use visual things that look pleasing, so I put a folder together on tiktok with videos that I could watch over and over again. The vibe and atmosphere of the folder also represent the vibe of my book and whenever I look at the videos, I can just dive right in and it gives me more focus. Sound weird since people think I would be distracted by the visuals and sound, but I can write better by this method. A lot of inspiration comes from different cultures as well, but that depends on the book…
I use chinese folklore, it‘s interesting and it keeps me educational as well! I like vietnamese and japanese myths as well.
This was an amazing question, who is your inspiration?

modify delete 40543 - from Mya58 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-05-17
Writer - "Faut-il aller à la fac pour devenir écrivain ?"

Salut tout le monde, je m'appelle Mya, j'ai 13 ans et je voudrais devenir écrivain. Faut-il que je fasse des études à l'université ou puis-je seulement faire des stages ou aller dans une école spécialisée en écriture ? Merci d'avance.

40543 -
modify delete 40581 - Reply from Elsa26 (France) - 2023-07-21

Faire des études pour devenir écrivain n'aide pas à se faire publier ou quoi que ce soit. La meilleure manière est de forger ta plume en... *Roulements de tambours* écrivant ! Hé oui, c'est comme ça que tu progresseras réellement.
Si tu veux tes conseils d'écriture plus précis je te conseille la chaîne youtube de Christelle lebailly ou encore celle de Samantha bailly. Tu pourras y retrouver de nombreuses vidéos d'explications sur le processus de création d'un roman !
J'espère t'avoir aidé. Sache que tu peux faire une fac de quoi que ce soit. De toute façon, être écrivain est souvent un métier où il est difficile de "percer" et d'exercer seulement ce métier à plein temps. Tu peux donc être boulanger.e et auteurice, mais aussi professeur.e et auteurice. C'est selon tes préférences !
Ce qu'il faut pour être écrivain, c'est maîtriser un minimum la langue dans laquelle tu écris.

40543 -
modify delete 40546 - Reply from miguel193 , 8 yrs (Canada) - 2023-05-18

spanish is acool languge but i do not speak could you translate maybe

modify delete 40520 - from maddie68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22
Writer - "a poem i wrote about my cousin~hope you guys like it"

i lie alone in the grass
picturing what we used to be
but even with all the memories
it's hard picturing you next to me

my tears water the flowers
as i watch them start to thrive
our relationship, unlike them
is far from alive

you're here but not really
your soul is far away
focus on that stupid metal box
couldn't care less about what i say

imovies, games, dances
all the memories we've made
blocked out by what that girl's wearing today
minutes, hours, days pass as you slowly fade

fade away from who you used to be
you who saw me as a friend
you who cared for family
has that really all come to an end

so forgive me for being angry
forgive me for all i've cried
because to your 'itty bitty widdle cousin'
it feels like someone has died

40520 -
modify delete 40700 - Reply from Lily157 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-12-22

Omg! It’s a beautiful poem...
meaningful! Keep up the good work😌🤩

40520 -
modify delete 40680 - Reply from Stella115 , 15 yrs (South Africa) - 2023-11-19

wow, what a beautiful poem.

40520 -
modify delete 40523 - Reply from maddie68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22

thank you so much, i'd love to be friends ✨

40520 -
modify delete 40522 - Reply from Madeline68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22

Wow, this is really moving. Would you like to be friends?

40520 -
modify delete 40521 - Reply from maddie68 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2023-04-22

hey guys this is my first post on this website and it's dedicated to my older cousin who, to me, seems to be slowly fading away. i really hope you like my poem and that you'll tell me what you think. i'd love to talk to anyone, i've been feeling pretty lonely so i'll try to be active and check every day~

modify delete 40484 - from Pramuditha 157 (Sri Lanka) - 2023-02-22
Writer - "Anyone interested in furry fandom?"

Hi. I'm currently working on a novel that is yet to be published, and the thing is that it's anthropomorphic or furry in simpler terms. Simply it's like 'zootopia'. It is supossed to be a young adult, non fiction novel, built up around a College student, focusing on his daily life and struggles he face to acclimate to the big- city. Throughout the story I'm gonna bering out how hard it is to find a friend and keep them in your life. I think the story has some shades of LGBTQ, but it is a humble attempt to let people know that they should deserve equality. Well, despite the fact of the name "Over the Rainbow" has some associated symbolic elements. I'm planning on publishing it on kindle since there is a lack of English readers in my country, so I would greatly appreciate your comments to know if I can achi6the targeted audience. So is there anyone here who'd like to read a furry young-adult novel?

modify delete 40481 - from Nuvini134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2023-02-20

The glory of a friendship that never seen before!

The sun rises every morning but from west, it setting
And it's not forever that the moon is, glowing in the sky
Even though the flowers bloomed, they fade in the evening
But great friendships are keeping forever by the world!

On two- thousand twenty, seventh month 10th day
A ring of a friendship chain was fixed to my mind
Years had gone while the rings were fixing to my mind
But I never saw any broken places in the rings of the friendship chain!

I never saw your body but I saw your heart
My mind felt that you also saw my heart
"The girl who well-known you by letters,notes and words,
is the best never-saw friend of yours!" Said my mind!

Even though the country,nationality,and religion are different
Thoughts, wishes,feelings of our are very same
So, by the sound of shaking trees, the wind trying to say
about our lovely friendship to the world!

As the same way that the birds are flying in the sky
In the future we will meet together one day
We shall meet in our future lives again and again
With the strong and unbroken friendship! 💕💕💕💕

Hey guys, it's easy to find a pen pal, but it's very hard to find a BEST pen pal! This poem is for my best pen pal, I wish I could meet her one day!

I am Nuvini

modify delete 40466 - from Akshara66 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2023-01-17
Writer - "Poem of Silence apart 1"

Silence, it is around us
Silence, cannot be disturbed
Silence, everyone needs it
Silence, people have a hard time controlling over.
Part 2 coming soon!

modify delete 40465 - from Chloé167 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-01-12
Writer - "La passions de l'écriture"

Pour moi, l'écriture est une façon de transmettre des messages et des émotions.
Ecrire est important peut importe la langue, ont en à tous besoin. Et c'est une de mes plus grande passions. J'écris des livres depuis un an, mes professeurs de français les lisent. Aujourd'hui je les écris à l'ordinateur pour pouvoir les éditer. Je suis à la recherche d'amis qui partage ma passions pour l'écriture et je suis preneuse pour les conseils ;)) !
Bye à tous !

40465 -
modify delete 40540 - Reply from Mya17 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-05-15

Salut ! Je m'appelle Mya et moi aussi, j'aime écrire ! J'écris depuis bientôt deux ans, et j'écris des histoires policières. On pourrait échanger sur notre passion !

modify delete 40459 - from Coralie194 , 11 yrs (France) - 2023-01-05
Writer - "La ruée vers l'espoir"

Salut,je m'appelle Coralie et j'ai commencé à écrire un livre✍🏻 qui s'appelle "la ruée vers l'espoir". J'écris déjà des chansons mais si vous avez des conseils,n'hésitez pas à me les communiquer!😉

40459 -
modify delete 40539 - Reply from Mya17 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-05-15

Salut ! Moi, c'est Mya, et j'aime écrire aussi. De quoi parle ton livre ? Je serai ravie de le lire et de te donner mon avis !

modify delete 40438 - from Célian78 , 14 yrs (France) - 2022-11-26
Writer - "Montagne"

Montagne inaccessible,
Si magnifique et pourtant irascible,
Tu représentes une vie, la nôtre,
Des plateaux, un sommet, mais combien de côtes ?

Montagne surnaturelle,
Si attirante, inspirante, belle,
Tu représentes l'existence,
Le doute, l'incertitude, ou la confiance...

Montagne si sombre,
Le vent, la glace, le noir, le froid,
Comme la vie, tu as ta part d'ombre,
Mystérieuse et étrange parfois...

Montagne redoutable,
Tes cruels glaciers, des pièges insurmontables,
Découragent même les plus obstinés,
Avec, pour toute leçon, "Un héros peut tomber. "

Montagne dense,
Chaque jour est un dur défi,
Ô douce pénitence,
Que l'espoir nous tienne en vie !

Montagne du Lendemain,
Tes crevasses dont personne n'est jamais revenu,
Autrement dit, la Mort fauche ces individus,
Car à tout début, il y a une fin...


40438 -
modify delete 40462 - Reply from Celian78 , 15 yrs (France) - 2023-01-11

Thank U (;

40438 -
modify delete 40461 - Reply from Amaani0 , 12 yrs (Gibraltar) - 2023-01-11

This is beautiful!!!!

modify delete 40425 - from Paolo216 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2022-11-08
Writer - "The Fight for Focus"

Hi! So, this poem goes out to kids with ADHD or any disorder and are afraid to tell people. “My head hurts.” “I can’t focus.” “How should I start?” “I’ll do this later.” “Oh no, I didn’t remember that!” Cries of help. Cries of the lost. Cries of the ones who drown. Who are constantly groping blindly in the dark. Who swat away at the distracting, beautiful butterflies. “You don’t care.” “Why can’t you listen?” “You’re so lazy!” “I told you this so many times.” “This is not what I asked of you.” The answers to the cries. Those who do not understand. Those who are responsible for the drowning. Those who have turned off the lights. Those who breed the butterflies. “I’m sorry…” “I do care!” “They’re right, I need to pay attention.” “What’s wrong with me?” “I’m not working enough!” The criers, who try to swim in the sea. Who try to see in the dark. Who try to swat the butterflies. Who berate themselves when they fail. But criers, oh criers! The ones who suffer. You cannot swim without a teacher. You cannot see without light. You cannot swat without a net. And the ones who do not understand, They will not teach you. They will not turn on the light. They will not give you a net. It seems all hope is lost. But… You are not alone. There are others who drown alongside you. Others who can’t see. Others who are swarmed by the butterflies. Hold on to them in the water! Stumble your way to the light, grasping their hand! Shoo the butterflies, with your arms moving as one! You are not alone in this fight.

40425 -
modify delete 40456 - Reply from Luca245 , 50 yrs (Italy) - 2023-01-03

What you write is very nice. I don't know if I can really understand you, I've never been diagnosed with anything. It wasn't done in my day. But when I was a boy I suffered a lot from my slowness in studying and the difficulty in concentrating.
What I can tell you is that each of us has some problems, difficulties that can make us sad. We need to focus on what makes us special by learning to live with or overcome our problems.

40425 -
modify delete 40443 - Reply from Maddie 68 , 12 yrs (Cameroon) - 2022-12-09

I love this! Even though I do not have ADHD, I can relate with the way you wrote this poem < 3

modify delete 40389 - from Nuvini134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2022-09-29
Writer - "A House With A Daughter"

*A House With A Daughter*

Just like a beautiful garden with flowers,
Like the moon shining among the stars,
And like a palace in the divine world!
What? A house with a daughter......

She is the fairy of the mummy,
And the princess of the daddy,
Also the hero of the sister,
You know? Daughter is the superstar in the house.

A house with a daughter,
Is a palace of the luck!
But a house without a daughter,
Is like a horrid jungle which has no lovely flowers!

My dear friends, this is my poem about daughters! Let me know your opinions about that! I'm waiting for your response!

From Nuvini......

40389 -
modify delete 40408 - Reply from Paolo222 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2022-10-20

*sniff* It brought tears to my eyes. Tears... of happiness. Here's one of my poems!



There is a place I’d like to stay.
A little hole that’s colored gray.

And in that hole, there is a door.
And behind that door, there is a store.

And in that store, there is a house.
And living there is a mouse.

And with that mouse, a block of cheese.
And in that block, there are bees.

And those bees live in a hive.
And in that hive, they like to jive.

And while they do, it sometimes snows.
And when it does, the wind will blow.

And the wind blows you to a great big room
Where you’ll be safe from impending doom.

So now you see why I’d like to stay
In that hole that’s colored gray.

modify delete 40350 - from Audora240 , 16 yrs (Finland) - 2022-07-21
Writer - "Trying to find someone who would be interested to chat about writing books"

The title says it already, I'm posting this message so that I can find someone to talk about writing books. I personally am writing a trilogy and am not (yet) an official author and to achieve that it will probably take years..
ANYWAYS, let me tell you something about my book so that you know what you are going to be listening me talking if you decide to contact me!

So the trilogy will probably be called 'The Mistakes of Gods: *name of the book*'. It is about a war that was started by the gods, without them really never noticing it, and then following a bunch of characters thousands of years later trying to live their lives, fill their contracts and solving how exactly can you end the war.
And I won't apologize how I'm going to torture the reader by writing endings and fates for the chracters that (hopefully) will break hearts.
And as a warning, this series is going to contain stuff like war crimes, horrifying deaths done by the Daughter of the Death and so on. I'll give TW's but this is still a warning so that you can be prepared. And so that you won't think that the series is going to be just a bunch of spooky and terrible events, I promise you that there is going to be a right ending to it all and many happy scenes :)
Also, if we ever start chatting, you need to answer this question: Do you want to get *heavy* spoilers or just some lighter ones?

Soo I'll be glad to chat with you! (I mean, if, hopefully, I didn't drive out everyone...)
Thanks, Kiitos, Tack, Danke, ありがとうございます for your time, have a great day! ^^

40350 -
modify delete 40407 - Reply from Paolo222 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2022-10-20

Oh my gosh, really? I'm writing a trilogy too! I love writing. I mean, writing is my dream job!

40350 -
modify delete 40366 - Reply from Laura46 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2022-08-29

I would like to talk to you. I am also writing a book. I am a published author but not for a book. My book is about sisters living in the woods of Canada in the 1700s. You book sounds cool!

modify delete 40347 - from Jackie150 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2022-07-16
Writer - "I know why the caged bird sings"

So I'm doing this thing where I make a poem out of a book title

I know why the caged bird sings

It sings for a hope long gone

for life, it will never have

Joys it will never experience

And yet it still sings

Its spirit is as free and broad as its wings

Ps This is just a first draft, if you have any criticism, feel free to post them in the comments.

40347 -
modify delete 40482 - Reply from Pramuditha 157 (Sri Lanka) - 2023-02-20

That's amazing. You should certainly look into Maya Angelou's 'I know why the caged birds sing' keep up the good work!

40347 -
modify delete 40409 - Reply from Paolo222 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2022-10-20


40347 -
modify delete 40368 - Reply from Laura46 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2022-08-30

beautiful! (; love it

40347 -
modify delete 40351 - Reply from Audora240 (Finland) - 2022-07-21

This was quite beutiful so thank you for writing this and publishing it so that I was able to read it!

modify delete 40310 - from Kaya51 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2022-06-05
Writer - "Preview of my story- Untitled (Sorry I can't think of a title yet hehe)"

Hi! I'm Kaya from Canada and I have never written one of these forums before, so I thought I would give it a shot with a preview of one of my books I was writing. Being indigenous, I thought it would be cool to write a thriller with an indigenous protagonist! Here goes!

Joanna Trails, more commonly known to her friends as Joey, is an enthusiastic 16 year old indigenous girl with a great outlook on life, despite her humble life as a poor waitress in the constantly growing city of Ottawa. Her life was pretty laid back. Between a routine job, backpacking, and hanging around her best friends, life couldn't get any better. Until, of course, the apocalypse began.

In the middle of a rainy afternoon, the streets of Ottawa began erupting into chaos. People running for their lives up and down the streets, in and out of the grand historic buildings and skyscrapers, being hunted down and slewn by hideous creatures that looked as though they had been made by the devil himself. Cannibals. Terrible monsters that Joey had grown up hearing about in her grandmother's old horror stories. Wendigos. Panicking and horribly terrified, she and her friends all seek refuge in a hardware store, unknowingly being hunted by the demons who have taken over their beautiful city. Teaming up with ten other survivors who were also hiding in the store, among them her two best friends; Charlie, a blind man with incredible intelligence and talents, and Cody, kind-hearted religious boy with unbinding loyalty to her, Joey attempts to weather the storm. Only after a sudden attack on her fortress does she realize the imposing danger. Between Wendigos lurking around every corner, shapeshifters, and a gang of escaped criminals known as "The Rebellion" wandering the streets and forests surrounding the city, Joey can only try to do one thing to save herself and her companions. Survive. Will she succeed? I guess we'll see...

Well guys, thanks for reading, if you have made it this far! haha. I'm not really experienced at writing at all, and I have never written a description before! I hope I did good! Let me know if I should continue writing this story, and if so, I will write a couple chapters here for y'all to read if you want. Also, if anyone is looking for a pen pal that is interested in writing, feel free to hit me up! Thanks! Byeeee! < 3

40310 -
modify delete 40326 - Reply from Amaani5 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2022-06-15

Ok! I will message you!

40310 -
modify delete 40324 - Reply from Kaya38 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2022-06-14

Oh really? Haha that's cool! Imagine we had chosen the same colour too! Haha. Yeah sure! I would love to be friends!

40310 -
modify delete 40320 - Reply from Amaani5 , 12 yrs (Great Britain) - 2022-06-10

Your welcome!
I actually remember seeing that blue version of the picture, lol!
Would you like to be friends?

40310 -
modify delete 40314 - Reply from Kaya51 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2022-06-07

Thank you! I should probably submit a first chapter then haha.
OMG! That's so scary! HAHA! We must be secret twins! I literally chose this picture at random too haha!!That's so strange haha.

40310 -
modify delete 40311 - Reply from Amaani5 (Great Britain) - 2022-06-07

Oooh nice, I'm excited to learn more. Specially bout the shapeshifters! And umm... Are you my unknown twin or something cause we share pretty much the same interests and also, matching profile pictures!

modify delete 40292 - from Pramuditha 134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2022-05-16
Writer - "Checking out opinions"

Um…hey! I am a teenage boy who indulge in writing novels and I’m currently working on my first novel which I am hoping to publish on this September. The thing is that since Sri Lanka is not an English speaking country, English teenage novels like mine are not quite popular among kids of my age. So I thought is I can ask about their opinions in an international platform, and get feedbacks it would be grate.

To give a small plot description about my ongoing novel, it’s anthropomorphic, has a non fiction structure and teenage oriented. Due to that reason a lot of people are not interested in a novel like the movie “ Zootopia” where all characters are human like animals or animal like humans. The story illustrates around the protagonist, a lion who is college students in Illinois. He’s from a village and he lives with his grandma so they are not that much wealthy either. In the college he meets a new friend, who is a tiger who eventually offers him to stay with him as room mates when the lion wander around for days without accommodation as the college doesn’t have dorms. However they spend a blissful life as good friends until one day the tiger gets sick and later being diagnosed with Leukemia. The tiger has grown under foster care and his guardian has died a few years ago so the lion was the only person who was there with him to support. However the lion take all the issues to his shoulders, while running a part time job while learning and helping his friend with treatments. However then they face an economical crisis as neither of them can’t afford to do those cancer treatments but Howe their friends help him to safe his friends life. Then there’s a big chapter about how they find the money for treatments and keeping the tiger mentally strong and healthy. However in the end, it will end happily, hopefully and then they will be together again, after a very heart touching part.

So that’s the plot. Please let me know your opinions about that and I gratefully accept your suggestions and things that you think will be nice to add. I just gave the general Plato but in between their are many wonderful parts including humor, romance, tragedy, adventure etc. thank you your time. Have a nice day.

40292 -
modify delete 40352 - Reply from Gayathri231 , 16 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2022-07-25

Hey, as a fellow Sri Lankan teenager, I can understand what you say, only translations of most popular teen books such as Harry Potter are popular here. I think your plot is good tho. Good luck!

40292 -
modify delete 40341 - Reply from Jackie150 (Canada) - 2022-07-13

You should try wattpad.It's basically like social media but for books

40292 -
modify delete 40315 - Reply from Kaya51 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2022-06-07

Hi! I think your story is very wonderful! And heart-warming! I think it is DEFINATELY worth publishing, and I would be very happy to read it once it is published!

modify delete 40265 - from Rose195 , 15 yrs (Germany) - 2022-04-13
Writer - "thoughts from a perfectionistic people pleaser looking for peace"

And the memories come back
Again and again, as if to say
Life is too short to waste it
On unprecious things

And maybe
Music decorates time
The same way
Art decorates places

And maybe
Words are endless
And beautiful
Unique in every way

And maybe - just maybe
Life isn't so much
A waste of motivation
But an opportunity to try

40265 -
modify delete 40688 - Reply from Shoeva235 , 13 yrs (Israel) - 2023-11-29

I loved it

40265 -
modify delete 40266 - Reply from Madeline64 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2022-04-15

Beautiful! I love it!

modify delete 40242 - from Amaani5 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2022-03-24
Writer - "WEEKLY TIPS: 1"

Hi, I randomly decided to share weekly writing tips
1: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make notes. Plan out the basic story line of the book, write a list of chapters and what happens in each of them. Then just follow that guide and flesh out your story. I always used to be so lazy about this, but now I've been doing it and it helps SO much. It will make sure you don't lose track of what's going on in your story.

40242 -
modify delete 40346 - Reply from Jackie150 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2022-07-16

Wow I didn't know his could help that many people.

40242 -
modify delete 40342 - Reply from Jackie150 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2022-07-14

Another strategy is freewriting which is writing all your ideas on a piece of paper. Then put it into a planner and work from there with drafts until you have a final project

40242 -
modify delete 40246 - Reply from Amaani5 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2022-03-29

Thanks! I'll be sharing any tips I come across every week, and maybe they'll end up helping other writers!

40242 -
modify delete 40244 - Reply from Madeline64 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2022-03-27

Thank you for this tip! It is something I really struggle with usually because I lose interest in my original idea due to not planning enough, so thank you for this.

modify delete 40206 - from Livi186 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2022-03-01
Writer - "Write"

Bonjour! I love writing books, especially mysteries. I look for inspiration at museums, outside, at the mall… you can find inspiration anywhere!

40206 -
modify delete 40541 - Reply from Mya58 , 13 yrs (France) - 2023-05-16

Hello ! Me too, I like writing detective stories. I find inspiration especially in my books, the films that I watch, the news...

modify delete 40204 - from Isabella192 , 12 yrs (France) - 2022-02-28
Writer - "Chapitre 1 d'une nouvelle histoire :)"

Descendants de l'Olympe
Tome 1 : La faux de Cronos
Isabella M. & Manon F.

Chapitre 1 : Comment on a dégommé un Minotaure
Cela faisait 10 ans que Katerina, Daphné et Nikos fréquentaient la colonie des sangs-mêlés, mais jamais un tel événement n’était survenu. Ils avaient tous 14 ans et du plus loin qu’ils se souviennent, ils avaient toujours été réveillés par la conque qui résonnait, enseignés aux combats féroces et avaient toujours plus au moins apprécié les cours de grec ancien, et ce, depuis leur tendre enfance. Ils ne connaissaient pas d’autre famille que leur famille divine et leurs vrais amis résidaient tous à la colonie. Ils étaient comblés et ne nécessitaient de rien à part peut-être de rencontrer leur parent divin, celui qui les avaient mis au monde ou légué ses atouts.
Être demi-dieu et demi-déesse n’était pas simple. C’était même carrément dangereux. Un matin de juillet, alors que la plupart des jeunes étaient partis retrouver leur famille, nos trois amis s’entrainaient au tir à l’arc au bord du lac. Nikos et Katerina manquaient leur cible la plupart du temps, mais Daphné, experte en la matière, n’en manquaient aucune.
-C’est pas possible, ça ! S’est exclamée Katerina
-On n’est pas taillé pour ça, nous, a renchéri Nikos, notre truc à nous, c’est le combat rapproché !
Katerina a sorti un poignard de sa poche et Nikos a dégainé une épée. Les rayons de soleil se reflétaient sur les lames parfaitement aiguisées et éblouissaient Daphné qui s’apprêtait à lancer une flèche.
-Ah ! Arrêtez ça, je n’arrive plus à viser !
Elle a décoché une flèche qui est partie à vive allure en direction de Katerina. Elle s’est accroupie juste à temps et la flèche a frôlé ses longues boucles blondes avant d’aller se planter dans un arbre non loin de là. Encore une fois, ses réflexes la sauvaient.
-Oh, par tous les dieux ! Je suis désolée Katerina, ton poignard m’éblouissait et je n’ai pas fais attention ! S’est affolé Daphné
-Ne t’inquiètes pas, va. Je suis rodée, maintenant, depuis que tu m’en as envoyé une dans le ventre !
Katerina a soulevé son débardeur aux couleurs de la colonie et a laissé paraitre une cicatrice rosée.
-Ah oui, je m’en souviens. Ça a dû faire mal d’ailleurs… A fait remarquer Daphné
-Ah bah ça ! J’ai juste perdu quoi, 25 % de mon sang ? Ce n’est rien, je suis dure comme le roc, moi ! A ri Katerina
Daphné a rangé ses flèches dans son carquois et Katerina a remis son poignard dans son fourreau.
-Il est où Nikos ? A alors demandé Daphné
Katerina a fouillé de son regard argent les alentours, puis a haussé les épaules.
-Aucune idée.
Soudain, un cri strident a retentit. Les deux filles se sont précipitées vers la provenance du son. Là, au milieu d’une plaine, un minotaure terrorisait une jeune fille.
-Rah ! Il n’est jamais là quand on a besoin de lui ! A craché Katerina
-Comment ça ? A demandé Nikos
-Ah, tu es là, toi ! S’est joyeusement exclamée Daphné
-Trêve de bla-bla. On sait pas comment, mais un minotaure se trouve ici, et il faut le neutraliser… Nikos ?! A hurlé Katerina
Il s’était élancé droit sur le monstre. Cependant, il n’a pas fait le fier longtemps car en deux temps trois mouvements, le monstre l’emprisonnait dans sa poigne. Katerina a juré en grec ancien. « Ah ouais quand même, elle doit vraiment être en rogne pour dire ça. » a pensé Daphné en entendant cette insulte. Katerina s’est élancée à son tour sur le monstre, a grimpé jusqu’à sa tête et s’est agrippée à une corne.
-Daphné ! A-t-elle hurlé, crève les yeux de cette chose !
Daphné a bandé son arc et a visé l’œil droit de la bête. La flèche a atteint sa cible et le monstre a hurlé. Katerina en a profité pour sortir son poignard qu’elle avait toujours sur elle et l’a planté dans le cœur de la bête féroce. Nikos a tranché les jambes de l’homme-taureau et ce dernier s’est écroulée en un bruit sourd.
Daphné s’est approchée du monstre. Katerina a sauter de son dos et a atterri sur le sol. Elle était tâchée de sang visqueux : rien d’appétissant.
-Il est mort ? A demandé Daphné, toujours sous le choc
-Un monstre ne meurt jamais. Mais celui-ci devrait nous laisser tranquille pendant un moment. A soufflé Katerina
Les 3 amis se sont regardés, interloqués et choqués. Ah ! S’ils savaient que ce combat n’était que le premier d’une longue lignée !

40204 -
modify delete 40744 - Reply from Léna184 , 13 yrs (France) - 2024-03-30

Bonjour, vous voulez publier ce livre? 😊il est trop bien!!

40204 -
modify delete 40445 - Reply from Coralie194 , 11 yrs (France) - 2022-12-11

J'adore! Je raffole des romans d'aventure... Connaissez -vous Perçy Jackson? Ça se passe aussi dans la colonie des sangs mêlés avec des créatures mythiques(le un est "le voleur de foudre" et le deux "la mer des monstres").

40204 -
modify delete 40209 - Reply from Isabella192 , 12 yrs (France) - 2022-03-02

Merci :)

40204 -
modify delete 40207 - Reply from Madeline71 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2022-03-01

J'adore ca! Bien fait!

40204 -
modify delete 40205 - Reply from Isabella192 , 12 yrs (France) - 2022-02-28

Je sais que c'est long, merci si vous avez lu, est-ce que ça vous plaît ? Car j'ai une suite si vous avez aimé :)

modify delete 40197 - from Isabella192 , 12 yrs (France) - 2022-02-25
Writer - "Voici une histoire que j'ai écrite"

Le Pari Mortel
Isabella M.

-Allez, Jane ! Même pas peur !
Chester se tenait devant la maison abandonnée. Jane n’était vraiment pas rassurée. « Me voilà dans un beau pétrin » se disait-elle. Si Jane n‘avait pas accepté ce pari débile que Mona, sa pire ennemie, lui avait lancé, elle ne serait pas là. Elle serait tranquillement assise au fin fond de son canapé, matant pour la énième fois sa série préférée.
Mais non, Jane n’avait pas refusé de tenter d’entrer par effraction dans le bureau de la directrice du lycée, ni refusé de mettre le désordre comme elle ne l’avait jamais fait. Naïve, elle avait cru que pour une fois, Mona lui proposait un pari équitable. Quelle erreur ! Bien sûr cette peste avait fait en sorte que Jane se fasse attraper la main dans le sac. Le pire, c’est qu’en plus d’être obligée de ramasser les déchets qui trainaient dans la cour après les cours, elle devait s’introduire dans la vieille maison abandonnée qui avait auparavant appartenu à un couple de retraités étranges.
Et cette fois là, devant la façade de cette terrifiante maison, elle ne le sentait vraiment, vraiment pas. Nonobstant, pas le choix, Mona l’épiait pour être sûre que Jane respecte sa parole. Ce qui réconfortait un tant soit peu Jane, c’est qu’au moins, elle ne serait pas seule. Chester, son meilleur ami, avait accepté de l’accompagner. En même temps, si ça lui permettait de se dorer la pilule chez les filles du coin, tout était bon à prendre. Jane grommela :
-Parle pour toi.
Jane poussa la porte d’entrée de la maison. Elle grinça et Jane et Chester entrèrent. Chester alluma sa lampe torche et regarda autour de lui. Il n’y avait l’air d’avoir personne. Jane, elle, tremblait comme une feuille.
-Tranquille, il n’y a personne. Tenta de la rassurer Chester
Jane regretta qu’il ait dit ça, car au même moment, la porte d’entrée se referma brutalement et la lampe torche s’éteignit. Ils étaient désormais dans le noir, et la porte refusait de se rouvrir. Jane attrapa la main de Chester et dit :
-Ne me lâche pas !
Chester ne répondit pas tout de suite.
-Tu ne me tiens pas. Finit-il par lâcher
Jane tenta de retirer vivement sa main, mais ne réussit pas. Elle hurla :
-Lâchez-moi !
Chester attrapa sa lampe torche et tenta de l’allumer. Elle s’alluma après quelques ratés. Jane aperçut alors ce qui la retenait. Une main verte et pourrie, comme celle d’un cadavre en décomposition. Un râle retentit et Jane remarqua qu’une espèce de zombie la fixait. Elle hurla de plus belle, attrapa une coupe non loin de là et l’abattit sur la créature. Cette dernière se recroquevilla, libérant Jane de sa poigne. Jane se précipita vers Chester.
-On fait quoi, maintenant ? Demanda Jane, paniquée
-On devrait chercher une sortie.
Pour une fois, Chester avait l’air sérieux et semblait avoir compris que, pour impressionner les nanas, il fallait d’abord survivre.
-Et si on allait à l’étage ? Proposa Jane
Elle se tourna vers les escaliers. Ils avaient l’air de pouvoir s’effondrer à tout moment. Jane posa prudemment son pied sur la première marche. L’escalier craqua, mais ne céda pas sous le poids de Jane. Elle grimpa rapidement les escaliers et indiqua à Chester d’en faire de même. Ils entrèrent dans une pièce qui ressemblait à une chambre, la seule pièce dont la porte avait accepté de s’ouvrir. Chester, anticipant une nouvelle attaque de quelconque créature, plaça une chaise entre la porte et l’embrasure de celle-ci, l’empêchant ainsi de se refermer. Jane, pendant ce temps, avait remarqué une petite fenêtre, cependant assez grande pour que les deux adolescents sortent. Avec un peu d’huile de coude, elle réussit à l’ouvrir. Elle était sur le point de sauter, quand une main l’en empêcha.
-Mauvaise idée.
Ce n’était pas la voix de Chester. Jane se retourna et vit une femme à la peau blanchâtre, pratiquement transparente. Ses ongles peinturlurés en rose flashy se plantaient dans la peau de Jane, et traçaient de petits arcs de cercles ensanglantés. Elle était habillée à la limite du vulgaire : Minijupe en cuir, talons aiguilles et mini haut rose sous une veste en cuir noire. Ses lèvres étaient recouvertes d’un rouge vif, rappelant la couleur du sang. Les cils de ses yeux verts étaient maquillés par du rimmel noir et un trait d’eye-liner sur sa paupière rappelait à Jane le maquillage grossier de Mona.
Jane regarda autour d’elle, cherchant après Chester. Aucune trace de lui. La femme tira Jane en arrière et Jane alla s’écraser contre un mur. La femme referma la fenêtre, anéantissant les espoirs de s’enfuir de Jane. Elle s’approcha de Jane, toujours à terre, et s’accroupit. Ses lèvres s’étirèrent en un sourire malsain et elle dit :
-Même pas peur.
Le surlendemain, les journaux publièrent des avis de recherches. « Jane Mayfield et Chester Mc. Morhaut, adolescents de 16 et 17 ans, disparus dans la nuit du 14 au 15 novembre 1982, dans les alentours de la maison abandonnée. Si vous détenez toute information, veuillez prévenir les forces de l’ordre ».
Ce qui arriva à Jane et Chester ?
On ne les revit jamais. Enfin, les habitants de ce petit village anglais ne les revirent jamais. La légende raconte qu’ils auraient été transformés en démons par la femme et qu’ils se seraient vengés de Mona, qui succomba à une maladie mystérieuse. Depuis, on raconte que les deux amis parcourent le monde pour châtier les jeunes qui lancent des paris trop osés qui coutent la vie à leurs victimes…
Si j’avais un conseil pour vous, ce serait d’éviter de vous amuser à lancer des défis idiots à vos ennemis comme à vos amis, ou vous finirez probablement comme Mona…

40197 -
modify delete 40449 - Reply from Coralie194 , 11 yrs (France) - 2022-12-16

Si tu as une suite, n'hésite pas!

40197 -
modify delete 40446 - Reply from Coralie194 , 11 yrs (France) - 2022-12-11

Super! On dirait du Maupassant!

40197 -
modify delete 40201 - Reply from Isabella192 , 12 yrs (France) - 2022-02-26

Merci :)

40197 -
modify delete 40200 - Reply from Madeline71 , 11 yrs (Canada) - 2022-02-25

J’aime sa beaucoup! Bien fait! :D

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