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modify delete 40738 - from Sindhumi250 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2024-03-22
Accountant - "What job promotions can an accountant have?"

I am an A/L student studying accounting, economics and ICT, and my ambition is to become a chartered accountant. But, my problem is - what jobs can you be promoted to after working as an accountant for some time? What qualifications should I have in order to get them?

modify delete 40488 - from Emmanuel2 , 37 yrs (Burundi) - 2023-03-05
Accountant - "J'ai besoin d'un(e) correspondant(e) pour m'apprendre la comptabilité en anglais"

Salut à tout le monde.
notre systeme educatif est francophone alors j'ai besoin d'apprendre la langue anglaise plus particulierement en ce qui est de la comptabilité.merci beaucoup.

modify delete 39941 - from Assane214 , 22 yrs (Senegal) - 2021-08-02
Accountant - "comptable"

Je suis Senegalais,je veux devenir comptable,,,pouvez vous m'aider à faire la formation svp

39941 -
modify delete 40339 - Reply from Khalifa 66 (Morocco) - 2022-07-11

Dans la vie rien n'est difficile il suffit d'avoir la volonté et l'envie. L'envie.

modify delete 37396 - from Léa44214 (France) - 2020-03-13
Accountant - "Quels services rend-on?"

Bonjour, je voudrais être comptable mais je ne sais pas trop en quoi consiste ce travail.
Je pense qu'un comptable fait de la comptabilité pour une entreprise ou pour un particulier c'est à dire il fait de l'administration et de la gestion financière, il analyse les budgets.
Pourriez-vous m'en dire plus?

37396 -
modify delete 37732 - Reply from Joël168 , 19 yrs (Togo) - 2020-04-22

Salut je suis gestionnaire de formation donc comptable.Effectivement un comptable travail dans une entité comme entreprise. Il collecte les informations d'ordre financières issus de l'activité de l'entreprise les traite et les met à disposition des utilisateurs comme les responsables, les propriétaires, l'état etc pour leurs besoins.

37396 -
modify delete 37473 - Reply from emma4423 (France) - 2020-03-18

Je pense que ce métier est fait pour toi vu que tu aime bien les maths, que tu aime bien écrire a l'ordi...;)

37396 -
modify delete 37451 - Reply from Nina41249 (France) - 2020-03-17

Bonjour, si tu aimes les chiffres, que tu es organisée, rigoureuse et honnête.
Ce métier est surement fait pour toi.

modify delete 37026 - from cedric244 (Belgium) - 2019-11-19
Accountant - "cc"

bonjour qui pour correspondre avec moi
j'aimerai de nouveau amis et amie merci

37026 -
modify delete 38112 - Reply from Nesso171 (Togo) - 2020-08-21

Oui c'est comment vous allez.on peut causer?

modify delete 36529 - from MARIBEL6 , 27 yrs (Peru) - 2019-03-24

Hello. I am learning English and I want to chat with someone. Also I looking for friends,so I waiting for your message:)

modify delete 36494 - from Alena150 , 14 yrs (Ukraine) - 2019-03-02
Accountant - "I am looking for friends)"

Hi,I am looking for friends and also learning English. So I am waiting for your message))

36494 -
modify delete 36944 - Reply from deepak145 , 17 yrs (India) - 2019-09-30

hi friends i am from india .l read accountancy .l know english.have you interested to chat with me?

modify delete 36492 - from Alena150 , 14 yrs (Ukraine) - 2019-03-02
Accountant - "Hello"

Hello. I am learning English and I want to chat with someone. Also I looking for friends,so I waiting for your message:)

36492 -
modify delete 40478 - Reply from David 255 , 14 yrs (Benin) - 2023-02-17


36492 -
modify delete 40373 - Reply from David255 , 14 yrs (Benin) - 2022-09-03

la comptabilité c est la gestion

36492 -
modify delete 36675 - Reply from Widnel0 , 33 yrs (Haiti) - 2019-06-08

I am so sorry , l want tout chat with you but I don't speak english vertu well. I don't know , can you speak french please?

modify delete 36470 - from jem celine233 , 23 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2019-02-25
Accountant - "im accounting"

hello guys my names jem celine i'm accounting bachelor i don't speak verry well english but i'm learning but i want to have friend accounting thank you.

and exuse me for le bad english

36470 -
modify delete 37733 - Reply from Joël168 , 19 yrs (Togo) - 2020-04-22

Bonjour,moi c'est Joël je gestionnaire de formation donc comptable. Moi aussi je me débrouille en anglais. Ça serait un plaisir pour moi de correspondre avec vous pour une amitié . Merci et bonne nuit.

36470 -
modify delete 36612 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (Aruba) - 2019-05-11

Hello. I am studying for the Bachelor of Accounting too. I am studying in Westminster Kingsway College, in London. That was my dream. I really happy to be the part of Westminster Kingsway College. What about your university? Also, you can find information about my university on Free-Apply. Here are a lot of useful information about the university.

36470 -
modify delete 36605 - Reply from Hannah20 , 17 yrs (Italy) - 2019-05-08

If you want you can speak with meee :)

modify delete 36446 - from Maria39 (China) - 2019-02-13
Accountant - "I want to learn english"

I want to learn english well ! I want to improve my english so much !
So I really want someone can communicate with me to practice my english well!

36446 -
modify delete 36493 - Reply from Alena150 , 14 yrs (Ukraine) - 2019-03-02

Hi,we can be friend?

modify delete 35648 - from Anand83 (India) - 2018-05-14
Accountant - "I want to learn German"

I want to learn German, Can you please help someone?


35648 -
modify delete 36348 - Reply from Najma178 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2019-01-10

so am I

modify delete 34726 - from Jacob75 , 15 yrs (New Zealand) - 2017-08-30
Accountant - "Automated accounting"

What is everybody's opinion on accounting getting automated and if you do think it is going to happen when????

modify delete 32473 - from Edward97 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2016-07-26
Accountant - "Accounting student, can answer questions"

Going to start my senior year in college and am studying accounting and information systems (double major). I've secured a spring internship for next spring with a huge public accounting firm and can answer any questions anyone might have; whether why accounting to what do you learn and even more.

32473 -
modify delete 40349 - Reply from Sabrina51 , 18 yrs (USA) - 2022-07-19

Hiii, Ok first off, Is accounting confusing? Does it involve a lot of math? What type of math are we talking? How's the work load? Is it manageable? In what fields can you work with an accounting degree? Will there be a work-life balance? - Thank you

32473 -
modify delete 37086 - Reply from Fiorela157 , 18 yrs (Peru) - 2019-12-08


32473 -
modify delete 36613 - Reply from angie248 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2019-05-11

Hello. I am finishing my last year as the Bachelor of Accounting in Lewisham Southwark College, in London. It is amaizing place for international students. I really happy to live and study here. Also, I am planning to apply for the Master of Accounting next year. More about my university and other you can find on Free-Apply. Here a lot of useful information about how get to university all over the world! Good luck!

32473 -
modify delete 36197 - Reply from burak130 , 18 yrs (Turkey) - 2018-11-23

Hello, I must follow the ways in which I want to do in your country, but I live in turkey accountancy Can you help me?

modify delete 30914 - from Cedric68 , 20 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2015-10-15
Accountant - "Comme c'est beau !!"

La comptabilité est le metier le plus fascinant qu'il puisse exister sur cette terre surtout quands tu as le goût des chiffres en toi comme nature.

30914 -
modify delete 35993 - Reply from Ken Akotia66 (Ghana) - 2018-09-08

I am an ESL Instructor from Ghana.
I speak some french and still learning.

My hobbies include music, games, cycling, reading, tourism, films.video etc.
I want a friend who is pleasant, open, friendly and of any age or sex.
Cordially yours

modify delete 30851 - from Nody156 , 21 yrs (Morocco) - 2015-10-01
Accountant - "Comptable"

la comptabilité est un jeu que les comptables sont très chanceux à savoir jouer .

30851 -
modify delete 32857 - Reply from Komi148 (Togo) - 2016-10-11

La comptabilite est un art qu on maitrise que par exercice constant

modify delete 30552 - from upeshi 157 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2015-08-14
Accountant - "like to be an accountant"

I like to be an accountant in the future. So i like to have a friend.she must be a girl.

30552 -
modify delete 38256 - Reply from Hasini134 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2020-10-09

I am also like to be an accountant. It's my ambition. Now I am studying for that.

modify delete 28916 - from Bienmali185 , 26 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-07-16
Accountant - "looking for topic thesis"

hello guys i'm bienmali from aftrica country togo actualy living and studing in indonesia at uns solo in finanacial management.i did my bachelor in accountancy amd now lloking for a topic for my thesis. i need your help and also disponible to help too.
bienmali41@gmail.com is my email . hit me your message

thank yoy

modify delete 28816 - from Dona186 , 15 yrs (Canada) - 2015-06-23
Accountant - "Good universities for business management"

Would like to know which are the good universities for business management?

modify delete 28121 - from leonard189 , 17 yrs (Ghana) - 2015-02-18
Accountant - "hello everyone"

hello my name is leo and i am studying accounting at school. I need friends how know more about accounting. I hope to find to true friends here. I love you all bye

28121 -
modify delete 35428 - Reply from Intan215 , 15 yrs (Indonesia) - 2018-02-24

Hello, i'm intan from indonesia. I need friend how know more about accounting. I hope to find to true friends here

modify delete 27015 - from Hari Sunarya 145 , 20 yrs (Indonesia) - 2014-09-08
Accountant - "I Love Accounting"

hi guys.. i was learning Accounting for 3 years since i was vocational high school.. and now i am majoring in finance management for my collage.. it's a little different with Accounting but in same way for the study.. i would like to have friendship relation from this.. thank you guys.. nice to know you...

27015 -
modify delete 34675 - Reply from Benard106 , 30 yrs (Kenya) - 2017-08-22

I am a graduate in accounting and finance, and I hope to be of help to you. My name is Benard Ouma from Kenya, an experienced academic research/essay writer with proficiency in the field of Accounting and Finance. Please feel free to contact me.

27015 -
modify delete 28917 - Reply from Bienmali118 , 26 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-07-16

nice to hear from you ,my brother . i'm also in the same way.coz i study accountancy for my bachelor cdegree and actualy studing financial management. i will like to collabored with you guys and also as i can to give you tooo guys help.
now i'm looking for my thesis topic have you you guys an idea?
just give me what you think

27015 -
modify delete 27494 - Reply from Clio116 (Taiwan) - 2014-12-04

Me too~~
I am a accountant in Taiwan.
I love my job.
hate my boss...HA HA HA

27015 -
modify delete 27257 - Reply from Esther145 , 21 yrs (Nigeria) - 2014-10-22

Hello guy,l study accountant if you study accountant i will like us to be friend.

modify delete 26681 - from Sopi145 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2014-07-17
Accountant - "Boring lesson"

I am in vocational school and I learn accountant for this past 5 years since junior high. I feel kinda boring learn it. Can anyone help me for not to feel sick of learn the lesson? :(

26681 -
modify delete 32714 - Reply from Darius234 , 32 yrs (Rwanda) - 2016-09-05

I am graduate in Business Administration Major Accounting i hope i can help you because i am experienced in that domain with 4 years and 6 months i am here for you don't worry

26681 -
modify delete 28918 - Reply from Bienmali141 , 26 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-07-16

Really?? hopefull i will help you as i can.
i did my senior secondary school in accountancy and also bachelor in accounting for management (accounting control and audit) but now i'm doing my master in finance.
let me know if possible i will.
see you

26681 -
modify delete 28349 - Reply from ari setia putra semb165 , 19 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-03-24

what is job accountant ?

26681 -
modify delete 27249 - Reply from Teresa165 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2014-10-21

I used to hate math but this past year, my teacher made math fun. Literally, she put fun into everything she could and now I absolutely love math. So maybe you can look at accounting as something fun or even FUN^10000000!

26681 -
modify delete 27001 - Reply from Steven90 , 19 yrs (China) - 2014-09-04

I want to make friend with you.

modify delete 26531 - from tshok2 , 28 yrs (Bhutan) - 2014-06-17
Accountant - "forum"

job accountant forum

26531 -
modify delete 40340 - Reply from Khalifa 66 (Morocco) - 2022-07-12

I need a friend to talk about the profession which is a noble profession, I like to talk to people about it to broaden my knowledge.

modify delete 25482 - from najwa186 (Malaysia) - 2013-12-29
Accountant - "course"

can anyone brief me on accounting and entrepreneurship. I really need a quick reply.

25482 -
modify delete 27864 - Reply from ssemakula157 , 27 yrs (Uganda) - 2015-01-21

am agraduate makerere University with a degree in Accounting and Finance

25482 -
modify delete 26537 - Reply from rosemaree222 , 9 yrs (Australia) - 2014-06-19

can anyone tell me what you need to know to be an accoutant

25482 -
modify delete 26124 - Reply from uma106 , 14 yrs (Malaysia) - 2014-04-12

me 2

25482 -
modify delete 26079 - Reply from nethya dsouza106 , 14 yrs (Malaysia) - 2014-04-01


modify delete 22161 - from silvi49 , 21 yrs (China) - 2013-09-27
Accountant - "a graduate"

I just graduated from my university and major in account£¬I want to find a job related with my profession£¬but I it is so hard to have withou some experience.

modify delete 22117 - from Francis87 , 19 yrs (Ghana) - 2013-09-21
Accountant - "JUST PRAY FOR ME"

I wish to become a financial analyst in real estate.

modify delete 21375 - from Hana8 , 24 yrs (Hawaii (USA)) - 2013-06-20
Accountant - "What I can do after finishing accounting major?"

Because I had worked in accounting department for five years, I have dreamed to be an accountant, but I wonder... What can I do ? I am a single, but I have two little sisters who need my support, and I want to do many things. It is not make sense taking about it before being accountant. I don't know

21375 -
modify delete 21662 - Reply from abc35 , 27 yrs (China) - 2013-07-24

How are you what country are you from? We can be friends, lpc1986lpc@163.com

modify delete 20714 - from james claude163 , 21 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2013-03-17
Accountant - "j'aime la comptabilité"

salut moi je veux être un expert comptable aide moi a réaliser mon rêve par votre conseil et soutient.

modify delete 20042 - from maya78 , 18 yrs (Indonesia) - 2013-01-10
Accountant - "wanna be accountant?"

hi i'm maya and actually i dunno if i wanna be a accountant or not. currently i'm still not interested in accounting

20042 -
modify delete 21852 - Reply from Wisdom255 , 20 yrs (Ghana) - 2013-08-15

Can we be fnds.

20042 -
modify delete 21533 - Reply from eric210 (USA) - 2013-07-08

If you don't think you like the field, don't do it. Find out what field you like and go for it. If you find a job you enjoy, you never have to work a day!!!

20042 -
modify delete 20993 - Reply from rosevelt30 , 18 yrs (United Arab Emirates) - 2013-04-24

i guess where your interest takes u, u should do the same, bye

20042 -
modify delete 20715 - Reply from james claude163 , 21 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2013-03-17

hi maya explain your problem and together we find solution what happens?

20042 -
modify delete 20450 - Reply from Deepblue244 , 19 yrs (Indonesia) - 2013-02-14

Take it, accounting is a awesome major!

20042 -
modify delete 20044 - Reply from Dhiya'253 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2013-01-10

Talking about dream, Just study hard and they will search you... ;)

modify delete 16260 - from Minanda5 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2012-05-20
Accountant - "--"

I don't know if i want to be an accountant, what will i have? i want to manager of money in big company.

16260 -
modify delete 21534 - Reply from eric210 (USA) - 2013-07-08

Accountant only monitor/keep records of where money in/out not manage money.

16260 -
modify delete 19090 - Reply from princess dhillon208 , 12 yrs (Malaysia) - 2012-10-17

ok. i pray 4 u to get your job

modify delete 14113 - from Jordan250 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2012-01-03
Accountant - "Navidad"

Vosotros tuvisteis una Navidad fantastico?
En el pasado yo no escribi pues lo siento para mi espanol.
En el futuro podemos escribir!

modify delete 14063 - from Chandler131 (USA) - 2011-12-31
Accountant - "Kind of..."

I don't really know if I want to be an accountant or not. I just know I'm good at math and would like to be in that kind of area. My dad is something like that, but I'm not sure what his title is.

14063 -
modify delete 27493 - Reply from C;io116 (Taiwan) - 2014-12-04

I don't think accountant need good in math.
Now everything can be calculate use computer.
in the fact, accountant don't use math a lot of time

14063 -
modify delete 14066 - Reply from Tom134 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-01-01

Me either. I want to be a CEO or an accountant or a banker or something.

modify delete 12063 - from MEGAN78 , 10 yrs (Ireland) - 2011-09-19
Accountant - "BE MY FRIEND"


12063 -
modify delete 12367 - Reply from rebecca44 , 20 yrs (Rwanda) - 2011-10-03

wow! is so good

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