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modify delete 39053 - from baptiste 4B214 (France) - 2020-12-09
Chemist - "CHIMISTE"

Combien pouvons nous gagner par mois? Moi Je pense au alentours de 3000 € . Quel stage peut on faire pour connaître le métier ? quel service rend t'on? à qui?

modify delete 38597 - from Badis 184 (France) - 2020-11-17
Chemist - "Durée étude chimiste"

Bonjour je voudrais quelques informations sur le nombre d’années d’études

38597 -
modify delete 38634 - Reply from léonard 4A214 , 12 yrs (France) - 2020-11-18

Il existe plusieurs formations de 2ans pour devenir(technicien)chimiste. il faut un bac technologique en sciences et techniques de laboratoire .on peut faire de multiples DUT et BTS après le bac

38597 -
modify delete 38601 - Reply from Badis 184 (France) - 2020-11-17


modify delete 38592 - from Ines 4A82 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-11-16
Chemist - "Questions"

Bonjour ,
Depuis petite j’aime beaucoup la chimie, je souhaiterais faire un métier en rapport avec .
Mais le problème c’est que je ne sais pas vers quoi m’orienter soit être chimiste ou chercheur scientifique , les 2 me plaisent énormément .
Alors pourriez vous m’expliquer en quoi consiste plus précisément ces 2 métiers ?

modify delete 38281 - from Louie 0 , 11 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-10-22
Chemist - "Industrial entrepreneur"

Hi Guys, I want to be a CEO of Industrial Entrepreneur. I want to produce bottled drinks

modify delete 35305 - from Rosanne245 , 24 yrs (Malaysia) - 2018-01-29
Chemist - "I love Medical Lab"

Hello everyone. I am now working as a medical laboratory technologist too. I did various test on human biological samples such as blood, sputum, urine, stool, tissue and others. Feel free to say your opinion about lab too!

modify delete 31297 - from maeghan108 , 8 yrs (Saint Kitts & Nevis) - 2015-12-25
Chemist - "spy passion"

spying is a passion its not just a game you play and I want the boys and girls to know they can express there self. So they don't have to hide it all those kids I want them to know that there not stupid that there smart and intelligaince that they don't have to hide it they can show it so they that there don't feel down

modify delete 28669 - from lawrence0 , 30 yrs (Uganda) - 2015-05-20
Chemist - "chemistry"

i love chemistry it was my best subject since childhood. i finally did a diploma in science laboratory technology and majored in chemistry. i just like it. mixing chemicals in the best. do you know how to prepare solutions in chemistry lab? contact me on 0779419782. i will help at no cost. let us help the world in science

28669 -
modify delete 34589 - Reply from leo111 , 12 yrs (Mexico) - 2017-08-09

hello i love chemistry i want to study in MIT or CALTEC but i am only a kid i love physics i think that if we travel at the light speed we can die because all the energy and mass of the speed kill or teleport to another dimension ,is like the relativity theory Energy=mass light speed times light speed,

28669 -
modify delete 32218 - Reply from Sara254 , 28 yrs (Italy) - 2016-05-26

OOH! It's amazing! I'm a biomedical technician too and I work in chemistry laboratory since 2011!

28669 -
modify delete 30990 - Reply from Loren36 , 16 yrs (Guadeloupe) - 2015-11-01

Hi ! I would like to become a chemist but I'm not really sure. I hesitate a lot because there are many different jobs. At school I love scientific subjects but I don't know if I will make the good choice by becoming chemist. I just want to know your point of view about this job. What do you do exactly ?

modify delete 28557 - from Chloé134 , 17 yrs (France) - 2015-04-24
Chemist - "Chimiste dans l'âme ♥"

Personnellement, je veux être Technicienne Chismite depuis mes 8 ans ;)

28557 -
modify delete 32766 - Reply from HERMANN66 (Ivory Coast) - 2016-09-16

Salut je suis également passionné de Chimie et j'aimerais plus m'orienter dans l'analytique.

28557 -
modify delete 31996 - Reply from celine154 , 15 yrs (Belgium) - 2016-04-15

Coucou, Moi aussi je voudrais être chimiste, d'ailleurs actuellement je fais des études en sciences.

modify delete 26384 - from Francesca115 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2014-05-21
Chemist - "Don't know what to major in for college"

I know in college if you are going to major in a science you have to basically hit the ground running, but the problem is that I don't know whether I want to go into biological or chemistry. I was thinking of Nuclear Chemistry, or maybe organic chemsitry. With Biology I wasn't sure of what to specify in....I was just wondering what anyone else found interesting to major in / possibly major in..

modify delete 26122 - from sophia47 , 9 yrs (Russia) - 2014-04-12
Chemist - "hi chemists"

Hi i want to be a biologist, or astologist.

modify delete 25916 - from Lauren163 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2014-03-01
Chemist - "Chemist"

I really want to be a chemist of some sort!!!!!!!!!

25916 -
modify delete 34990 - Reply from Dannielle249 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2017-11-13

I do too!!

25916 -
modify delete 25946 - Reply from Maggie204 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2014-03-11

me to! i plan on becoming a forensic scientist!

modify delete 25388 - from landry145 , 19 yrs (Burkina Faso) - 2013-12-09
Chemist - "salut"

je suis etudiant en science de la vie et de la terre 1ere année et jaimerai que vous m'aidiez avec des cours. par exemple des cours en biologie, chimie...

25388 -
modify delete 35509 - Reply from Quinn119 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2018-03-27

Bonjour, je peux vous aider à me contacter (:

modify delete 25310 - from Noemi32 , 20 yrs (Italy) - 2013-11-27
Chemist - "Engineering"

Hello! I'm studyimg chemical engineering, I'm only at the second year of Politecnico, I'd love to work with nanotecnologies or with electro-chemistry or for renewable energies

25310 -
modify delete 26123 - Reply from Stephanie119 (USA) - 2014-04-12

Hey! I was wondering, what is that like? I was thinking of going somewhere like that, when I was older, but don't really know much about it. Can you please tell me?
Oh and congrats!:)

modify delete 22254 - from Jessie178 , 16 yrs (Great Britain) - 2013-10-13
Chemist - "Chemistry"

I think I would like to be a material scientist when I'm older. It's related to chemistry so if that fails I'd like to be a chemist. I really want to know more about material science, does anyone know anything about it??

22254 -
modify delete 26368 - Reply from Sserumaga145 , 21 yrs (Uganda) - 2014-05-18

Hello, Am Sserumaga Gaster still amedical laboratory student in my first year, i need support and knowledge to how to be succusfull in my medical studies, thanks.

22254 -
modify delete 25311 - Reply from Noemi32 , 20 yrs (Italy) - 2013-11-27

Hello! I wrote in the same forum.. I'm studying chemistral ingeneering, and I have a base course titled "Material's sciences and technologies".. I love it, I think theese are the best lessons! We talk about material's properties and utilisation: polymers, metals, ceramics, glasses and composites. It is a very practical subject and very interesting because you understand something about things, object you use everydays. In our university there is also a specifical engineering: materials engineering, and they'll have other courses that are specificall for each type of materials! Very interesting!

modify delete 21919 - from Julien49 , 24 yrs (France) - 2013-08-23
Chemist - "Chemistry"

Hello, I'm Julien. I study chemistry and I'd like to work in environmental chemistry.

modify delete 21663 - from 717320145 (Congo (Dem. Rep)) - 2013-07-24
Chemist - "J'aime par dessus tout la chimie"

Je suis Bio-chimiste et Math-physicien de formation à l'humanité et je suis passionné par ce qui donne de la force. Ainsi la chimie et la physique etant deux branches sécurisant les ingenieurs et les futures ingenieurs, j'aimerai etre encadré en chimie pour devenir un bon ingenieur en chimie. J'ai besoin de votre en tout cas

modify delete 21295 - from Edward 127 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2013-06-07
Chemist - "Chemist"

I want to be a molecular chemist!

21295 -
modify delete 36708 - Reply from Estefania216 , 17 yrs (Mexico) - 2019-06-27

Hi, I'm Estefania, but my friends call me Fanny, I study at IPN y want learn to speak english, I'd like to study chemical engineering.

21295 -
modify delete 25708 - Reply from Cardine156 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2014-01-23

I love you you so cool please be my penal

21295 -
modify delete 21825 - Reply from Nicholas233 , 13 yrs (China) - 2013-08-12

Really?Me too!Well,just a minute,when did you begin to study chemistry?We haven't begun yet so I teach myself.

21295 -
modify delete 21767 - Reply from Mery249 , 23 yrs (Morocco) - 2013-08-08

Hey, Birol i'm a chemical engineer from morocco, i can tell you from my modest experience that is so hard and complicated, but if you are passionate it's a very interesting and huge domain, if you want to continue your chemistry studies in a foreign country i advise you to go to USA, you will really enjoy :)

21295 -
modify delete 21706 - Reply from ALESSANDRO161 (Italy) - 2013-07-31

hi Edward. I like Biology but I would be interested in Chemist.And you? Why are you interested in Chemist? Write me Soon!

modify delete 20219 - from sarah254 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2013-01-21
Chemist - "chemist"

hi everyone i dont like chemist they are difficult reply soon

20219 -
modify delete 21826 - Reply from Nicholas233 , 13 yrs (China) - 2013-08-12

In fact I think everything is not difficult,if you want to do it ,the difficulties will just be something like pieces of paper.Actually,if you take an interest in it ,it will also take interests in you!

20219 -
modify delete 21197 - Reply from mari0 , 16 yrs (Finland) - 2013-05-26

it's fun to study, try to learn it more.

modify delete 14799 - from Yearim153 , 13 yrs (Korea) - 2012-02-09
Chemist - "Hi!"

Hi everyone! I am Yearim from Korea.
I like chemistry so my ideal job is scientist in CSI^^

14799 -
modify delete 20916 - Reply from khouloud226 , 15 yrs (Tunisia) - 2013-04-10

hi !!

modify delete 13512 - from Min Jeong117 , 17 yrs (Korea) - 2011-11-20
Chemist - "i'd like to major in genetic engineering"

hi, i'm high school student and i'd like to major in genetic engineering in university and also want to be a researcher.
for this reason i'd like to make a mentor who can say good advice to me :)

modify delete 12163 - from Sophie244 , 19 yrs (Belgium) - 2011-09-25
Chemist - "Studying chemistry"

Hello everybody, I'm a belgian girl. I'm in the third year at the university studying to become an engineer in chemistry.

modify delete 10826 - from Lucia1 , 17 yrs (Italy) - 2011-08-08
Chemist - "Hi"

Hi =) I'm Lucia, I am a italian student than love chemistry < 3 I am studying chemistry forthree year and I will study all my life. It's very interesting and so beautiful. those who think like me, contact me and let's talk ;)

10826 -
modify delete 21827 - Reply from Nicholas233 , 13 yrs (China) - 2013-08-12

In fact I'm only a middle school student but I teach myself many things about phisics and chemistry.I'm really interested in these two subjects but my classmates haven't begun to study chemistry yet so I've got no friends to talk about chemistry.Now I think we can talk to each other.

10826 -
modify delete 15864 - Reply from nzaro223 , 21 yrs (Kenya) - 2012-04-26

hi, i do have similar interests to yours. I am a kenyan youngman willing to venture in the field of pure and applied chemistry maybe we can share ideas. This's my first year in a kenyan university and i find chemistry a very interesting field.

10826 -
modify delete 15823 - Reply from kedinga217 , 21 yrs (Cameroon) - 2012-04-22


10826 -
modify delete 12234 - Reply from James109 (USA) - 2011-09-28

Hi Lucia, I'm James. Chemistry has always been my favorite in school, and I want to be a chem professor someday :)I like that you're from Italy; it looks like such a beautiful place, and I am trying to learn Latin.

10826 -
modify delete 12059 - Reply from mugabo197 , 28 yrs (Rwanda) - 2011-09-19

I'like it and i need your mail please

modify delete 7261 - from emmanuel36 , 23 yrs (Congo (Dem. Rep)) - 2011-04-20
Chemist - "La chimie,une chance pour l'humanité"

Rien n'est plus fascinants que d'etre chimiste. Avec la chimie ,nous changerons le monde. Nous nourirons ceux qui peinent à trouver quoi manger et ainsi la famine fera partir de l'histoire

modify delete 5680 - from matthew142 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2011-03-14
Chemist - "Hi"

Hi i'm Matthew. i'm pretty young to be a chemist but i know about almost all the chemicals and what they will do. i watch on youtube "nurd rage" it has so many experiments that almosy any chemist can do. im also getting a chemistry set for my birth-day.


5680 -
modify delete 12893 - Reply from Danielle153 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2011-10-23

Don't Worry. Im 13 and want to be a forensic scientist. The best thing you can do now is get involved. Currently, I participate in competitionss.

5680 -
modify delete 7337 - Reply from zo simonsen188 , 23 yrs (Madagascar) - 2011-04-21

je suis un etudiant en chimie . je ne suis pas trés capable en anglais mais plutôt en français, j'aime fair des amis à l'etranger surtout des etudiants en chimie comme moi

modify delete 5513 - from ebru166 , 19 yrs (Turkey) - 2011-02-26
Chemist - "hello from turkey"

Hello,I'm Ebru.I'm student at Ankara university in Turkey.My department is chemistry engineering.I want to improve English language because ýt's important for my career in the future.Could you be my penpal friend ?

5513 -
modify delete 12007 - Reply from jeannot214 , 24 yrs (Senegal) - 2011-09-13

je suis chimiste je trouve ce métier passionnant et tout chimiste est mon ami car ns partageons la meme passion

5513 -
modify delete 7336 - Reply from zo simonsen188 , 23 yrs (Madagascar) - 2011-04-21

je suis un etudiant en chimie . je ne suis pas trés capable en anglais mais plutôt en français, j'aime fair des amis à l'etranger surtout des etudiants en chimie comme moi

modify delete 5336 - from marie214 , 23 yrs (France) - 2011-02-18
Chemist - "chemist"

Hi everybody,

I am a French student who study chemistry. I love it since a lot of years. Chemistry is essential.

5336 -
modify delete 7967 - Reply from Fabiana51 , 22 yrs (Paraguay) - 2011-04-29

I agree!!! ... :) I'm studying Chemistry and I love it!!

modify delete 5069 - from umran103 , 22 yrs (Turkey) - 2011-01-27
Chemist - "i am chemist"

i will be chemist this summer:))

modify delete 4387 - from Exode12 , 18 yrs (Burundi) - 2010-10-24
Chemist - "Hi everybody,"

I love all chemists because they are able to modify this world.

modify delete 2357 - from radwan178 , 26 yrs (Syria) - 2010-01-30
Chemist - "hi"

Hi all I love chemistry

2357 -
modify delete 2716 - Reply from almamy214 , 17 yrs (Guinea) - 2010-03-19

slt je voudrais correspondre avec vous

modify delete 2196 - from yacouba28 , 16 yrs (Burkina Faso) - 2010-01-10
Chemist - "j'aime la chimie"

salut,moi j'adore la chimie à l'ecole et j'aimerais rencontrer
quelqu'un qui veut devenir chimiste comme moi.
on dit souvent que les chimistes detruit la nature
mais selon ils sauve le monde et modèrent la vie
etes vous avec moi?C'mon desir d'être!

2196 -
modify delete 5256 - Reply from johanne180 , 15 yrs (Belgium) - 2011-02-08

Hello je suis totalement d'accords avec toi on dit souvent l'espect negatif mais il y en a des positif aussi

2196 -
modify delete 4114 - Reply from Jean Bosco Abubakar197 , 28 yrs (Rwanda) - 2010-09-12

Hello, you said that you like chemistry, so I'd like to tell you that you are in good way as i did my self since Secondary school up to University where i graduated in Industry Chemistry.
So Am here to help in any thing you need to know. Don't worry about languages because I speak more than three international language. so you don't have to respond in English maybe you may write to in french or Arabic if you like.

best wishes.

2196 -
modify delete 2740 - Reply from Sébastien158 , 19 yrs (New Caledonia) - 2010-03-21

Cela dépend.

Je fais des études en physique-chimie, et les chimistes ne polluent pas spécialement...

Si tu te lances dans le domaine de la chimie verte, tu apprends des techniques chimiques qui te permettent d'éviter de rejeter trop de substances chimiques polluantes dans la nature.

Et puis, tu as aussi la chimie des médicaments qui permet de sauver des vies.

Le chimiste, aujourd'hui, essaye d'imiter de plus en plus les mécanismes de la nature, car ils sont très sélectifs... beaucoup plus que les techniques de laboratoire actuelles.

Tous les jours, nous faisons de la chimie. Quand nous mangeons, nous faisons de la chimie, par exemple. Notre corps fait en permanence de la chimie... Cette chimie-là est très complexe, mais passionnante.

Moi, je veux faire de la chimie verte.

Et toi, je pense que tu as le temps de voir...

Allez, futur chimiste. Si tu veux plus d'infos, n'hésite pas à me joindre par mail.

modify delete 1301 - from Devin211 , 16 yrs (Canada) - 2009-08-19
Chemist - "I love Chemistry"

hey world! i love chemistry so much, it was easily my favorite and best subject. once im done my 12th year (next year) i intend to take a coluage course for chemical engineering technitian. any thoughts?

1301 -
modify delete 37669 - Reply from Chiara10 , 16 yrs (Germany) - 2020-04-06

What do you think about quantum chemistry?

1301 -
modify delete 2224 - Reply from delphine41 , 17 yrs (France) - 2010-01-13

i love chimie to
in my scool a I study sience of the labs
but I preferrla Bologa
I'd like to work in a lab
if you want i enoy echager of ideas of chemical (in English)

modify delete 789 - from Céline154 , 18 yrs (France) - 2009-05-12
Chemist - "chimie"

j'aime la chimie car c'est la base de tout et on apprend plein de chose comme la forme du cristaux et je passe...


789 -
modify delete 12060 - Reply from mugabo197 , 28 yrs (Rwanda) - 2011-09-19

donne moi votre mail je voulais vous demande une question en rapport avec lascience

789 -
modify delete 5209 - Reply from Muslum226 , 21 yrs (Turkey) - 2011-02-05

Can you speak English.?I love Chemistry.I am from Cukurova university.I want to practice my english so I am looking for penfriend.

789 -
modify delete 1485 - Reply from mami214 , 14 yrs (Senegal) - 2009-09-16

j' aime le chimiste.

modify delete 708 - from Agnès124 (France) - 2009-04-25
Chemist - "Vive la chimie"

Je suis passionnée de chimie. C'est la base de la matière. Bien que les études soient longues les débouchés sont immenses (automobile, police scientifique, agroalimentaire, pharmacie...). Peu de d'ado s'intéressent à la chimie car les cours ne sont pas concrets ou les profs peu intéréssants pourtant qui n'utilise pas la chimie au quotidien ? L'encre de stylo bille, la cuisine c'est de la chimie !

708 -
modify delete 1745 - Reply from romane81 , 12 yrs (France) - 2009-11-03

Malgré mon age j'adore la chimie et je ne peux pas voir mon avenire sans exercer un metier en rapport avec la chimie.

modify delete 619 - from Sven99 (Luxembourg) - 2009-04-07
Chemist - "Chimiste"

J'aime la chimie, mais chimiste est un métier difficile!!

619 -
modify delete 3114 - Reply from niyonkuru220 , 17 yrs (Burundi) - 2010-05-17

Je m'appelle EXODE j'aime la chimie et je fais la chimie à l'école secondaire.
J' aimerais etre amie de n 'importe qui qui aime la chimie.

I am exode from burundi I am 17years old-boy ,I like chemist AND I wanna correspond with every with every body who like to be a chemist in his future.

619 -
modify delete 790 - Reply from Céline154 (France) - 2009-05-12

c'est pas forcement difficile si tu aime vraiment les réactions sont instantané et le mécanisme se retiens tout seul ... courage a toi si tu veu etre chimiste ..

modify delete 514 - from ella188 , 10 yrs (Madagascar) - 2009-03-20
Chemist - "JM LA CHIMIE"


514 -
modify delete 8425 - Reply from kiouy104 , 54 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2011-05-14

Hi person

514 -
modify delete 1148 - Reply from matiys55 , 22 yrs (Ethiopia) - 2009-07-22

pleas can you write in English

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