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39497 -
modify delete 39607 - Reply from Marisa179 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-31

I want to be a spy too

39497 -
modify delete 39520 - Reply from Diamond200 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-13

Hi what's the time date that we will have a zoom meeting about our mission

39497 -
modify delete 39515 - Reply from Marina43 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-12

yea i will email you

39497 -
modify delete 39498 - Reply from Jeisy176 , 11 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2021-03-11

I am a spy can u zoom with me some time and then talk about our mission?

modify delete 39483 - from Mya205 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-09
Secret agent - "Mya spy message"

Hi l知 Mya I am 9 years old almost 10 in May. I dream to be a spy, I fight really good and I am from the USA.

39483 -
modify delete 39519 - Reply from gabriella187 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-12

sorry this is where I live

39483 -
modify delete 39503 - Reply from Mya205 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-11

It is ok

39483 -
modify delete 39491 - Reply from gabriella187 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-10

sorry this is where I live

39483 -
modify delete 39490 - Reply from gabriella187 , 11 yrs (American Samoa) - 2021-03-10

look lets be friends mya

39483 -
modify delete 39485 - Reply from Mya205 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-09

You too

39483 -
modify delete 39484 - Reply from gariella clarke187 , 10 yrs (American Samoa) - 2021-03-09

it is my dream to I wanted to be a spy for years look to work with you

modify delete 39479 - from crystal154 , 11 yrs (Portugal) - 2021-03-08
Secret agent - "spy"

Hi My name is Crystal and I'm 11 years old I will be almost 12 in June I really wanna be a spy I'm a great fighter I climb almost everything I train a lot every day I really wanna be a spy I'm from Indonesia but I live in Portugal I can speak french and English and Indonesia a little bit of Portuguese

39479 -
modify delete 39517 - Reply from marina43 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-12

ok i will e-mail

modify delete 39476 - from Adam158 , 14 yrs (Philippines) - 2021-03-07
Secret agent - "Applying for Secret Agent"

I知 willing to do anything to work, I currently need to do something. I learned martial arts like taekwondo and karate when I was in elementary. And now I知 training myself for boxing. I am 14 year old and I知 willing to risk my life to get this job.

modify delete 39467 - from Althea68 , 12 yrs (Myanmar) - 2021-03-03
Secret agent - "Spy"

Hi,i am althea. I want to be real spy and that my dream. I am 13 years old,i know how to fight alittle.

modify delete 39463 - from AIDAN18 , 9 yrs (American Samoa) - 2021-03-02
Secret agent - "Aidan's spy message"

Well I know martial arts and I always wanted to be a spy also I think I am very cut out to be a spy. Btw I'm 9

modify delete 39460 - from Angela221 , 14 yrs (Hawaii (USA)) - 2021-03-02
Secret agent - "Spy"

If you want to be a spy let me know and I値l make a group so we can all have assignments/missions to do and we can all work as a team...
I値l leave my number if I see people wanting to join

39460 -
modify delete 39608 - Reply from Marisa179 , 14 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-31

Add me in your discord, my username is leagueofassassin

39460 -
modify delete 39591 - Reply from Angela202 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-26

Hey y誕ll if u want to join just add me on my discord is down below with my name Angela and I値l add u back and I値l make a group for u guys
Discord: 🧸angie🧸#4907

39460 -
modify delete 39589 - Reply from ramisha200 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-26

hi i want to be a spy but idk how i can help you but can you reply to me on discord and my user is ramisha#7635, thx and i live in england,london

39460 -
modify delete 39500 - Reply from Jeisy176 , 11 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2021-03-11

I would like to zoom in and talk about our mission. thank you

39460 -
modify delete 39482 - Reply from zoey54 , 10 yrs (Georgia) - 2021-03-09

yes, I would like to be a spy my shifts would be 3 am - 4 am on weekends so plz accept me, and I better have spy stuff and a cute boy person working with me and email me if I make it in. xoxo love Zoey
p.s.I make the times when I'm going in for work

39460 -
modify delete 39465 - Reply from Angela221 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-03

Just add me on my discord angie#4907

39460 -
modify delete 39461 - Reply from Letrey smith47 , 10 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2021-03-02

i want to be a spy plz pick im 10 years old i think im ready

modify delete 39453 - from nevaeh maness41 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-01
Secret agent - "the job"

im a good gymnast but i cant leave my house so just jobs in my neigthboor hood

39453 -
modify delete 39473 - Reply from tyanna179 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-03

hi can i be in your club

modify delete 39411 - from Phoebe157 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-23
Secret agent - "Secret agent."

I want to be a real spy, I may be young but other spy's wouldn't expect a kid to be a spy, I know it's not all like doing things like car chase, I have a bad memory but I want to still be a spy.

39411 -
modify delete 39466 - Reply from Althea68 , 13 yrs (Myanmar) - 2021-03-03


modify delete 39408 - from Nari90 (USA) - 2021-02-21
Secret agent - "I want to be a spy."

Hihi! My dream is to be a spy.

39408 -
modify delete 39872 - Reply from Diamond200 (USA) - 2021-06-14

Hi, Nari me ad some other people have been making a spy training group if you would like to join our group you can email me or snapchat me snapchat-diamondjone8769

modify delete 39386 - from Chloe246 , 12 yrs (Canada) - 2021-02-18
Secret agent - "i wanna be a spy its my dream"

I put Canada but mine wasn't there and mine is Fort Kent but i wanna be a spy please

modify delete 39385 - from Adrianna245 , 8 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-18
Secret agent - "Spy"

I am a kid but my dream is to become a spy/singing Meteorologist and i need to get info on how to become a spy kid. P.S.I want it by a year. from Adrianna

modify delete 39364 - from melvin46 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-12
Secret agent - "s p y"

spying is good and i want to become a car desinger

modify delete 39354 - from Remy37 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-09
Secret agent - "I want to become a spy"

Hey my name is Remy, I am 14 years old and I have been playing pretend spy since a little boy. Now I want to help people and have fun. I am an excellent actor, I am smart and I know what to do even when its hard. My email is email me when you can.

modify delete 39342 - from Hidden38 (USA) - 2021-02-08
Secret agent - "Spys"

I think this is a great idea! Send me an email and I can get a group chat started, unless there already is one.

39342 -
modify delete 39356 - Reply from Remy 37 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-09

modify delete 39323 - from Aniya225 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-04
Secret agent - "Secret agent🤍"

I like to be a agent and hope you pick if this site real I will be great favorite of you.

39323 -
modify delete 39353 - Reply from Remy37 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-08

Ya same

modify delete 39296 - from secret 44 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-30
Secret agent - "secret"

guys look, I know this might sound weird but listen what if we can create a group or something and be young investigators and keep it secret so its only beetween us. my email is up there so if u want to join email me and i will make a group of all the people and we can start on a topic. Ready to get investigating?

39296 -
modify delete 39459 - Reply from Angela221 , 14 yrs (Hawaii (USA)) - 2021-03-02

Hey have you made a group chat cause if so please let me in I致e wanted to be one so badly since I got out of primary school

39296 -
modify delete 39412 - Reply from Phoebe157 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-23

can I join?

39296 -
modify delete 39382 - Reply from Angela41 , 9 yrs (Great Britain) - 2021-02-17

love to I would like to be a spy i am 9 years old

39296 -
modify delete 39365 - Reply from Niya196 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-13

Are you serious? I want to join!

39296 -
modify delete 39351 - Reply from James149 , 14 yrs (Philippines) - 2021-02-08

Hi so I want to be a spy and I want to join your goup

39296 -
modify delete 39334 - Reply from Hidden38 (USA) - 2021-02-07

I have been waiting to be a spy for forever but here is the thing, how do I know any of this is really? If it is though count me in. I have a longing for adventure and I am great at communicating and acting. I am also learning Martial arts. How can I know this isn't a scam?

39296 -
modify delete 39320 - Reply from THE BIG E-01202 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-03

SO HEN DO We start

39296 -
modify delete 39308 - Reply from Noemi56 (USA) - 2021-02-01

Thats a really good idea. but how would we form it/

39296 -
modify delete 39307 - Reply from Noemi56 (USA) - 2021-02-01

Thats a really good idea. but how would we form it/

39296 -
modify delete 39299 - Reply from Divyanshi225 , 13 yrs (India) - 2021-01-31

please please give to me Spy job

modify delete 39265 - from Arhaan162 , 12 yrs (India) - 2021-01-26
Secret agent - "i want to be a field agent for the CIA spy ids program"

I know many types of fighting techniques like
Kung Fu

39265 -
modify delete 39312 - Reply from Lola194 , 16 yrs (France) - 2021-02-01

Yes!! Me too, me I practiced boxe thai, boxe fran軋ise, capoeira and kung-fu!

modify delete 39264 - from isa179 , 15 yrs (Turkey) - 2021-01-25
Secret agent - "i want to be a spy"

i want to be a secret agent am good at matiral art(kickboxing,boxing)
i ncan stay calm even at the worst kinds of pressure
i cankeep quiet when necessary

39264 -
modify delete 39699 - Reply from Keimya255 , 12 yrs (Georgia) - 2021-04-22

I can to i want to be a spy because their are so many bad guys and u never know what they could be capable of so that's why we need spy agent's it's easy but a lot of training I act normal wear glasses and spy like that they Don't know if they are my real or fake glasses so that is why I wanna become a spy agent

39264 -
modify delete 39300 - Reply from jp24 , 18 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-01

hi i want t be a secert agent

modify delete 39252 - from Jabami54 , 15 yrs (Philippines) - 2021-01-20
Secret agent - "Apply /Agent"

Hi Guys what if we help each other?to those people who are in the philippines , we can guve each other ideas and skills so we can make the secret agent group

39252 -
modify delete 39474 - Reply from Jennicka Cadag176 , 12 yrs (Philippines) - 2021-03-04

Hi!i m from Philippines my dream is being spy i not good at martial arts and i m poor i m nit good at english but i want to being secret agent because i have a bad dream but its ok i want to being agent.

39252 -
modify delete 39352 - Reply from James149 , 14 yrs (Philippines) - 2021-02-08

I'm a filipino and I want to join this friendly group so I can be a helpful spy

39252 -
modify delete 39281 - Reply from M5 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-27

count me in; I'm not good at martial arts and stuff but good at programming and tech

39252 -
modify delete 39263 - Reply from Aira54 , 14 yrs (Philippines) - 2021-01-24

I want to be an agentcan I join?

39252 -
modify delete 39253 - Reply from john176 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-21

hi i would like to be in the group

modify delete 39245 - from ana36 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-18
Secret agent - "i wanna fight and protect aka be a spy"

im fast , an athlete in fact , i can fight i have been training myself for the day i get kidnapped i have immunity and stamina cause i play tennis , and im an aries

modify delete 39214 - from zainab 31 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2021-01-08
Secret agent - "i want to be a spy"

how do i be a spy like the kids in we can be heroes and the spy kids
i really wanna be a spy

39214 -
modify delete 39251 - Reply from Mwamba213 , 16 yrs (Zambia) - 2021-01-19

I want to be a spy so that I can help America and save the world

modify delete 39208 - from Kristin240 (Australia) - 2021-01-07
Secret agent - "I want to be a spy"

I want to be a spy 🕵️‍♀️ but I dint know how could I be a spy 🕵️‍♀️ .

39208 -
modify delete 39261 - Reply from Kayla252 , 12 yrs (Jamaica) - 2021-01-23

I want to be a spy but I don't know how to I am being practice some battle move

39208 -
modify delete 39211 - Reply from Ismael57 , 13 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2021-01-08

I want to be a spy

modify delete 39192 - from Lauren 18 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2020-12-31
Secret agent - "I want to be a apy"

Hi I am Lauren,
I want to be a spy because I have what it takes I am fast on my feet, Great listener, know how to act and I am very creative. I want be a spy and I am determent to be one.

39192 -
modify delete 39260 - Reply from Kelly Johnson12 (Alaska (USA)) - 2021-01-23

I would love to work with you.

modify delete 39175 - from Valds 209 , 14 yrs (Iceland) - 2020-12-27
Secret agent - "I really want to be a secret agent"

I am in really good shape i am pretty good at math and i am really good at solving puzzles. I speak english (kind of) i speak i landi and i really want to live in America. ヘ know there is not much change that any one is going to see this but hope you do:)

39175 -
modify delete 39176 - Reply from angie163 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-28

All information about Hopkinsville Community College you can find on Free-Apply web. It`s a really cool web for future students. By the way, I am a student of . If you have any questions, you can ask me. Good luck!

modify delete 39171 - from Izrah54 , 13 yrs (Philippines) - 2020-12-22
Secret agent - "I want to be a SECRET AGENT/SPY"

I want to be a secret agent/spy because that's what I want to be when I was 7 yrs. Old until now I still want to be a Secret agent/spy, and because of that I know a lot of secrets about various private information or secrets.

modify delete 39169 - from Mikayla89 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-22
Secret agent - "Can I be a Secret spy/agent?"

Hi, I would like to a be a spy in training at least. I really don稚 know what to do for my life. It always have been about danger and flips or fighting in some sort but I never been in any kind of danger in my life. My life is a clean Slate. I don稚 know I just wanna be come a secret spy or FBI agent.

39169 -
modify delete 39514 - Reply from Marina43 , 13 yrs (Canada) - 2021-03-12

okok i will e-mail

39169 -
modify delete 39469 - Reply from Althea68 , 12 yrs (Myanmar) - 2021-03-03

Same,i hope your wish come true!

modify delete 39165 - from Scott112 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-21
Secret agent - "SPY"


modify delete 39164 - from Nikka54 , 18 yrs (Philippines) - 2020-12-21
Secret agent - "I need to be an agent."

I want to help people without them knowing my name. I want to be strong because i want to protect those people who can't protect themselves.

modify delete 39163 - from Ben38 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-20
Secret agent - "I want to be a spy"

I would like to be a spy because I知 a very good listener so please LET ME BECOME A SPY

39163 -
modify delete 39706 - Reply from Diamond200 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2021-04-23

Hi me and this girl name Lekha are trying to make a team so we can train for being a spy's if you want to join just email me. In the group we are learning different languages also fighting.

modify delete 39112 - from Kaila12 (Alaska (USA)) - 2020-12-09
Secret agent - "I will be a great spy"

I will be a great spy and i will put a lot of hard work into i want to do this i love to work hard

modify delete 39103 - from River Petals100 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-09
Secret agent - "I WANT TO BE A SPY"

I would be very good at being a spy. I feel that I could give you just about any information you need. I am really good at sneaking stuff, and can get any information. I also want to say, that for a teen, I am very good at getting what I want. I have been on online chats, and gotten people to tell me huge, bad, and dark secrets. DO NOT MESS WITH ME! Please email me at I can not wait.

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