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14941 -
modify delete 15384 - Reply from Duke156 , 35 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2012-03-22


I am from Bangladesh, currently living abroad. I know very little about Astronomy and Telescope. Astronomy is my main hobby.

Regarding your question. It depends on your demand of research and darkness of the sky of your area. There are two types of instrumental requirement, visual and Astrophotography.

Visual: Planets, moon, sun , DSO (deep sky objects). Viewing DSO will require short focal length with large optics let say 5” optics or more with f/5, Viewing Moon don’t require large optics. Viewing Planets require large optics with long focal length minimum 5” f/10. Sun don’t require large optics telescope but the scope will require solar filter on it, it is not expensive but if you want to see even more details, Ha (Hydrogen-Alpha filter is the answer, it is much more expensive then the telescope itself, let say few hundred dollars to thousands.

Astrophotography: practice makes perfect. Need to learn lots, also lots of $$$$ require to spend. Most money will spend on the mount. 80mm ED Telescope can take decent picture of DSO. 80mm Ed will cost about $400 to $800+ depends on the quality, mount will cost few thousands, Autoguider, guide telescope and DSLR or CCD CAMERA, and a Computer. Total cost few thousands $.

Be honest with you $60 telescope? you will not be pleased with it.

Thank you

modify delete 10642 - from Yeon Ju106 , 16 yrs (Korea) - 2011-07-25
Astronomer - "I really like a astronomy!! I really want to be a astronomer!!"

I love astronomy!!
I like astronomy!!
I love astronomy!!
I like astronomy!!

10642 -
modify delete 33379 - Reply from devis0 , 20 yrs (Tanzania) - 2017-01-01

you can only be what you what to be by doing the best. wish you good success.

10642 -
modify delete 21335 - Reply from Rana224 , 17 yrs (Turkey) - 2013-06-14

i want to be astophysicist ^^ but astonomer is really cool either
hope we all be what we want ^^

10642 -
modify delete 19183 - Reply from sachal186 (Pakistan) - 2012-10-26

well i love the beauty of stars and neaublas oh whatever i LOVE astronomy

10642 -
modify delete 18000 - Reply from Kinga130 , 15 yrs (Poland) - 2012-08-22

Yes!!!Astrnomy is the Queen of the Science. :P
I love astronomy!!!

10642 -
modify delete 15530 - Reply from Eve144 (Great Britain) - 2012-04-06

do you like star signs?
Iam like OBSESSED with them LOL


10642 -
modify delete 14909 - Reply from krystyna37 , 11 yrs (Dominican Rep.) - 2012-02-17

hi i speck all english and i now live in ct and ME TOO.

10642 -
modify delete 10844 - Reply from Parnia251 , 16 yrs (Iran) - 2011-08-10

Me toO!! It's a wonderful & amazing science.

modify delete 8812 - from sophia189 , 26 yrs (France) - 2011-05-25
Astronomer - "c est génial l astrophysique ...."

j adore , j aimait regarder les étoiles enfant et je pense que nous ne sommes pas seuls
dans notre système ...ce serait génial de pouvoir savoir si c est la cas , mais il faudra certainement encore du temps ! l espace est magnifique les phénomènes tel que les aurores boréales c est trèèès beau ....
a bientot sophia !

8812 -
modify delete 33635 - Reply from Louisa28 , 8 yrs (France) - 2017-02-14

Toute les personnes qui disent que l'astronomie est Géniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal ont raison!!!!!!!!!!!!

8812 -
modify delete 15385 - Reply from Duke156 , 35 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2012-03-22


I love astronomy too. astronomy is my main hobby.

feel free to talk, we can chat.


modify delete 8810 - from Bomi104 , 14 yrs (Korea) - 2011-05-25
Astronomer - "I'm really into Astronomy~!"

I'm interested in Science and I think Astronomy is one of the most attractive studies. If you want to talk about Astronomy, e-mail me!

8810 -
modify delete 10495 - Reply from Samreen200 , 10 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2011-07-17

Same here!!!! Saving up pocket money to buy a telescope. Tell me, did you ever see venus from the sky?????

8810 -
modify delete 9445 - Reply from rawipon172 , 12 yrs (Thailand) - 2011-06-18

astronomy astronomy love love love

8810 -
modify delete 9399 - Reply from Nitirat172 (Thailand) - 2011-06-16

oh! I love science too! =D
this is my e-mail--->
and... how about your e-mail? tell me!

modify delete 5009 - from Abirami197 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2011-01-21
Astronomer - "I LOVE ASTROMOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ever since I was five I've loved astromomy!

5009 -
modify delete 5278 - Reply from Emily178 (USA) - 2011-02-11

As have I. I saw saturn through a telescope and was hooked. Reply to me if you want to.

modify delete 4907 - from ALyssa186 , 23 yrs (USA) - 2011-01-08
Astronomer - "astonomy"

I love astromony. Ever since i was little i have been with astronomy. message me if u feel the same way

4907 -
modify delete 19184 - Reply from sachal186 (Pakistan) - 2012-10-26

well when i was about 3 i started getting into astronomy

4907 -
modify delete 5275 - Reply from Emily178 (USA) - 2011-02-11

I love astronomy, especially how things work. I find space to be an amazing place. I can't really think of much else to say at the moment but if you want to talk to me message me.

4907 -
modify delete 4952 - Reply from ellis202 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2011-01-14

hi my name is ellis i can speak russian but i am form the uk email me if you wont to

modify delete 4807 - from Tiziana57 , 15 yrs (Germany) - 2010-12-25
Astronomer - "Astronomy!!! < 333333333"

I love Astronomy since my childhood!!!!! < 33333333
I am totally crazy about it!!! haha XD
It´s such a wonderful world out there!!! *__*
(But also dangerous of course)

If someone shares my interest, please write me.^^
I´ll be glad to talk with you about it and sharing knowledge.^^

4807 -
modify delete 15795 - Reply from Bobbie110 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2012-04-21

Me too. its just so amazing how it looks. I've been addicted since my brother was watching a Net-Geo show about supernovas. Physics are cool to me :D

4807 -
modify delete 5276 - Reply from Emily178 (USA) - 2011-02-11

I am also interested in astronomy. More than just looking at the stars I am interested in how things work. Black holes, supernovas, quasars, meteors, yes definitely dangerous but oh so interesting.
I would love to talk to you.

modify delete 4516 - from Katherine144 , 14 yrs (Great Britain) - 2010-11-14
Astronomer - "Astrophysics"

I actually want to be an astrophysist when I'm older. If anyone wants a penpal, I would be happy to be one. I speak English, French and German.

4516 -
modify delete 5277 - Reply from Emily178 (USA) - 2011-02-11

I too want to be a physicist as an adult. I am still trying to figure out what kind but the stars fascinate me. None of my friends are interested in this and I have been aching for someone to talk to. If to much time has not passed could you reply to me?

4516 -
modify delete 4559 - Reply from Alicia237 (New Zealand) - 2010-11-21

I can speak English and French and a little bit Mario

modify delete 4197 - from Constance9 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2010-09-23
Astronomer - "Astronomy"

I live, eat and breathe Astronomy. I just bought an 8-inch Dobsonian Reflector, and let me tell you, it's amazing. I do hope to get at least a Master's degree in Astronomy, or at least Physics. I think I'm leaning toward Cosmology, but Radio Astronomy sounds great too.

4197 -
modify delete 19847 - Reply from Mathis7 , 16 yrs (France) - 2012-12-29

Hi! I've seen on your last message that you would like study astronomy to become astronomer. I have the same project for later except studies and diploms which were different in France.
And you've too a telescop, awesome! I think that we could speak together of his amazing science. See you maybe! :)

4197 -
modify delete 10816 - Reply from Thea195 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2011-08-07

Hello! I've been leaning towards SETI or some sort of engineering for space colonization, in orbital settlements though, just clarifying.

4197 -
modify delete 4215 - Reply from claire2 , 14 yrs (France) - 2010-09-26

Hello ! I have always been intersted in astronomy by i prefer aerospatial, when i am older i would like to be an areospatial engeneer.

modify delete 3806 - from Xavian164 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2010-08-05
Astronomer - "Habtial Planets"

I want to find and find a way to live on habtial palanets!

3806 -
modify delete 5145 - Reply from mouhamed214 , 18 yrs (Senegal) - 2011-01-31

je cait tu laime mait jeu tederait quant tu veut

modify delete 3771 - from Caner100 (Turkey) - 2010-08-01
Astronomer - "Hi"

Quand j'etais dans l'ecole primarie et college, J'aimais de l'astronomie. J'ai parfois encore lu,en raison de la curiosité. Bonsoire!

modify delete 3764 - from Ophelia162 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2010-08-01
Astronomer - ""

Heyy. I love astronomy. I'm interested in black holes and supernovas and mostly things that are considered science fiction such as worm holes and time warps. I love to think of the fabric of time and other such things i was wondering if anyone knows some good schools i should look for. I don't own a telescope but i don't think that one would work for the type of "stargazing" i'm into. < 3 hoping to make the world different through discoveries!

3764 -
modify delete 13354 - Reply from Natalie144 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2011-11-13

Hi,im Natalie and I LOVE learning about space! I also like Blackholes! i heard if u go in one you get hurt...Yikes!!! and im a stargazer too...I used to have a Telescope but it turns out,it was a really cheap one :( so i never really looked up close at a star but every night,I look into the beautiful star-filled sky. I love it! I also love looking at the Moon sometimes. It feels like your all alone and it's peaceful just to look at something so beautiful like Outer Space. i've wanted to be an Astronaut ever since i was six. It was just so cool to learn about Space! I will never get tired of Astronony!!! It's nice that we have alot in common.

Natalie,10,USA :)

3764 -
modify delete 4096 - Reply from shannon119 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2010-09-10

im into all that stuff too. it all seems so interesting and amazing.

modify delete 2812 - from Taib138 (Niger) - 2010-04-02
Astronomer - "l'astronomie"

Salut les amis(es) l'astonomie est ma science préférée depuis mon bas âge,cepandant c'est la première fois que je vois des élèves comme moi en parler, bon moi je ne suis pas assez riche pour acheter des equipements mais je sais mon objectifs est d'avoir mon bac E; pour continuer dans L'ASTROPHYSIQUE. Si quelqu'uns(es) aimerai correspondre avec moi je sais que notre amitié sera exceptionnel. Reponse garantie bonne journée

2812 -
modify delete 3753 - Reply from Tiphaine67 , 16 yrs (France) - 2010-08-01

Je suis, moi aussi, passionnée par les étoiles depuis... un très bon bout de temps ! ^^
Je RÊVE de devenir astrophysicienne. ^^ Je ferai tout ce que je peux pour y parvenir !

modify delete 2730 - from Abirami231 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2010-03-20
Astronomer - "Hi"

I have wanted to be an astronomer ever since I was 7 years old. It all started when me and my cousins went to NASA, there a real astronaut showed me a space ship. later when I was 9 I went to Kennedy's space center. There I went on a space simulator it was awesome!
One day I will be a famous astronomer. I wanted to be an astronomer because I am afreid of heights. Can any of you tell me more about space? Thanks!!

2730 -
modify delete 9400 - Reply from Nitirat172 (Thailand) - 2011-06-16

yeup I want to be astronomer too^_^
and I think that the center of milky way may be a black hole :3

modify delete 2417 - from Shi183 , 19 yrs (China) - 2010-02-08
Astronomer - "puzzle"

I'm a 19 boy who facing the collsge entrance exam again.Yes,I mean's I faced that once before,but failed.And I decide to try it again.
You know,I am intrested in astronout,and I hope I can be an astronomer in the future.However,I dont know how the work that an astronomer is doing.Who can tell me something about the work that an astronomer shoud do?

2417 -
modify delete 3858 - Reply from Hotan0 , 19 yrs (China) - 2010-08-13

thank you so. but I had been decided to study Internationnal buessines in the college.

2417 -
modify delete 3807 - Reply from Xavian164 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2010-08-05

Astronomers study space through a telacope! (genral)

modify delete 2107 - from steve24 , 13 yrs (Greece) - 2010-01-01
Astronomer - "l'astronomie un metier de choix"

salut à tous je voudrais savoir si quelqu un connaitrais une universite d'astronomie dans le sud de l'europe et aussi pourrais je avoir les emails des correspondants francophones anglophones

2107 -
modify delete 3571 - Reply from primael203 (Burkina Faso) - 2010-07-06

hello!malheureusement je ne connais pas d'universite d'astronomie en europe du sud.mais d'abord il faut que tu aies ton bac avant de choisir la branche que tu voudrais etudier.
allez!bon courage a nous,bonne journee a toi!

modify delete 1617 - from Sophie134 , 11 yrs (Ireland) - 2009-10-11
Astronomer - "Astronomy Makes Me Happy!"

I just ADORE astronomy. I have a tiny telescope and when I look at the top of the Spire (It's a giant pole in the middle of Dublin, Ireland. Te top and middle of it light up at night), it's like looking at a group of powerful, beautiful stars. And here is some information:

Stars look white, but are in fact red, yellow and blue.

Blue is the hottest, at more than 10,000 degree celsius,

Red is the coldest, at either 2,000 or 4,000 degree celsius.

1617 -
modify delete 2077 - Reply from Rachel61 , 13 yrs (Barbados) - 2009-12-26

luv stars i have a telescope but only couple lens bulding one soon

modify delete 1534 - from adiputri58 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2009-09-26
Astronomer - "I love astronomy much :) It's amazing to see twinkle stars"

I don't know why just a few people get here.
I really want to be an astronomer. My preference is to find out if the universe becomes larger or not.
I am now involved in an astronomy club in my senior high school I love to join it because I can use telescopes.

hufffff,, I haven't had my own one...
Hopefully I have one soon.
By the way, why do you guys want to be an astronomer?

And I want to ask you guys a question, is the price of telescopes expensive, guys?

1534 -
modify delete 10843 - Reply from Parnia251 , 16 yrs (Iran) - 2011-08-10

First of all~~~> I don't have any idea about the price of a telescope!=D But I wanna buy one.

I'm really fascinated in astronomy.Love to be an astronomer.I like to study habitable planets,cosmic holes,dark matter,galaxies & so on!!

Astronomy is a different science.It's wonderful.People may say :: "come on!what is the usage of observing stars?!" But it's more than these things.For instants Astronomy helps scientists to doubt on accepted scientific facts.

1534 -
modify delete 8529 - Reply from Fedila55 , 16 yrs (Ethiopia) - 2011-05-16

hey there! how are you? I think I could give ya my telescope as a gift. would you like to take it? its not that much expensive for me!!!!!!!!!!!! hey i was just kidding. i don't have any either.

1534 -
modify delete 2731 - Reply from Abirami231 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2010-03-20

A good telescope is about $100- $500. A big nice lab one like i have is about $1000- $5000.

1534 -
modify delete 2078 - Reply from Rachel61 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2009-12-26

yes they our like a cheep backyard one 100 to 300$ a nice lab one about 1000$ or more

1534 -
modify delete 1616 - Reply from Sophie134 , 11 yrs (Ireland) - 2009-10-11

If it's a big, proper one then yes, it would be around 50-300 (whatever your currency is). But a real one that is only little, but works the it would work around 10-30 (whatever currency). My currency is euro and I got one in my school Book Fair for 18 euro. But it is very good.

1534 -
modify delete 1557 - Reply from Henri48 , 22 yrs (France) - 2009-09-30

To answer your question: yes. I have a good telescope but I do not have many lenses. A telescope is expensive but lenses even more. But good lenses assure good observations... So yes, make observations with his own equipment is very expensive. Sorry...

modify delete 1476 - from Henri210 , 22 yrs (France) - 2009-09-15
Astronomer - "So beautiful !"

I love astronomy ! This is a science that is evolving and can make new discoveries each time. But astronomy is primarily one of the finest science because it is the only one who can give so wonderful dreams when we see the beauty of space! My preference? The mystery of black holes ! And you ?...

J'adore l'astronomie ! Voilà une science qui ne cesse d'évoluer et permet de faire de nouvelles découvertes à chaque instant. Mais l'astronomie est surtout l'une des plus belles sciences car c'est la seule qui est capable de nous faire autant rêver quand on voit la beauté de l'espace ! Ma préférence ? Le mystère des trous noirs ! Et vous ?...

1476 -
modify delete 36161 - Reply from Marius224 (France) - 2018-11-09

Ma préférence est :
connaître les etoiles

1476 -
modify delete 2732 - Reply from Abirami231 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2010-03-20

My favorite thing about space is the galaxies.

modify delete 1060 - from Alexandria200 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2009-06-28
Astronomer - "Astro"

astronomy is a wonderful subject to get involved in. if you make a discovery of any kind, you get at least 15 minuets of fame! = )

1060 -
modify delete 1535 - Reply from adiputri58 , 16 yrs (Indonesia) - 2009-09-26

yeah, make a discovery of astronomy makes famous, but the time needed to get a discovery also eats your age :D

modify delete 1016 - from Nunchanok27 (Thailand) - 2009-06-21
Astronomer - "I wanna be an Astronomer"

Hi! Hmmm...there're a few people want to be Astronomers. :)

I really like Astronomy.

1016 -
modify delete 18327 - Reply from Fayaz 0 (India) - 2012-09-04

I tooooo wana b an astronomer but how, dont know

1016 -
modify delete 2195 - Reply from yacouba28 , 16 yrs (Burkina Faso) - 2010-01-10

hi, every body!
i want really to be an astronomer!
since i like it i want seomeone who like it too
to change ideas.
i've a quetion:why people never to hear it?

1016 -
modify delete 2015 - Reply from sammy255 , 14 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2009-12-16

Yah. I know. astronomy is fascinating but its sad such less people are interested in it. I find it amazing. Its wonderful, and there's no limit to how much about space you can learn about. I loved it since when I was 6 years old.

Je sais. l'astronomie est fascinant, mais son triste exemple moins de gens s'intéressent à elle. Je trouve cela incroyable. Ses merveilleuses, et il n'y a pas de limite à la quantité de l'espace que vous pouvez sur apprendre. Je l'ai aimé depuis quand j'avais 6 ans.

1016 -
modify delete 1460 - Reply from anonymous2 (USA) - 2009-09-13

Definetely the best physics specification out there!

1016 -
modify delete 1114 - Reply from Angel247 (USA) - 2009-07-12

yea me too :]

modify delete 929 - from nur50 , 12 yrs (Malaysia) - 2009-06-06
Astronomer - "^o^"

hey alexandra,what do u think 'bout this job?

modify delete 404 - from Alexandra143 (Russia) - 2009-03-02
Astronomer - "..."

Matt,have you got a telescope?

404 -
modify delete 705 - Reply from jessika132 (USA) - 2009-04-24


404 -
modify delete 487 - Reply from joshua147 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2009-03-15

astronomer a great job take it on.

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