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modify delete 40660 - from Angel14 (Canada) - 2023-11-05
Astronomer - "I need some help"

Hi guys! I love astronomy and I'd love to become an astronomer but am actually really confused on what it takes and what I should do to get there. If anybody could give me some tips I'd appreciate it.

40660 -
modify delete 40706 - Reply from I75 (Greece) - 2023-12-30

Well I'm not sure myself but I think that you have to study physics in a university and then choose astronomy? Or something like that I'm not really sure I'm sorry.

modify delete 40440 - from Elena173 , 12 yrs (Russia) - 2022-11-28
Astronomer - "ASTRONAUT"

Hello, I think that being astronomer is very hard and scary. because exploring cold, dark space is very scary and testing machines and exhausting. And what do you think about it?

modify delete 40335 - from Alex Arthur134 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2022-06-30
Astronomer - "My future with astronomy"

Hey there..!!I'm Arthur from SL. And My future is engaged with Theoretical physics and philosophy..Wanna be a theoretical physicist and philosopher of oxford university, and need your help to catch my goal... In the astronomy ,It give basic idea about the universe,but we can't guess it's like so ,not only that Some theories what stay on now will be wrong 'cause the universe show a cycle path anytime always...what 's on your mind about that??

modify delete 40213 - from Serena122 (France) - 2022-03-06
Astronomer - "Movie(s) about astronomie recommendation"

Hi!! Do you know any movies about astronomy/astrophysics like Interstellar? If so, can you give me some please, I would love to watch them! Ty!

modify delete 39727 - from Sacheen134 , 10 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-04-26
Astronomer - "Astronomer"

My dream was to become an astronomer and I studied it well. I did an astronautical test and joined the NASA! You can ask any question if you are new to astronomy or need help. I'm lucky to join the NASA even in the age of 10 years.

39727 -
modify delete 39798 - Reply from Thihansa157 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-05-17

Omg! You real? It's awesome! Can you help me, please?

39727 -
modify delete 39778 - Reply from Tahsin52 (Bangladesh) - 2021-05-11

Wait, what? How is that possible? Will anybody please explain about it?

39727 -
modify delete 39728 - Reply from Zoey255 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-04-27

WAIT WHAT???!!! I don't think that's possible.

modify delete 39630 - from Thihansa157 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-04-08
Astronomer - "Hi!"

Hello there, I'm thinking about a way to learn astronomy from the beginning, but sadly in Sri Lanka, we can't learn astronomy as a subject in school. Do you have any idea about how can I learn it? If you have any ideas, please let me know! I'll be grateful for that :) Please help me................

39630 -
modify delete 39797 - Reply from Tahsin187 , 14 yrs (Bangladesh) - 2021-05-16

Yeah, you are right, Alejandra. Khan Academy's courses are really so helpful!
But, to be honest, they are not enough to have a basic knowledge about astronomy! Astronomy is really so so so hard, but don't give up! It is also so a wonderful and beautiful one! The reason is that our Universe is so beautiful!
Okay, You can watch the TV series Cosmos by Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He is a very famous astrophysicist in the world. You can see there how wonderfully he explained about the universe and other things there. Even, sometimes you talked about Evolution, Microbiology, etc. If you watch the whole series, I am sure that you will be able to understand something about our universe. I am not gonna say that you will learn everything, Nah, it's not.
Besides, you can read some books, "Schaum's Outlines of astronomy" and "Mathematics of Astronomy". You will find lots of mathematical terms here in these books. And also there are lots of Math problems there. I hope you will like this. If you follow these things I hope you will have a beginner knowledge about Astronomy. Have a nice day!

39630 -
modify delete 39663 - Reply from Alejandra184 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2021-04-13

Hello! I saw your post about learning astronomy, and I want to try to help! Do you have Kahn academy online in Sri Lanka? It's a free educational program that has many lessons on a huge variety of subjects! they have an astronomy course as well as mathematics, physics, etc (good for if you're interested in astrophysics). Hope that helped a little bit! I can also try to brainstorm more ideas as well.

modify delete 39553 - from Zoey12 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-18
Astronomer - "Astronomy Theories."

I know A LOT about Astronomy. I love stargazing, and I hope to see Saturn one day. I sent my name to the Mars program, and I hope it gets there. I think people will be on Mars sooner than we think! I think we might be there by 2050. I have a theory about aliens: Why do most Astronomers and Scientists think that they need to look for a planet LIKE ours? Aliens could live on other planets. They don't necessarily NEED the same things humans do. There could be life on ANY planet, not just a "Goldilocks Zone" Planet.

39553 -
modify delete 40218 - Reply from Hayden136 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2022-03-08

The reason is that’s the best we got when searching for life. We have no idea what organisms outside of earth could be like so it’s just a random guess that they need the things we need.

39553 -
modify delete 39909 - Reply from Yashoda231 , 18 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-07-14

I think you are right and I also sent my name to the Mars

39553 -
modify delete 39584 - Reply from Thihansa231 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-03-26

Yes! You are correct! There can be many different organisms than us.

39553 -
modify delete 39583 - Reply from Zoey12 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2021-03-26

I know! And your right too! There could be microscopic aliens too!

39553 -
modify delete 39555 - Reply from Nicolas209 (France) - 2021-03-19

I think you are totally right about aliens. Even if we cannot see them with our eyes.

modify delete 39380 - from Lasandi Layman 157 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2021-02-16
Astronomer - "How to be an research scientist about universe!!!!"

If someone know how to become research scientist in sri lanka let me know...i already search but i do not know find any steps to be followed to become research scientist...universe is a marvelous creation...do u belive about aliens? i believed....

39380 -
modify delete 40742 - Reply from Rose F.153 , 13 yrs (Great Britain) - 2024-03-29

I still believe in aliens! There are multiple more galaxies, other planets in them, so it’s logical to think that one of those planets are in the habitable zone!

modify delete 39325 - from Emma134 , 12 yrs (Germany) - 2021-02-04
Astronomer - "Hi"

Hi! I am very intressted in astronomy, especially Juppiters moon Callisto and the Mars. I´m so expectant on the data from Perseverance. Do you think humans could live on mars one day? I guess so. And what do you think about aliens? I think that is unlikely that there is life in our vicinity. And if that is case, it is probably a very simple life.

39325 -
modify delete 39397 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-20

Valid theory. Only time will tell, though.

39325 -
modify delete 39395 - Reply from Nicolas152 (France) - 2021-02-20

Yes, but probably in our Milky Way galaxy too, because we know now we have more than 1000 billion stars in our galaxy, so probably 10,000 billion planets and far more moons.

Also, if you consider we have about 100 moons in our solar system, then we have a total of 100,000,000,000,000 planets & moons just in our galaxy.

So if you can find life in just 1 planet among 1 million, then it means we still have 100,000,000 planets or moons having life. Well, in most cases, life will look like bacteria, but why not 100,000 planets with intelligent life?

But probably far more, because life is supposed to appear everywhere. Recently, scientists told that our neighbour VENUS may have microscopic life in her atmosphere (but not on the floor).

39325 -
modify delete 39394 - Reply from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2021-02-20

The concept of colonizing the Solar System is intriguing, to say the least. Granted, I am much more of an O'Neill Cylinder or Bernal Sphere kind of person when it comes to space colonization due to the relative convenience, but planets are obviously really cool too.

I also agree with you on the extraterrestrial life point, too. They're probably really far away from us, maybe even in a different galaxy altogether.

modify delete 38822 - from Jacqueline137 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2020-12-02
Astronomer - "Fermi Paradox"

I want to discuss possible solutions to the Fermi Paradox. My theory is that aliens are currently all at a relatively early stage of technological development, or maybe they are intentionally staying quiet, so as to not accidentally broadcast the location of their home system to a hostile species, or maybe they have more advanced communication technologies than we do, and SETI is essentially trying to text them with a typewriter. Those are my three main theories, feel free to leave your own solutions in the replies.

38822 -
modify delete 39190 - Reply from Raya243 , 9 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-12-31

Wow! you also think about the fermi paradox? in my opinion, maybe there is other life outside the earth. but do they have the same senses? for example, do they have eyes? can think? and are they really that smart?
in my opinion, not all living things have extraordinary intelligence like humans. and they may never have thought there was other life either so they never search or explore the heavens.
and if they really have sophisticated tools, what are the ingredients made of?
they could only be in the form of animals, or plants (hehehe)
and it may take them years to be found.
maybe they're outside the solar system
or maybe in another galaxy
I wish there might be alienTwT
and Voyager 1 and 2 have not passed that, Voyager 2 distance to earth has reached 17 billion km on November 5, 2018. and the journey lasted 40 years.

modify delete 38235 - from Vidal antonio 95 , 15 yrs (Colombia) - 2020-09-29
Astronomer - "Penpal"

Hello, how are you? My name is Vidal, it was to tell you that if we could speak for a penpal it is for my English classes to see if you can help me get my class grade

modify delete 37872 - from Stevie201 , 10 yrs (Canada) - 2020-05-17
Astronomer - "hi"

hi guys

37872 -
modify delete 39558 - Reply from Gwen145 (Ghana) - 2021-03-19


37872 -
modify delete 39191 - Reply from Raya243 , 9 yrs (Indonesia) - 2020-12-31


37872 -
modify delete 38008 - Reply from Berry226 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-07-10


modify delete 37386 - from Alexandre43214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-03-13
Astronomer - "mon métier astronome"

Que pensez-vous sur l'évolution du métier dans les années à venir ?

A mon avis, je pense que ça nous aidera pour les voyages interplanétaire, à la découvertes de nouvelle planète comme mars et pour les voyage en vitesse lumière.

37386 -
modify delete 37491 - Reply from NP17 (France) - 2020-03-19

C'est sûr qu'avant d'envisager de s'installer sur une autre planète, il faut l'étudier, donc il faut l'observer. Les meilleurs observatoires sur Terre possèdent évidemment les plus grand télescopes. L'atmosphère présente sur Terre déforme l'image (diffraction), mais aujourd'hui, l'électronique corrige bien l'image. Mais l'idéal reste l'espace, loin de toute pollution atmosphérique et lumineuse. Donc, le télescope idéal se situe soit en orbite autour de la Terre, soit sur la Lune (un des rares astres qui ne possède aucune atmosphère). Mais je te rassure, pas besoin d'être sur place ! ces gros engins peuvent être pilotés à distance. Donc un astronome n'est pas un astronaute, mais plutôt un astro-physicien ultra-passionné par les insondables mystères de l'univers...

Je précise qu'un astro-physicien est un chercheur qui possède un doctorat (Bac +8). Sinon, tu peux aussi être un astronome amateur, et là, aucun diplôme n'est requis.

modify delete 37382 - from Alexandre43214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-03-13
Astronomer - "mon métier astronome"

A votre avis quel sont les qualités qu'il faut avoir pour exercé le métier d'astronome ?

A mon avis, il faut avoir un minimum de logique dans ses propos et connaître les bases de l'astronomie

37382 -
modify delete 37492 - Reply from NP17 (France) - 2020-03-19

Les bases de l'astronomie, oui évidemment, mais si tu entends par là localiser et reconnaitre les différentes constellations dans le ciel, les télescopes d'aujourd'hui font la recherche à ta place (pour peu qu'ils soient correctement installés), grâce au système GOTO. Tu lui demandes une planète ou une galaxie précise, et le télescope s'oriente automatiquement grâce à 2 petits moteurs.

La 1ere qualité, à mon avis, de ressentir en soi la passion sans limite. Ensuite, je dirais : patience (attendre que le ciel se dégage), persévérance (1000 tentatives avant de parvenir à un résultat), intuition... Il faut aussi ne pas être frileux, car beaucoup d'observations se font en hiver, et ça se passe toujours à l'extérieur.

modify delete 37378 - from Alexandre43214 , 13 yrs (France) - 2020-03-13
Astronomer - "mon metier astronome"

A votre avis quels sont les aspect positif et négatif du métier d'astronome ?

Pour l'aspect positif, je pense que il faut connaître les bases de l'astronomie et avoir un minimum de logique et pour l'aspect négatif, je pense que il faut de bonne condition météorologique pour travailler.

modify delete 37298 - from Anabeth49 , 11 yrs (Korea) - 2020-02-19
Astronomer - "Hello!"

Hello, my name is Anabeth from South Korea.
I want to be astronomer and I like astronomy, science, and math too.
I bet you want to become astronomer!
Especially, I want to be astronomy professor in University.

37298 -
modify delete 37305 - Reply from angie163 , 20 yrs (USA) - 2020-02-22

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modify delete 33986 - from Victoria77 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2017-04-22
Astronomer - "Spy"

Hi, I have been trained,and I want to become a spy. I learned I am ready.

Thank you for your time,
Victoria O'Connell

33986 -
modify delete 36569 - Reply from salomé98 , 14 yrs (Reunion) - 2019-04-19

hello my name is salomé and i lived réunion island

modify delete 31266 - from alaa238 , 28 yrs (Iraq) - 2015-12-20
Astronomer - "hi"

Hello I am Alaa from Iraq, I want to identify the country and the exchange of information with you, are you interested in? And I'll tell you everything about Iraq and the history of Iraq wonderful.

31266 -
modify delete 36334 - Reply from Vikas37 (India) - 2019-01-09

I'm interested!!

31266 -
modify delete 32185 - Reply from junior66 , 13 yrs (Ivory Coast) - 2016-05-20

agree to exchange

modify delete 30665 - from Miriam26 , 14 yrs (Italy) - 2015-08-28
Astronomer - "Aspirant Astronomer is looking for help!"

There's such a marvellous world outside our little Earth! Astronomy interests me so much because it's full of mysteries and today we have technologies to help us, so the results are increasingly surprising! I'm most interested in stars and objects like black holes and neutron stars, but also in searching habitable planets. I've just bought a little telescope (Omegon refracting telescope 90/1000 EQ-2) but I haven't learned how to use it well yet. It's a bit difficult... At the moment I've seen only the Moon and the double stars Mizar and Alcor. Is there someone which could help me or just talk about Astronomy? Feel free to answer!

30665 -
modify delete 34495 - Reply from gayasha135 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2017-07-21

I love astronomy very much.

30665 -
modify delete 34313 - Reply from Jen87 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2017-06-11

I love astronomy as well! The conundrums of space are so interesting and vast. There are a giant areas of unexplored topics that should be pursued. That's why I would like to become an astronomer when I'm older. C:

30665 -
modify delete 33181 - Reply from Sasha140 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2016-11-27

Yeah, I love astronomy too.

30665 -
modify delete 32046 - Reply from Lea154 , 12 yrs (Germany) - 2016-04-24

I love Astronomie realy much too. Would anyone talk about?

30665 -
modify delete 31046 - Reply from piyumi134 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2015-11-11

i am interest research planet .and i like know about more facts for planets and space.it is marvoulous.and my dream is it.i like fine plant habitat and alince

30665 -
modify delete 30957 - Reply from Sherin208 (USA) - 2015-10-28

Hey !
I love astronomy too. I love to learn about the constellations , galaxies, planets, exoplanets, black holes...
I would love to help you and learn things about astronomy from you too.

30665 -
modify delete 30755 - Reply from Daniella36 , 17 yrs (Philippines) - 2015-09-15

I would love to talk about astronomy with you! The universe interests me. I like how for us, the Earth is an already big place that can't be travel around within a day, but then there's Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets bigger than ours that's so far away... And gosh! The universe is fascinating alright.

modify delete 28585 - from Lucas220 , 17 yrs (Brazil) - 2015-04-27
Astronomer - "Nemesis Theory"

does anyone know about Nemesis theory ?

28585 -
modify delete 38467 - Reply from Emily239 , 16 yrs (France) - 2020-11-07

I've heard about it... I wonder if it's possible

modify delete 27413 - from Ethan172 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2014-11-18
Astronomer - "researching"

If there is one thing I love about being an astronomer, its researching extraterrestrials. I can't be the only one, I mean, PHOENIX LIGHTS!

27413 -
modify delete 34314 - Reply from Jen87 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2017-06-11

Definitely! That's one of the main reasons i pursue astronomy!

27413 -
modify delete 32186 - Reply from junior66 (Ivory Coast) - 2016-05-20

yes i want

modify delete 26501 - from Ines162 , 18 yrs (France) - 2014-06-10
Astronomer - "My life is about to begin"

I have always loved astronomy, since i was 4years old I knew i wanted to work as an astronome. I have never give up my dream and in September i'll enter an engineering school in aerospatial, then i'll work as hard as i can to become an Astromer (or maybe an astrophysicien, i'll see). So if you wanna talk, don't hesitate. :)

See ya !

26501 -
modify delete 31174 - Reply from Erlina79 , 17 yrs (Indonesia) - 2015-12-02

Hi! I very interested everything about Astronomy, like galaxy, star, planets, Black hole etc. But I'm not good in physics. Would you learn me about astronomy or we can share everything about astronomy.

26501 -
modify delete 26927 - Reply from sijia139 (China) - 2014-08-25

I love sky.I love the planets.I'm interested in watching planets.

modify delete 26405 - from Indrachapa245 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2014-05-25
Astronomer - "My world of Astronomy"

Hey! I'm Indrachapa. 13 years old teenager from Sri Lanka. I'm interested in astronomy and my dream is to be an astronomy. Do you know the address of NASA? I want to write a letter to them. Please..... If you know, reply to this message.

modify delete 26064 - from gy221 (Australia) - 2014-03-30
Astronomer - "Astronomer"

An astronomer would be awesome

modify delete 22395 - from Jenna156 (Finland) - 2013-10-30
Astronomer - "Astronomy"

Hello! I am 14 yr. old girl from Finland. I love to watch stars at night, I know alot of space. I haven't seen yet any nebula, but soon I will because Ii'm going to get a telescope. I would like to talk with someone about science.

22395 -
modify delete 28584 - Reply from Lucas220 , 17 yrs (Brazil) - 2015-04-27

what do you wanna talk about ?

22395 -
modify delete 26105 - Reply from Rohan163 , 20 yrs (India) - 2014-04-08

I am dreaming to live in 0 gravity.

modify delete 21733 - from Indrachapa245 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2013-08-05
Astronomer - "Three,Two,One, OFF TO MARS!!!!!"

I want a girl only. 12yrs girl for my penpal who likes astronomy. I usually observe the sky at night and I can recognize many stars such as Orion, Canis major, Taures, Pleiades, Ursa minor, Leo, Scorpiau, Libra. I also have seen venus at many times. I usually send letters to NASA and get lot of information. I like to share it with you!! Please e-mail me to www.mediwaka@gmail.com or SOTW mail me to 940909. Bye!!!

21733 -
modify delete 32295 - Reply from Sara Rizwan228 , 14 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2016-06-09

Dear friend, me too interested in astronomy a lot. And my ambition is to be an Astronaut. So if you are sending letter to NASA frequently could you please provide me with the email address as well as the snail mail too. And can I know that did you get any reply from them? What is your ambition? Please if u wish u can send me through my email

modify delete 21180 - from Awradh245 , 13 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2013-05-24
Astronomer - "I love Astronomy ......"

Hai I am Awradh!! i am 13 years old!! but i know much about the space!!
and i used to watch latest news about the Space!! really i am very interested to study about the Universe, Space,Stars,Planets.,, Comets,And the other celestial bodies. My hobby too is that!!!!! my ambition is to be a astronomist>>>>>

21180 -
modify delete 26585 - Reply from Jasmine104 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2014-06-27

Hey my name is Jasmine. I would like to talk to you more about space. Feel free to message me for my email and we can chat:)

modify delete 20818 - from Alice76 (USA) - 2013-03-27
Astronomer - "Astronomer"

Astronomers are so cool!!!!!

modify delete 20311 - from Jenny98 , 14 yrs (Great Britain) - 2013-01-31
Astronomer - "May the F=MA be with u :P haha"

Hi I'm Jenny. I am a massive physics nerd. I want to be a physicist or astronomer. I love quantum physics, theoretical physics. Just physics. Brian cox, Stephen hawking and Patrick Moore are legends! To be honest all my friends find physics way too confusing and I really want someone to talk about science with!

20311 -
modify delete 26586 - Reply from Jasmine104 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2014-06-27

Hey!I am so happy I found this post. I love physics and would really enjoy having an intellectual conversation with someone about something I have a passion for. My friends are the same and I can relate to the struggle of having no one to talk to about science. Feel free to message me for my email and we can talk :)

20311 -
modify delete 21223 - Reply from Liza1 , 13 yrs (Russia) - 2013-05-30

Hello! My name is Liza. I'n 13 years old. I live in Moscow Region. I love physics very much but I don't want to be a physicist becouse I think it's very difficult.
I'd lika to improve my english. Can yoy help me with it? My e-mail is lizastar 42@gmail.com

modify delete 18976 - from Diletta7 , 14 yrs (Italy) - 2012-10-08
Astronomer - "Astronomy :)"

Who Believes in The Strings Theory as me ? :D

modify delete 18553 - from avindie134 , 15 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2012-09-16
Astronomer - "beginning of the universe"

is the big bang theory the cause for the beginning of the universe??
how has the planets formed??how has the universe originated??

18553 -
modify delete 26221 - Reply from Sanduni134 , 17 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2014-04-24

I am a amateur astronomer like you.My point of view relating to your topic is not to jump into conclusions saying big bang is what caused the formation of this universe.There are contradictions.

18553 -
modify delete 18642 - Reply from Deidranai54 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2012-09-23

Well no one is really sure of how the universe was actually created. Some believe in the big bang theory and some believe in the divine theory,which is the theory that god created universe and life here and where ever else. Some also belive that planets have formed by masses of gravity pulling pieces of debris together and somehow an atmosphere good enough to sustain life just appeared. Everyone's answer is an opinion so you can never be sure of what is correct amd what is not.

modify delete 16951 - from maelle32 , 13 yrs (France) - 2012-06-12
Astronomer - "yes!!!"

I'm sure! Aliens exist in another planet!Be my friend!

16951 -
modify delete 38009 - Reply from Berry226 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2020-07-10

It's always a possibility, and I do also believe there could be alien life in the Universe somewhere! :)

16951 -
modify delete 20126 - Reply from Erin86 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2013-01-14

their has almpost been proof of life on a moon of jupiters.

16951 -
modify delete 19417 - Reply from Justin61 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2012-11-10

Oh yes, I am going to be an astrobiologist one day. Life HAS to exist elsewhere. Possibly even in our own Solar System, in places like Mars, Europa, Titan, and Enceladus.

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