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modify delete 131032 - from Dulce Kristal 191 (Mexico) - 2023-08-19
Higher school - "I'm from México city and want penpals"

night: My name Dulce Kristal Miranda and I'm registre on penpals. I'm studied bachelor degree since 2019 and I'm make Friends. I'm from México city. My Address is: Av Rio de los Remedios #126-1 COL. Progreso nacional alcaldía Gustavo A Madero. Calle 20 y calle 21 Zip code 07650. You shall answered please.

modify delete 129788 - from Lina167 (France) - 2022-01-24
Higher school - "E-mail and letter exchanging students for my college students"


I have some very eager 16 and 17 year old college students in Béziers, France looking for some students their age to exchange e mails with. They are bright and very enthusiastic, with a good level in English. Most of them have a good cultural knowledge and thirst to discover more of the anglophonic world. Let me know if you are interested to partake in this exchange.


129788 -
modify delete 130966 - Reply from Gilbert126 (USA) - 2023-07-21

That's a great idea

129788 -
modify delete 129856 - Reply from Alla211 (Ukraine) - 2022-02-26

I’m from Ukraine. I’m a teacher of independent state. I love and proud of my country but we have the war. I’m frightened but angry . I want to fight with Russia all ways. I ask you for help! Help my Ukraine to stop aggressive army of Putin. We agree for everything. For example, demonstration in your countries against Putin, contacts with their governments and ask for help of Ukraine .and others ways. Read news and watch videos about my proud country. Other ways of helping you can find on the Internet.
Help us. You don’t know what wait other countries from Putin.
We keep the defense for all of us

modify delete 129531 - from Marouna119 (Canada) - 2021-09-29
Higher school - "Penpal letters with Canadian University students"

Hello everyone!

We are a university club called Envelope for Joy located in Ontario, Canada. We are looking for students to exchange letters with in any class in any country. Our group is usually about 20-25 people! The letters will be handwritten and sent through email. If you are interested, contact us at envelopeforjoy@gmail.com


modify delete 129417 - from Natalia179 (Ukraine) - 2021-09-10
Higher school - "Discussion Club for Students"

Hi everyone.I am an English teacher at University from Ukraine. I have a few motivated students (aged 18-22) who would like to discuss the most vital issues of nowadays with the students of the same age. Their English is pretty good and they look forward to having Zoom videoconferences with the students from all over the world to improve their speaking skills, discussion strategies and expand their cultural background. If you are interested, please let me know. My email address is: natnisanoglu@gmail.com

modify delete 128625 - from gunat134 (Sri Lanka) - 2021-01-03
Higher school - "programme sponsorisé"

nous avons un programme résidentiel parrainé gratuit au sri lanka qui aime faire du bénévolat et apprendre dans une méditation dans le quartier de la jungle des éléphants et peut également participer à la réalisation d'un film documentaire
si vous êtes intéressé, vous pouvez m'envoyer un e-mail pour obtenir plus de détails par e-mail crawleymsd@gmail.com

128625 -
modify delete 128644 - Reply from Losseny183 (Ivory Coast) - 2021-01-09

Je suis interesse mais j'aimerais que tu m'explique d'avantage le projet.

modify delete 128389 - from Ene228 (Canada) - 2020-10-06
Higher school - "pen pal with university students"


We are a university pen pal club in Canada and we have 10-12 university students interested in exchanging letters with another class in any country! If interested, contact us at envelopeforjoy@gmail.com

Thank you!

128389 -
modify delete 129007 - Reply from Sebastián Varela119 (Chile) - 2021-05-24

how is the educational system in your country

128389 -
modify delete 128727 - Reply from Frank78 (Tanzania) - 2021-02-10

We are a school in East Africa(Tanzania), we have students aged 14-19. Does the age set correspond to your students'?

128389 -
modify delete 128518 - Reply from Marina215 (Belarus) - 2020-11-22

I'm an English-teacher in a secondary school in Belarus. I and my students whose age is up to 16 would like to exchange letters and postcards ( snail mail or email) in English with students from other countries in order to learn more about cultures and improve language skills. If it's a good fit for you, please contact me.

modify delete 128283 - from Ene228 (Canada) - 2020-09-11
Higher school - "Pen pal program"

We are a university pen pal club from Canada. Our club usually has around 20 university students interested in finding international pen pals and exchanging monthly letters for the school year. The letters will be handwritten and sent through email. If you are interested, contact us at envelopeforjoy@gmail.com

128283 -
modify delete 128477 - Reply from André73 (Mali) - 2020-11-05

Hello ,we are students professor in from a Normal school (ENSUP) in Mali and we are interested.

128283 -
modify delete 128297 - Reply from Assumpta230 (Spain) - 2020-09-15


Je suis prof de Français dans un lycée en Valence, ESpagne. J'ai 7 élèves de 16 ans et 8 élèves de 17-18 ans. Si vous êtes intéressés à vos écrire avec nous, contactez-nous.



modify delete 128005 - from Agyemang160 (Ghana) - 2020-07-11
Higher school - "Literature study help"

I am a teacher in Ghana and want to take a course in English literature.I would be very grateful if someone here with an in depth knowledge in English literature could link up and help me with the basics as it will go a long way to help me chalk success both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

128005 -
modify delete 128999 - Reply from Berniece200 (USA) - 2021-05-19

Hello, Agyemang! As a former literature teacher, I can't help but be glad for you. Literature, including English literature, is a very interesting world. I can advise you to go to Goodreads, there you will definitely find some good advice about literature. Also, you can look at the Eduzaurus service for several posts about literature, maybe you will find some advice there, for example, where to start studying. I wish you the best of luck in your conquest of the world of English literature!

128005 -
modify delete 128602 - Reply from Agyemang 160 (Ghana) - 2020-12-22

Thank you very much. Please, do they have scholarships available?

modify delete 127738 - from valérie200 (France) - 2020-04-07
Higher school - "partenariat avec établissement scolaire anglophone"

je recherche pour mes étudiants de BTS tertiaire (classe après le BAC) un partenariat avec un établissement scolaire anglophone qui dispose d'étudiants.
La formation que suivent mes étudiants les dispose à devenir de futurs "office managers".
Je recherche donc des établissements qui formeraient au même type de métier.
Mes étudiants ont tous plus de 18 ans, donc, il ne serait pas opportun de répondre si vos élèves sont beaucoup trop jeunes.


modify delete 126128 - from Josefine17 (Germany) - 2019-08-15
Higher school - "Looking for penpals in order to turn my students into people of the world"

Dear teachers throughout the world,

I am teaching ESL at a High School close to Bremen.
This year I have year 6, 7 and 8 and I am very keen about finding them pen pals in order to show them the world and the people living in them.
Besides practicing their English, I also want them to learn about other cultures and their customs.
Just send me and Email if you are interested :)


126128 -
modify delete 126294 - Reply from Ania241 (Poland) - 2019-09-01

I'm from Poland, ready to cooperate with you :inka428@wp.pl

modify delete 125670 - from Sophie190 (Belgium) - 2019-05-21
Higher school - "Looking for English students for Belgian ones"


I'm an English teacher to +/- 18-year-old students at a college in Namur (HEPN) in Belgium (French part).
I'd like to give them the opportunity to communicate in English with American, British, Irish or Scottish students who are more or less the same age.

The idea would be to organise Skype lessons (1 hour a week) to help them communicate in the target language (English) and if possible, organise a short trip to meet their penfriends.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

125670 -
modify delete 128178 - Reply from Vasumathi62 (India) - 2020-08-27

I'm a 17 yr old girl..who wants to improve English skill.. if you help me it'd be great 🥰

125670 -
modify delete 128024 - Reply from Neely80 (USA) - 2020-07-17

Bonjour, je suis prof de français aux États-Unis et je cherche des correspondants pour mes élèves de 14-16 ans. Nous apprenons sur l'internet jusqu'à 30 Octobre et je veux bien qu'ils ont des opportunities pour apprendre plus sur le culture et pour pratiquer le français. Merci pour votre réponse.

modify delete 125634 - from Norman212 (Singapore) - 2019-05-04
Higher school - "Letter exchange with Japanese high school students"


I teach History at the junior college level where my students are 17-18. They are taking the International Baccalaureate diploma. As part of their History syllabus, they study the history of modern Japan from the Meiji period to 1990. They will be visiting Japan at the end of the year and are keen to know more about Japanese culture and history. They would like to exchange emails or snail mail with Japanese students of the same age.

Warm regards.


modify delete 125271 - from Stephanie57 (Canada) - 2019-02-02
Higher school - "French letter exchange!"

Hi there, I am a high school French teacher in Ontario Canada and I am looking to exchange letters with another group of teenagers ages 17-18 from a Francophone country in Europe. My students would like to communicate my mail in the French language. I have 18 students in my class.

125271 -
modify delete 125281 - Reply from Lydie221 (France) - 2019-02-04

Hello Stephanie,
I'm an English teacher in France teaching English and literature to 16 to 18 years old students. We are looking for a school to partner with planning a school trip next school year. Would you be interested?

125271 -
modify delete 125279 - Reply from Essobossou 168 (Togo) - 2019-02-03

Bonjour . Je suis enseignant (éducateur) à Kokote dans la Keran au Togo. Je veux correspondre avec des éducateurs Canadiens pour échanges d,expérience. Merci.

modify delete 125151 - from Anna21 (Spain) - 2019-01-13
Higher school - "Exchange Students Companies"


We're an Spanish Exchange Students Company that its looking for students companies in a foreing countries.

We would like to contact with companies from Germany, Belgium, Holland, USA, Canada, Sweden, Poland, Finland, Lethonia, Lituania, Latvia and Estonia to offer them our High School Program in Spain sending students at the period of academic year, semester or trimester.

If you're interested in it, please, contact to me as soon as possible an this email adress. aina1964@hotmail.com

Thank you.

Best Regards,


modify delete 124223 - from Alexandra110 (France) - 2018-10-10
Higher school - "Looking for penpals"

Hello, I am studying a University degree in Foreign Languages and Tourism. And we have to carry out a project during the year. That's why I had the idea to link different nationalities with a project of correspondence / letters. I would like to give this project an intercultural aspect, with the objectif of sharing in all over the world and also, improving languages. I am looking to link students with other countries for pen-pals. Aged 18-23, we have many students who speak a lot of different languages: English, spanish, italian, russian, german... ! That's why anyone could find his perfect penpal. They are very excited.
If you are interested in this project, please contact me. (wirth.alexandra98@gmail.com)
Best wishes,

124223 -
modify delete 125745 - Reply from angie248 (Australia) - 2019-06-14

Hello. I am a student of Halifax College (United Kingdom). I am studying for Bachelor of Philosophy. I love my university and recommend it to other students. If you interested you can find it on Free-Apply. On this web a lot of information about every university in the world. Languages are my hobby. What about you? What about your study place?

124223 -
modify delete 124278 - Reply from Abba255 (USA) - 2018-10-15

Hello! I have a group of around 20 students learning German at a high school in the US. Would you be interested in starting a correspondence in German so they can improve their language abilities?

modify delete 122821 - from Youri62 (Trinidad & Tobago) - 2018-08-14
Higher school - "Recherche de correspondants francophones"

Pour la prochaine rentrée scolaire 2018, j'ai pour mission d'animer un club de français à l'Université de Trinité-et-Tobago. Je souhaiterais que mes futurs étudiants anglophones aient l'opportunité d'échanger avec des élèves francophones. Cela pourrait être l'occasion pour eux de découvrir une région (les différences et similitudes culturelles entre les pays) tout en s'entrainant à la production écrite, voire orale.
Dans l'attente d'une réponse de votre part, je reste à votre disposition pour toute information supplémentaire.

modify delete 122519 - from Eliane167 (France) - 2018-07-14
Higher school - "Looking for a penpal (UK/Ireland) for my student"

I give private English tuition to a teenage girl(Lycée, sitting for baccalaureat 2019). She's 16 y.o. and got very good marks in all other topics but needs badly to improve her English level (speaking, listening). I helped her throughout this just closed school year and she improved greatly. Her first foreign language was Spanish and she's very good at it.

I wish to find for her a penpal on a regular basis (e-mail or Skype or even snail mail). Her current interests are series watching on TV, going to the beach (we live in South Brittany) with friends and horse riding.She's got 2 pets.
Could you please help me find the right English-speaking girl who would be keen on exchanging with her ?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
Enjoy your summer holidays.

122519 -
modify delete 123326 - Reply from Katherine169 (Great Britain) - 2018-09-03

Hello Eliane! I hope you are well! I replied to your email above with the email katherinemary28@gmail.com and have yet to receive a response from your student. I just wanted to check everything was ok. Best wishes, Katherine

122519 -
modify delete 122558 - Reply from Katherine138 (Great Britain) - 2018-07-18

Hello! my name is Katherine and I'm 21 years old. I live near London and am TEFL qualified. I would be more than happy to email or snail mail her. My email is katherinemary28@gmail.com if you want to discuss further. Best wishes, Katherine

modify delete 122043 - from Audrey136 (France) - 2018-06-08
Higher school - "Partnership with English-speaking students aged 19-20"

Dear all,
I teach English to students aged 19-20. They are preparing a degree in commercial units. We are looking for a partner school to exchange about work-related problems, the environment, companies, discrimination... every subject related to working conditions. If you are interested in this project, please contact me.
Best wishes,

122043 -
modify delete 129416 - Reply from Natalia179 (Ukraine) - 2021-09-10

Hello. I'm Natalia, an English teacher at Agrotechnological University. I have 10 students who would like to have Zoom videoconferences and discuss the most vital issues of nowadays. Their English is pretty good and besides improving speaking skills they have a desire to expand their cultural background. If you are interested, let me know, please. My email is natnisanoglu@gmail.com

122043 -
modify delete 128865 - Reply from Donald74 (Poland) - 2021-03-18

Hi, are you only interested in the English-speaking country?

122043 -
modify delete 122649 - Reply from Hatim248 (Morocco) - 2018-07-25

hey i'm interested on you project ; I'm 18 from Morocco , contact me for more informations .

modify delete 121874 - from elodie115 (Cameroon) - 2018-06-05
Higher school - "Recherche 1 directeur d ecole pour venir travailler a Douala"


ecole primaire bilingue, situee a Douala, Bonapriso recherche 1 comptable et 1 directeur pour commencer en septembre 2018.



modify delete 121437 - from Colleen180 (USA) - 2018-05-11
Higher school - "College Student epals"

Hi! I am teaching an Honors course in Intercultural Communication for first and second year post-secondary students. I am looking for college students from around the world that my students can contact over the next 5 weeks to discuss what they are learning in the course. I welcome your suggestions!

121437 -
modify delete 125080 - Reply from Sandrine25 (France) - 2019-01-03

Dear Colleen,

I am teaching English in a private school of Graphic Design(West of France).
I would love to start a penpal programm for them. They are motivated and are between 18 and 22 years old. They speak quite well English and would love to start an exchange.



121437 -
modify delete 122650 - Reply from Hatim248 (Morocco) - 2018-07-25

Hey I'm 18 yo from Morocco I can speak frensh and english , i'm really interested on your project , concact me if you want

121437 -
modify delete 122245 - Reply from Charlotte244 (France) - 2018-06-26


I'm just see your message. What do you find exactly ? People from others country with who your students can speak ?

I'am Charlotte, I am 18 and I love in FrancE.

121437 -
modify delete 122197 - Reply from Audrey90 (French Guiana) - 2018-06-21

my name is Audrey and I am an English teacher in France, in the South West of France (Bordeaux). The students I teach are around 19-20. I would be interested in your project.
If you are still OK, please contact me.
Looking forward to reading from you.

121437 -
modify delete 121853 - Reply from Colleen180 (USA) - 2018-06-03

Hello, Feng,
Thank you for your reply to my message. I will pass on your contact information to my students. I hope one of them will reply to your invitation to become a penpal. Good luck with your English studies :-)
Best regards,

121437 -
modify delete 121842 - Reply from feng 19 (China) - 2018-06-02

firstly, I am so sorry to tell you that my English is very poor so that I may cannot reply right words or grammar to chat with you. but I really want to have a foreign pen pel to communicate something about the life habits and customers of different countries.

modify delete 121037 - from AMADOU FADYL124 (Senegal) - 2018-03-03
Higher school - "recherche de jumelage"

Je suis président de l'Amicale des élèves et étudiants de la commune de Djinaky au Sénégal,
je suis à la recherche d'une association d'étudiants étrangers pour tisser un jumelage qui va dans le sens de partage culturelle, éducatif, etc
Si vous êtes intéressés veuillez me contacter à partir de ce mail amadoufadyl@gmail.com

modify delete 120976 - from Javier182 (Spain) - 2018-02-26
Higher school - "Writing exchange"

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a Spanish school called IES Pere Boil.

We are searching for a classroom to do a writting exchange project. We need to find a group of learners of Spanish language to cooperate with us to improve our writing skills.

The main idea of this project is to exchange emails in order to help each other correct the mistakes in our writings.

We want to know your opinion and if you are interested in sending us emails in Spanish for correcting your mistakes too.

Yours sincerely.

modify delete 120323 - from Christie140 (France) - 2017-12-25
Higher school - "Computer and Math Club - International Collaboration"


I am a French math teacher in High School (students 14/17) wishing to create international collaboration for projects about Probabilities/Simulation exploiting Python : creation of website animation/videos/international exchange via web cam ... and more if possible ... to work the 3 following domains : math simulation / python / english


modify delete 120162 - from Setsuna40 (Hong Kong) - 2017-12-08
Higher school - "How to import the Hair Salon simulator in Website to use?"

Hi , in this year, our teammate need to do the final year project, our title is user can using our website to playing the hair salon simulator. We using the word press to save our website. However, how to import the hair salon simulator to import the website? Thank you so much!

modify delete 120000 - from SUSANA ZARATE26 (Spain) - 2017-11-26
Higher school - "échange épistolaire et rencontre à Paris"


Je suis professeure de français dans un lycée en Andalousie et nous allons faire un voyage à Paris le 24,25,26,27 mai 2018.
Je suis à la recherche d'un lycée à Paris intéressé par un échange épistolaire avec comme objectif de pouvoir se rencontrer à Paris ces dates-là et organiser une activité ensemble.

modify delete 119973 - from OH109 (Korea) - 2017-11-24
Higher school - "would you recommend a university in Germany or Northern Europe?"

Hi, I am majoring in Social Sciences. I plan to study abroad two or three years later. so, would you recommend a university in Germany or Northern Europe?

modify delete 119817 - from Christine221 (France) - 2017-11-16
Higher school - "Correspondencia con América latina"

Estoy buscando para mis alumnos de 15/16 años que estudian español a alumnos latinoamericanos para que puedan corrresponder.
Un saludo desde Francia.

119817 -
modify delete 127830 - Reply from Christine199 (France) - 2020-05-26

Si no hablas francés no es un problema. ¿cuántos alumnos tienes y cuántos años tienen?
Sería para el próximo curso es decir para nosotros a partir de octubre.
Un saludo.

119817 -
modify delete 127829 - Reply from Katheryn Pc176 (Peru) - 2020-05-26

Hola hablo español pero no francés .Esta bien?.

modify delete 119726 - from yassin184 (Germany) - 2017-11-10
Higher school - "Chat auf Deutsch"

Ich möchte mein Niveau auf Deutsch verbessern

modify delete 119505 - from Amadou Fadyl124 (Senegal) - 2017-10-30
Higher school - "jumelage"

je suis Président de l'Amicale des élèves et étudiant de Baline. Nous sommes à la recherche d'un groupe d'étudiant à travers le monde pour tisser un jumelage. A travers ce jumelage nous aurons des échanges culturelles, éducatives,etc.
Baline est un village situé au sud du Sénégal dans la région de ziguinchor. Avec ses masques de danse, et son beau paysage, le village reste ouvert à tout étrangers.
Si vous êtes intéressés Merci de me contacter sur mon mail: amadoufadyl@gmail.com

modify delete 119015 - from emmanuel214 (Congo) - 2017-10-07
Higher school - "seach coespondant"

hello my name is Emmanuel Mat, I am in Congo
I have just created a center of language formation Collective's dénomée Traning center to train the pupils and students of this country. I would like to have them correspond for inter to act with our students.
if you interest make month a promenade to the matondomingouolo@gmail.com
Thank you!

modify delete 117484 - from sylvana 1 (Solomon) - 2017-08-21
Higher school - "correspopence"

Hi,I'm a social study teacher from solomon . I'm looking for penpals for my 17-19 years students to hhelp them improve their writing skills and exchange cultural info.I'll be very h
grateful if any of you respond ....thanks

117484 -
modify delete 123617 - Reply from Aude205 (France) - 2018-09-15

Hi, I m very interesting by your project. I m in France.


117484 -
modify delete 119706 - Reply from Isabelle199 (France) - 2017-11-09

I sent you a messqage on your SOTW mailbox.
I am a secretary in a secondary school in France but can help your students with infos on France and they can host my Flat Stanley in the Salomon.
All the best;

modify delete 117326 - from Melanie27 (Switzerland) - 2017-08-14
Higher school - "DE - FR : E-Mails Oder Briefe wechseln"

Klasse(n) in Genf, Handelschule, sucht/suchen für dieses Schuljahr (2017-18 und event. später) eine Klasse(n) in Deutschland, in der Deutschschweiz oder in Österreich für einen schrifftlichen Austausch (E-Mails, soziale Netzwerke, WhatsApp, Briefe...) Schüler zwischen etwa 16-19, die Deutsch lernen (A2-B1).

modify delete 117108 - from Aristide239 (Burkina Faso) - 2017-08-06
Higher school - "Correspondance"

Bonjour à tous. Je suis chargé de correspondance et de jumelage dans ma commune. Je suis à la recherche de correspondants de tout niveau pour les élèves au Burkina Faso. J'ai des classes de la maternelles au secondaire.
Ecrivez moi et je vous répondrai.

117108 -
modify delete 120293 - Reply from Morgan51 (Canada) - 2017-12-20

Bonjour Aristide,

Je m'appelle Morgan et je suis un français enseignant le français langue seconde à Sudbury dans la province de l'Ontario. Je n'enseigne pas au Quebec mais le Canada possède 2 langues officielles: français et anglais. La majeure partie de l'Ontario est anglophone mais peu de gens savent que le français n'est pas présent uniquement au Quebec. On peut entendre du français dans peut trouver des communautés francophones (plus ou moins grosses) dans chaque province du Canada. Les élèves de notre classe sont au 11ème grade (17ans). L'anglais est leur langue maternelle mais ils sont en immersion. Certains de leurs cours sont en français, ils parlent très bien français et ont le niveau pour avoir une discussion normale. Actuellement, nous travaillons également sur la francophonie à travers le monde. Réaliser un projet interculturel avec un établissement francophone nous intéresserait fortement aussi. Je pense que chacun peut apprendre des choses intéressantes de l'autre.

Au revoir.


117108 -
modify delete 117202 - Reply from Aristide239 (Burkina Faso) - 2017-08-09

Je suis intéressé nous pouvions discuter. J'aime une maternelle qui doivent atteindre une centaine toutes les trois classes confondu.
Voici mon adresse une fois que vous etes prêt
Chargé de correspondance et de jumelage dans les Banwa
BP 21 Solenzo / Banwa
cel : +226 76 09 79 87

117108 -
modify delete 117173 - Reply from Mutielle166 (France) - 2017-08-08

Bonjour. Je suis enseignante en maternelle (TPS,PS,MS)dans le Pas de Calais et je serai intéressée pour une correspondance scolaire. Merci

117108 -
modify delete 117146 - Reply from Aristide167 (Burkina Faso) - 2017-08-07

Merci bien j'ai des eleves de meme age et j'aimerai qu'ils correspondent avec vos eleves, sinon je reste a l'ecoute

117108 -
modify delete 117133 - Reply from Christelle8 (France) - 2017-08-07

Bonjour, nous cherchons une classe ( hors France métropolitaine) afin d'échanger sur nos régions, nos modes de vie, nos cultures etc.. Nous sommes une classe de ce2 à l'Ile de la Réunion. Faites-nous voyager! Nous attendons vos réponses avec enthousiasme.

117108 -
modify delete 117131 - Reply from Aristide239 (Burkina Faso) - 2017-08-07

Ok parfait. Je suis partant. Si vous voulez je vous envoie mon adresse. Avez vous combien de classes ? Combien d'élèves ?
A très bientôt alors !

117108 -
modify delete 117128 - Reply from Sylvie10 (Reunion) - 2017-08-07

Je suis intéressée par votre message. Je mets en place un projet de correspondance avec plusieurs pays du monde. la correspondance s'effectuera en français, elle aura pour but de présenter la géographie, la culture et l'histoire de notre "pays". Pour ma part, il s'agit de l'île de la Réunion.
Chaque classe participante communiquera une lettre de présentation à toutes les classes. Nous aurons ainsi l'occasion de travailler la géographie, la rédaction, l'histoire et l'instruction civique de manière moins scolaire et plus vivante.
j'attends votre réponse.

modify delete 116432 - from Agathe139 (France) - 2017-06-22
Higher school - "Echange"


Je suis professeur en brevet de technicien supérieur et je forme des commerciaux . Les étudiants ont entre 18 et 20 ans.Je serais intéressé pour mettre en place un échange avec un pays anglophone.
Merci de bien vouloir me contacter par mail.

modify delete 116342 - from elise186 (France) - 2017-06-14
Higher school - "New Primary school teachers"

I'm an English teacher and I teach future primary school teachers. I teach them both English and how to teach English to young learners.
I would have liked them to be able to exchange with some other training teachers all around the world. The idea would have been to discover the school systems in other countries (subjects, timetables, ...) , we could also exchange about teaching ( games we use to teach in class, children's books we study..).

116342 -
modify delete 117895 - Reply from Saineyba167 (Gambia) - 2017-09-02

I am from Gambia and I teach English Language to first year students in high school. I would like to collaborate with other teachers to establish a link between our students in the form of letter writing so as to enhance their writing skills. we could also share experience and expertise. Thank you.

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modify delete 116376 - Reply from prince145 (Uganda) - 2017-06-17

Hello I have students in my primary teachers college.
can we collaborate the two colleges?
if still interested email me and we see how we can get started.
email me on princehi2040@gmail.com

modify delete 116274 - from Jim235 (Gambia) - 2017-06-05
Higher school - "Higher institution of teacher's studies"

I'm an English teacher and I'd like if there's any university for the best teacher's training course in Europe.

modify delete 115980 - from MªConsuelo García165 (Spain) - 2017-05-04
Higher school - "Galician school looking for an irish partner school"

I am the English teacher in the state school called IES Leixa, on the north west coast of Spain in the English pilgrims´path to Santiago de Compostela (an hour from our town). Our students are studying the two years previous to college (called Bachillerato in Spain) and we also have digital printing vocational studies and nursing assistant vocational studies. It is a special school because of the different studies we have here.A small group around 12 students take optional English classes in their free time .My aim is to find a school for them to visit and do the same for the other school when they visit us. I believe it is worth trying. Green landscapes and the sound of bagpipes make our two countries very similar.

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modify delete 117896 - Reply from Saineyba167 (Gambia) - 2017-09-02

I am from Gambia and I teach English Language to first year students in high school. I would like to collaborate with other teachers to establish a link between our students in the form of letter writing so as to enhance their writing skills. we could also share experience and expertise. Thank you.

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modify delete 116370 - Reply from Sue134 (USA) - 2017-06-16

Hello - I have a school north of Boston who is looking for an exchange in the upcoming school year. They can host a maximum of 20 students for up to 14 days.
They would like to travel in February 2018.
They can host in October or later.
Please contact me: Sue at hostandgo@charter.net

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