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modify delete 130702 - from Irina 154 (Russia) - 2023-01-24
Middle school - "Maths lessons"

My name is Irina and I have a great experience in maths but I don't have enouth experience in Englich. I would like to share my maths knowlege for free just for practice in teaching maths in Englich. If you have students who have problems with maths I would be happy to help them improve the situation.
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modify delete 129863 - from Svetlana249 (Russia) - 2022-03-01
Others school - "Looking for pals for kids"

Hi, there. I'm a teacher at extra classes of English. My pupils are from 8 to 18.They're interested to have penpals. Welcome. Hard time but children must be friendly to each other
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modify delete 129680 - from Denis Noskov85 (Russia) - 2021-11-17
Middle school - "Looking for snail mail pen pals for my students"

My name is Denis Noskov.
I'm an English teacher from a small Russian school (102 students).
I'm looking for snail mail pen pals for my students aged 8-18 (grades 2-11), small classes.
We'd like to exchange postal letters about ourselves, our school, native place, country and so on. We could also exchange cultural packages and chat online using social networks e.g. Edmodo (social network for education).
Looking forward to your replies.

Please contact me by email: dennoskov@gmail.com
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modify delete 129598 - from Irina143 (Russia) - 2021-10-26
High school - "JOIN US!"

I am Irina, an English teacher, would like to start a new exchanging letters project with the group of senior students from European or American schools. This year they are only 5 but we have a good experience in corresponding. Let me know.
With best wishes,
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modify delete 129509 - from Alina84 (Russia) - 2021-09-23
Primary school - "Looking for penpalls"

We are teachers from Moscow, Russia. We are looking for a group of students to correspond in English. There are 20 students in our classes (9-11 years old). We would like to exachange postcards, letters and videos.

If you are interested, please contact us!

Alina and Daria
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modify delete 128378 - from Nadya107 (Russia) - 2020-10-02
Primary school - "looking for penpals for 8-10 old kids"

Hi, my name is Nadya and I'm a private English teacher. I love working with primary students and want to expand their horizons via correspondence with kids from all over the world. I have around 10 students who would love having penpals.
My kids can write about themselves in a simple way, I could help them to compose their letters, it would be so much fun and a great experience of using English as a tool to meet other kids and making friends with them.
I hope to hear from you,guys! It means so much to me. I had a penpal in middle and high school and I remember the excitement of it!
Write me to malenko.nadya@gmail.com
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modify delete 127731 - from Anastasia17 (Russia) - 2020-04-04
Middle school - "help me find information"

Hello, I am a history student from Russia. Now I am writing a paper for which I need school history textbooks from France, England and Spain. Can you tell me where I can find them?
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modify delete 127695 - from Elvina149 (Russia) - 2020-03-18
Middle school - "Pen pals wanted"

Dear Teachers!
My students are really keen on having pen pals to communicate with their peers from different countries. Students of 10 - 14 years old.
We would love to exchange emails and encourage international friendship. should you be interested please email me e.nazifova.ais@gmail.com
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modify delete 127523 - from Darya170 (Russia) - 2020-01-30
Middle school - "School visits/exchanges"

Hello, dear colleagues! I am an English teacher at a secondary school in Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I am looking for a school from any European country to start a real life exchange. We have been working online with the schools from France and Spain for more than 6 years and our experience is rather positive and successful. And we have welcomed the pupils from France twice. So, who is interested in organising real visits I will be glad to get your messages and discuss our possibilities!
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modify delete 126889 - from jeremy252 (Russia) - 2019-11-02
Primary school - "Correspondance avec des maternelles de Russie"

Bonjour, je suis prof de français dans une école maternelle (de 2 à 6ans) à Moscou en Russie et nous avons durant les mois de novembre /decembre notre projet international : nous parlons des villes, paysages, animaux et traditions du Monde.
Notre école accueille principalement des élèves russes mais aussi des enfants d'expatriés de pays différents. Les élèves suivent un enseignement en français, en russe et en anglais.

Cette année nous souhaitons échanger avec des écoles du Monde. Nous souhaitons envoyer une petite video de présentation de la Russie, un colis avec des petites choses russes (l idéal serait aussi de recevoir aussi un colis en échange pour nos élèves) et de faire un appel video via skype etc :) Nos élèves sont des maternelles mais la différence d'âge n'est pas un problème.

Nos élèves parlent russes, français et anglais.

Si cela vous intéresse, n'hésitez pas !

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modify delete 126540 - from Irina153 (Russia) - 2019-09-19
Middle school - "Join us!"

Hello friends!
We are from Russia, we have a penfriens's club at school and have a good experience in snail mailing. This time 8-10 students from 12 to 14 are looking for the penfriends. We love writing letters, sending postcards and even gifts! We would like to learn more about cultures!
looking forward to hearing from you!

PS my email kirinaa@list.ru
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modify delete 125749 - from Irina104 (Russia) - 2019-06-15
Middle school - "Looking for pen pals from different countries for making international projects"

Hello, I'm an English teacher at a school located in the center part of our big country. I have a group of students aged 13-14 who would be really happy to find pen pals from different countries. We had also experience of exchanging cultural box and video conference with students from Missouri. Let me see if you want to join us!
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modify delete 125562 - from Maria18 (Russia) - 2019-04-04
Middle school - "Middle school"

Hi there! I'm Maria. I work as a teacher of English in Russia. I live in Kronshtadt near Saint Petersburg. I would like to start a kind of an international project. My students are 14 years old and older who are quite eager to find penpals. They study English at school and it will be a great opportunity to practice the language. By the way, it is possible to start an exchange project to share culture and traditions. We have an experience in it.
If you are interested, I will be happy to answer your questions.
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modify delete 124204 - from Elena173 (Russia) - 2018-10-09
Middle school - "Looking for english-speaking pen pals"

Hello, I'm an English teacher at a school located in the center of eastern Siberia. I have a group of students aged 13-17 who would be really happy to find pen pals from different countries. My e-mail address silverdragonfly7@list.ru
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modify delete 123229 - from Anastasia23 (Russia) - 2018-09-01
Primary school - "Primary school in Russia is looking for pen pals from the UK, Australia or New Z"

My name is Anastasia Reva. I'm a primary English teacher in Russia. My students are 8-11 years old. We are looking for a pen pal class from the UK, Australia or New Zealand. We live in a city near Volgograd (former Stalingrad). We prefer snail mail because it's always fun to get and send real things. We are also ready for Christmas cards (Easter cards) exchange, then we can meet each other in Skype.
We are also interested in Literacy projects (for e.g. we can recommend pen pal class some Russian children authors (translated into English) and are ready to read English writers (many of them are translated into Russian)).
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modify delete 119641 - from Albina232 (Russia) - 2017-11-06
Middle school - "Looking for English pen pals to work on a joint project"

Hello! I'm a teacher of English in a small town in Russia. My students (aged 12-13) are interested in improving their English and working on any culture-exchanging project together. Perhaps your kids will find that interesting?
Please get in touch if there is a chance for cooperation.
Nurlat, Russia
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modify delete 118528 - from Irina153 (Russia) - 2017-09-21
Middle school - "cultural exchange and pen friends for my pupils"

Hello colleagues!
I run the Pen Friends' club at school and we have a good experience in corresponding with pupils in different countries. Just now I have a group of pupils (4 girls and 2 boys) of 13 years old who would like to have pen friends from your school. If it is possible to organise, please, join us and let me know. We will start snail mailing at once. Feel free to ask me any question.
Looking forward to having your reply!
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modify delete 115968 - from Natalia252 (Russia) - 2017-05-01
Primary school - "Hello from friendly Russia!"

Looking for 20-25 positive 9-10 years old children learning English or native speakers.
The aim is exchanging postcards, letters or videos about our countries culture.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Wish you good weather!
Be more than well!
Natalia. shishos@yandex.ru
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modify delete 115801 - from Natalia252 (Russia) - 2017-03-28
Primary school - "Russian primary school pupils"

Hello! We already have 23 postcards to send. Our former respondents' teacher became pregnant and a new teacher is not going to continue the correspondence! Please if you want to have 9 years old pupils as responsible friends write to their old teacher! )))
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modify delete 115514 - from Daria33 (Russia) - 2017-02-18
Primary school - "Looking for penfreinds"

Hello, everybody! My name's Daria and I'm a teacher in on of the state schools in Russia, Krasnoyarsk. It's in Siberia. I have a group of children (age 10-11 years old, about 13 children) and we'd like to practice our skills in English. We want to learn something about other countries and customs and to tell you something new about our culture! Hope to hear from you soon!
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modify delete 114012 - from Natalia79 (Russia) - 2016-10-20
Middle school - "looking for my pupil's friend"

I'm an English teacher from Russia.
My private student, 13 years old, would like to have a pen pal.
She prefers snail mail to practice writing and experience postcrossing.
If you are interested, please, do not hesitate to answer.)
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modify delete 113247 - from Natalia79 (Russia) - 2016-09-20
Primary school - "Looking for English-speaking friends!"

12 students (9 years old) and their old, but still alive )) teacher are looking for friends. We live in Moscow, Russia. We could exchange letters, e-mails, videos and what not. Help us in being motivated. It’s very difficult to study your language! But we’ll do our best!
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modify delete 113118 - from Natalia79 (Russia) - 2016-09-16
Middle school - "looking for English speaking pals to practice and learning culture spots."

I’m a state school teacher. I have 15 pupils aged 11 (in fact I teach 6 groups from 7 to 11 years old, but these students are most active)). They’ve been studying English for 4 years. We’d like to communicate with native speakers. If you are interested in collaborating it would be pleasure to correspond via snail mail, email, or exchanging video.
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modify delete 110163 - from Natalia109 (Russia) - 2016-02-10
Primary school - "Looking for penpals"

Hello, I'm a mother of a 9-year old and a trained English and German teacher. I would like to find English speaking penpals for my son and his school friends. We live in Petrozavodsk (North-West of Russia). Please write if you are interested. Look forward to hearing from you.
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modify delete 108136 - from Galina48 (Russia) - 2015-09-29
Others school - "Looking for pen pals for students"

I'm a 23 yo teacher from Russia. I work in a non state educational establishment and I;m looking for pen pals for my teenage students (12-17) of elementary level.
Preferable from English speaking countries.
Honetsly, I have already written to some teens here because I didn't kmow that I ciu;d have just posted it here :D
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modify delete 103762 - from Natalia194 (Russia) - 2015-05-21
Primary school - "Russian kids looking for penpals from the UK, Canada, Australia"

I am a teacher of English from Russia. I have some Russian kids who are fond of studying English and would like to correspond with English speaking kids to practice their skills and to know more about the UK, Canada, Australia. They are 8-15 years old. It will be interesting for them to exchange information about their own countries, their culture, traditions, food, holidays etc. Drop me a line. We are waiting for your messages!!!
With best wishes,
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modify delete 98272 - from Anastassia19 (Russia) - 2014-04-09
Others school - "Russian in Russia"

Our school is 10 years old. We have taught Russian language to more than 1000 students from all over the world.
Intensive Russian language course. In 2 – 4 weeks you improve your Russian! Our high qualified, creative, and experienced teachers hold exciting classes where the students get a chance to practice language not only in the classrooms, but also in real-life situation: in cafés, shops, at the post office.
Russian homestay. Warm care, delicious national food, and long conversations in Russian – that’s what you get in the Russian hostfamilies. They are people, who can answer your questions about Russia and with whom you spend relaxing evenings, share your impressions about your day. It is your second home where you always want to come back.
Russian Volunteers. Our volunteers are people of different ages who help you to discover Petrozavodsk and solve such everyday problems as buying tickets or doing shopping.
Cultural program. Language classes are held in the morning and after lunch you get a chance to take part in various activities (both free and paid) such as watching films in Russian, presentations, workshops and excursions to Kizhi, Valaam, St.-Petersburg etc.
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modify delete 97794 - from Andrey3 (Russia) - 2014-02-16
Middle school - "Looking for penpals"

Hello everyone,
I'm Andrey from Russia. I teach English to the children of age 12-15. They are very excited to have penpals around the world. We live in Rostov.
Please, write back if you want to help me.
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modify delete 97308 - from Galina170 (Russia) - 2014-01-04
Middle school - "To make pen-friends"

I am an English language teacher from Yugorsk, Western Siberia,Russia. I would like to make a lot of friends from different countries for my students.
They learn English, they are from 9 to 13.
I would like my students to improve their knowledge by communicating. I wish everybody to be happy in a New year! We have winter holidays now.
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modify delete 77290 - from Venera8 (Russia) - 2013-10-02
Middle school - "pen-pals"

Hello! I'm a teacher of English in a small town called Kumertau in Bashkortostan, Russia. I'd like to find pen-friends for my pupils. They are 10-18 years old. They study English as a foreign language. They need a real motivation to continue their English learning. It will give them a good opportunity to practice language and to realize a role of English in the world.
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modify delete 76361 - from Darya134 (Russia) - 2013-09-05
Middle school - "pen pals"

I'm an English teacher from Russia, Saint - Petersburg. I would like to find pen pals for my students (13-14 years old). We are ready for e - mail or correspondence exchange. And it would be great to create and do a project together. The history and culture of our country, city and school are really interesting.
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modify delete 74349 - from Anna134 (Russia) - 2013-05-04
Middle school - "students exchange project"

Hello!My name is Anna.I'm an English teacher.Our school is situated in a marvellous city of Russia, St Petersburgh.It is admitted to be the cultural capital of Russia.My students and I are looking for penpalls all over the world.We are interested in foreign customs and traditions and we are eager to show you our city with it's magnificent architecture, parks,museums and palaces. And of course we'd like to see your country, the place you live and study in.
We wish you were our friends.
With Love from Russia!
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modify delete 72733 - from Elena58 (Russia) - 2012-12-08
Middle school - "looking for English speaking penpals"

Hi, I'm an English tutor. I teach students 9 - 15 y.o. We'd like to find students/teachers from English speaking countries willing to exchange e-mails or letters, to prepare projects comparing our countries, probably even to talk via skype.
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modify delete 48014 - from Yuliya126 (Russia) - 2012-10-31
Primary school - "penpals from the UK"

Hello! I'm a teacher at primary school in Omsk,Russia. My pupils aged 9-10 years want to have penpals from the UK. They are at class 3. They love PE,Art,Maths and Reading. wait for your reply.
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modify delete 47611 - from Galina139 (Russia) - 2012-10-09
Others school - "exchange"

Hello! I’m a Russian teacher in Tula (200 km from Moscow) who teaches English in different forms (10 to 17y. o.)
I’m looking for pen pals for my students in Great Britain.
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modify delete 47386 - from Olesya118 (Russia) - 2012-09-29
Middle school - "Looking for penfriend"

My name is Olesya. I'm an English teacher. Our school is situated in the south of Russia in Krasnodar region. My students are 10-16 years old. We have to make friends with school from any other country to learn about another culture and everyday life, to communicate and to practice our English-speaking skills. The level of my students is not too high. But I hope to change it.
Please e-mail: osegozina@gmail.com
Best wishes,
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modify delete 43952 - from Maria134 (Russia) - 2012-04-03
High school - "Russian school looking for english-speaking students"

Hello! My name is Maria. I work as a techer of English and I'm very interested in setting up an exchange project. My students and I would like to find penfriends all over the world to exchange letters or emails. The sudents have different English level and they are motivated to improve their command of English as well as learn traditions/culture in foreign cultures.
It would be great to set up a project between two countries, wouldn't it? Or to arrange a sort of conference for teachers. Why not?
If your students study Russian, it will be great! A sort of practice with us!
The school is located in Kronshtadt, a distric of Saint-Petersburg.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
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modify delete 42933 - from Elena216 (Russia) - 2012-01-09
Middle school - "penpals and exchange"

Hello everybody,
I am an English teacher from Russia, my name is Elena. I teach students of different ages (12-18) and we would like to find penfriends all over the world and to start an exchange to know each other better. If you are interested in any of these, you are welcome with any questions and offers. Please, e-mail me as I don't visit this site very often!-))
Best wishes,
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modify delete 41126 - from Yulia207 (Russia) - 2011-09-25
Middle school - "Penpals from English-speaking countries 14-17"

I am an English teacher at a secondary school in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Far East of Russia. I've been taking part in the penpals projects for 2 years and now I am looking for new partners to collaborate with. I'd be happy if a teacher from any English-speaking country contacted me.
Best wishes,
Yulia Kazakova,
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modify delete 40229 - from Alex153 (Russia) - 2011-08-26
High school - "Origami Peace Tree 911 Memorial"

Dear All,

We invite you to take part and support the special origami event in the USA.


The Organizers:
1. Jennifer Iacona / Shrikant Iyer - Charles B. Wang Center
2. Alex and Larisa Levashov - Akira Yoshizawa museum-theater of Origami

The Host: Charles B. Wang Center

Location: Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, NY

Dates: 09/07/11 - 09/15/11

Contact person: Shrikant Iyer and Jennifer Iaconna
E-mail: OPT911memorial@notes.cc.stonybrook.edu

Deadline for models: August 31st, 2011

Address for models: ATTN: OPT 911 memorial, Suite 302, Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4040

Requirements for models :
Each person can send a maximum of 2 models.
For each model include a card (5x10 cm or 2x4 inch, white cardboard) There should be following information: Model's name, Designer's Name, Folder's Name, Folder's country and city.
No need full mail address.
Please send:
Everyone is welcome to submit whatever they choose. However, we would appreciate models which is appropriate to the USA (featuring its cultural, geographic diversity).
Modular Origami in the colors of red, white and blue would also be appreciated.
Any size of model is okay.
All models sent for OPT 2010 become the property of the Host according to the rules of OPT.

No Diploma or Booklet.
Just Memory of The Day the World Changed.

Best wishes,
Alex and Larisa Levashov
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modify delete 38112 - from Victoria79 (Russia) - 2011-02-09
Primary school - "Penpals wanted"

HI, I'm a teacher of English in Moscow, and I would like to find English-speaking penpals for my students (9-10 years old), especially I am interested in whole class-linking, maybe we will Skype each other one day or something.
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modify delete 37909 - from Tatiana125 (Russia) - 2011-01-16
High school - "un stage en France"

Bonjour! Je suis professeur de russe langue étrangère en Russie. Je voudrais savoir s'il des collèges ou lycées en France qui sont intéressés à un professeur-stagiaire natif. Je recherche un court stage de 2-3 mois pour obtenir un expérience pédagogique avec les jeunes francophones. Merci pour vos conseils!
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modify delete 37427 - from Olga26 (Russia) - 2010-11-20
Middle school - ""Recherche correspondants francophones""

je suis professeur de francais d'une ecole russe (Saint-Petersbourg). Nous recherchons une classe francophone (10-13 ans) pour correspondre par mail ou par lettres afin d'échanger sur nos cultures.
Merci d'avance pour vos réponses!


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modify delete 34067 - from Dasha101 (Russia) - 2010-04-15
High school - "Learn and Enjoy Russian in Russia"

Russian language school “Enjoy Russian” offers intensive Russian language courses with qualified teachers for kids, youth and adults all year round. Total Russian language immersion, staying in Russian families and active cultural program guarantee the fast progress in the Russian language within a short period of time.
More info at http://www.enjoyrussian.com/
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modify delete 34021 - from Julia130 (Russia) - 2010-04-10
Middle school - "pals for 13-15 year-olds"

Hi, my name is Julia, I am looking for pen pals for my students.

I want my students to have a chance to exchange English letters about Russia and themselves with students in other places around the world. Also, if the other school has internet access, we might even be able to work out a skype chat or video exchange.

Both non-native and native speakers are welcome to reply, and I'm willing to work with students of various ages.
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modify delete 33965 - from Ludmila149 (Russia) - 2010-04-04
Middle school - "Looking for penpals in English speaking countries"

I'm teaching English in one of the schools in the city of Surgut in Siberia, Russia. I've got groups of students aged 8-15, who are eager to write to pen pals. I think it would be a good motivation in studying the language.
If you are interested in penpals from Russia let me know.
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modify delete 33388 - from Elena81 (Russia) - 2010-02-04
Primary school - "looking for pen pals"

My name is Elena and I teach English in Volzhsky, Russia. I am looking for pen pals for my students to practise their English. My students are 10-12 years old. They are very enthusiastic about speaki and writing English and it would be nice to find friends of the same age who speak English. We could also do some project.
Thank you.
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modify delete 33118 - from Katherine8 (Russia) - 2010-01-17
Middle school - "Projects"

I'm a techer of English from Russia. Now my students (their ages are 13-14) are working on the project which is devoted to St.Valentine's Day. They are writing different compositions. The topic of this composition is "What is love?" It would be nice if your students could write their letters(they can express their opinions about this topic) and send their letters to us. If you're interested in it,you may send your pupils'letters to me. My e-mail is KatherineM@mail.ru
I'll be waiting for your letters. Thanks!
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modify delete 33086 - from Mrs. Perala128 (Russia) - 2010-01-13
High school - "New Pen Pal Project"

I am a teacher at South Beloit High School in Northern Illinois in the USA. We are trying a class pen pal project. This is a small school, only about 300 students. This geography class is currently studying Russia and hope to correspond with students.
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modify delete 31924 - from Anastasia174 (Russia) - 2009-10-10
Primary school - "Individual penpals"

Hello! I'm a teacher of English from Russia. I have a class of 9-11 year olds. Some of my students have personal pen pals. It's a lot of fun. Of course I help them to write letters. They bring the letters to class and show to everyone. Some students do not have penpals but they dream about them. These scheme works if students parents are interested in it and help children with envelopes and other things. I usually e-mail to a parent that we posted the letter or got their letter. We are involved in some international projects so we will not be able to participate in any more or in whole class correspondence. If you have students who want to have pen pals (snail mail) and their parents agree please feel free to write me.
With Love from Russia
Anastasia Reva
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modify delete 31762 - from Ekaterina8 (Russia) - 2009-10-02
Others school - "We are looking for penpals"

Hello, I'm a teacher of English and Italian from Russia, Siberia. I'm looking for penpals for my students.They are 9-14. We would like to have friends around the world. We can exchange cultural material. If you're interested, please, write me. Thanks.
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modify delete 31677 - from Olga181 (Russia) - 2009-09-27
Middle school - "penpals for 12-13 y.o. students from Russia"

Hello! I search english speaking penpals for my students who are 12-13. Please write with short greeting letters and (my students' wish)with small photos.
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modify delete 30232 - from Vera243 (Russia) - 2009-06-06
Others school - "Recherches des personnes pour commencer correspondence"

Je suis une femme en age de Russie, de Moscou, qui a commence il n'y a pas longtemps l'etude de la langue francaise et qui tient a entrer en correspondance avec les Francaises de son age (45-70 ans) dans le but de perfectionnement sa connaissance. Je suis un professeur de l'anglais et un traducteur littéraire professionnel, et ce l'ete je vais se faire un pensionnaire. Mes intérêts embrasses beaucoup de spheres: arts (principalement plastiques et appliqués), architecture, cinema, literature, philosophie et mystique, etc. C'est assez improbable que je pourrais ecrire danse tels sujets, mais j'espere que nous vais trouver les themes d'interet mutual. Je vais tres content de vous me repondre. Vera Yershova
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modify delete 29183 - from Lyudmila189 (Russia) - 2009-02-24
Middle school - "penpals"

I'm a teacher of English from Russia. I'm looking for penpals for my students.
They are 12-14. We'd like to have friends around the world.
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modify delete 29074 - from Anastasia239 (Russia) - 2009-02-18
Primary school - "Primary class is looking for penpals"

I'm a techer of English in Primary school in the south part of Russia.
We will be happy to find a primary teacher with a class for writing letters. We'll answer all letters.
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modify delete 27048 - from Yuliya255 (Russia) - 2008-09-26
Middle school - "looking for penpals"

I'm a tutor from Siberia.I'm currently teaching English two pupils aged 8 and 13.They are willing to have penpals from English speaking countries.wait for your messages.
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modify delete 26984 - from Natalya255 (Russia) - 2008-09-23
Middle school - "Organising video correspondence"

Hello, who has got any experience in organising video correspondence between classes? Would be very glad to communicate.
I am an English teacher in secondary school in Russia. I am looking for a class correspondence for my students (11-15) but I also want to find a person for sharing our teaching ideas and experiences with (any country is welcome).
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modify delete 26460 - from Lidiya151 (Russia) - 2008-09-01
Middle school - "looking for friends from all over the world"

I'm a 26 year old teacher of English from Russia.I'm a leader of the pen pal club which was created at the school.I work at school where students from different countries come to study the Russian language within a year (AFS-exchange program)
So my pupils aged 11-14 ( the 6th and 7th forms) are eager to correspond with children from all over the world.
I thik it's a brilliant oportunity to encourage and interest children for learning English and I would be happy to hear from you soon.
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modify delete 25575 - from Helen (Russia) - 2008-06-30
Middle school - "video correspondence"

Hello, who has got any experience in organising video correspondence between classes? Woulb be glad to communicate.
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modify delete 24109 - from Alex (Russia) - 2008-03-05
Middle school - " origami festival and competition for children"

I invite teachers and students of all countrie to take part in the well-known in the world Origami Peace Tree festivals and in Wow!What an Amazing World! competitions.


http://www.wowwaw.info/main.php .


Alex Levashov,
International Art Partnership "Peace Tree"

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modify delete 23341 - from Helen (Russia) - 2008-01-11
Middle school - "sharing teaching experiences"

I am an English teacher in secondary school in Russia. I am looking for a class correspondence for my students (11-15) but I also want to find a person for sharing our teaching ideas and experiences with (any country is welcome)
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modify delete 22754 - from Helen (Russia) - 2007-12-07
Middle school - "Corresponding in English"

I have a class of 13-14 year-olds. We have been studying English for the third year. It would be great for us to find penpals from other countries to practice English and to know more about the rest of the world. We are looking forward to your answer.
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modify delete 22303 - from Anastasia (Russia) - 2007-11-24
High school - "Penpals from Russia"

We would love to find penpals all over the world to disscuss planned topics, exchange postcards, presents, photoes. My students 12-13, 15-16 have a strong desire to start writing. We'll answer all the letters. we'll be happy to use a snail - mail for improving handwriting and sending some real things.
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modify delete 22076 - from Kamola (Russia) - 2007-11-10
Others school - "looking for english-speaking people interested in russian"

Hello, i'm a teacher of Russian, i'd like to find someone wanting to learn russian giving me an experience in the work with foreigners (english-speaking)
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modify delete 21417 - from Natasha (Russia) - 2007-10-04
Middle school - "Looking for penpals"

I'm a tutor from St. Petersburg. I'm currently teaching English to four children aged 10 and 11. I would like to find English-speaking penpals for them to exchange messages either via e-mail or snail mail.
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modify delete 21026 - from Natasha (Russia) - 2007-09-18
Middle school - "Looking for native speakers"

I'm currently teaching English to three kids (8, 10 and 11), who are willing to correspond with pupils from English-speaking countries. Please contact me if you're interested.
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modify delete 20146 - from Carine (Russia) - 2007-07-28
High school - "stage, enseignement benevole"

Bonjour a tous!
je suis prof de francais en Russie avec une experience durant une annee. Je suis a la recherche un stage ou un enseignement benevole du francais aux pays du CE. Ce serait bien aimable a vous de donner quelques conseils ou meme propositions sur ce theme-la. Je serai ravie de communiquer avec les profs ayant cette experience ou avec les simples enseignants de francais de tout le monde. Merci d'avance. Cordialement Carine.
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modify delete 17216 - from Lyudmila (Russia) - 2007-02-04
Others school - "penpalling"

Hello! I am a teacher from Russia. I like to read about your country. I would like to make contacts.
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modify delete 17215 - from Lyudmila (Russia) - 2007-02-04
High school - "penpalling"

Hello! I am a teacher from Russia. I like to read about your country. I would like to make contacts.
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modify delete 17214 - from Lyudmila (Russia) - 2007-02-04
Middle school - "penpalling"

Hello! I am a teacher from Russia. I like to read about your country. I would like to make contacts.
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modify delete 14576 - from Anya Lutenko (Russia) - 2006-10-26
Middle school - "Ecole Nouvel de la suisse romande, ecole Chantemerle"

je cherche les contactes des etudiants de lanee 1993-2000
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modify delete 11643 - from Tatiana (Russia) - 2006-08-05
Middle school - "echanges linguistiques et culturels avec les profs de français et d'anglais"

Je suis proffesseure de français âgée de 22 ans. J'habite en Russie et j'enseigne dans une école secondaire.Je voudrais être en contact permanent avec les proffesseurs de français et d'anglais et les enseignants à tous les niveaux des pays francophones et anglophones. J'aimearais aussi trouver des correspondants français pour mes élèves de 10 à 15 ans. Ce serait très enrichissant pour mes élèves et pour moi d'avoir la possibilité de parler, discuter, échanger des opinions, des idées avec de vrais francophones et de franchir ainsi la barrière linguistique. Cette activité me permettera de motiver mes "enfants" pour l'apprentissage de la langue française, langue de Molière, de Hugo, de Balzac. Mon objectif est aussi de créer une atmosphère de collaboration et de confiance entre les élèves, leur inculquer le goût des connaissances car bien d'eux sont issus des familles défavorisées.

Je remercie les créateurs de ce site
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modify delete 11412 - from Karina (Russia) - 2006-07-20
Middle school - "connaissance et collaboration"

Bonjour a tous! Je suis une jeune prof de francais. Je voudrais communiquer avec les autres professeurs de francais pour la connaissance et la collaboration entre les pays. Ce serait tres bien si quelqu'un pouvait partager son experience pedagogique avec moi. A bientot!
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modify delete 9583 - from HELLO! (Russia) - 2006-04-28
High school - "do you want learn russian?"

hello! My name is Kate i speak french and english. I live in Russia in Saint-Petersbourg. If you want i'll help you to learn russian.
We will do exersices gramaire, read texts and we may doing many others things. i think you will write me.
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modify delete 7997 - from Olga (Russia) - 2006-01-23
Middle school - "Livres en francais"

Nous sommes les ecoliers russes et nous apprenons le francais. Chez nous il est presque impossible d'acheter les livres en francais, les revues, les journaux. Qui pourrait nous aider et nous offrir qq bouquins? Merci
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modify delete 7362 - from Yana (Russia) - 2005-12-17
Primary school - "looking for penpals speaking english"

Hello,my name is YANA ,I'm from RUSSIA,republic Tatarstan.I'm
a teacher of English in a private school.
.I teach a wonderful community
learners.They love English very
much.They can read and write English.We love to learn and enjoy doing
projects,playing games and singing English songs.I would like to connect
with any classes of the same ages..We are not hooked
up to the Internet so I would prefer that the children be able to write
their pen pals instead of using the Internet.But sometimes we could
exchange e-mails through my mail messenger.We would like to connect with children ages 5-14We will
videos,photographs,and drawings.Our smaller students are not able to write
yet,but would like to correspond with the help of the elder children.I
would like to pair students for pen pals to send letters,exchange
information about our countries and perhaps even participate in reading
some of the same books.I would like my class to have the chance to use
their developing writing skills to learn about people and places, how we
are alike and different.I want my students to be able to communicate and
learn about another country with making new friends ,to enable our
to better understand their world and it's many cultures and traditions.I
want this to be an exciting adventure for everyone.Please write and let us
know about your interests.If you are interested,please email me.We look
forward to hearing from you.With true respect YANA.

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modify delete 2686 - from Alex (Russia) - 2005-01-04
Others school - "take part in the international Art festival 2005"

Dear All Students and Teachers,

I cordially invite you to join the Peace Tree art Movement and
send origami models in January for the origami festival.

There will be Origami Peace Tree festival in Germany in 2005.
Origami is the beautiful art of paper folding.

The project goal is to promote the peaceful and better world by educating youth through
art practised without discrimination of any kind and in the Philantropy spirit,
which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity
and tolerance.

The OPT project international art festival will be open on the 20th of March, 2005
in Germany (Muenster). The youth from all over the world have been invited to send
their origami art works to the above peaceful event that is dedicated to the 60th
anniversary of the Second World War End and the 60th anniversary of the Nuclear Tragedy .

All details about the festival and its address you can find on the site

If you have any questions I am ready to help you.

Happy New Year !

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,
Alex Levashov
Origami teacher
Interanational Art Partnership
"Peace Tree"

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modify delete 2319 - from Tanya (Russia) - 2004-11-16
Primary school - "russian kids learning eng looking for english penpals"

I'm an english teacher from russia and my kids are all aged from 9 to 12.. i'd like to find penpals for my kids too..! . Will your kids be inerested to exchange emails in english with russian children? their are all at the beginners level so i think it could be a good experience for them!
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