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modify delete 128166 - from Lo127 (Puerto Rico) - 2020-08-24
High school - "Puerto Ricans PEN PALS (in PR or abroad)"

I am an English teacher working in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, France. I teach English to 10th and 11th graders and most of our students learn Spanish as well. My curriculum usually tackles issued related to the US and this year Puerto Rico (I did spend some time on la Isla del Encanto when I was younger and love the island and its bilingual culture).
I am interested in starting a penpal project with Puerto Ricans high school students whether in PR or abroad so we can discuss our topics and get some authentic testimonies!
Opening up to other parts of the world is the key element to live together.
Read you soon! íOjala podemos co´ncidir!
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modify delete 123964 - from Arlin12 (Puerto Rico) - 2018-09-28
High school - "Pen pals"

I am an Italian High School teacher and I need pen pals for my students. Let me know how to go about it.
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modify delete 22941 - from christina (Puerto Rico) - 2007-12-22
Primary school - "Pen Pals needed for elementary grade students"

Hello future pen pals! I teach English to the 3rd and 4th grades at Radians School in Cayey. I am interested in having my students write in English to other kids their age. Hope to hear from you soon!
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modify delete 10560 - from Nemarie (Puerto Rico) - 2006-06-18
High school - "I need high school pen pals!!!"

I am an English teacher in Puerto Rico and I want my students to have pen pals from anywhere in the world if you are interested please contact me. I need as many students as I can get.
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