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modify delete 131190 - from Lene243 (Norway) - 2023-09-12
Middle school - "7 Norwegian students born in 2010"

Hi, we are a small group of 7 students from a school in Stavanger, Norway. We’re born in 2010.
We want to talk about culture, and learn about how people live in other countries.
How is school life in your country? What do you do in your spare time?
Maybe we can exchange food recipes?
We think about mail pals, video presentations, or maybe real letters?

Teacher Lene+7 students.
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modify delete 131023 - from Lene Steiro Frøiland243 (Norway) - 2023-08-17
Middle school - "Norwegian students looking for new friends"

Hello, we are a group of 10 9th graders from Norway and
we are looking for students aged 14-16,
from a country where English is the second language.
School has started in Norway - so we are ready!
We like handwritten letters, digital letters and maybe we can have video chats?

So what can we talk about?

Our countries and our schools, National/regional sports/events, the greatest sportspeople from our countries, traditions, folk dance..national costumes,
Food traditions? Recipe exchange?

What are the challenges young people meet in our countries?
How can young people make an impact on their countries?
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modify delete 126154 - from Lene220 (Norway) - 2019-08-19
Middle school - "Norwegian pen pals!§!"

Hello, we are two small groups of students ( 6 13-year-olds), and around 20 14-year-olds from Stavanger, Norway. We would like to have English-speaking mail-friends from around the world! We've got many ideas on what to write about!!

Lene (our teacher)
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modify delete 126068 - from Aud Evelyn164 (Norway) - 2019-08-10
Primary school - "Penpals"

Hey there! My name is Evelyn, i am a 4th grade teacher at a school in Norway! I am looking for penpals for my students, They are 9 and 10 years old. I will have 29 students, so it would be very nice to find a class that has the same amount of students. We are doing this to get to know people from other parts of the world, and to work on our writing.
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modify delete 125102 - from Kristin Sivertsen171 (Norway) - 2019-01-07
Primary school - "Pen-pals from UK"

I'm an english teacher from Norway with a class of 23 students aged 10-11. We would love to get in contact with a class in a school from an english speaking country. This would motivate my students to want to learn and develope their language skills and it would be an excellent oppurtunity to practice communicating in another language!
If you are interested please contact me by e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon!
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modify delete 122793 - from Suzanne90 (Norway) - 2018-08-12
Middle school - "Pen friends - English"

I am a teacher at a middle school in Norway. There are 66 pupils (age 12) that would like to be pen friends with a school from England, to practice writing English and perhaps become friends :)

Send me a message, if your class is interested! :)
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modify delete 118001 - from Lene243 (Norway) - 2017-09-05
Middle school - "Looking for mail-pals..."

We are a group of students at the age of 15 from Norway, who are interested in talking to other students from different countries. We are looking for someone who are willing to exchange mail for a minimum of 10 months, and answer frequently on the mails we send. We would like to talk about controversial/difficult subjects such as, but not limited to, mental health, war and refugees, but only after we have gotten to know each other and are comfortable. We could talk about hobbies, culture, and tradition. The class we are looking for needs to be able to speak and write English fluently. The age group we are looking for is around 15-16 years old. We would appreciate if you wanted to exchange presentations about certain topics that can include pictures. The presentations can be about light-hearted topics such as traditions, culture, the home cities or heavier topics such as religion, war, refugees, etc.
We would love if you took contact.

Sincerely a group of students from Norway
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modify delete 114179 - from Jen164 (Norway) - 2016-10-28
Middle school - "Australian Pen Pals grade 7 (12 years old)"

Hello! My 7th grade English classes (42 students together) are looking for Australian pen pals! We have just had a unit about Australia and my students would like to learn more through exchanging letters. Let me know if you are interested. Best wishes, Jen
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modify delete 110062 - from Audrey212 (Norway) - 2016-01-30
High school - "Recherche une classe de lycée pour correspondre en français/anglais"

Bonjour, je suis professeur de FLE en Norvège, dans un lycée tout près d'Oslo.
Je recherche une classe de lycéens français pour correspondre avec mes 30 élèves qui apprennent le français (ils sont en seconde mais c'est la 4ème année de français donc ils ont déjà de bonnes bases). Les norvégiens parlent et écrivent l'anglais couramment, je propose donc de correspondre dans les deux langues, c'est à dire que mes élèves pourraient écrire leurs emails en français pour pratiquer et les élèves français pourraient répondre en anglais pour pratiquer aussi. Cela peut être une solution mais nous pouvons en rediscuter bien entendu. Je recherche une correspondance par email mais aussi des sessions skype en classe et des messages vidéos pour pratiquer l'oral. Si vous êtes intéressé, prenez contact avec moi, merci d'avance :)
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modify delete 109208 - from chiara8 (Norway) - 2015-11-13
Primary school - "ecange project"

we are a primary school in Vicenza in the North of italy, we'd like to prepare a culture box in our class to put everithing can describe us and our life in italy. afer few mounth we'd like axcange the box with anoter of chldren from another country!
would you realise this project with us?
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modify delete 108841 - from Andreas243 (Norway) - 2015-10-28
Primary school - "Penpals for Norwegian 5 graders"

I work as a teacher in Norway. I would like to find pen pals for my 17 students (10- 11 years old).
The goal of this subject is to find a fun and meaningful ways to use the English language and through contacts with youth at the same age around the world we can learn more about culture, traditions, school, history etc. in other countries by corresponding through e-mail, snail mail and skype.
We can exchange drawings, postcards, pictures...
We are looking forward to hearing from pupils all around the world.

Kind regards
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modify delete 108315 - from Espen106 (Norway) - 2015-10-05
High school - "Want to be a part of a penpal project"

My name is Espen and I`m sixteen years old.
I live in Norway.
And I would like to be a part of a penpal Project, to practice and enhance my English skills.
Since I am Norwegian, I think the age Group should be around 13-17.
Because in my culture it`s not perticullary OK to talk With People younger than thirteen when you`re sixteen.
To contact me, please use my E-mail adress and ontact me as soon as you can.

With best regards.
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modify delete 106454 - from Evy208 (Norway) - 2015-08-10
Middle school - "Pen friends in Norway (snailmail)"

I teach English as a foreign language in Norway. I would like to find pen friends(snailmail)for my class (11 students, age 9- 11 years old).

I am also looking for penfriends for 5 students, age 13- 15.
We can exchange drawings, postcards, pictures....

Looking forward to hear from you! Evy
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modify delete 103308 - from Helen134 (Norway) - 2015-03-25
Primary school - "Penpals for Norwegian 7 graders"

I am an English teacher looking for penpals for my Norwegian pupils in 7th grade (12 and 13 years old). The main purpose is to find a fun and meaningful way to use English, and I also hope that this will make the pupils use and write more English. Pleace reply to this message if you think your pupils can be good penpals for this purpose.

Regards Helen
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modify delete 99626 - from Evy208 (Norway) - 2014-08-13
Middle school - "Snail mail"

Hello!I teach English as a foreign language in Norway. I would like to find pen friends(snaimail)for my 8 students. (10- 12 years old).
We can exchange drawings, postcards, pictures....
Looking forward to hear from you! Evy
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modify delete 99625 - from Merete208 (Norway) - 2014-08-13
High school - "Penpals wanted! Beginner spanish."

I teach spanish for two pupils, age 14. Searching penpals who is learning Spanish as a second language, beginner level, same age. Anyone out there? Please contact me.
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modify delete 75760 - from Evy208 (Norway) - 2013-08-14
Middle school - "Penpals in Norway"

Hello! I work as a teacher in the Northern part of Norway. I would like to find penpals(snaimail)for my 6 students (11- 13 years old).
We can exchange drawings, postcards, pictures....
Looking forward to hear from you! Evy
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modify delete 72791 - from Morten18 (Norway) - 2012-12-11
Middle school - "Pen-friends from all over the world"

Hello everyone.

I am a middle school teacher and I am teaching a new optional subject, for pupils aged 13-14, called International contacts. The goal of this subject is to make contacts with youth the same aged around the world and then learn more about culture, traditions, school, history etc. in other countries by corresponding through e-mail, snail mail and skype. The class consists of 14 students and we are looking forward to hearing from pupils all around the world.

Best regards
Morten Fossmellem
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modify delete 45817 - from Anne Kristin106 (Norway) - 2012-08-22
High school - "Pen pals/School friendship"

Hello world

I'm teaching a new optional subject, for pupils aged 13-14, called International contacts. My pupils would very much like to get pen friends from all over the world to learn more about culture, traditions, school, history etc. in other countries. Right now we're focusing on Mexico. China and USA, but feel free to contact us from other countries as well. We're really looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Anne Kr. Toverud
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modify delete 43914 - from Anette135 (Norway) - 2012-03-30
Middle school - "Penpals wanted"

I teach English to two classes of 13 year-olds. I'm looking for them to correspond with other classes all over the world. Please e-mail me, and I will have letters ready as soon as possible.

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modify delete 38433 - from Britt49 (Norway) - 2011-03-17
Middle school - "Experience the world"


I am an English teacher from the northern parts of Norway. My students have just been introduced to the idea of getting penpals from a different country and are very curious about this. In this age snail mail is not used as much and it is a very interesting experience for them. I feel that it is a chance for them to learn about other cultures and people and at the same time practice their English skills. We currently have about 30 students, both boys and girls, ages 13 to 14.
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modify delete 29772 - from Inger199 (Norway) - 2009-04-21
High school - "Urgent"

Dear sir or madame,

I am a Norwegian teacher who teaches English and French at 6th form college. Next week, 29-31. April 2009, I will be in Marseilles with 6 students. Is it possible to visit your school and maybe our students can discuss in English/French, and maybe my students can see how your school and classes work? Anything will be very much appreciated.
I would be very grateful if this is possible. My students are very good in English, but less good in French.
Regards, Inger Langseth
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modify delete 12429 - from Grethe (Norway) - 2006-09-06
Primary school - "Penfriends in the middle of Norway??"

Hello! I`m an english-teacher in primary school. My students are interested in penfriends from the whole world. They want to write letters. Boys and girls, 10-12 years old. One of the boys has a wish - to get a spanish penfriend. He is 11. We look forward to many answers!
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modify delete 5643 - from Evy -Annie (Norway) - 2005-10-02
Primary school - "Pen friends in northern part of Norway?"

I work as an English teacher in Norway. I`ve got 5 students; 3 girls and 2 boys, age 12. They would like write letters to other students all over the world.
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