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modify delete 109899 - from Elina198 (Latvia) - 2016-01-14
Primary school - "looking for pen pals"

We are class of 28 primary school pupils, age 10-11, looking for a pen pals. We are from small country in Europe - Latvia. Originally we are bilingual (speaking Latvian and Russian). Still our kids are attending school which has deeper English language education. To improve English writing skills and simply in order to make English lessons more interesting and fun, we are seeking for pen pals who have similar interest!

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!

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modify delete 101892 - from Linda198 (Latvia) - 2014-11-07
Middle school - "English-speaking penpals (age 12-13) wanted for Latvian students"

Hello, I am looking for pen pals for my 6th grade students. The children are 12 and 13 years old. We are from Latvia. We are interested in writing real letters in order to learn other cultures, other peers` opinions on different topics and so on. Please let me know if you are interested.
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modify delete 47733 - from Inga232 (Latvia) - 2012-10-14
Primary school - "Penpals for practicing English"

Hi! I`m an English teacher in a small town Mazsalaca, Latvia - we live very close to the border of Estonia. I`m teaching kids 10 - 11 years old, altogether 31. They have language basics and we would love to have penpals who also urge to practice English and learn new things about other countries and cultures! We prefer communicating via e-mails and till the end of the school year.
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modify delete 44763 - from Anton68 (Latvia) - 2012-06-23
High school - "Penfriends from Latvia"

Hi, I'm looking for penfriends from UK, especially London, for my students. Starting with the first of September they will be in form 10. They are approximately 15-16 years of age and have very many hobbies and interests.

My learners love English language, they are interested in the UK culture and history and in meeting new friends, of course ))

Looking forward to new penpals!

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modify delete 4145 - from pierre (Latvia) - 2005-06-23
High school - "échanges de classes France Lettonie"

Recherchons partenaires scolaires intéressés par des échanges avec des élèves de Lettonie (langues pratiquées : russe, letton, anglais, allemand, quelquefois français) à Riga ou dans des villes de régions.
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modify delete 4144 - from pierre (Latvia) - 2005-06-23
Primary school - "offre d'emploi professeur des écoles"

Recherchons enseignant(e) français(e) pouvant offrir un temps complémentaire d'enseignement primaire niveau CP à un petit groupe d'élèves francophones appelés à s'intégrer dans une école russophone de Riga, Lettonie. Les enfants participeront progressivement au programme scolaire et culturel de l'école tout en progressant dans le programme français. Cette expérience est destinée à créer à terme une filière bilingue française/russe/lettonne (au choix des parents).
Excellentes conditions pédagogiques. Un professeur d'école récemment retraité serait un candidat idéal pour ce type de fonction, la rémunération ne pouvant constituer qu'un salaire d'appoint.
Contacter Pierre BARTHE, tél. (371) 720 18 53 ou (371) 728 96 06 ou courriel pierre.barthe@ccf.lv
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