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modify delete 131600 - from Sophie50 (Korea) - 2024-03-25
Middle school - "my class is looking for a pen-pal class"

Hi, I am a middle school English teacher from South Korea.
I have about 15 students who want to exchange letters in English
They are 7th graders.
If you really want to give students a chance to write and send a letter, feel free to
reply the message.

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modify delete 131393 - from Cathy66 (Korea) - 2023-11-17
Primary school - "looking for 4 penpal partners who is 11-12 years old"

Hello! I am a teacher in the Korea and I teach the 6th graders in private institution.
The students in my class are 11-12 years old.
we want to exchange letters with teenagers abroad. I would like to match individual students, so I am looking for another 4 students. The main goal in to practice writing skills and use the English language.
Later when we get comfortable each other, we would like to exchange snack gifts, too.
The sooner, the better! we are ready to start!
Would love to hear from you!

Greetings from Korea,
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modify delete 130506 - from Heddy72 (Korea) - 2022-10-10
Primary school - "Hello I from America but I like Korea. Hehe"

안녕하십니까, My name's Heddy or you can call me Hien Thuc. I like taking photos aand doing gymnastics. I don't like fishing and playing chess. Please write an email to me! My email address is : nhimmyle72@gmail.com
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modify delete 128474 - from Jina225 (Korea) - 2020-11-04
Middle school - "Looking for pen friends for my students"

Hi, I have 3~5 students who who can send letters for the coming winter vacation. It's a small group. The range of the ages are from 10 to 15. They are interested in K pop, Manga, computer games etc. I'd like to give them some fun way of learning English. If you are around the same age, and interested in Korean teens, please let me know. Thank you!
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modify delete 127612 - from Bee136 (Korea) - 2020-02-18
Primary school - "LF e pals/pen pals for 11-13 year old Korean kids"

I have a couple of 5th and 6th grade ESL students that are available to exchange mails (e-pals preferred but open to snail mail too) for the next three months (or longer) with anyone in English. A couple of boys like soccer, while some of the girls like K Pop. This is just a small group and I will be helping the kids to start it out. (Letter composition, matching up, etc.)

Pen pal writing had been a big part of my growing up years so I would like to give my students a chance at this too. We hope to start this by next month. So if you got some kids of the same age interested in Korea, hit us up please though our email ad so we can start matching them up.

Looking forward to those emails...TIA
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modify delete 127584 - from Heedal182 (Korea) - 2020-02-17
Primary school - "Elementary School students in Korea want to connect with kids from other nations"

Elementary School students in Korea want to connect with kids from other nations

Hi. We have 100 students who are interested in connecting with children from other nations in English. Keep us posted. Thank you.
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modify delete 126572 - from shin161 (Korea) - 2019-09-22
High school - "looking for a class to join our student's project."

HI we have 4 students from south korea age between 17~18. They are planning a project related to children rights. To explain it briefly, in this project, students will find examples of violations of children's human rights that exist around us. After searching it, they will seek various and creative solutions to the problem of child human rights violations to change society and improve the problem of vagueness in the present 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' by presenting a practical direction for development. If possible, we are planning to write a proposal to UNICEF based on the result of the research.

We prefer high school students! also we prefer using english during the exchange.
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modify delete 126536 - from Alice182 (Korea) - 2019-09-19
Primary school - "English teacher in Korea- looking for British pen-pals for students."


I am teaching English in South Korea. I am looking at making a pen-pal club with my students so they can practice using their English and learn more about another culture. They are ages 7-11. If anyone would be interested in this- please contact me.
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modify delete 124607 - from J69 (Korea) - 2018-11-06
Others school - "Looking for students"

Hi ! all
I have a private home school for those who are open to learning other cultures and languages.
my students vary in age from 6 to 40. They are very eager to make friends with people around the world. I want to help my students to get broad knowledge and perspective from all of you out there.
It would be very nice to get to know each other.
Please feel free to contact me. my email address is noenjp. I am using gmail.com.
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modify delete 121230 - from Younghui252 (Korea) - 2018-04-05
High school - "Looking for a group for language and cultural exchange"

Hello, I'm an English teacher in South Korea.

I have a group of students who are eager to learn more about other cultures and make friends.

They are 17-18 years old and mostly at beginner or lower-intermediate level.

I want groups who are learning English as a second or foreign language.

If you are interested, please contact me.
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modify delete 121101 - from Jin234 (Korea) - 2018-03-16
Primary school - "cross-cultural experience with exchanging emials in English"

Hi! I am planning a new experience for a group of 10-12 elementary students whose ages are between 9-12. Their overall English levels are begenners.I am teaching English through reading so they read many books in class. I hope my students realize that English isn't just for their test scores as a subject matter at school, but it could be a good tool to connect the world through this experience. Hope to hear from you! Thanks!!
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modify delete 120880 - from Yeon118 (Korea) - 2018-02-19
High school - "volunteering project"

Hi I'm looking for people to join in my volunteering project.
It's about teaching math to children for free by designing some fun activities.
Whoever wants to share ideas and join in this volunteering processes, please contact me : nayacat@naver.com
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modify delete 119973 - from OH109 (Korea) - 2017-11-24
Higher school - "would you recommend a university in Germany or Northern Europe?"

Hi, I am majoring in Social Sciences. I plan to study abroad two or three years later. so, would you recommend a university in Germany or Northern Europe?
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modify delete 118067 - from Sue81 (Korea) - 2017-09-07
Middle school - "Looking for english speaking pen pals"

Hi! I'm a teacher at a middle school in South Korea, and am looking for English speaking pen pals from around the world for my kids (13 - 16 y.o). We prefer snail mail to start with, and would like to share things about our different cultures, hobbies and daily school life.

I have 20+ students who're really interested!

Looking forward to a reply :)
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modify delete 118066 - from Sue81 (Korea) - 2017-09-07
Primary school - "Looking for English speaking Pen pals"

Hi there!

I'm looking to exchange letters, snail mail or emails with other schools around the world in English with my elementary school (10 to 12 y.o), and talk about things like culture, hobbies, events and festivals (maybe even pictures of these) or just daily school life :)

Looking forward to a reply!
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modify delete 116486 - from Nathalie240 (Korea) - 2017-06-29
Middle school - "Looking for English speaking Penpals for my Korean Students"

Hi everyone!
I am an English conversation teacher in South Korea. I am interested in finding classes in other countries (I don't care where, as long as we correspond in English). I want my students to learn about the world around them from students living in those countries.
My students are Middle School, there ages range from 13-17. I have 6 classes with 33 students each. I would love to pair up with a different country for each of my classes.

I would like to start for the next semester (September, maybe.)

I look forward to pairing with your classes!

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modify delete 115021 - from Heehwa Choi90 (Korea) - 2017-01-07
Middle school - "Looking for teachers or homeshool parents to collaborate on Storypal"

Hello, I am teachers assistant in Busan, Korea. I look for teachers interested in collaborating with Korean teachers in both primary and middle schools. We would like to communicate in English because students have to learn English. However, we want to communicate peers from diverse countries! We would like to collaborate on Storypal together to either co-create something or discuss something. We want to project to have cultural focuses. We can choose broad topics for students and students can pick more specific keywords for themselves. Please feel free to contact me to get connected with English teachers in Korea!! Best and Happy 2017 everyone!
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modify delete 114985 - from Scarlette209 (Korea) - 2017-01-03
Primary school - "English Penpals for 4th graders(snail,email,Skype...etc)"

Hello, I am a teacher of 6 children who are aged from 2-4th graders.
We teach them English and they are in the Kindergarten process of learning.
We would like to give our students the opportunity to learn different cultures around the world through similar aged friends.
Please contact if your group is interested in exchanging english mails(snail, emails, or even Skype!) with Korean students.

Thank you.
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modify delete 111649 - from Amy123 (Korea) - 2016-07-13
Middle school - "Hi:)"

I'm a leader of culture exchanging club in Tanbang Middle school, which is located in South Korea. We have 25 wonderful students in our club, and we're all in 8~9 grade. We'd like to share our culture with many other countries to broad our sights and inform about our country. Let's talk about foods, tourist spots, music....etc.
We want to share cultures with many countries! We don't care if your class is big or small, age low or high.
Just contact with your passion!
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modify delete 110907 - from Sarah185 (Korea) - 2016-05-12
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals in primary schools"

Hi I'm a private tutor in Korea and I am currently teaching five 9-10 ten year old students. We'd like to practice our English through writing and share with our pen pals our culture. Please let me know if interested. We'd like this to be snail mail only and if possible would like to start right away!Thank you!
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modify delete 110887 - from Niall154 (Korea) - 2016-05-11
Middle school - "ESL class hoping to practice English and make friends"

I teach in a private English academy in South Korea. I am starting a pen pal program with middle school students (age 12-15) at the moment and I am hoping to match my students with other English learners of the same age in any country in the world. If I am able to extend the program I have between thirty and fifty students looking for penpals.
I would like the students to be able to send scanned letters and perhaps videos so they can practice speaking and writing. If you are teaching ESL please get in touch ^_^
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modify delete 110641 - from Hyojin Jang141 (Korea) - 2016-04-07
Primary school - "Culture exchange for students"

Hello, primary school teachers,

I'm a public primary school teacher from South Korea.

I'd like to ask you connect with your students in English.

This year I teach 3rd graders. However, all graders of primary school are welcome.

I hope both of our students have good oppertunities by exchanging pictures, sharing

activies, video clips, and so on. The way of culture exchange are flexible for your

circumstances as well.

My blog is www.koreankidsenglish.wordpress.com

My email is nicolemonade@gmail.com

I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerly yours,

Mrs.Hyojin Jang
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modify delete 110441 - from Ronnie182 (Korea) - 2016-03-11
Primary school - "Pen-pals for Korean Elementary school English Learners"

Hi. I am an assistant English teacher in South Korea. I have three classes of (23) 5th graders each that I would like to pair with other classes for a letter exchange. I would like to exchange letters at least twice, perhaps 3 times this school year (March - February.
I want the kids to have an opportunity to communicate in English in a real-world situation while gaining a more global perspective. I am fine working with a different school for each class, so if you have a class of at least 20 students and are interested please contact me.
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modify delete 110404 - from Hyojin141 (Korea) - 2016-03-06
Primary school - "Culture exchange"

Hello, primary school teachers,

I'm a public primary school teacher from South Korea.

I'd like to ask you connect with your students in English.

This year I teach 3rd graders. However, all graders of primary school are welcome.

I hope both of our students have good oppertunities by exchanging pictures, sharing

activies, video clips, and so on. The way of culture exchange are flexible for your

circumstances as well.

My blog is www.koreankidsenglish.wordpress.com

My email is nicolemonade@gmail.com

I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerly yours,

Mrs.Hyojin Jang
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modify delete 110160 - from Kim161 (Korea) - 2016-02-10
High school - "Join us"

I'm high school student of Korea.
Our school has many English clubs. Our club want international connection with foreign students !
If you're interested in this, please e-mail me.
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modify delete 109926 - from Jihyun54 (Korea) - 2016-01-19
High school - "exchanging letters/postcards"

I'm the representative of a youth organization called "Youth Association for Globalizing Daegu(YAGD)" in South Korea. Daegu is one of the metropolitan cities in South Korea and the members of YAGD(aged 15-17) try to introduce the city worldwide.
The Deparment of International Exchange is looking for partners to exchange letters/postcards and have a chance of cultural exchange.
There are about 20 students participating in this program and we are looking for schools or youth associations to exchange letters from February to November.
Most of the students are attending foreign language high school of the city, so they do not have any difficulties in writing in English. Some can also communicate in Japanese or Chinese.
If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me.(shimjh1002@gmail.com)
Thank you.
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modify delete 109445 - from Simon1 (Korea) - 2015-12-01

Hello I'm Simon from Australia. I would absolutely love to teach English to students of Korea! I have been wanting to visit Korea for a long time so this will be my chance to gain a better understanding of the culture and to gain more experience teaching English before I go there. I have fun learning games and can teach vocabulary, pronunciation, sentence structure. Also I'm especially good with teaching beginner's level. Please contact me if you would like to start learning English online - for free. Easy and intermediate levels are OK. :-)
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modify delete 106368 - from Vanessa221 (Korea) - 2015-08-06
Middle school - "Let's share cultures!"

Hi, I'm a leader of the culture exchange club in Tanbang Middle school, which is located in the middle of South Korea. We are in 7~9 grade, and we learn English in school. Our students are very passionate because it is voluntarily club which have meeting at their own time, not in their curriculum in school. I'd like to share our culture with many countries to broad our sights and inform about our country, Korea. Let's talk about traditional foods, tourist spots...etc. Please reply back:) I really want to contect with various country! I don't care if your class is big or small, age is low or high. Just contect with your passion!
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modify delete 106175 - from LEE142 (Korea) - 2015-07-27
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals"


I'm a primary school teacher from Korea.
I'm looking for pen-pals for pupils in my class aged 11-12.
I have done pen pals from France.
It was really great time.

In this time, I would like to try something new project. Such as :
We are translators project - sharing tales of traditon. The stories shoule be translated by students. Even if their English is not good enough, they can use easy, simple words. With picture they draw, it would be easier to understand.
World news project - Writing short articles with a picture about latest news in the country they live.
Learing is fun! project - Sharing ideas about how to study language. Teaching fun game that they do in English class.

I have 30 students aged 11-12.
I prefer Snail mail.
If you are interested, please email me.
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modify delete 103901 - from You-jin101 (Korea) - 2015-06-07
Middle school - "Hello!"

I am a student of CSIA(Cheong Shim International School) in Republic of
Korea. Also a leader of the school club name VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea).

VANK aims to share meaningful friendship
via the internet with the people from other countries
and learn history and culture by cultural exchange.
Furthermore, we learn about global issues, such as
Climate Change, International conflicts, Poverty and
Disease to be a global citizen.

My students in my club, are in age 14-16.
The number of the students is 28, and all of them are
able to speak English. We are required to learn second foreign language among Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. 2 students learn Japanese, 17 students learn Chinese and the others learn Spanish.

We also made a book to introduce our school and Korea.

We look forward to exchange penpals with the students all over the world.

Best regards, You-Jin Kim
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modify delete 103641 - from Kim210 (Korea) - 2015-05-05
Primary school - "Looking for class penpals"

Hi. I'm a elememtary school teacher in South Korea. I have 23 students who are learning English as a foreign language.(They are 11 years old now) I want to exchange langague as well as cultures with students from different countries in English via email. If it is possible, skype or video classes are O.K. Please reply to me.
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modify delete 103371 - from Anne253 (Korea) - 2015-04-04
Primary school - "Looking for penpals"

I am a primary school teacher from South Korea.
I have 30 students aged 11-12.
We would like to send letters through the postal service and correspond back and forth.
Please, contact me.
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modify delete 103313 - from Mark38 (Korea) - 2015-03-26
Primary school - "Looking for pen-pals for 13 Korean students studying English (aged 9-11)"

Hi! I have 13 students (aged 9-11) who want to find pen-pals to write to in English. They are from Ulsan, South Korea, and they want to write real (snail mail) letters, although they are happy with email if no-one wants to write letters any more!

Even if you can't offer 13 pen-pals, please feel free to send me an email so that we can introduce our students. Thank you,

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modify delete 103290 - from sarah223 (Korea) - 2015-03-22
Primary school - "pen pals"


I have 5 beginner english esl students

I am looking to have a language exchange

Preferably for an ongoing basis (possibly at least 3-6 months?)

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modify delete 103136 - from Jin68 (Korea) - 2015-03-02
Middle school - "We're looking for a group to have cultural exchange with us"

Hello, I'm a student from Korea and currently in Cultural exchanging club. We are looking for any group of Middle school students to have a cultural exchange with us for 1 year. Please send me an e-mail if you are interested
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modify delete 103082 - from Ronnie182 (Korea) - 2015-02-24
Primary school - "English speaking pen pals"

Hello, My name is Ronnie. I would like to have a letter exchange with my 6th grade students here in South Korea. I have 5 classes of about 25 students each. I hope that this can be an opportunity for them to authentically use English to tell others about themselves and their culture, and to also learn about others.
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modify delete 102643 - from Rebecca219 (Korea) - 2015-01-13
High school - "Looking for penpals from around the world"

Hello, we are the Youth Association for Globalizing Daegu(YAGD), and we would like to exchange e-mail, snail-mail, or hopefully be able to skype.

There are approximately 20 18-year-old students who look forward to exchanging cultural differences, improving their english, and overall just making new friends. The level of students' speaking and writing skills are good.

If you're interested, please contact me by email (kyurhee0706@naver.com)

Thank you :D
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modify delete 102442 - from regine203 (Korea) - 2014-12-16
High school - "jumelage avec un lycee francais"

Bonjour, je travaille, en Coree du Sud, dans un lycee de langues etrangeres( francais, anglais, russe, chinois,japonais) et souhaiterais contacter un lycee francais, pour un jumelage. Nos lyceens sont tres dynamiques et ont un bon niveau en francais. Ils aiment la France et aimeraient avoir des contacts plus directs. A bientot peut-etre, en Coree ou en France^^.
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modify delete 102441 - from Regine203 (Korea) - 2014-12-16
High school - "Pour un jumelage avec un lycee francais^^"

Bonjour, je travaille, en Coree du Sud, dans un lycee de langues etrangeres( francais, anglais, russe, chinois,japonais) et souhaiterais contacter un lycee francais, pour un jumelage. Nos lyceens sont tres dynamiques et ont un bon niveau en francais. Ils aiment la France et aimeraient avoir des contacts plus directs. A bientot peut-etre, en Coree ou en France^^.
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modify delete 102296 - from Graziela34 (Korea) - 2014-12-04
Primary school - "Penpal for South Korea kids"

I'm teaching English in South Korea and am looking for penpals to my students ages 8~10 (12 students), 12 (7 students), 13 (11 students) and 1-14 years old. Some of them are beginner students but the English is legible.
I'd love to hear back from you, as soon as possible. Christmas is already on the corner and all the cards are ready to be sent.
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modify delete 102292 - from Graziela34 (Korea) - 2014-12-04
Primary school - "Primary Students"

I'm teaching English in South Korea and I'm looking for penpals for my students ages from 8~13. We already have 12 Christmas card from kids ages 8~10, ready to be sent. They are beginner students but the English is legible.
I'd love to hear back from you, as soon as possible. Christmas is already on the corner.
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modify delete 101422 - from Jin249 (Korea) - 2014-10-12
Primary school - "Class Penpals"

I am a teacher in south korea. I am looking for a class in English countries that would exchange letters from my 28 6th graders. If you are interested, feel free to email me.
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modify delete 100119 - from Katherine204 (Korea) - 2014-08-29
High school - "Boys High School Seeking English-Speaking Pen Pals"

My name is Katherine and I am an English teacher at a public all boys high school in South Korea. My school recently asked me to set up a pen pal program for my students to improve their English skills, as well as their cultural understanding and appreciation, while forming friendships with students their age from other countries. My students are in their second year of high school, which is the equivalent of 11th grade in the United States. They are all 16 or 17 years old. There are around 50 boys who have signed up for the program. As my school wishes the exchange to be done in English, they are asking that the exchange happens between our students and students of English-speaking countries. The students would also like to do a video exchange or even class Skype calls for real-time exchange.

If there are students at your school who would be interested in exchanging e-mails with Korean high school students, please send me a message. You may reach me at katherinemwelch@gmail.com
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modify delete 99493 - from Lee223 (Korea) - 2014-08-05
Primary school - "Hello! I'm Korean Primary school teacher"

Hello! My name is Joong-Suk Lee. Just call me JS it's initial. I'm Korean Elementary school teacher. I'm looking forward penpal or video call(like Hang-out App) for my students. My students learn english but can't speak well(either do I :) ). So I want to encourage them. Subject of conversation is greetings, self introduce, weather, etc. No bad words please. If someone who interesting Korea, please reply. Thank you!
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modify delete 98525 - from an196 (Korea) - 2014-05-24
High school - "Hi! :D"

Hi!:) I'm korean. I can speak english, french, korean,and japanese. I want to meet new freinds! however, I'm not good at english, french,and japanese.
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modify delete 98319 - from Yuna35 (Korea) - 2014-04-16
Middle school - "We are looking for overseas penpals ^^"

Hello~!! I'm an English teacher in Korea. I teach middle school students at the age of 13~15. They are interested in making penpals oversea and learning English. Actually Korean students are quite busy with studying. So, this year I organised shcool group which makes penpals and write letters each other so that we can communicate with students oversea, and learn about other country. So if there is any students who are interested in Korea or other country's students, Please reply me, I can send my studnent's picture or we can send hand written letters or e-mail to your studnets. The name of our school is eunhaeng middle school. Our school is surrounded by mountains. My school's website is www.eunhaeng.ms.kr/main.ado. My email address is hifive2001@hanmail.net
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modify delete 98056 - from Kay230 (Korea) - 2014-03-17
Primary school - "Grade 5 Pen Pals Wanted!"

Pen Pals Wanted!

We are a group of 9 students from Jeju, South Korea. We are looking for students to write to in English by sending letters in the mail. We are in Grade 5 and want to learn about another culture!
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modify delete 97934 - from Gueeun35 (Korea) - 2014-03-03
Primary school - "South Korean 6th Grade elementary class looking for English penpals"

We are a 6th grade primary school English class looking for English pen pals through E-mail.
We have 20 students.Please contact us if you are interested in a great cultural exchange! :)
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modify delete 74619 - from woonju176 (Korea) - 2013-06-02
High school - "Wanna learn Korean language and culture?"

Hello I'm a leader of Diplomacy club at my high school. My high school is located on Korea, and we aim to inform Korea of all people around the world, and we would like to learn about other cultures in the world! We are made up of 18 students who are really interested in not only English also lots of foreign languages, and all students want to be international... We can send foreign students Korean brochures and postcards!

We can teach you how to speak Korean, and we are always prepared for meeting a new foreign class!:)

I hope we can exchange our cultures with foreign students! If you are interested in this,feel free to send me a message! We are looking for 15~18 students!

Any country, plz help me a lot!
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modify delete 74501 - from Hana35 (Korea) - 2013-05-24
High school - "'Awesome project' to make students enjoy learning language"

I'm looking for penpals to exchange English messages with my senior high school students. They are first year, so 17 years old. They are good at reading and listening English but not at writing and speaking, but they are excited to talk to foreign students their own age. My students tend to study English as means of getting high grade on mid-term or final exam further SAT. Actually they don't know why they learn English(not as a subject but as a language), so I want them to realize why they learn language and how interesting learning language is.

Our school is in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. It doesn't matter wherever, whoever, I just want students who will be with us to be ready to enjoy and share culture, language and thought and so on. If necessary, our students can teach you Korean as well. If you're interested in it, please email me or massage me. Excited to start up this project and hope to hear from someone out there soon!Thank you for reading! Have a nice day! :)
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modify delete 74427 - from Sujin121 (Korea) - 2013-05-12
High school - "Hi We're looking for highschool penpals"

I'm leader of diplomat club which is called VANK(Voluntary Agency Network of Korea).
We are trying to introduce Korea's culture and remedy some skewed history.
So We're looking for highschool students who are learning English and interested about Korea.
We can also talk about another subjects whatever you want.
I hope your class to give a message to us!
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modify delete 74366 - from Heloise230 (Korea) - 2013-05-08
Middle school - "Pen pal exchange with Korea"

Hello, I am an English teacher working in Jeju island, South Korea.
I have many great students from the ages of 12-15 looking for pen pals (writing in English).
Please let me know if you are interested, as I said I have MANY students, so everyone welcome!
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modify delete 74099 - from Jonathan197 (Korea) - 2013-04-19
Primary school - "Pen Pals for 6th Graders"


We have a total of 60 6th grade students who need pen-pals. We would prefer pen pals from an English speaking county so they can practice their English skills and have a multi-culture exchange. We're based in Seoul, South Korea.

Thank you
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modify delete 46757 - from Hyojin232 (Korea) - 2012-09-13
Primary school - "culture exchange"

Dear all users
I'm Hyojin Jang from South Korea. I've taught elementary school students for 10 years as a public school teacher.(currently I teach 3classes of Grade6s, 6classes of Grade 3s for English.) I would like to have a good chance to get my students to know about other culture.
Through that, I think students can be friends over borders. For that, I have just started a blog. I think exchanging letters, video clips, or co-projects could be helpful for students. The address of my blog is www.koreankidsenglish.wordpress.com, and my email is nicolemonade@gmail.com
Please feel free to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you for reading.
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modify delete 46547 - from Krista112 (Korea) - 2012-09-09
Middle school - "Middle school aged penpals from South Korea!"

Hello, I'm looking for a few pen pals for my older elementary students in South Korea. They are 12 and 13 years old so in the U.S. they would be in middle school but in Korea are in their last year of elementary school.

I think I've found pen pals for my younger students but still need someone for my 3 13 year olds and one. 12 year old. Thank you!
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modify delete 46441 - from Krista112 (Korea) - 2012-09-06
Primary school - "Elementary School Pen Pals from various countries"

Hello, I am an elementary school teacher in the city of Seongnam (near Seoul), South Korea. This semester I have an after school class and part of our class is going to focus on reading and writing in English, so we are looking for pen pals!

The class is at a more advanced level in speaking and listening and range from first through sixth grade. But the students need some practice with reading and writing so I will be helping them with their letters. I’m really looking for three important things:
1) pen pals who are willing to use e-mail first since we don’t have time in the semester to wait for snail mail
2) pen pals who can respond regularly for at least as long as our class is, which ends in late December and
3) pen pals who can write more than just a few sentences each time he/she writes because my students need to practice reading in English.

My students have told me where (which country) they’d like to have pen pals and are really excited to meet someone from outside of Korea. I’m especially hoping a boy will respond to help the one boy (yes, there is one in the list below!) in this class. He’s very nice. I hope someone out there can respond! Thank you!

Here is what we are looking for:
- 13 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) Australia, 2) Ireland, and 3) England
- 13 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) Australia, 2) England, or 3) New Zealand who loves animals k-pop and pop.
- 13 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) U.S., 2) England, or 3) Australia who loves movies
- 12 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) China, 2) England, or 3) Japan who loves different kinds of games, TV shows, and K-pop
- 11 year-old boy looking for a boy in 1) England or 2) U.S. who likes sports and other games
- 11 year old girl looking for a girl in 1) Canada, 2) New Zealand, or 3) U.S.
- 11 year–old girl looking for a girl in 1) Netherlands, 2) England or 3) Switzerland who likes dogs, drawing, and movies
- 10 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) U.S., 2) Canada, or 3) Australia
- 10 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) Canada, 2) Australia, or 3) England who likes sports.
- 9 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) Canada, 2) Ireland, and 3) New Zealand
- 9 year-old girl looking for a girl in 1) England, 2) Finland, and 3) Switzerland who likes reading and talking to people from other countries
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modify delete 44407 - from Jenny218 (Korea) - 2012-05-29
Middle school - "Looking for pen pals (Age 13-15)"


I have about eighty 13-year-old Korean students with advanced English skills that would love to have penpals.

Please give me an e-mail or message if interested!

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modify delete 44194 - from Jess230 (Korea) - 2012-05-03
Primary school - "After-school Penpals"

I'm an English teacher in South Korea and I have an after-school program with 12 4th-6th graders. Some of them don't have strong English so anyone from 3rd grade up would work well. I'm looking for a class or group to pen pal with until at least July, maybe Dec. If you have a larger class I don't mind doubling-up. Email me if interested.
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modify delete 43766 - from JR241 (Korea) - 2012-03-19
Primary school - "Looking for the penpals for the 6th graders"

I'm the Englisht Teacher in Sang-gyeong elmentary school. My 6th grader are looking for the pen-pals. Please, contact me.
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modify delete 43383 - from Cho129 (Korea) - 2012-02-12
Primary school - "Let's do Wiki based learning(Shared blog) with my kids!"

Hi. I'm Enlglish teacher in Wollong Elementary school in Paju, Korea. I'd like to create wiki which make students upload their English writing product. The goal of this wiki is just improve English reading and writing skills of my kids and enhance experience to meet friends all over the world. In this, There can be penpal session and partnership session. My 13 kids are in Grade 6 and they have novice English proficiency in English writing. But they will got improved soon. I hope some school students abroad can be great partner of mine. Please reply if you are interested in.
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modify delete 41327 - from Kai241 (Korea) - 2011-09-30
Primary school - "A little crazy but OK."

Hey, I'm the English teacher of an Elementary school in Seoul, Korea. I have an afterschool class consisting of 5 students (2-5th graders, 2-6th graders and 1 very special 2nd grader.) I would love for them to have a traditional pinpal or possibly a video pal if you are in Australia. Korea is a bit on a different school year system. This is the second half of the school year for us and the after school program will be ending in December. So as you can see time is of the essence. I hope to hear from you soon.
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modify delete 40772 - from Bonnie80 (Korea) - 2011-09-14
High school - "Spanish-speaking Koreans seeks Spanish-speaking penpals"

My Korean high students are native Korean speakers who are also fluent English speakers. They are learning Spanish and would like to communicate with native Spanish speakers. In return, perhaps a Spanish speaker would like to learn some Korean, or learn about Korean culture.
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modify delete 38377 - from Christina189 (Korea) - 2011-03-08
Primary school - "Wanted: Pen Pals aged 9-14"

Hello! I teach English to class of 12 Korean students, age 12. We are interested in corresponding with another class via snail mail (to better practice their writing, and be able to include pictures and trinkets)in English. Preferably, a school from Europe or Africa. E-mail me as soon as possible, please!
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modify delete 36489 - from Helen8 (Korea) - 2010-09-25
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals to share laughs and interests"

Hello, I'm a private teacher of English. There are about 50 students(ranging from 6 to 17 years) who are ready to be friends of yours and anxious to share their laughs and interests. If you have got any questions, let me know. :) My email address is hahn9803@yahoo.com
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modify delete 27320 - from Stacie188 (Korea) - 2008-10-13
Middle school - "Looking for email penpals"

I am a Canadian teacher living and working in Jeju, South Korea. I am currently teaching a letter writing unit to 19 of my students who are learning English. The students are aged 13-16 years. Their English is improving, and they are able to write quite well for their levels. I would love to have an opportunity to set them up with penpals for more exposure to other countries, as well as the English language. Please contact me for any further details, or to express interest. Thank you kindly.
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modify delete 25715 - from Dawn (Korea) - 2008-07-07
Primary school - "August/Setember start for 6 year old pen pals"

I'm a kindergarten teacher in South Korea. I have 19 students, 6 years old, that would like to exchange letters with students from any English speaking country. They write very well for thier age. Starting in August or September through till end of Febuary. That's when the school year ends here.
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modify delete 23681 - from Jeen (Korea) - 2008-02-04
High school - "I"m happy to contact this forum"

I'm a high-school teacher in South-Korea. I'd like to have conversations with people in other contries about various ways of life. See you later! ^^
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modify delete 18538 - from Young (Korea) - 2007-04-16
Primary school - "Korean Pen Pals"

I am an English teacher in Korea and my advanced English class wants pen pals from English speaking countries preferably USA, Canada, England, or Australia. There are about 19 students in my class in the 5th and 6th grades. We are looking for partner schools with 5th and 6th grades that want to correspond with Korean students in English. I would prefer snail mail as it is easier to monitor. Please email me if you're interested.
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modify delete 17053 - from kang (Korea) - 2007-01-26
Primary school - "new guys"

Hello I'm elementry school teacher in South Korea. I actually can't speak english well. These days, I want to experince vary culture. It's very interesting to me. The world is not so wide as it appears. or The world is a small place after all.
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modify delete 16535 - from E. King (Korea) - 2006-12-31
Primary school - "Looking for a penpal for a 10 year old boy rom South Korea"


I am the English Teacher of a 10 year old boy from South Korea. His name is Kevin and his level of English is quite high. Kevin would really like to have a penpal from the USA, Canada or the UK. I think it's a great way to encourage him in learning English as a foreign language. He really wants to correspond by post, not by email. He likes sports, computer games, history, collecting, things like that. If you can help, please get in touch.
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modify delete 13559 - from Tamara (Korea) - 2006-09-15
Middle school - "looking for foreign friends"

Is there any foreigners working in Sangju city? I would like to make some friends here.
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modify delete 10365 - from geraldine williams (Korea) - 2006-06-05
Others school - "Hi there"

Hi if there is any teacher or foreigner in daegu south korea - please mail me thanks geraldine
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modify delete 9131 - from Dawn (Korea) - 2006-03-28
Middle school - "Looking for penpals from all over the world"

Hello. I am a Canadian teacher currently teaching English at a public middle school in South Korea. My students are between the ages of 12-15 and I have approximately 150 students looking for penpals. They will not being sending their letters via email, but rather by 'snail' mail. If you have some students that are looking for penpals, I have a ton to choose from. Please let me know. Thank you.
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modify delete 9002 - from Hyo-jin (Korea) - 2006-03-21
High school - "Looking for a club penpal^^"

Hi, we are member of the school club called "UNESCO". We are very interested in foreign culture like clothing, food, music, tradition, history and so on^-^ there are about 20 girls in our club, and age is 15, 16 or 17. we can do a little bit English. I hope, many club want to connect with us^^ I'm wating for your answer.
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modify delete 5157 - from Mijung (Korea) - 2005-09-11
Middle school - "I wanna learn french!"

I wanna learn french.
And I hope I can french very well.
But even I can't read Alphabet by french ~ ..
It's terribly bad and sad ~
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modify delete 3672 - from Jeong (Korea) - 2005-05-11
Middle school - "I'm teaching music in the Korean middle school~*"

Hi~ everyone..^^
I'm searching for foreign friends who speak and write in English~
Because I wanna be good at using English..and I'm strongly interested in other countries' cultures~
And I think, to have foreign friends is a wonderful experience in my whole life..So oneday, I hope to meet them when I travel all over the world. *^^*
Because we all are teachers, so we can share a lot of things.
And I think we have a lot in common..^^

Then~* I look forward to receiving your mails..Bye~
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modify delete 2765 - from Chan W (Korea) - 2005-01-16
Higher school - "Add please ^^"

Korea university

http://www.korea.ac.kr < -First Campus
http://seochang.korea.ac.kr < - Second Campus
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modify delete 2649 - from Eun-Ha (Korea) - 2004-12-28

Hello !!
Nice to talk to you.
I'm an English teacher in South Korea and hope to give my students oppurtunities to have foreign friends.
They are very cute, nice, energetic and friendly.
They really want to have new friends from all over the world. Their ages are 13-14.
If you have any interest please feel free to contact me.
Thank you.
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