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modify delete 130282 - from Belén126 (Ireland) - 2022-09-02
Primary school - "8 - 12 year old spanish students looking for english speaking penpals"


My name is Belén. I'm an English teacher form an school at Montmeló (Barcelona, Spain).
I'm looking for penpals for my students from year 4th to 6th (8 to 12 years).

If someone is interested in exchange cards or letters in english with us, it would be amazing!

You can contact me on: mhern356@xtec.cat

Best regards,

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modify delete 129860 - from Anna47 (Ireland) - 2022-02-28
High school - "School Exchange"


We are a spanish mixed assited secondary school at the Barcelona area that we're interested in a school exchange the next academic year 2022 - 2023. It will be for the secondary level students from ages between 13 to 16 years old. Junior and Senior Cycle.

It will be graat to contact to the spanish teachers from the irish school interested in our proposal.

I'm waiting for your aswer.


Conctact: aina1964@hotmail.com
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modify delete 128514 - from Alexandra Cabanillas211 (Ireland) - 2020-11-21
Primary school - "Lok for pen pals in Ireland / Primary school"

Dear colleagues,
I allow myself to public this message because as the director and English teacher of our school (private primary school Alexander Fleming of Nîmes) I am trying to find a school partner in Ireland to establish a partnership for penpal exchange.
Our students are from 3 to 12 years old and we start learning English at 3 years old and starting from 6 years old they are able to make basic sentences and, with our help, they can write them. At the age of 8 - 9 and especially at the âge of 11 - 12 they achieve a quite good level which could allow them to write complete letters. Also they would be happy to go further and send presents for Christmas, organize a Skype meeting etc.
We would be happy if our proposition interests you.
Please don't hesitate to ask my any questions and I hope to get in touch very soon,
Thank you very much,
Best regards,
Aleksandra Cabanillas
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modify delete 127853 - from Maura164 (Ireland) - 2020-06-09
High school - "French penfriend 13-15 yrs old wanted!"

I am a teacher of French in a Secondary school in Ireland who is looking for penpals for a group of 16 girls who are learning French in my school aged 13-15 yrs. We are living in a lovely country town in the West of Ireland. They would love to communicate in French and English.Ideally i would like to correspond with an English teacher from France who teaches pupils of this age. We may perhaps even carry out an exchange in the future! Thank you. Merci.
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modify delete 127674 - from Brianna228 (Ireland) - 2020-03-05
High school - "Pen Pals from France"

Hi, I am a secondary schools French teacher in Dublin, Ireland's capital. I am looking for a small number of French students who would like to correspond in English and in French with my students (aged 16-17) maybe once every month!
We would love to share our culture and to hear about yours!
my email is briannaosullivan@stkevinscollege.com
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modify delete 126254 - from Elaine42 (Ireland) - 2019-08-29
Primary school - "Snail mail"

Hello from Ireland
I am a 6th class teacher of 28 eleven and twelve year olds. Our school is situated in a beautiful medieval town in the west of Ireland called Athenry. I would love to start a penpal exchange with children of the same age. I would be interested in snail mail mostly and would like someone who was willing to exchange letters once a month.
Thank you
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modify delete 125022 - from ROXANE135 (Ireland) - 2018-12-18
Middle school - ""English teacher in France seeking Irish penpals""

Hi everyone,

I am currently teaching English to a bunch of 11-12 years old kids in Annecy, France. They will be very happy and excited to have Irish penpals.The class level is A1 to A2 and the idea is to give substance to their discovery of English.

There are 24 of them, and I would love to organise group projects about their daily life routine, both at home and at school. For instance, they could create PWP presentations of their daily lives and we could swap these with works from their Irish counterparts. We could also imagine live chats on skype between both classes. I am open to any suggestion so if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to get things going right after the Christmas break.

Have a lovely Christmas,

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modify delete 123851 - from Elizabeth187 (Ireland) - 2018-09-23
High school - "Wir suchen Penpals aus Deutschland"

Hallo. Ich bin eine Deutschlehrerin an einer irishcen Jungenschule und suche traditionelle Briefpartnerschaften fur meine Ubergansgsjahrgruppe ( eine projektbasiertes Jahr fur 15 bis 16 Jahriges ). Unsere Schule befindet sich in der Nahe von Dublin und wahrend unsere Schuler in Deutsch schreiben mussten, konnten die deutschen Briefe in Deutsch oder Englsich verfasst sein.
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modify delete 123073 - from Anja77 (Ireland) - 2018-08-26
High school - "Looking for 15 to 16 year old German penpals for Irish school"

Hi! I am a German teacher at an Irish boy school and looking for a good old fashioned pen pal exchange for my Transition Year group, which is a project based year for 15/16 year old students. Our school is based in Galway city in the west of Ireland, and our students would need to write in German, while the letters from Germany could be in either German or English.Thanks a million!
Hi! Ich bin eine Deutschlehrerin an einer irischen Jungenschule und suche traditionelle Briefpartnerschaften für meine Übergangsjahrgruppe (ein projektbasiertes Jahr für 15 bis 16jährige). Unsere Schule befindet sich in Galway in Westirland, und während unsere Schüler in Deutsch schreiben müssten, könnten die deutschen Briefe in Deutsch oder Englisch verfasst sein. Danke & LG
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modify delete 123058 - from Maura164 (Ireland) - 2018-08-26
High school - "Irish school seeks French penfriends"

Hi! My name is Maura and I'm teaching in a school in the west of Ireland. I would love to find Penfriends for my students aged 11-16 yrs.The idea would be for them to communicate by letter /E-mail/ skype in the foreign language as much as possible!
Thank you,
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modify delete 122700 - from Elaine42 (Ireland) - 2018-08-01
Primary school - "Hi from Ireland"

My name is Elaine and I am a 6th class teacher. I have 32 girls aged 11 and 12. I am looking to match up with a English speaking school to exchange pen pal letters through snail mail around once a month.We would love to learn all about another countries traditions and way of life and teach your children all about the beautiful medieval town on the West coast of Ireland where we live.
Thank you
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modify delete 122631 - from Elaine42 (Ireland) - 2018-07-24
Primary school - "Looking for a school from Australia"

My name is Elaine and I will be teaching 30 6th class children( 11-12 year olds) from this September 1st ( start of our new school year) I would love to team up with another school in Australia to exchange snail mail. We would love to teach your students all about our country, traditions etc.. and learn all about yours.We live in a beautiful Medieval town in the west of Ireland called Athenry.
I would be interested in exchanging letters around once a month and being able to continue this exchange after your Summer holidays.Our Summer holidays start in June.
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modify delete 122101 - from Mar 51 (Ireland) - 2018-06-13
High school - "French exchange"

Looking to establish an French exchange with our school in Ireland. We have approx 300 students in our school. The pupils that would be involved in the exchange are 14-16 years old...
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modify delete 122093 - from Reme5 (Ireland) - 2018-06-13
High school - "Exchange of students with Spanish High School"

My name is Reme and I am a Deputy Headteacher and English teacher at an Spanish High School located in Málaga (Andalucía, south of Spain). Our school has got about 800 students from 12 to 17 years old.
We are really interested in initiating a linguistic exchange with an Irish school for next course. The idea is to visit our schools and countries, learning more about our citizenship, natural environment and background, artistic and history heritage. We can already offer host families for 20 students(aged 14-15) , so the cost of the project would not be so expensive if we can exchange host families among students enjoying this project . In case you think about a different age profile we can discuss. They can improve their fluency in the second language.
We are experienced in eTwinning and Erasmus + projects. I carried out former projects with a Vittra school in Goteborg and a Comenius project with a Danish school. In fact, we are also interested in finding a partner school for a ready Erasmus + project based on youth culture and the differences and similarities in our countries.
If you are interested in any of these projects, please let me know.
Email Contact: remeprofe2000@yahoo.es
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modify delete 121483 - from Mikaila233 (Ireland) - 2018-05-20
Primary school - "Penpals for Irish Primary School Students"

Hi! I'm looking for a class in AUSTRALIA who would be interested in penpaling with 28-30 all boys aged 10-11 from Ireland. This would be part of my teacher training and would last 3 weeks starting May 28th! Please message me if you would be interested!
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modify delete 121344 - from Martina42 (Ireland) - 2018-04-25
High school - "Correpondance Scolaire"

Bonjour ,
Je suis prof de francais langue etrangere dans un lycee a 60 km de Dublin en Irlande.
Je voudrais etablir une correspondance scolaire entre mes eleves ages de 15 a 17 ans et des eleves francophones nimporte ou dans le monde !

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modify delete 121275 - from Eimear35 (Ireland) - 2018-04-12
Primary school - "Looking for Penpals in NewZealand preferably for a class of 28 from Ireland"

I am a 4th class teacher in Ireland. I have a class of 28 and am looking to link in with a teacher in New Zealand preferably (but would consider elsewhere) to set up pen-pals and possibly some e-mails as well.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks in advance.
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modify delete 120743 - from Melissa38 (Ireland) - 2018-02-06
Middle school - "Irish Students aged 12-14 looking for penpals in German speaking country"

Irish Students aged 12-14 looking for penpals in German speaking country to write letters to send to the school directly preferably.
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modify delete 120613 - from Niamh33 (Ireland) - 2018-01-23
Primary school - "Irish Students Looking for English Speaking Students"

Hi, I'm looking for penpals for 30 5th class students (10-11 years old).
We are a mixed school based in County Waterford, Ireland and would like to write letters to other English speaking students anywhere in the world.

I would also be interested in sharing information about your local area (photos, information about landscape, industries, etc.) which could lead to a project down the line.
Let me know if anyone is interested!
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modify delete 120466 - from Jennifer196 (Ireland) - 2018-01-11
Primary school - "Snail Mail"

Hello! My name is Jennifer and I am a Montessori 2nd/3rd grade teacher in Florida. I have 5 2nd graders and 8 3rd graders. I am looking to introduce my students to other parts of the world. Looking forward to hear from you! My kids are excited about this opportunity. Can't wait to get started!
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modify delete 117124 - from Elaine42 (Ireland) - 2017-08-06
Primary school - "English speaking penpals for students from Ireland"

My name is Elaine and I am looking for penpals for my class of 34 students for the coming year from September to June.They are 6th class ranging in 11 to 12 years.All girls.I would prefer students fluent in English where the students can spend the year exchanging letters on a variety of themes from themselves to family ,school,town,country,traditions and enjoy learning about each others lives.
We will make little gifts and exchange photos of our activities in school during the year and I hope to explore and teach my students about their new penpals country and traditions.It would be lovely to even hook up later via computer.
Look forward to hearing from any school out there .
Thanks Elaine
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modify delete 115622 - from Isabel46 (Ireland) - 2017-03-02
Others school - "snail mail pen pal group"

We are based in a small but beautiful city in the West of Ireland. We are seeking a group of approximately 10 young people in another country interested in becoming pen pals via 'snail mail'. Our group do after school activities once a week, are 10-12 years of age and wish to learn about life for young people in another country. The main aims are to keep the art of letter writing alive, improve literacy, encourage young people to look at their own lives, interests, culture, to be able to communicate this and in turn learn the same of young people a similar age in another country. English would be the language used. We are very excited about starting and are looking forward to getting a response. Thank you!
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modify delete 111698 - from Anne 195 (Ireland) - 2016-07-18
Higher school - "students aged 11 - 12 sharing info about their country"

Hi. I am a geography teacher looking to set up correspondence for my students aged 11/12 years. We would write in English and hope to learn more about the culture of your country and we would respond likewise.
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modify delete 111024 - from Anne9 (Ireland) - 2016-05-28
Others school - "french teacher looking for host family."

Hello, I'm Anne from Lyon. I'm 16 and I'm looking for a host family to live with near Dublin. I can teach french (middle school, high school, higher school optionally) I've been giving private french tuitons in France for two years. I'm highly motivated, and I'm really intersted in teaching my native tongue to foreign students. I can come to Dublin between the beginning and the end of July.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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modify delete 110314 - from Sallie 101 (Ireland) - 2016-02-29
Middle school - "Irish school looking for French 12-14 years old penfriends"

We are looking for French speaking penfriends for a class of 28 students (girls and boys). Ideally we would like to send actual physical letters via the school if possible.
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modify delete 110156 - from Nicole101 (Ireland) - 2016-02-09
High school - "Youth Club Video Penpal Project"


I am currently working with a Youth Club in Ireland. We are interested in starting a video penpal project with a group of similar age (14-17yrs) from a school or youth organisation somewhere else in the world.

Email me if interested and I can send details.
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modify delete 108591 - from Laura79 (Ireland) - 2015-10-18
High school - "Cherche correspondants francais pour correpondants irlandais de 14-15 ans"

je suis prof de francais en Irlande (Glenties Comprehensive School, Co. Donegal) et je cherche pour mes étudiants de 14-15ans des correspondants francais. J'ai 18 élèves qui sont extrêmement motivé par l'apprentissage du francais.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'infos.


Laura RAimondeau
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modify delete 108307 - from Noreen233 (Ireland) - 2015-10-04
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals to correspond with my class (ages 11/12/13)from France"

Nous cherchons pen pals qui viennent de France-We are looking for French penpals to correspond with my class of 27 pupils who come from South West Ireland(Co.Kerry).We would like to correspond via e mail or perhaps Skype in the context learning about a different school system or culture.
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modify delete 107009 - from Sophie85 (Ireland) - 2015-08-27
Primary school - "Looking for english penpals!"

Hi teachers!
I'm a french teacher in a primary school near Paris, I am looking for english speaking penpals for my pupils, we would love exchange letters and discover your country!
The children are 7 to 9 years old.
I look forward to your answer!

Sophie :)
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modify delete 103453 - from Patricia35 (Ireland) - 2015-04-13
Primary school - "Irish children 6-9 looking for penpals"

Hi there,
We are a lovely class of 23 children in County Roscommon,in Ireland. We are 1st & 2nd Class and our age range is 6-9 and we would love to have some international penpals to write to and share our stories and news with.
We hope to hear from you soon!
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modify delete 102918 - from Martin79 (Ireland) - 2015-02-09
High school - "Looking for a French school to establish a student exchange programme"

A community school looking to establish a connection with a French school to establish a student exchange programme with
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modify delete 101094 - from Audrey203 (Ireland) - 2014-09-26
Primary school - "professeur de français / french teacher"

Dans le cadre de mon stage de master 2 pour être prochainement professeur des écoles, je désirerai faire un stage à l'étranger.
Etant donné que j'ai déjà vecu en Irlande, j'aimerais retourner dans ce pays.
Merci de me contacter au plus vite si vous étes intéressé.
I am studing for the last year to be teacher at the primery school and I wish to make a training at Dublin city because I used to leave in this town and I like it.Please leave me a message if you interested in my ofer. Hoping see you soon.
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modify delete 100510 - from Brid79 (Ireland) - 2014-09-07
High school - "Englisch Irland"

Englisch Tauchferien für 1-4 Wochen im Sommer oder ein Semester an einer Schule in Irland.
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modify delete 100400 - from Maeve210 (Ireland) - 2014-09-04
Primary school - "Emails or letter exchange to Ireland"

Hi, I have a class of nineteen 11 and 12 year olds. I would like to pair up with a class with children of a similar age to exchange emails, possibly letters and maybe a Skype session, to help the children learn about different cultures around the world.
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modify delete 98503 - from Don204 (Ireland) - 2014-05-20
High school - "Echange Irlande/France"

Salut! Je suis prof de francais dans un lycee a Kilkenny en Irlande.L'ecole se trouve dans une jolie ville historique a une heure de Dublin. Il y a quelques etudiants dans ma classe qui veulent faire une echange de deux ou trois semaines avec des lyceenes en France d'environs 15-18ans cet ete.
Si cela vous interesse n'hesitez pas a m'envoyer un message!En attendant de vous lire.
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modify delete 97683 - from C31 (Ireland) - 2014-02-05
Primary school - "Link with India"

We are a primary school in Northern Ireland. Age 5-11 years. Our class ranges from 8-11 years and we are currently studying India. We would like to make contact with a similar children of a similar age in a school in India.
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modify delete 77002 - from Bridie76 (Ireland) - 2013-09-23
Middle school - "Exchanges in France, Spain or Germany."

Hi, I am looking for Irish students and teachers of French, German or Spanish interested in exchanges with students from Spain France and Germany for language and cultural exchamges.Exchanges can range from some weeks to several months.
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modify delete 74543 - from Choralies123 (Ireland) - 2013-05-26
Middle school - "Echange pour des 3èmes"

Professeur dans la région des châteaux de la Loire, je recherche un échange par email, par skype et dans les familles, avec un collège irlandais pour l'année 2013-2014.
Mes élèves seront en 3ème, âgés de 13-15 ans.
N'hésitez pas à me contacter...
Au plaisir de faire votre connaissance !
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modify delete 74509 - from Choralies123 (Ireland) - 2013-05-25
High school - "Echange pour des 3èmes"

Professeur dans la région des châteaux de la Loire, je recherche un échange par email, par skype et dans les familles, avec un collège irlandais.
Au plaisir de faire votre connaissance.
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modify delete 73993 - from Stephanie Cahill39 (Ireland) - 2013-04-09
Primary school - "Looking for Snail Mail pen pals"

We are looking to correspond and exchange snail mail letters with children in other countries, maye children that want to improve their English and would like to swap stories on different ways of life and different cultures.
The children in this class are aged between 7 and 10.
Thank you.
Stephanie Cahill
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modify delete 72799 - from Sarah204 (Ireland) - 2012-12-11
Middle school - "looking for german penpals"


I am a German teacher to first year students (ages 12-14) in Kilbeggan, Ireland. I have 26 students. I am looking for German students to be e-friends with my students. Any teachers in Germany like to have their class become e friends with my class??

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modify delete 72645 - from Jennifer141 (Ireland) - 2012-12-02
Primary school - "Teddy Bear Exchange"

Hi, I am currently teaching a class of 30 Senior Infants (5/6 year olds). We have another very special member of our class - Charlie the travelling teddy bear! Charlie visits two children per week and his travels are recorded both in a travel diary and on our class blog where photos of his travels are uploaded.

When each child has been given the opportunity to have Charlie we are hoping to set up a teddy bear exhange where Charlie will travel to a different country somewhere in the world and we receive a bear in return. I am hoping to set up correspondence during this time so we can track Charlie's travels.

If anyone is interested please let me know!
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modify delete 47846 - from Margaret38 (Ireland) - 2012-10-22
High school - "Penpals"

Secondary School students in Cork, Ireland (12-18 years) would love to have contact with students in Spain to exchange emails etc.
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modify delete 47803 - from Sinead70 (Ireland) - 2012-10-19
Middle school - "Comenius"

We are a primary school in Ireland (4-12 year old) and are looking for 3 partner schools who would be interested in the Comenius project in the school year 2013-2014.
We are looking forward to hearing back from you.
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modify delete 46470 - from Nicola41 (Ireland) - 2012-09-07

Hi there! I am teaching an Italian culture class and want to set up a penpal club - writing snail mail in English. I have 25 students, aged 15-16. Please contact me if interested.
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modify delete 45828 - from John41 (Ireland) - 2012-08-22
High school - "Echange"

Bonjour! Je suis prof de francais dans une ecole secondaire a Cavan en Irlande. La ville se trouve a environ 100kms de Dublin. Je cherche à faire une echange scolaire d'une semaine ou deux avec une ecole en France avec des eleves d'environs 15/16ans.
Si cela vous interesse n'hesitez pas a m'envoyer un message!
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modify delete 44074 - from Elvira4 (Ireland) - 2012-04-19
Middle school - "échange scolaire"

La classe de ma fille qui est en 6e cette année (11- 12 ans) cherche, pour l'année prochaine 2012- 2013, une classe en Irlande pour correspondance et échange scolaire (voyage d'une semaine en France pour les élèves irlandais, ensuite une semaine en Irelande pour les élèves français). Si vous êtes intéressés, merci de me contacter afin que je communique vos coordonnées au professeur d'anglais du collège.
P.S. Nous habitons une très jolie région au coeur des Alpes qui vous séduira certainement.
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modify delete 43758 - from Antoinette77 (Ireland) - 2012-03-17
Primary school - "Ecole irlandaise recherche correspondants francais"


Je suis actuellement a la recherche des correspondants francais pour des jeunes irlandais (ages de 7 a 11 ans) qui commencent a apprendre le francais.

Nous sommes une petite ecole situee a Dublin, en Irlande et les eleves prennent des cours de francais en cours supplementaires.
Les communications seraient tres courtes (leur ages. leurs familles) et on serait tres content de recevoir des communications (par courrier ou par mail) en echange.

Si cela vous interesse, on serait vraiment tres content. Ce serait a commencer apres les vacances de Paques.

Merci d'avance.

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modify delete 43346 - from Maeve61 (Ireland) - 2012-02-08
Primary school - "Looking for E-Pals in USA (Irish school)"

Hi, I am an Irish student teacher and will have a class of 22 students between the ages 9 and 11 for 4 weeks. We are going to study America, and therefore, I am looking for a class of similar age in America to exchange emails, photos, information about our culture etc. with.
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modify delete 43059 - from Sinéad255 (Ireland) - 2012-01-17
Primary school - "Ecole primaire en Irlande"

Je recherche des élèves francophones pour mes 29 élèves anglophones dans une petite école ici en Irlande. Ils ont entre 9 et 12 ans et sont très motivés.
A bientôt j'espère!
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modify delete 42955 - from ahmed34 (Ireland) - 2012-01-11
Others school - "German teacher in Ireland"

my name is Ahmed i am a German and Arabic teacher please for more information mail me back or talk to me on my skype (dididi3224)
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modify delete 38531 - from Tara47 (Ireland) - 2011-03-28
High school - "Franco-Irish Exchange"

Bonjour! Je suis prof de francais dans une ecole secondaire a Dublin en Irlande et je cherche a faire une echange scolaire d'une semaine ou deux avec une ecole en France avec des eleves d'environs 13ans.
Si cela vous interesse n'hesitez pas a m'envoyer un message!
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modify delete 37965 - from Aoife42 (Ireland) - 2011-01-20
Middle school - "Looking for English/Spanish conversation"

I am a student teacher in Ireland and I am currently teaching girls aged 12-13, I would like to make their first year of Spanish more exciting and interesting by encouraging them to communicate more in Spanish and hopefully find some life long friendships with students of their own age with a different culture to their own. their level of Spanish is quite basic so patience is necessary, they can write in english also so I think students of English of their own age would work well for this project as they could write alternatively in both languages. Please respond if you think you have the students we need for our venture into the Spanish world to become more exciting!! hope to hear from you soon!! Besos y abrazos, Aoife
email me at aoife.m.orourke@hotmail.com
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modify delete 37300 - from Joan47 (Ireland) - 2010-11-07
Primary school - "pen pals, teddy bear exchange"

I am a teacher in Ireland looking for a teacher from another country to exchange letters with. I have 22 children aged between 5 and 6. It is a mixed class and I would love to have some communication with another class whether individual penpals or class emails (which may work better at this age)
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modify delete 35657 - from Nicola46 (Ireland) - 2010-08-24
High school - "Searching for French, Italian and English speaking penpals"

Working as a teacher in a High School in Ireland, teaching French and Italian.
Looking for an Italian school with which to start up a penpal club for students aged 14-16. Correspondance will likely be in English.
Also, interested in setting up a French penpal club for 12-14 year olds.
If interested, please email me: nrowan@baltinglass.org.

School website: www.baltinglass.org
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modify delete 33290 - from Noreen40 (Ireland) - 2010-02-01
Primary school - "penpals wanted"

I teach a class of 11-12 year old boys and girls in a primary school in Cork.My class is looking to correspond by snail mail with children of a similar age in the U.S.
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modify delete 29812 - from Ailbhe42 (Ireland) - 2009-04-24
High school - "Echange scolaire"

Bonjour! Je suis une prof de Francais a Dublin en Irlande et je cherche un/une prof francais(e) qui aimerait faire une echange en Irlande en 2010. Mes eleves sont en quatrieme annee ici-c'est a dire en troisieme en France. Je serais tres content de trouver quelqu'un qui serait interesse par ce projet!!!
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modify delete 29759 - from Helen Kirwan129 (Ireland) - 2009-04-19
High school - "On cherche pour des correspondants!"

Bonjour! Je suis un prof irlandaise et je voudrais bein encontrer une classe francophone qui voudrait echanger des e-mails avec mon groupe des garcons, qui sont tous entre l'age de 14 a 15 ans...??
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modify delete 26897 - from BA70 (Ireland) - 2008-09-18
Primary school - "3rd class looking for pen-pals"

I am teaching Third Class in County Wicklow. I have a group of 29 students (8 and 9 year olds) and am looking for children for them to become pen-pals with-either in Ireland or abroad.
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modify delete 26703 - from Julie41 (Ireland) - 2008-09-11
Primary school - "Penpals wanted"

Hi all,
I am a 6th class teacher (11-12 year old boys and girls)in Cork, southern Ireland. I'd love to find a group of 22 (or thereabouts) students for my class to correspond with. I want them to practice letter writing and learn about another culture. If you are interested please let me know. I hope to start before the end of September/early October.
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modify delete 25965 - from jamie (Ireland) - 2008-07-30
Primary school - "school"

Hi my name is Jamie im teaching (which this is a special school where each child has an a disorder in temper ) 6th class there are 28 students in my class. We are in the middle of a summer camp near end now and it would be fantastic if children could come over to Japan and discover your part of the world. thank you for taking your time to read my letter much apreciate thank you XXXXXXXXXXX SCHOOL OF DISORDER XXXXXXXXXXX
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modify delete 23788 - from Aideen (Ireland) - 2008-02-10
Primary school - "Looking for penpals in Australia ASAP!!!"

I am teaching 3rd class boys and girls (8-9) years in a primary school in Dublin, Ireland. We will be starting a study of Australia in two weeks time which I hope to run for a month. It would be fantastic if the children could correspond with children their own age from Australia and really learn what life is like in the southern hemisphere in comparison to ours! We can correspond via email or post!
I really look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!

Kind regards,
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modify delete 22041 - from Beatrice's Guides (Ireland) - 2007-11-07
High school - "Language teachers - train to be tour guides in summer!"

If you speak one or more languages fluently and have some spare time in summer, you can train to become a bilingual tour guide with us.

Send us your CV - we will forward you an info-package about our hands-on training course.

Tel: 01-454 5943
Fax: 01-454 1241
Email: beatrice@iol.ie
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modify delete 21629 - from Aileen (Ireland) - 2007-10-12
Primary school - "Looking for penpals ASAP"

Hi there, I'm a teacher of 3rd class in Ireland, I have 32 pupils in my class 17 girls and 15 boys) aged 8-9 years old. If anyone is interested in becoming our penpals by post please contact us ASAP..Thank you.
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modify delete 20091 - from Jeremy (Ireland) - 2007-07-24
Higher school - "The Bright King"

The Bright King is here to offer new courses this summer.

Portfolio Analysis Capital Markets Risk Management

Visit us on http://www.dublin.ie/websites/thebrightking/courses.asp or

e-mail us: thebrightking@dublin.ie

We provide proffesional study help. Each course provides detailed knowledge about the financial area and specifications. The courses are structured in such way that brings you step by step into the financial field.
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modify delete 19972 - from Lisa (Ireland) - 2007-07-16
Primary school - "Penpals wanted"

I teach 4th class in Dundalk in Ireland. There are 25 students in my class and we would like penpals from any country to correspond with throughout the year.
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modify delete 19092 - from Susan (Ireland) - 2007-05-14
Primary school - "Question about teaching"

I am thinking of doing the primary school teaching postgrad if I get in, could anyone tell me what the jobs market is like and how hard it is to get a job in general? I wouldnt mind much about the permanent or temporary aspect.

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modify delete 18784 - from Fiona (Ireland) - 2007-05-01
Primary school - "Seeking email exchange with primary shool in Sydney"

Hi, I am a primary school teacher, teaching in Dublin, Ireland. I hope to start teaching my class about life in Australia for the next few weeks. I teach 2nd class (8/9year old girls). It would be great if the kids could communicate with a school in Sydney via email. If you are interested in participating email me as soon as possible. Thanks!
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modify delete 17521 - from Emma (Ireland) - 2007-02-20
Middle school - "French teacher looking for host family"

Hello !
I'm Emma from Paris. I'm a 30-year old teacher. I'm looking for a host family to live with for 2 weeks next summer (2007) anywhere in Ireland. I'm a very easy-going , curious and dynamic person. I could teach French. Please contact me: emanouch_2@hotmail.com
Thank you ! I'm looking forward to hearing from you !
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modify delete 16683 - from DEIRDRE (Ireland) - 2007-01-08

Bonjour d'Irlande,
Je m'appelle Deirdre et je travaille dans une ecole primaire dans ia republique d'Irlande.C'est une petite ecole,52 eleves en totale!!
Nous cherchons des eleves en France qui voudraient corresponder avec des enfants irlandais,une sorte de jumelage des ecoles!
Contactez-nous si cela vous interesse,
Bonne Annee 2007,Deirdre
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modify delete 15758 - from Grainne (Ireland) - 2006-11-14
Middle school - "Student penpals Spanish"

Hi, I'm a Spanish teacher in Ireland and I'm looking for a class of students for them to write to. I have 20 students aged between 13 and 15, boys and girls. They really want to start practicing their Spanish as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
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modify delete 14452 - from Garance (Ireland) - 2006-10-23
Middle school - "correspondance"

je recherche une classe francophone pour correspondre via internet avec des collégiennes nord-irlandaises de 12 à 14 ans
Le collège travaille beaucoup avec les nouvelles technologies donc nous pourrions monter des projets communs par ce biais
désolé j ai sélectionné Ireland comme pays tout simplement car il n'y a pas United Kingdom ( juste Great Britain )...
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modify delete 14098 - from Nora (Ireland) - 2006-10-08
Primary school - "Irish primary school for email exchange"

Hi everybody, I'm teaching English to German children aged between 8-11. I'm looking for an Irish class for email exchange in order to learn from each other about culture, hobbies and life in general.
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modify delete 13911 - from Seamus (Ireland) - 2006-09-29
Primary school - "Seeking classes in France with which to correspond"

Bonjour, j'enseigne une classe des eleves qui ont 10,11 et 12 ans. On voudrait corresponder avec des enfants francais en CM2. Contactez-moi s'il vous plait si cela vous interesse. Merci, Seamus.
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modify delete 10675 - from Transfamilia (Ireland) - 2006-06-22
High school - "Message to foreign language teachers"

Hi, We are www.transfamilia.com Our purpose is to help teenagers to find host families in which they'll be able to spend a few weeks to a few months to learn a foreign language. If you feel this is of interest to your students or their families, please direct them to our site. All the families we propose are registered Transfamilia members. All Transfamilia families have a teenage child of their own, and all are volunteer to either send their own kid abroad and/or host a foreign teen. They are not paid to host. Registration on the site are free. So are searches for matching families. We are looking for english speaking host families too. So if you feel your students could be interested, direct them or their parents to our site. For more info: opaul@transfamilia.com Regards,
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modify delete 9209 - from Mairead (Ireland) - 2006-04-03
Primary school - "une correspondance avec une classe francaise"

Bonjour, J'enseigne une classe des eleves qui ont 8 et 9 ans. On voudrait bien corresponder avec des enfants francais. Contactez-moi s'il vous plait si cela vous interesse.
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modify delete 9208 - from Mairead (Ireland) - 2006-04-03
Primary school - "correspndance with a class of french children"

Bonjour, Ma classe va faire des etudes sur La France. Alors, ce serait super s'ils pouvaient corresponder par email avec des enfants francais. Les enfants dans ma classe ont huit et neuf ans.
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modify delete 8681 - from Grainne (Ireland) - 2006-02-27
Primary school - "penpals"

I am teaching 2nd and 3rd class (age8-9)in a primary school in Ireland. We are doing a project on Germany/Austria and we would like to be 'class' penpals with a class of a similar age - to find out about German culture, interests and life in general.
Letters can be in English or German.
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modify delete 7135 - from niamh (Ireland) - 2005-12-05
Primary school - "penpals for children in primary school"

I work with 30 children which range from seven to nine. I would love to find penpals for each of them. It would be a great for them to learn about communicating with others.
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modify delete 6938 - from orla (Ireland) - 2005-11-26
Primary school - "german school for email exchange"

I have a class of 25 12 year old children. I am looking for a class for email exchange through english/ german to help the children find out about german culture, hobbies and life in general.
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