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modify delete 128100 - from Eka Sri Aswandari71 (Indonesia) - 2020-08-09
Primary school - "English beginner for Grade 3.Need soon !"

Hello, I am teacher for grade 3 students in Indonesia. I have 70 students from 2 class that ready to have correspondence with their friends from other countries. We hope that we can learn and building the understanding about difference culture also can help my class to enhance their English. We have plan to start the project before in the end of August. Please feel free to contact
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modify delete 127761 - from Riza253 (Indonesia) - 2020-04-25
Primary school - "Elementary school students looking for Penpals of the same age"

Hi, I am Riza. Currently an English Teacher in elementary school and also an English course. My students are around 6-13 years old. They are very enthusiastic and would love to get into contact with students of the same age in another country. I want my students to develop their English skills while learning about another countries culture. Let me know if you are interested. :) Cheerio.
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modify delete 113965 - from Ema96 (Indonesia) - 2016-10-19
High school - "High school grade 10 (15 years) looking for pen pal to improve their English"

Hi. I am an English teacher in Indonesia, lookin for a school/personal to collaborate in pen pal activity. there 3 classes includes 17 students each. Cherioooo
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modify delete 109850 - from Ninda78 (Indonesia) - 2016-01-08
High school - "Study abroad"

Hello, my name is Ninda. I'm Indonesian student who will move to the Netherlands(Because, my grandpa was from there). I'm here for asking about schools in the Netherlands. If i may know, How about the fees and administration for register the schools in the Netherlands? If there's anyone who wants to help me, can contact me ASAP.
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modify delete 109257 - from Eka Sri Aswandari62 (Indonesia) - 2015-11-17
Primary school - "Interested in exchange pics & Video?"

Hi, I was teaching at primary school in Indonesia. My class is using a Project Based Learning now. so it is important to us to share, discuss and communicate our idea & information about any related topics such as environment issues, cultural information etc. and it would be great if we can share it with their friends from another countries.

I have 16 students in my class with around 9-10 years old. we are ready to share with you using pics and video about our project in the classroom. don't hesitate to contact me
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modify delete 107768 - from Eka Sri Aswandari62 (Indonesia) - 2015-09-14
Primary school - "Need it soon!"

Hi ! I have a lovely 16 students in my class that age around 8-9 years old who can not wait to have pen pals from other country. together we can share, learn and having a great journey. Feel free to contact me !
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modify delete 103026 - from ranee192 (Indonesia) - 2015-02-19
Primary school - "Pen Friends Project for children aged 9-11"

Hi there... I'm Ranee from Indonesia. I teach English for children aged 5-11 years old in an informal school - an english course.

Now we're learning about life in the city and country (in the class of aged 9-11).
I gave my students a project to have pen friends, so they can share/exchange photos and stories of their lifes with other children around the world.

If you're interested to give your students the same project, please contact me. :)
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modify delete 97341 - from Nurul96 (Indonesia) - 2014-01-08
Middle school - "need a classroom partner"

i need a partnership to connect with my students in Indonesia to talk everything cross culturally
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modify delete 77948 - from Fabien241 (Indonesia) - 2013-11-08
Middle school - "Cherche correspondants francais pour ma classe de quatrieme."

Je suis professeur de francais dans une petite ville d'Indonesie situee sur l'ile de Sumatra. Je recherche des correspondants francais pour mes 23 eleves de quatrieme qui ont commence le francais l'annee derniere. Je souhaiterais mettre en place une correspondance s'etendant du mois de janvier au mois de juin. N'hesitez pas a me contacter.
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modify delete 73322 - from sarah76 (Indonesia) - 2013-02-02
High school - "my high school"

hi, my name is sarah and im from indonesia,but i live in sumatra,and i want a penpals from all over the world, so we can share each other about our daily experience, it would be nice, so please send me an email ayaboco@gmail.com :)
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modify delete 46756 - from rudi247 (Indonesia) - 2012-09-13
Primary school - "find friend"

hi there.. i do wish you can help me with this case.
my name is rudi, an english teacher for grade 4 in ICP School in Gresik Indonesia, . i am going to make a Pen Pal friend, i need them to improve their english skill in writing. so, i am looking for students from every countries to correspond with my students. if you interested in, please send me email at rudi.gresik@gmail.com or skype account is rudigresik1. I wait you soon..
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modify delete 38939 - from Fabien241 (Indonesia) - 2011-06-07
Middle school - "Cherche correspondants francais pour ma classe."

Je suis professeur de francais dans une petite ville d'Indonesie situee sur l'ile de Sumatra. Je recherche des correspondants francais pour mes eleves de college qui ont commence le francais l'annee derniere. J'ai une trentaine d'eleves ages de 12 a 14 ans. Nous pourrions communiquer en francais, anglais ou indonesien. N'hesitez pas a me contacter.
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modify delete 34549 - from irwan165 (Indonesia) - 2010-06-17
High school - "hallo students of the word"

,,,,I am Irwan, 29th. from indonesia, i am history teacher in senior high school number 1 South Bengkulu, Indonesia. i want to improve my english and have some friend from another countries.
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modify delete 32426 - from Lilian164 (Indonesia) - 2009-11-10
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals for my students"

Dear Teachers,

Hi, I'm Lilian from Indonesia. I'm a primary teacher of Godwins School. I need some pen pals for my students' writing and language project.
We are using home-school curriculum from Abeka. Please contact me as soon as possible, how to get some of your students' address, so they can send letters by mail.
I want my students to have correspondence with students from other countries.
Thank you very much for your assistance and looking forward to hearing good news from all of you. God bless you.

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modify delete 31009 - from deswita199 (Indonesia) - 2009-08-22
Middle school - "need help"

hi there.. i do wish you can help me with this case.
i am Ms. Wita (31 years old), an english teacher for grade 7 and 8 in Jakarta, Indonesia. i am going to make a Pen Pal Project for September. i have 36 students in grade 7 and 69 students in grade 8. i need them to improve their english skill in writing. so, i am looking for students from every countries to correspond with my students. i will start the project by 3rd of september. thx advance
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modify delete 25966 - from kharun (Indonesia) - 2008-07-30
Higher school - "Indonesian Language Learning"

Hi we are SMARZ Translation and Language Training. We provide Indonesian language course.
You can learn Indonesian language at home/office or anywhere appropriate. We have experiences of teaching Indonesian language for expatriates. We have strong program for Indonesian language learner. Please do not hesitate to call us 62-21-91569341,0856-8907099 and visit our website at www.smarz1000.com We provides also authorized and sworn translation for Indonesian to English, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic etc vice versa.
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modify delete 22121 - from rahayu (Indonesia) - 2007-11-14
Middle school - "hello"

Hi' I am an English teacher from Purworejo, Central Java Province Indonesia. I am teaching English in State Junior High School 3.Right now I am teaching in grade 7. I would like to have penpals from Australia or other countries for my students. I hope my students can improve their English by sending e mails and they can help other students from other countries to learn Indonesian.
If you are interested, please contact me.
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modify delete 21875 - from wiwid (Indonesia) - 2007-10-28
Primary school - "help us to improve our student speak english"

hi there, can somebody outthere wants to help our student to study english better
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modify delete 20149 - from Linda (Indonesia) - 2007-07-28
Primary school - "Need some Info and advice"

i'm a new teacher in Primary school, teaching Health Education from grade 1 to 6. i need some information or advice where to look for literature ( because i guess, we dont have it, yet, in Indonesia) currently i'm using a guidance from Singapore. any advice would be very helpfull, thanks
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modify delete 10558 - from Chandra (Indonesia) - 2006-06-18
High school - "Hi I am Indonesian teacher need friends from all over the world"

I am a teacher of senior high school in Indonesia and my studends are 16 to 18 years old, We need friends both Teachers and students to correspondents with.
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modify delete 1102 - from Ariyani (Indonesia) - 2004-08-18
Middle school - "A 7th grade teacher needs penpals"

I am a 7th grade teacher and I'm looking for penpals from all around the world for my students of 11-13 year-0ld. They need to practise their English as they make friends with other students. If you are interested, please email me at a_rinjohby@yahoo.com
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