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modify delete 131570 - from Reme144 (Spain) - 2024-03-19
High school - "Looking for English speaking secondary school for exchange of students"

My name is Reme and I am a Deputy Headteacher and English teacher at a Spanish High School located in Málaga (Andalucía, south of Spain), at 10 minutes walking distance from the beach. Our school has got about 900 students from 12 to 17 years old.
We are really interested in initiating an exchange of students with an Irish school for next course 24-25. The idea is to visit our schools and countries, learning more about our citizenship, natural environment and background, artistic and history heritage. We can already offer host families for 20 or 25 students(aged 14-15) , so the cost of the project would not be so expensive if we can exchange host families among students enjoying this project . In case you think about a different age profile we can discuss. They can improve their fluency in the second language. Advisory to start a penpal project during this course 23-24. We can offer a great and funny programme of activities here for your students.
We are experienced in eTwinning and Erasmus + projects. In fact, we are also interested in finding a partner school for a ready Erasmus + project based on environmental changes and emergencies.
If you are interested in any of these projects, please let me know as soon as possible.
Email Contact: remeprofe2000@yahoo.es
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modify delete 131484 - from Ana44 (Spain) - 2024-01-23
High school - "English-speaking pen pals wanted for Spanish pupils aged 12-13"

Hi, there! I'm an English teacher (Spanish nationality) looking for Spanish teachers (who live in the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc) interested in a pen pal exchange. My students live in Madrid (Spain) and study English as a foreign language (1ESO and 2ESO).
If you are interested, please write to me.
Thank you!

Ana: agonzalez1974@hotmail.com
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modify delete 131467 - from Íngrid60 (Spain) - 2024-01-14
Middle school - "Anyone interested in a penpal English exchange?"

Hello, I am currently teaching English to 11-12 year-old and 15-16 year-old students from Barcelona, Spain, and I would like to do an English exchange with students of similar age abroad. In principle, I had a penpal exchange in mind, but I am open to do other kind of activities. I am specially interested in improving the English communication skills of my students (so I would rather focus only on English writing / speaking, rather than doing an English-Spanish exchange). However, I am open to suggestions.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested.
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modify delete 131401 - from Susana60 (Spain) - 2023-11-20
Middle school - "Échange français-espagnol"


Soy profesora de francés con varios grupos de 1º de ESO (12 años)que acaban de iniciarse en la lengua francesa. Tienen mucha motivación por aprender francés y me gustaría iniciar un pequeño "carteo" con pequeñas presentaciones, hablar de sus gustos, sus hobbies, etc.

El intercambio se podría hacer escaneando las cartas, a través del e-mail de las profes, aunque estoy abierta a otras posibilidades :)

En caso de querer iniciar este intercambio, escríbeme y lo hablamos: sgxrsgxr6@gmail.com
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modify delete 131399 - from Ibrahima117 (Spain) - 2023-11-19
Others school - "Correspondance - Jumelage- Partenariat"

Bonjour je m'appelle Ibrahima, je suis Président d'une Association dénommée Les Amis de L'école. je recherche une personne qui pourrait m'aider á améliorer mon niveau Espagnol, car nous voudrions élargir nos champs d'actions sur cette meme lancée nous recherchons des Bénévoles, stagiaires et vacanciers humanitariats pour mieux aider les enfants. Nous sommes basée au SÉNEGAL plus précisément á Grand-Mbao á 20 km de la Capitale Dakar. Pour plus d'infos contactez-nous par mail. Merci d'avance.
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modify delete 131398 - from Ibrahima117 (Spain) - 2023-11-19
Middle school - "Correspondance - Jumelage- Partenariat"

Bonjour je m'appelle Ibrahima, je suis Président d'une Association dénommée Les Amis de L'école. je recherche une personne qui pourrait m'aider á améliorer mon niveau Espagnol, car nous voudrions élargir nos champs d'action sur cette meme lancée nous recherçons des Bénévoles, stagiaires et vacanciers humanitariats pour mieux aider les enfants. Pour plus d'infos contactez-nous par mail. Merci d'avance.
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modify delete 131321 - from Maria67 (Spain) - 2023-10-12
Primary school - "Looking for English Speaking pen pals"

Hi, there! I´m an ESL teacher looking for teachers interested in exchaging letters.
I have 29 pupils of 10/11 years old who are eager to have pen pals via postal mail.
If you are interested, please write to me!
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modify delete 131297 - from Mar126 (Spain) - 2023-10-07
High school - "High School group exchange with an English speaking country"

Subject: secondary exchange
Hi, I'm s teacher of English in Murcia, Spain, asand I'm looking for a High School in an English speaking country to Carry out a one-week exchange between our countries. It should be for 15-year-old students more or less.
If someone IS interested, please Contact me
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modify delete 131271 - from Pilar80 (Spain) - 2023-10-01
Middle school - "Correspondance scolaire"

Salut : Mi nombre es Pilar Sanchez Monteroy soy profesora de francés en un instituto de Torre del Mar, en Malaga ( Andalucia). Mis alumnos y yo querríamos hacer un intercambio de correspondencia. Sería para 1º , 2º y 4º de la ESO. Si te conviene no dudes en contactar conmigo: pilartrayamar@gmail.com
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modify delete 131268 - from Neus176 (Spain) - 2023-09-30
Primary school - "Penpals for 5 graders"

Hello there!
I’m teaching English as a foreign language to two groups of 5 graders (10-11 year olds, 45 students in total). I would like to find a similar group to exchange some letters and postcards with.
I want to provide them with a real context in which they can use English, talk about their daily life, the things they like, their cities/countries… pretty standard. :)
I came here looking for another ESL teacher, so that the language level can be more similar, but if your kids are native English speakers and yiu think this would work for you, I’m open to suggestions.
Thanks for reading! Hope you’re interested!
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modify delete 131234 - from Omayra71 (Spain) - 2023-09-21
Primary school - "Penpal exchange"

My name is Omayra and I am an English teacher in Spain. I am interested in launching a penpal project in my school. It is situated in a small village in Burgos (in the north of Spain) and I have 40 students aged 10-11 (5th grade) and 38 students aged 11-12 (6th grade).
I would like to exchange letters, postcards related to different topics... once a month or every two months. Their English level is A1.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Greetings from Spain.
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modify delete 131232 - from Paquita Vilarrodona192 (Spain) - 2023-09-20
Primary school - "exchange snail mail"

I'm teaching English in a small village in Spain. Sixteen of my students are 11 years old (6th grade) and twenty of my students are 10 years old (5th grade). I would like to exchange letters in English (snail mail) once per term.
If you are interested, please contact me!

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modify delete 131208 - from Ane241 (Spain) - 2023-09-15
Middle school - "Cherche échange épistolaire espagnol/français"

Soy Ane, profesora de francés de un pueblo del país Vasco.
A mis alumnos les encantaría conocer a jóvenes de su misma edad y poder aprender francés de una forma más lúdica.

Tengo 22 alumnos en 1ºESO (5ième), 18 alumnos en 2ºESO (4ième) y 10 en 3ºESO (3ième).

Si estáis interesados no dudéis en escribirme.

Hasta pronto,
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modify delete 131066 - from MARTA129 (Spain) - 2023-08-23
High school - "échange scolaire France/ Barcelona"

Bonjour , je suis une professure de français d'un lucée à 30 minutes de Barcelona. Nous avons une accreditation Erasmus et nous recherchons un collège ou un lycée pour une visite/ échange.
Mes élèves ont entre 14 et 16 ans.
Nous avons une quinzaine d'élèves pour l'echange écrit et 5 ou 6 élèves pour visiter votre établissement.

Merci de me contacter par email: mbutjosa@xtec.cat
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modify delete 130942 - from Elena255 (Spain) - 2023-07-14
High school - "Spanish students looking for English speaking penfriends"

Hello, my name is Elena and I'm a teacher and head of studies in a school of the South of Spain (Extremadura). I would like to find penfriends for my students (aged 13/15) for this new academic year 23/24. If you are interested,please don't hesitate. Contact to elenaviejoperez@gmail.com
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modify delete 130915 - from Emilie78 (Spain) - 2023-07-02
Middle school - "échange scolaire France-Espagne"

J'ai une grande expérience dans les échanges car je les réalise chaque année. Je recherche un échange pour mes futurs élèves de 3ème pour l'année prochaine (30 élèves environ). L'idée est de commencer par des échanges de vidéos pour créer des paires linguistiques selon leurs affinités , continuer le contact par mail avec l'option de faire différents projets en commun et finalement accueillir les élèves français pendant une semaine dans les familles espagnoles avec visites de Barcelone, Gérone, découverte du système éducatif, de la culture catalane... puis les élèves espagnols viendraient à leur tour pendant une semaine chez les familles françaises.
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modify delete 130873 - from Elena124 (Spain) - 2023-06-13
Middle school - "Échange Linguistique année 2023 - 2024"


Je voudrais organiser un échange scolaire pour l'année 2023 - 2024 de mon collège (élèves de 1º à 4º ESO, agés de 11 à 16 ans) avec un collège francophone.

Merci de me contacter si vous êtes interessé/e.
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modify delete 130871 - from Pere51 (Spain) - 2023-06-13
High school - "Penpals for ESL"

¡Hola! I'm a Pere, English teacher in sunny Barcelona and I am looking for penpals for my students from any English-speaking country. As the course is just ending here, I am looking to get things organised for next year.
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modify delete 130739 - from Eva192 (Spain) - 2023-02-13
High school - "High school looking for penfriends"

Hello everyone!

My name is Eva. I am a teacher in a high school in a small town in Calatonia, Spain.
I'd like my students to exchange emails with students from another school and talk about their lives, family, habits, town.... They are aged 12/13 years old.

If you are interested, let me know!

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modify delete 130693 - from Alberto62 (Spain) - 2023-01-16
High school - "Looking for penpals"

Hello to all.
My name is Alberto. I am a teacher in a small language school. I am looking for penpal for a group of students aged between 12 and 14 (a total of 22 students). We are interested in writing letters not emails. If you are interested, let's talk!
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modify delete 130570 - from Pilar68 (Spain) - 2022-11-05
High school - "Spanish school looking for a school exchange"


We are a Secondary/ High school in Urretxu, based in the Basque country, northern Spain. The school is located in a scenic place surrounded by mountains and very well connected with the beautiful city of San Sebastian, and one hour far away from the Bilbao and Biarritz international airports which facilitates exchanges. Also, it’s fair to say our region is very famous for its excellent gastronomy; here you can eat the best pintxos (mini tapas) in the whole world.

We are looking for partners from other countries for an exchange project in host families for this course 2022-23. We have a group of 30 to 35 students aged 16-17who can communicate in a lower-intermediate English, and Spanish or Basque.

The aim of this project is to allow students to interact with and learn from people who are in a different country. This cultural exchange will assist our students to develop positive relationships with others, broad their perspectives, and develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in our multicultural society.

They would start with a “virtual” interaction, practicing their ICT skills by emails, WhatsApps, Skype… chatting about their own cultures and traditions… and after that they would have the 5-7 day trip abroad; this visit could be in spring 2023, although we are flexible to change the dates.

We think travelling on a program like this really opens the world up to students. This type of programs encourages them to take their English classes seriously when they know they will actually use the language in person.

If you are interested in this project, please contact me in this address: exchange@jmiparragirre.eus
You can visit our website at www.jmiparragirre.eus
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modify delete 130564 - from Elisa43 (Spain) - 2022-11-02
Middle school - "Echange lettres avec des eleves de 6eme et 5eme"


Je suis prof de FLE en Extrémadure, Espagne. Je cherche un collège pour faire un échange de lettres avec des élèves de 6eme et 5eme.

Il serait très bien aussi, si possible, de le faire avec des élèves de 1 Bac.

Si vous êtes intéressés, contactez-moi: egonzalezs18@educarex.es
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modify delete 130497 - from Cristina142 (Spain) - 2022-10-07
Middle school - "Échange français/espagnol ou basque"

Je suis prof de français dans un collège au Pays Basque et je cherche des correspondants pour des échanges de lettres et/ou mails. Mes élèves ont entre 14 et 17 ans. Les groupes sont petits (entre quatre et neuf élèves par groupe), mais ils sont super et ils ont très envie de correspondre avec des jeunes français (et moi aussi).
Si cela vous intéresse, j’attends vos messages.
À bientôt!
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modify delete 130433 - from Ana117 (Spain) - 2022-09-27
Primary school - "Looking for Year 6 penpals"

Hello, we are looking for a partner teacher to work with 2 groups of Year 5 students (9-10 years old, 56 students overall).
The idea is to make exchanges so they can practise English and get to know other students who are also learning the language.
Please let me know if you are interested asap.
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modify delete 130428 - from Isabel55 (Spain) - 2022-09-26
Primary school - "French-Spanish-English"

Bonjour-Hello everyone.
I am teaching French and English in a Primary school in Spain ( ages range from 6 to 12 years old).
I am looking for a class of several classes especially for my PRIMARY 4, 5 AND 6 CLASSES
cLASS 4 = 17 students (ENGLISH LEARNING) (9-10 YEARS OLD)

je cherche une classe de correspondants surtout par ma classe de 24 étudiants qui sont encore débutants en français. Je voudrais les aider avec les lettres dans la classe et on serait génial si on peut écrire un peu aussi an anglais ou en espagnol

I search for different classes in English ( native speakers ) and especially for a class of French speakers who could be interested in our culture. It would be great if they learn Spanish as my students could help yours.
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modify delete 130373 - from Elena35 (Spain) - 2022-09-15
Middle school - "Intercambio de correos entre países hispanófonos"

-Lengua del intercambio: solamente español.
-Países que buscamos: Países hispanófonos (Hispanoamérica/Guinea ecuatorial).
-Edad y n° de alumnos: 60 alumnos de 12 años y 40 alumnos de 13 años.
-Modo de comunicación: Carta/correo electrónico.
-Finalidad: Conocer otras culturas, motivar en la expresión escrita.

¡Buenos días!:
Soy Elena, profesora de Lengua castellana y literatura en un pueblo de Madrid (España). Estoy buscando centros hispanófonos para llevar a cabo un intercambio de cartas. Sería muy motivador y enriquecedor para nuestros alumnos poder escribirse con gente de su edad y al mismo tiempo conocer nuevos lugares y culturas del mundo.
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modify delete 130366 - from Rebeca47 (Spain) - 2022-09-14
High school - "Correspondants francophones"

Je suis professeure de français dans une école secondaire près de Madrid (Robledo de Chavela). J’ai 12 élèves de 12 ans, 12 élèves de 13 ans, 6 élèves de 14 ans et 12 élèves de 15 ans. On cherche des élèves francophones pour réaliser un échanger épistolaire ou par mail.

Soy profesora de francés en un instituto cerca de Madrid (Robledo de Chavela). Tengo 12 alumnos de 12 años, 12 alumnos de 13 años, 6 alumnos de 14 años y 12 alumnos de 15 años. Buscamos estudiantes francófonos para hacer un intercambio epistolar o por correo electrónico.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous êtes intéressé.e.
No dudes en ponerte en contacto contacto conmigo si estás interesado/a.
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modify delete 130325 - from INÉS77 (Spain) - 2022-09-09
Middle school - "Échange /immersion linguistique"

Je m'appelle Inés Cifuentes et je suis professeure de français dans un collège-lycée de section bilingue de français à côté de Madrid.

La matière de français est première langue étrangère pour nos élèves et ils ont aussi un renforcement de cette langue en SVT, Histoire Géo, Arts plastiques et Education Physique.

Cette année on vise à partir en échange en France avec un groupe de 30 élèves de la classe de quatrième (2º ESO) au printemps 2023 et on cherche un collège français souhaitant se lancer à un nouveau projet d'échange avec nous.

Si vous êtes intéressés à faire partie de cette aventure, n'hésitez pas à me joindre au courrier ines.cifuenteslorenzo@educa.madrid.org
Merci de votre attention et à très bientôt.
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modify delete 130322 - from CHANTAL174 (Spain) - 2022-09-08
High school - "Recherche de correspondants-lycée-Espagne"

Hola, soy profesora de español en Francia, en Lille. A algunos de mis alumnos y alumnas, les encantaría poder comunicar con correspondientes españoles de su edad. Están en 4°ESO y 1° de Bachillerato.
Si os interesa el proyecto, no dudéis en contactar conmigo 😃

Hasta Pronto
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modify delete 130182 - from David Jimenez168 (Spain) - 2022-08-16
Middle school - "Barcelona students looking for pen pals"

Hi everyone!

I am a teacher of 60 English language students aged 14 to 15 from Barcelona, Spain.

My students would love to engage in a pen pal (e-pal) exchange with classrooms from other countries.

We are starting our next school year from mid-September onward.

If you are interested, please reply to this message.

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modify delete 130019 - from Cristina218 (Spain) - 2022-06-24
High school - "échange -rencontre"

Bonjour, je suis enseignante de français langue langue étrangère auprès d'élèves âgés de 13 à 17ans, j'aimerais organiser une échange linguistique pour l'année scolaire 22-23 avec des élèves qu'ils étudient l'espagnol en tant que langue étrangère ou bien qui sont interessés pour échanger le français avec nous; Nous sommes placés à Salou, en Espagne et je suis overte à toute proposition. Merci!!!
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modify delete 129982 - from Aude81 (Spain) - 2022-06-07

Je me présente, je m´appelle Aude et je suis professeur de français au “Colegio Ramón y Cajal” qui est un établissement scolaire privé (primaire-collège-lycée) à Madrid.
Notre établissement se trouve dans le quartier d´Arturo Soria et nous avons une grande expérience en ce qui concerne les échanges scolaires linguistiques internationaux.
Nos élèves ont la possibilité d´apprendre le français à partir du CM2 mais actuellement, nous ne leur offrons pas la possibilité de faire un échange avec un établissement français.
Nous aimerions beaucoup travailler avec un collège français afin de pouvoir y pallier, et donc d´organiser un échange de deux semaines avec les collégiens pour la prochaine année scolaire 2022-2023.
Si vous êtes intéressés, n´hésitez pas à m´écrire pour que nous puissions organiser une réunion online.

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modify delete 129950 - from Anna222 (Spain) - 2022-05-05
High school - "Looking for a penpal exchange (English - Spanish)"

Good morning,

My name is Anna and I teach English in a school near Barcelona. A great number of our students (aged 12-17) are interested in finding penpals to exchange letters and doing other activities.

Please leave a message here if you are interested.

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modify delete 129744 - from Olga Darriba165 (Spain) - 2021-12-31
Primary school - "Looking for a penpal exchange or project Spanish-English"

My name is Olga and I teach English in a Primary School in the north west of Spain. I would like that my students have the opportunity to learn about different cultures by writing letters to kids from a different country.
Also, it could be interesting the idea of working on a project together, for example the project in my school this year is Movies, we could do something together related to the topic.
I'm open to other ideas.
Contact me if you are interested: oldape41@gmail.com
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modify delete 129691 - from Anna17 (Spain) - 2021-11-20
High school - "Colegio Irlandés"


Somos una escuela privada secundaria concertada del área de Barcelona, que está buscando hacer un intercambio escolar con un colegio irlandés el próximo año académico 2022 - 2023. Sería para los alumnos de 3º y 4º de ESO ( 14 - 16 años). Se trataría de una estancia de 1 semana la escuela irlandesa en Barcelona y 1 semana la escuela nuestra en Irlanda. El alojamiento de los estudiantes irlandeses sería con familias de nuestros alumnos. También se organizarían visitas culturales a Barcelona. Si algún centro escolar de Irlanda está interesado, por favor, que contacte conmigo lo más pronto posible. Estaría bien poder establecer contacto con los profesores de español de dicho colegio. Si para empezar a conocernos, desean hacer un intercambio virtual, nosotros estaríamos encantados de realizarlo. Igualmente, sería para los alumnos de los cursos antes mencionados. Esperemos que pronto podamos encontrar nuestro "partner" en Irlanda.
EmaiL: aina1964@hotmail.com
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modify delete 129662 - from Ana27 (Spain) - 2021-11-12
Primary school - "Looking for penpals in Spain"

Our school is in the outskirts of Barcelona and we have two groups of 25 students each (50 in total). We would like to partner with another school from a different autonomous community to exchange letters and other activities in English. The objective is students practice English but with other students who are also learning the language in Spain.
We would like to start asap, we can combine postal and electronic exchanges.
If you are interested, please let me know.
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modify delete 129581 - from Gustavo57 (Spain) - 2021-10-13
High school - "Looking for penpals in English"

I'm an English teacher at a secondary school in Barcelona, Spain. I'm looking for schools whose students would like to exchange emails (and possibly webchats one day) in English so they can improve their English while learning about other cultures and meeting new friends around the world. My students are aged 14-16.
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modify delete 129544 - from Paquita Vilarrodona192 (Spain) - 2021-10-04
Others school - "pen pals to practise English"

Hi everyone! I'm a primary teacher who is looking for pen pals for my students to practise English. I teach in a small village and I have a group of eleven students who are 10 years old and another group of ten students who are 11 years old. I prefer snail-mail because receiving a handwriting letter is much more exciting than receiving an e-mail. If you are interested you can mail me: fvilarro@xtec.cat Regards, Paquita
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modify delete 129459 - from Isabel34 (Spain) - 2021-09-16
Primary school - "Primary penfriends ( English)"

Dear colleague
I am looking for English speaking penfriends,especially for English native speaking countries. I teach in a Primary school from 3 to 12 years old.
I would like penfriends for the oldest ones from 8 years old onwards, about 35 students.
My students are very motivated and they would love exchanging postcards, letters etcç
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modify delete 129013 - from nadia139 (Spain) - 2021-06-02
High school - "virtual exchange program between French and Irish schools"

Bonjour chers profs!

This year, Forum Language Experience's team is partnering with middle/high schools in the francophone world to connect their students virtually with classrooms in the U.S., Ireland and the UK during the 2020-21 school year!
If you would like to participate in our FREE Connecting Classrooms project, please email me at nadia@forumbyprometour.com

Bonne journée!
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modify delete 129000 - from Anna17 (Spain) - 2021-05-20
Others school - "Estudiante alemana"

Familia de Barcelona busca a una estudiante alemana para el próximo año académico 2021 - 2022 ( septiembre ) para que pueda ayudar a sus hijos con el alemán.

Spanische Familie sucht a deutche schulerin für nechste Schuljahr 2021 - 2022 ( september) als Sie kann hilft Ihrer kinder auf Deustch.

Spanish family is loking for a german girl for the next school year 2021 - 2022 ( september) for helping their children in german language.

Interested please, contact to me as soon as possible.Interesados por favor, contactar conmigo lo antes posible. Thank you. Gracias. Danke.

Email. aina1964@hotmail.com
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modify delete 128785 - from Noemí Gil109 (Spain) - 2021-02-21
Middle school - "Intercambio de alumnos"

Soy profesora de francés de un instituto de secundaria en Valladolid. Busco correspondants virtual para este curso y para poder otro año iniciar un intercambio si fuera posible. Edades: 13-14-15-16. Animaos.
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modify delete 128677 - from Cristina124 (Spain) - 2021-01-24
Middle school - "Virtual exchange"

I'm looking for a virtual exchange for my group of 26 students aged 13-14. They are learning English but they still have an A1-A2 level. My ideal activity was to connect online in direct during our English class (1hour/30minutes weekly) but the frequency could change. And we are opened to mail penpal too if you don't like meeting with GoogleMeet or any other platform.

If you have students learning Spanish we could do half an hour in English and half an hour in Spanish. Of your students are learning English because you are not from an English speaking country they could practice both in English. My group is able from Tuesday to Friday from 10:30 to 12:20.

If you would like to join me to do this project or if you have other ideas, don't hesitate to answer my email.

Thank you in advance

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modify delete 128665 - from Bea59 (Spain) - 2021-01-19
Primary school - "Looking for English penpals"

Hello! I'm an English teacher at a spanish school. My pupils are 9-11 years old and we are looking for some English school (USA, Canana, Australia,UK) to exchange letters and emails. If you are interesting please Contact me at: beatruskarego@gmail.com
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modify delete 128655 - from YOLANDA83 (Spain) - 2021-01-14
Middle school - "Recherche de correspondants"

Bonjour, je suis prof dans un lycée d'Éstremadure en Espagne, j'enseigne le français à des élèves de 12 à 16 ans et j'aimerais correspondre avec un collège francophone pour un échange épistolaire et online.
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modify delete 128637 - from Maria67 (Spain) - 2021-01-07
Primary school - "Looking for snail mail pen friends!"

Hi teachers!
I´m Maria, an ESL teacher looking for snail pen pals from English speaking countries for my 11-year old pupils(about 26 pupils) who are really excited about writing letters to other children to know about their hobbies, culture, etc.
If you are interested please contact me at mmazzan2@centcelles.net
Thank you!
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modify delete 128630 - from Maria67 (Spain) - 2021-01-05
Primary school - "Looking for snail mail pen friends!"

Hi, I´m Maria from Catalonia, Spain. My students are eager to write with English students (11 years old students).
If you are interested, please contact me at mmazzan2@centcelles.net
Thank you!
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modify delete 128620 - from Maria67 (Spain) - 2020-12-29
Primary school - "Looking for snail mail pen friends!"

Hi! I´m an ESL teacher in Spain looking for snail mail penpals. My pupils are 11 years old and they would love to write letters in English. If you are interested, please contact me. mmazzan2@centcelles.net
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modify delete 128534 - from Agnese127 (Spain) - 2020-12-01
Primary school - "Penpals Around the world"

Hello everyone! I'm new to this website so I'm still discovering how everything works. :) I'm a teacher in a language academy in Spain and we would LOVE to find penpals around the world. Maybe we could exchange cards or texts connected with Christmas as it's so close? Contact me if you would be interested. Greetings, Agnesr
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modify delete 128439 - from Elena42 (Spain) - 2020-10-16
Middle school - "Correspondance scolaire"

Bonjour, je m'appelle Elena et je suis prof de français langue étrangère et j'aimerais contacter avec un collège africain et si les élèves étudient l'espagnol encore mieux.
Mes élèves les plus petits ont 12-13 ans et les les plus âgés 14-15 ans.
On va travailler dans un projet qui s'appelle "Enseñar África" et on voudrait arriver à travailler avec un collège-lycéee africain car de cette façon le projet deviendra plus réel.
Mes élèves étudient la langue française comme deuxième langue donc ils sont de niveau débutant mais ils sont très sympas et curieux de connaître les pays africains.
D'autre part on habite aux îles Canaries qui se trouvent tout près de l'Afrique.
J'espère vos réponses avec impatience.
Elena Pérez
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modify delete 128346 - from Eva32 (Spain) - 2020-09-24
Primary school - "Primary Penpals in English"

We are a primary school in Barcelona looking for penpals all around the world that want to practise their English and also learn from other cultures. We are interested in penpals aged 9-12. We could even do some Meet/Skype and practise oral skills. Thank U!!
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modify delete 128313 - from Dolores192 (Spain) - 2020-09-16
High school - "Correspondance et échanges virtuels avec Barcelone"

¡Hola! Je m'appelle Dolores et je recherche une classe pour correspondre avec la mienne de 4º de ESO (=2e) dans un lycée tout près de Barcelone.
Idéalement des étudiants d'Espagnol en France, mais cela peut être une classe d'étudiants de français dans un autre pays...
L'objectif, c'est de parler a quelqu'un de réel autour des sujets travaillés en cours et faire ensemble ou échanger de petites tâches et projets, à travers les lettres/e-mails, vidéos, padlet, diaporamas...; j'en ai une batterie que j'ai utilisé d'autres années et aussi pour mes projets eTwinning.
Nous avons fait aussi des voyages et des échanges, mais avec le covid-19 :-(, je mise seulement sur ce projet de correspondance.
Alors, si vous voulez qu'on travaille ensemble, j'attends votre réponse.
¡Saludos, hasta pronto!,
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modify delete 128258 - from Marta126 (Spain) - 2020-09-08
High school - "Correspondants 12-16 ans"


Je cherche des classes de collège ou lycée qui apprennent l'espagnol pour correspondre ou faire des projets collaboratifs en utilisant les outils numériques en espagnol et/ou en français.

J'ai plus de 100 élèves de 11-12 ans qui commencent l'apprentissage du français et 45 apprenants de 14-16 ans qui ont un niveau A2-B1.

À bientôt!
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modify delete 128231 - from Isabel 225 (Spain) - 2020-09-03

Hello teachers !Let me start saying that this year is absolutely a challenge for us to keep motivation and learning up. My name is Isabel and I am a Foreign Language teacher in a primary school in Valsaín, Segovia ,Spain. The school website is ceiplapradera (search) The school is rural but innovative and it has been awarded with many national prizes. you can type : rtve /maneras-educar-centro-escolar-pradera-valsain-segovia and you may find a video in the national tv. I cannot type the whole link here.
The Foreign Language area needs however a push and since I am a French and English teacher,I have thought that the fact of having penfriends could be a good start. In the past it worked for me with an exchange of letters, postcards, brochures and my students improved their level step by step. I teach all classes.Infant Education ( I have three classes -8 students of three years old, 8 students of 4 years old and 10 students of 5 years old ) and Primary Education (primary 1- 14 students of 6 years old) ( primary 2 -14 students of 7 years old),primary 3 - 10 students of 8 years old), primary 4 -10 students of 9 years old) primary 5 -8 students of 10 years old and primary 6-9 students of 11-12 years old). about 90 students all together.... You may only have one class but I dont mind having different countries as it could be more enriching for us I am looking especially for countries where English is official language but I am open to other possibilities. For example , one year, my students wrote in Spanish, last year only in English. Even long ago, we exchanged cultural facts and different lifestyles with a French speaking country. I think this year it is super important to create an atmosphere of hope across boundaries because we are all suffering the covid19 and we are in the same team as students, teachers and families.It could be a way of teaching languages IN USE. Contact me as soon as possible please by email. GOOD START FOR EVERYONE....
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modify delete 128229 - from Isabel225 (Spain) - 2020-09-03

I am looking for penfriends in Spanish / English.
I am a Foreign Language teacher in an innovative rural school near the capital of Spain so I have about 80 students of all ages.

please contact me by email
thanks in advance
website : ceiplapradera ( primary school )
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modify delete 127935 - from May Reyes Alba45 (Spain) - 2020-06-26
High school - "High School in Spain looks for English learners penpal friends"


I'm an English teacher in a high school in Spain (13-16 year old students). I'm looking for an exchange with English learners/speakers of the same age. Traditional letters would be very nice at first, kids could even send typical things from their own countries, and later videoconferences could be fun.
It would be a project for the whole academic year, in which students exchange letters every two months or so.

Please, if you are interested, contact me at mcreyesalba@gmail.com
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modify delete 127845 - from victor102 (Spain) - 2020-06-04
Primary school - "Finding penpal and class sharing for this summer camp."

Hi, my name is Victor. I'm originally from Spain but I am teaching English at the moment in a school in Saint Petersburg, in Russia. I have a group of 6 students age 13-14 that would be very interested in finding a penpal for the summer. To be honest, my idea is even more than just that.currently I'm having a summer camp with them and I would be interested in inviting students from another country to my classes with them. Currently I'm having classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am Moscow time. Please let me know if you may be interested. Thanks.
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modify delete 127632 - from Anna19 (Spain) - 2020-02-20
Others school - "Intercambio Recíproco"

Me interesaría encontrar una organización en Inglaterra o Irlanda que promueva los intercambios reciproco entre estudiantes.

Dispongo de una familia de Barcelona que desea hacer éste tipo de programa éste verano.

Si surge alguna organización, por favor que se ponga en contacto conmigo en ésta dirección de correo: aina1964@hotmail.com


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modify delete 127513 - from Carlos Amorós222 (Spain) - 2020-01-29

Hi y'all!

I'm an English teacher at a secondary school in South-East Spain currently looking for an exchange with an Irish school. My students are between 13-14 years old. The main topic of the exchange would be popular traditions in both countries, including dances, songs, contests, games, etc. I think it'd be great to get to know each other as well as practicing both languages.

Our school has already experience in hosting students and teachers from other nationalities, making them feel at home. We're located close to Granada and Malaga, two beautiful cities.

If anyone is interested, please, contact me carlosapsecundaria@gmail.com
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modify delete 127476 - from SANDRA23 (Spain) - 2020-01-20

e are a Jesuit school from Malaga and we teach different levels from Nursery, Primary to Secondary Education (ages 3-16) .We are currently involved in a new methodological project that includes problem/project based learning and cooperative learning. All this new methodology implies using new technologies and we are developing new syllabuses in all the subjects. We are receiving external training in these new methods and we are implementing them in the lessons in all levels and subjects. We are interested in doing job shadowing in other schools that are implementing these new methodologies: project/problem based learning, cooperative learning, multiple intelligences... We are also glad to invite you to our school. You can contact us here: coordidiomas.sanjose@fundacionloyola.es. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks so much in advance
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modify delete 127323 - from Laura231 (Spain) - 2019-12-08
High school - "one week exhange in Madrid/Ireland"


I work at a Spanish high school in Madrid. We are currently looking for a mixed high school in Ireland interested in a week exchange with our students for next school year (2020-21). Our students will turn 13 next year. Irish students will live with Spanish families when visiting Madrid and surrounding areas and our students will be hosted by Irish families when in Ireland.
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modify delete 126980 - from Alberto12 (Spain) - 2019-11-13
High school - "Language School from Spain"


I'm Alberto and I'm an English teacher in Spain. I'd like to start a penpal project with schools from all over the world. My students are between 12-15 years old. We'd like to exchange postcards and cultural videos about our place. Let me know if you are interested! Greetings from Spain!
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modify delete 126897 - from Ana84 (Spain) - 2019-11-03
Primary school - "Reminds of Ireland"

Hello, I am a primary English teacher in a little village near Bilbao in the north of Spain and I would be very interested in getting in touch with Irish teachers in orther to share little proyects about our students and work together.My students would love to write in English and pra tise the language in a real way.We could write and practise Spanish if you want to, too.
Looking forward to hearing from you
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modify delete 126718 - from yolanda255 (Spain) - 2019-10-14
Middle school - "échange espistolaire- email"

je suis prof du fle en Espagne, j'aimerais réaliser un échange épistolaire avec un collège francophone: envoyer des lettres, des e-mails, des vidéos...il ne s'agit pas d'un échange physique par des questions personnelles. Mes élèves ont entre 12 et 15 ans, malheureusement, il n'y a que 28 élèves en total qui étudient français, donc je cherche un petit groupe qui pourrait bien coller avec.
je attend une réponse de votre part!
Merci beaucoup11
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modify delete 126714 - from Rocio76 (Spain) - 2019-10-13
High school - "Échange correspondance"

Je suis professeure de français dans un lycée de Malaga (Andalousie, sud de l'Espagne). Je cherche des orrespondants pour mes élèves de 4º ESO (15-16 ans).Merci!
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modify delete 126618 - from Sara109 (Spain) - 2019-09-26
High school - "Échange scolaire PALENCIA"

Bonjour je suis professeur de Français dans un lycée de Palencia à 5o kms de Valladolid Cela fait plusieurs années que notre lycée organice des échanges avec la Suède, l'Italie, l"Hollande et la France
Nos élèves sont en 3ero Eso ils sont très motivés avec le Français et avec une grande envie de visiter la France et se loger chez des familles françaises aún si que logra des buenas français pensando une semaine
Si vous êtes intéressés n'hésitez pas à me contacter
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modify delete 126579 - from Isabel62 (Spain) - 2019-09-22
Primary school - "Exchange of two classes via letter and maybe skype"

Dear teachers from around the world:
we are looking for penfriends for our students. We have 2 classes of 23 pupils this year who would be interested in exchanging letters with students of similar age in English/Spanish.

We would like an English speaking country as our Primary school is bilingual and our teachers and students are highly motivated and involved in Comenius programmes, Etwinning and English projects.

The school is CEIP Peñascal- Bilingual School in Segovia, a city near the capital in Madrid, SPAIN.
I hope to hear from you.
Thanks in advance

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modify delete 126555 - from Soledad29 (Spain) - 2019-09-20
Middle school - "Échange Espagne-France 19-20"

alut, je cherche un établissement français pour faire un échange physique cette année 19-20. J´enseigne Français à des éleves d´ESO et Bachillerato (13-18 ans) dans l´IES El Vinalopó de la province d´Alicante (Comunidad Valenciana). Il y a 30 ëlèves à peu près interesés à l´échange. Je cherche plutôt un Collège parce que la plupart de mes élèves sont en ESO, mais un Lycée c´est aussi possible. Le budget ne nous permet pas d´aller aux regions les plus éloignés, donc préférablement en Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, ou region PACA. Merci 😀
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modify delete 126531 - from Soledad29 (Spain) - 2019-09-18
Middle school - "Échange Espagne-France 19-20"

Salut, je cherche un établissement français pour faire un échange physique cette année 19-20. J´enseigne Français à des éleves d´ESO et Bachillerato (13-18 ans) dans l´IES El Vinalopó de la province d´Alicante (Comunidad Valenciana). Nous avons à peu près 30 élèves qui veulent participer à l´échange. Je cherche plutôt un Collège parce que la plupart de mes élèves sont en ESO, mais un Lycée c´est aussi possible. Le budget ne nous permet pas d´aller aux regions les plus éloignés, donc préférablement en Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, ou region PACA. Merci 😀
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modify delete 126528 - from Soledad29 (Spain) - 2019-09-18
Middle school - "échange espagne-france 19-20"

Salut, je cherche un établissement français pour faire un échange physique cette année 19-20. J´enseigne Français à des éleves d´ESO et Bachillerato (13-18 ans) dans l´IES El Vinalopó de la province d´Alicante (Comunidad Valenciana). Je cherche plutôt un Collège parce que la plupart de mes élèves sont en ESO, mais un Lycée c´est aussi possible. Le budget ne nous permet pas d´aller aux regions les plus éloignés, donc préférablement en Nouvelle Aquitaine, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, ou region PACA. Merci 😀
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modify delete 126511 - from Eva35 (Spain) - 2019-09-16
Primary school - "Penpals in English"

Hi! We are a primary school from Barcelona searching for penpals in English. We don’t mind where from,as long as they’re eager to learn from other cultures. The kids are aged 9-12 years old (5th and 6th grade). We’re looking dorward to your proposals!!!
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modify delete 126430 - from Pablo0 (Spain) - 2019-09-09
Middle school - "Intercambio escolar"

me llamo Pablo y soy profesor de francés en Benidorm, cerca de Alicante.
Estoy buscando un intercambio escolar para este curso escolar.
Estamos en la región de Alicante y ya hemos organizado antes otros intercambios.
Si os gustaría hacer algo este año, escribidme :-)
Nivel : collège y lycée
Numero de alumnos: 20 pero puede cambiar
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modify delete 126424 - from Maria202 (Spain) - 2019-09-08
Middle school - "cherche établissement en France pour échange"

Bonjour, je suis enseignante de français dans le sud-est espagnol , un lycée calme de classe moyenne avec des élèves bien motivés. Je cherche un échange scolaire pour l'année prochaine si possible à Paris, lyon ,Bordeaux, Nantes, ...avec des élèves entre 15 et 17 ans de préférence.
Merci d'avance
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modify delete 126413 - from Judith 14 (Spain) - 2019-09-08
Primary school - "Penpal exchange Scotland"

Hi, ly name is Judith and I teach English in a primary school in Barcelona. My students are 5th and 6th graders, 10-11 years old and we would like to start a project about Scotland. We would like to contact with a school from Scotland to exchange letters, mails..in English and learn about your country, culture and traditions. You could learn about our culture to. If you are interested please send me and email and we organize the connection.
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modify delete 126328 - from Alba45 (Spain) - 2019-09-03
High school - "English penpals wanted"


My name is Alba; I work as an English teacher in a private school in Madrid. I have around 35 students who would love to find English penpals to exchange letters with, as well as having Skype sessions if possible.
My email address is alba@colegiobalder.com
Please let me know if you are looking for something similar.


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modify delete 126314 - from Magda58 (Spain) - 2019-09-02
Primary school - "English pen pals"

My name's Magda and I'm a primary teacher in Ripoll, a village in the Pyrennes of Catalonia.
I would like to find a school from Great Britain who is interested in writing by snail mail to my pupils. I have two groups of about 28 students. One group is aged 10-11 and the other 11-12. They are in 5th and 6th grade of primary.
I'm waiting for your answer.
Best wishes,
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modify delete 126295 - from VICKY6 (Spain) - 2019-09-01

Hi! My name is Vicky and I work in a small school in a rural village outside Madrid, Spain as an english teacher using active pedagogies.
I have children from 8/9 to 12 years old who would like to write letters in English. Therefore, I'm looking for an teacher who is interested in the same thing or an English speaking school who would like to practice their Spanish and or English.
It would start this school year.
Please contact me if you're interested.
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modify delete 126260 - from VICTORIA6 (Spain) - 2019-08-29

Hi! My name is Vicky and I work in a small school in a rural village outside Madrid, Spain as an english teacher using active pedagogies.
I have children from 7/8 to 12 years old who would like to write letters in English. Therefore, I'm looking for an ESL teacher who is interested in the same thing or an English speaking school who would like to practice their Spanish and or English.
It would start this school year.
Please contact me if you're interested.
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modify delete 125863 - from Anna122 (Spain) - 2019-07-04
Primary school - "English exchange 5th-6th grade"

My name is Anna and I'm from Catalonia. I work as an English teacher in a Primary school in in a beautiful town surrounded by volcanous 1 hour far from Barcelona.
I propose to exchange info or whatever to learn more things about your country.
There're two groups of students, 5th grade and 6th grade. 20 students each class.

My email adress is aaleman7@xtec.cat
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modify delete 125746 - from Anna17 (Spain) - 2019-06-14
Middle school - "School Exchange"


A Spanish school in the Barcelona area, is looking for a english school in London, to have a exchange during the next school year 2019 - 2020.

The students are aged between 13 to 16 years old. From Year 9 to Year 10.

If there's a school interested in it, please contact to me on this email adres: aina1964@hotmail.com

Thank you.

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