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modify delete 126362 - from Karen Marie185 (Denmark) - 2019-09-05
Middle school - "Would you like to have pen pals in Denmark?"

Hello, I teach English as a second language in Denmark. My 74 students are 9-10-years-old. Our mother tongue is Danish, but my students can communicate in written English at a fair level. I work on developing their intercultural competences and global awareness and I would love, if I could find pen pals to them all. Preferably pen pals at the same age from English speaking countries.
My students could share knowledge about Danish culture, everyday life and/or history, for example.
Could it be you and your students? Or do you know anybody who could be interested.
I'd love to hear from you!
Kind regards ~ Karen Marie
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modify delete 120313 - from Stephanie241 (Denmark) - 2017-12-22
Middle school - "Students from Denmark looking for Australian pen pals!"

Hi. I'm a teacher in Denmark and currently my 6th grade is looking for Australian pen pals. We will have a course about Australia and it could be great fun if one of your classes were interested in writing with us. We are a small class with 17 students.

Best regards, Stephanie
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modify delete 117066 - from Stefan128 (Denmark) - 2017-08-03
Primary school - "Friendship class"

Hi all

I'm a teatcher from Copenhagen Denmark and I teach a class of 21 pupils ages 9-10. I would love to find a friendship class in the U.K. The plan is to stay in touch over several years by sending each other letters and maybe at some point skype conversations.
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modify delete 108950 - from Peter 44 (Denmark) - 2015-11-02
Middle school - "searching for a 6th grade pen pals"

Dear colleagues.

I´m an English teacher on Kassebølle Friskole in the South of Denmark. I have a 6th grade class with 15 students, born 2003. They have asked me to find English speaking pen pals. It would be nice to find a colleague in the US. Right now we are working with schools and traditions in the US. It would be nice to get a confirmation from the head teacher at the school.

Bedste hilsener

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modify delete 108821 - from Tina167 (Denmark) - 2015-10-27
Middle school - "Visit to school in Dublin with a group of year 9 students and 2 teachers."

We are a group of year 9 students and 2 teachers from Denmark who would really like to visit a school in Dublin. We are from a private school in Copenhagen and we are going to Dublin on a week long visit in September 2016. It would also be possible to come and visit our school in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Also looking for penpals from Ireland for a year 5 and a year 6 class (ages 10-12)
Hope to hear back...
Tina - Copenhagen
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modify delete 97882 - from Susanne Jakobsen54 (Denmark) - 2014-02-24
Middle school - "Penplas for my class"

I`m an English teacher looking for penpals for my 7th.graders (12 to 14 years boys and girls)We would like to write/Skype with a class who woiuld be interested in exchanging letters and informations on their country, living conditions, food, music etc.
Hope to hear from you soon
Best regards Susanne
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modify delete 75385 - from Bettina138 (Denmark) - 2013-07-24
Middle school - "Penpals for students of Arabic origin living in Denmark"

I'm looking for penpals for my students. I teach English in 7th and 8th grade, my students are 12-14 years old, all of Araibic origin, but born and living in Denmark. My students have little experience using English as a lingua franca, therefore I'm keen on developing their communicative skills and broaden their horisonts.
Drop me a line in case you think our students can email eachother.
Have a nice day.

Regards, Bettina.
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modify delete 48063 - from Kirstine130 (Denmark) - 2012-11-02
Middle school - "Blog with Denmark"

I am right now doing a project with my elective class called "IT and International Cooperation".
We have made a blog, wherein we are presenting different Danish topics such as: School, food, traditions, age-limits and brands & exports.
We would be so happy if pupils from all around the world would go into the blog and read our presentations of the topics.

And we will be even more happy, if pupils will comment on the blog and write and tell us what it is like in their countries.
I really hope some of you will look, read and write on the blog.

The blog-adress is:

Looking forward to get responses from you.
Kind regards Kirstine Jordan, Denmark
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modify delete 45620 - from Bettina135 (Denmark) - 2012-08-12
Middle school - "Penpals for pupils of Arabic origin living in Denmark"

I'm teaching English in middle school in Denmark. My students are all of Arabic origin but born and living in Denmark. As part of our curriculum I'd like to teach my student to use English as a lingua franca, a means to international communication. My student and I are very interested in learning about other cultures and in telling about our own.
Please drop me a line if you too are looking for international penpals for your students.
Regards, Bettina
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modify delete 45193 - from DNS College161 (Denmark) - 2012-07-18
Others school - "DNS College (Denmark)"

Volunteer, Teach, Travel and take a BA in Pedagogy!

“The world is our classroom”
We offer a course of alternative bachelor education. During the 3 year program, students will experience and investigate important issues of the world we live in and will work together in making it a better place for each of us.

Bachelor degree in “Pedagogy” from One World University

The program consists of:

1. Year – The International Practice Field includes 2 months in Denmark preparing for a 4-month bus travel; 4 months bus travel through the Sahara desert and 3 months of elaboration and spreading the word to people in Europe

2. Year – The National Practice Field includes 6 months training in experiencing and understanding the national reality by seeking employment in factories and other workplaces. Living, studying, working and organizing cultural events in a bigger European city; 3 months studying at the school and 3 months doing what you find most appropriate to do

3. Year – The School Practice Field includes 8 months training, working and understanding the reality of children and teachers by seeking employment in a European school; 4 months at the college studying and final exams.
Think global - Act local

We invite you to Preparatory Weekend from August 23-26 2012. During this week you will cooperate with students from other teams and find out more about our program.

More information:
DNS- Tvind

Phone: +45 21124360
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modify delete 40744 - from Jean-François92 (Denmark) - 2011-09-12
Primary school - "CE2 (24 élèves) correspondance scolaire"

J'ai une classe de 24 élèves et nous voudrions correspondre avec une clase francophone (Canada, Québec, ....) J'aimerais aussi conduire un projet de récit coopératif à travers cette correspondance comme j'ai déjà pu le mener plusieurs fois par le passé. Des thèmes comme celui de l'environnement , (comparaison géographique, découverte pays région, etc.) mais aussi d'autres pourraient être traités : ouverture culture, etc.

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modify delete 37332 - from Hanne208 (Denmark) - 2010-11-10
Middle school - "Pen pals from Denmark - e-mail or snail mail."

I am a teacher of a year 6 class (12/13 years old) of 20 children in Denmark. Our school is situated on the island of Zealand, about 100 km from Copenhagen.
My students have been learning English for 3½ years and would be delighted to have penpals coming from Great Britain.
Looking forward to hearing from you
Hanne and 6b
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modify delete 35914 - from Sophie212 (Denmark) - 2010-09-05
Primary school - "Correspondance sur le développement durable"

Je suis enseignante en CE2, au Danemark, et souhaite correspondre en français avec une classe de même niveau, dans n'importe quel pays, principalement sur le thème des habitudes de vies, la citoyenneté et élargir cela au développement durable et de l'environnement. J'ai 20 élèves.
Les échanges pourraient se faire par courrier postal ou électronique.
A bientôt.
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modify delete 35509 - from Trine44 (Denmark) - 2010-08-18
Middle school - "penpals"

I am looking for classses to correspond with my pupils! I have 27 pupils in 5th grade(10-11 years old/two years of learning), 20 pupils in 6th grade (18 pupils, 12-13 years) and maybe a bunch of teenagers (14 years) that would like penpals to practice english and to exchange experiences of life. Most important right now are the youngest. And it should not be with an english speaking country, but other students with english as their 2. language. I´ll be very happy to hear from you.
Best regards
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modify delete 32306 - from Julie32 (Denmark) - 2009-10-31
High school - "Looking for e-mail correspondence for one year - 10th grade"

10th Grade, 20 students, looking for e-mail "penpals" from abroad. Anywhere in the world! We are discussing the matter "culture and identity" in class and are therefore looking for a class (in another country) who can "enlighten" our minds about their culture and how it is to be 16-17 years in their country. If interested, send me an e-mail at


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modify delete 32160 - from Bettina129 (Denmark) - 2009-10-23
High school - "Danish High Shcool Class seeking penpals from the UK."

We're seeking a high school class as penpals. The student have been taught in English since 3. grade and are therefore able to communicate in writing, but in order to further better their language skills and to ad authentic knowledge about the UK we wish to communicate with native speakers.
We offer a bunch of interesting and interested students who are keen on describing their own country and to broaden their horizon.

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modify delete 29802 - from Marie-Claire166 (Denmark) - 2009-04-23
High school - "automne 2009 : voyage en France d'élèves venant de Copenhague"

J'organise un voyage pour une 20aine d'élèves danois de 14-15 ans apprenant le français.
Je recherche une classe en France pouvant nous accueillir pour deux semaines d'immersion avant Noël 2009. Si vous souhaitez faire découvrir Copenhague à vos élèves, n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour mettre en place un projet transversal commun. Notre école basée à Copenhague/Frederiksberg compte 700 élèves de 7 à 19 ans. Un projet pédagogique sera mis en place entre les 2 classes (français, histoire-géographie, économie, mathématiques... toutes les suggestions seront les bienvenues!). Le danois est un peu compliqué à apprendre rapidement, mais rassurez-vous, tout le monde parle anglais au Danemark :-).

Dans l'attente de vous lire!
Med venlige hilsner,
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modify delete 29477 - from Isabelle61 (Denmark) - 2009-03-20
Middle school - "recherche d'un collège francais"


Notre école se met à l'heure de l'internationalisation. Nous avons des élèves qui apprennent le francais.
Nous recherchons un collège prêt à s'investir avec nous pour organiser des échanges franco-danois.
En espérant PLEIN de réponses
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modify delete 28199 - from chritopher243 (Denmark) - 2008-12-11
Primary school - "Major project about british sportslife !"

Hello all

I am a Danish student who writes about the British sporting life. Would love to hear reached on sports in schools and the sports which fills most of British society. Some who can help me with my departure task in high school? i will really like if you write to me at

thank you very much

mvh Christopher engslev
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modify delete 28141 - from Karin Hoegh150 (Denmark) - 2008-12-07
High school - "Looking for class to do podtwinning in german"

A german language class in Denmark (9th grade) is looking for a class (not in Germany) who would like to exchange audio podcasts to improve german language skills.

The Danish Class is using Podium software - but all software (audio) can be used.
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modify delete 23635 - from robert (Denmark) - 2008-01-31
Middle school - "hi"

Hi everybody,
I'm a teacher and i want to find someone to get intouch with.
We can cooporate in the field of teaching and look for nwe and wide areas of exchange.
please just contact me.yours Robert
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modify delete 16583 - from Sanne (Denmark) - 2007-01-04
Middle school - "Penpals and exhange"

Dear Teacher in Helsinki city
We are a 7th grade who wants to write with you and visit you. You can visit us as well. We are a little School situated in Køge near copenhagen.

Plesa contact us
Sanne Frimand
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modify delete 9987 - from Henrik (Denmark) - 2006-05-16
Primary school - "penpalproject"

Hello, I'm teaching English in Denmark in the 7th grade in primary school, and would very much like my class (23 pupils)to exchange penpal letters with a 7th grade i Hobart, Tasmania

Please send me an e-mail if you are interested.

Best regards

Henrik Bendtsen, teacher.
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modify delete 9227 - from Signe (Denmark) - 2006-04-04
High school - "Need penpals for my 40 students age 15"

I am an english teacher from Denmark who seeks students from english speaking countries. I have 40 15 year-old who would love to get in contact with other teenagers.
Our goal is to learn more about englishspeeking countries and write a lot of english.
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modify delete 4160 - from Iben (Denmark) - 2005-06-25
Middle school - "teacher's class seeks pen pals"

I'm teaching 13 year old students English and I'd like my class to have penpals. I hope a teacher would like his/her class to have pen pals in Denmark.
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modify delete 3048 - from Mikkel (Denmark) - 2005-02-18
Middle school - "penpals, English"

I teach English at a Danish school in Copenhagen and I am looking for a class with whom my students can write e-mails and letters in English. I have 20-25 students aged 11-13-years-old. Write me as soon as possible. Mikkel
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modify delete 2773 - from Jutta (Denmark) - 2005-01-18
High school - "cherche lycée francais pour échange"

Nous cherchons un lycée francais pour une échange pour l'année scolaire 2005-2006. Durée de l'échange:une semaine ou dix jours.

Nous sommes un lycée qui s'appelle Nykøbing Katedralskole dans le Sud du Danemark. Les élèves ont entre 16-17 ans.
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