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modify delete 130577 - from Letitca 156 (Australia) - 2022-11-07
Primary school - "We are a Home school family from Australia"

Hello, My name is Letitca I am from Australia.
I home school my daughter (9yrs old). I am wanting to find other children that maybe interested in being a Pen Friend with my daughter.
We are moving to England in a year or 2, It will be great to learn and make friends of this country
Look forward to talk soon.

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modify delete 130542 - from Jennie235 (Australia) - 2022-10-23
Primary school - "Penpals wanted for 50 Grade 3 students from Vic, Australia"

We are looking for a school from another country - or Australia - who have about 50 8-10 year old students who would like to be snail-mail penpals for our students during Oct, Nov, Dec this year (2022). Our students only write/read English at this stage.
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modify delete 129835 - from Victoria180 (Australia) - 2022-02-12
Middle school - "German penfriends"

I am a German teacher in Australia. I have three classes of about 26 students (13/14 years). We would like to write letters in German to some school students for a cultural exchange.
Let me know if this would interest your class, either English language class in German-speaking country, or general German-speaking class.
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modify delete 129811 - from Mark107 (Australia) - 2022-02-01
Primary school - "Penfriends wanted for Years 5/6 Primary School Class"

Hello, We are a Year 5/6 class in a school in the Northern part of New South Wales, Australia. We are looking for penfriends to learn about the world. We only speak English but would like to learn some of your language. There are 24 students in our class. If you are interested please send us an email.
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modify delete 129713 - from Victoria107 (Australia) - 2021-12-08
Middle school - "Brieffreunde in Australien"

Hallo Leute,
Ich heisse Victoria und ich werde 2022 Deutsch unterrichten. Meine Schule ist Armidale Secondary College, in Armidale, New South Wales. Ich werde haben 3 Schulklassen (ca. 15-20 schuler)kk und meine Schuler wird sein von 12 bis 13 jahren. Das australische Schuljahr beginnt im Februar 2022. Ich möchte einen Kulturaustausch durch Briefe mit ähnlichen Klassen in Deutschland (oder deutschsprachigen) organisieren

Wenn dieses Projekt Sie und Ihre Schüler interessiert, kontaktieren Sie mich bitte.
Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort

Viele Gruesse,
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modify delete 128949 - from Jack20 (Australia) - 2021-05-04
Others school - "Education Revolution"

It's about time for an education revolution since the pandemic, we are inviting like-minded educators, prepared to work with Microsoft Skype Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Home Edition to simplify and personalise education in every language but founded on mathematics, sharing and caring, working online FREE, no fees, nonsectarian, nonpolitical telling our dragon to repeat as often as possible or as necessary, +, -, ×, ÷ to the basic level of fractions, decimals and percentages from 6, 7, 8, 9-year-olds working with little numbers.
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modify delete 128834 - from Jeanne218 (Australia) - 2021-03-08
Primary school - "Search exchange for video (simple)"

Hello, we are four trainee teachers of Breton schools, for our studies we carry out a sequence on interculturality in Cycle 3 class and we chose to focus on Australia. For this, we are looking for an Australian class of the same level in the context of an exchange: the aim is to create a video presentation of the class, the school, the region, etc.

Thank you in advance for your answers!!
(This is important for our final year of study validation!)

Jeanne, Emma, Estelle and Morgane.
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modify delete 128821 - from Sienna111 (Australia) - 2021-03-04
Middle school - "Australian school wants penpals in France."


We are a middle school in Queensland, Australia and have students studying French in Year 7 & 8, ages 11-13. We would want to start writing to French students, either in post form or via email on a monthly basis ASAP. We would love to write to students between the ages 11-13. If you are interested please email me at sienna_hooper@mercymackay.qld.edu.au

We are very excited!!
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modify delete 128666 - from Mark223 (Australia) - 2021-01-20
Primary school - "Year 5/6 Class Request Penpals"

Hi There,

I am going to teach a Year 5/6 class of 30 students this year. I am looking for a class of students who are between 10 and 13 years of age for my class to write to throughout the year via email although snail mail is a definite possiblility as well. We are in in NSW, Australia. If you interested, get in contact with me. Thanks Mark
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modify delete 127809 - from Amy111 (Australia) - 2020-05-19
Primary school - "Pen pals"


I am the Coorinator of a before and after school care in NSW, Australia. I have some children from ages from 5 years-12years and am looking to start pen pal where they will be able to exchange information and learn about a new culture.
If anyone from another country is interested, please feel free to contact me at aquye@parra.catholic.edu.au

Thank you.
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modify delete 127806 - from Lynn Flannery232 (Australia) - 2020-05-18
High school - "Pen Pals wanted for High School Students"

I have several classes of high school students who would love to have pen pals to write to. The classes are as follows -

Year 7 - 15 students (12 years)
Year 8 - 22 students (13 years)
Year 9 - 25 students (14 years)
Year 10 - 23 students (15 years)

As most are not very strong students academically, it would probably be best to have English speaking pen pals.

Lynn Flannery
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modify delete 127503 - from Emma195 (Australia) - 2020-01-28
High school - "Japanese Penpals wanted"

Hi, I'm a Japanese teacher at Southern Highlands Christian School in Australia. I teach Japanese to year 7-10, and want them to have some experiences writing to and reading with real High School Japanese students. Is anyone interested in being penpals/a sister school with us?
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modify delete 127409 - from Mark166 (Australia) - 2020-01-10
Primary school - "Penfriends wanted for 8-9 Year old children"

Hi Everyone,

I teach a Year 1 and Year 2 class in NSW Australia. There are 23 students in the class and we are looking to write letters to students of the same age in another country. Let me know if you are interested. Mark
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modify delete 125628 - from Darryl232 (Australia) - 2019-05-02
Primary school - "Twinning with Japanese students"

My primary school wants to establish a penpal/twinning program for our students learning Japanese. We have 400 students from Year 3 to Year 6 (about 10 -12 years old) learning Japanese. I would like to set up opportunities for students to correspond by letter, email or video chat, and run joint classroom lessons.
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modify delete 125432 - from Beatrice226 (Australia) - 2019-03-01
Middle school - "recherche de correspondants en France pour mes eleves"

Bonjour, je suis professeur de francais dans une ecole primaire en Australie Occidentale. Je suis a la recherche d'une classe pouvant correspondre avec mes eleves qui ont entre 11 et 13 ans. Eleves tres motives et entousiastes . A bientot ?
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modify delete 125321 - from Sandra252 (Australia) - 2019-02-13
High school - "High school students looking for Australian pen pals"

I´m an English teacher in Northern Germany and I´m looking for an Australian class that would be interested in exchanging emails or letters with my 9th grade.
I´ve got 25 students aged 14-16; they are very enthusiastic and would love to get into contact with a class in Australia - especially as Australia is the topic of our course this term. If you are interested, please contact me (s.bloemker@osnanet.de).
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modify delete 125299 - from Amy111 (Australia) - 2019-02-08
Primary school - "Australian Primary School"


I am the Coorinator of a before and after school care in NSW, Australia. I have 60 children ages from 5 years-12years and am looking to start pen pal where they will be able to exchange information and learn about a new culture.
If anyone from another country is interested, please feel free to contact me at aquye@parra.catholic.edu.au

Thank you,
Amy Q
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modify delete 124753 - from Chelsea2 (Australia) - 2018-11-16
Middle school - "Class Pen Pal's! Based in Outback Australia!"

Hi All,

I'm looking to start a Pen-Pal or E-Pal project for the last three weeks of the school year and resume next year. I am based in the Outback of Australia
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modify delete 124109 - from Stephanie171 (Australia) - 2018-10-05
Primary school - "Looking For Penpal Class"


I am a primary school teacher in NSW Australia. I am looking for a Spanish-speaking class that my class can correspond with as penpals. I have 27 students in my class and it would be good to be matched up with a class with a similar number of students for this to work, but some students could have more than one penpal if needed.

My students are between 8 and 10 years of age. We are learning Spanish as an elective once a fortnight. My students have been developing basic Spanish skills and it would be great for them to be able to communicate with Spanish speakers who may want to develop their English skills.

I am thinking of having students handwrite a message, scanning them and then emailing them through to another teacher to be passed on to students.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in please get in touch.

Kind Regards,

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modify delete 123437 - from Charlotte144 (Australia) - 2018-09-06
Primary school - "exchange France-Autralia"

We are 2 French teachers (in France) and come to Australia in February 2019 (during 6 months). We wanted to exchange (mail, skype ...) with Australiens students (6-11 years old). We would like after this exchange to come to see your class (without our students obviously;)).
Charlotte and Claire
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modify delete 123278 - from May136 (Australia) - 2018-09-03
Others school - "Kindergarten/preschool"

Hi, our kinder children are looking to connect with another similar aged group for pen pals. We have been investigating communities and would like to hear about your community.
We are in Melbourne, Victoria
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modify delete 122449 - from Simone165 (Australia) - 2018-07-11
Primary school - "Penpals please! Japanese elementary students wanted"

I'm teaching Japanese to students aged 5-11 years. Is there an elementary school in Japan that would be interested in becoming our penpals?
Please inbox. sganter@bne.catholic.edu.au
Warmest Regards,
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modify delete 122445 - from Melissa217 (Australia) - 2018-07-10
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals"

I am a teacher at a primary school in Melbourne Australia. We are looking for pen pals to match with our older students, we have 73 ten to eleven year olds and 60 eleven to twelve year olds. Our aim is broaden our students understanding of the world and cultural differences, however we would be looking to communicate in English. We are also happy to work with a few different schools so if you only have a small number of students (133 is a lot of students to match!) we could still partner together.
Our first time setting this up and we are very excited for the experience it can provide our students.
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modify delete 122380 - from Mardie226 (Australia) - 2018-07-07
Primary school - "Looking for pen pals for my special education class"

Hi, I am writing from Brisbane Australia and am hoping to make contact with some teachers located in either of the counties / continents below who have students who would like to correspond with my class of 7 special education students. Snail mail and email would be great. We are studying cultures, animals, music, food, dress and many more aspects of these countries / continents. Students are aged approximately 8 years of age. Would like to start ASAP.

New Zealand

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modify delete 120851 - from Virginie171 (Australia) - 2018-02-16
Middle school - "Cherche correspondance avec une classe d'anglais en Nouvelle Calédonie"


Je suis enseignante dans un collège en Australie où j'ai 6 classes de 4ème. J'aimerais faire correspondre mes élèves avec des élèves francophones de Nouvelle Calédonie, afin que cette expérience d'apprentissage soit rendue plus vivante et plus concrète. Etant donné la proximité géographiques des deux pays, et donc de nos fuseaux horaires, je pensais également à des échanges Skype, Facetime ou autres.

L'année scolaire en Australie débute fin janvier et se termine mi-décembre. N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous désirez plus d'information ou si vous êtes intéressé-e-s par cette proposition.

Merci et à bientôt!

Mme Virginie Nash
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modify delete 120838 - from Lynn149 (Australia) - 2018-02-14
High school - "High school pen pals wanted"

I have a class of around 19 (possibly more) fifteen/sixteen year old students that I would like to organise pen pals for. My preference is to write letters not emails. I don’t mind which country but students must be English speaking.

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modify delete 120681 - from Mark107 (Australia) - 2018-01-31
Primary school - "Asian Penfriends Wanted."


We are a class of students who are between 10-12 years of age. The class has 27-28 members in it. We are looking for an Asian Country to have as penfriends as we are studying Asian Countries and their cultures. We only speak English.

We are happy to email and send snail mail letters as part of the project. We also hope to set up a Skype or similar opportunity to be able to see each other.

If you are interested please let us know.

Lismore South Students
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modify delete 120580 - from Sally 214 (Australia) - 2018-01-20
Primary school - "looking for penpals overseas"

Hi everyone, we have a large year 5 cohort in a school in Victoria, Australia near the beach. We would like to exchange snail mail (or emails) with children of the same age in an overseas school to really help them understand the cultural differences.
We have around 125 students in the cohort but they could easily share 'penpals'. I have done this successfully with a British school and we are now looking for a school where there are many more cultural differences. I would love to hear from you wherever you are in the world but would like to get this set up asap.
Many, Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
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modify delete 120161 - from Alannah104 (Australia) - 2017-12-08
Primary school - "Australian Primary School looking for French friends"

J'enseigne le francais dans une ecole primaire en Australie. J'ai beaucoup d'eleves de 10-12 ans qui ont ecrit des lettres qu'ils voudraient enovyer en France. Je cherche un prof qui voudraient les recevoir et repondre.
Merci :)
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modify delete 116708 - from Laura107 (Australia) - 2017-07-12
Primary school - "Year 5 and 6 Students looking for penpals"

Hi, I am a year 5 teacher at a school in Sydney, Australia. I have 2x Year 5 and 2x Year 6 classes of students (approx 28 in each) who would love to get penpals. We would love to find them snail mail penpals in Australia (for fast moving letters) or email penpals internationally. Or both!

If you would be interested let me know!
Thanks, Laura
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modify delete 116447 - from Taryn125 (Australia) - 2017-06-25
Primary school - "Pen Pals wanted"

Hi there,
I have a class of 14 students aged between 5-8. I would love a chance for my students to send letters to other students somewhere else in the world and learn about their culture. Please feel free to email me if you are interested as I would like to get this up and running soon.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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modify delete 116406 - from wade104 (Australia) - 2017-06-20
Primary school - "Primary School Class Searching for penpals"

My Year 3 students from Eumundi, QLD, Australia are looking for penpals! We would love the opportunity to communicate via postal letters. I would like to begin in mid July and finish in late November 2017. We would like to write to another primary school and for the students to have a specific student that they are writing to. We have 27 students in our class so your class will need to have a similar number in order for this to work ( Some students can have 2 penpals if needed).
Please make contact with me to disucss this idea and to get writing!!!
Wade- wsmit108@eq.edu.au
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modify delete 116133 - from Elena4 (Australia) - 2017-05-24

HI there! I'm an Italian school teacher working in small high school in the south of Perth in Australia. I'm looking for a school which would like to collaborate with mine and host some of my students during the Christmas holidays. My upper class is very tiny, there are only 5 students who thrive to learn Italian and can't wait to be in Italy. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in collaborating with my school.

A presto!!
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modify delete 115938 - from Vanessa190 (Australia) - 2017-04-23
Middle school - "Searching for French Pen pals."

I have two French classes in Australia, approximately 25 students in each and we are looking for a class in France to correspond with. The students are aged between 12-13yrs and have written their letters already. They have completed a copy in English and a copy in French. Please email me at vanessa.wilton@det.nsw.edu.au if you are interested. We eagerly await your reply.
Thank you,
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modify delete 115808 - from Lisa176 (Australia) - 2017-03-30
High school - "Seeking Indonesian SMP students as penpals for Australian students"


I am currently seeking Indonesian highschool students who would be interested in having Australian penpals ages between 15-16 approx 30 students. please respond if interested,

salam hangat
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modify delete 115490 - from Laura4 (Australia) - 2017-02-16
High school - "Busco uni pen pals por mi clase"


Soy profe de español. Busco una clase de e-pals (de escuela secundaria) en un país hispano hablante.


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modify delete 115227 - from Catherine147 (Australia) - 2017-01-25
High school - "Wanted: Indonesian Penpals"

Hi there,

I'm a teacher of Year 7 students in an Australian school. I would love to set up a pen pal exchange with students from Indonesia for my class of approximately 20 students to help them gain a greater appreciation of Bahasa Indonesia.

Terima Kasih,

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modify delete 115081 - from Mark166 (Australia) - 2017-01-13
Primary school - "Looking for Penfriends for my 3/4th Grade Class"

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for 29 to 31 students to be international penfriends with the students in my class. I would like to also do snail mail letters as well. My class is from Northern NSW. Let me know if you are interested. Just a note my students only speak English.
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modify delete 112918 - from Nalini68 (Australia) - 2016-09-11
High school - "Pen pal and exchange in Italian and English"

Hi all,
I'm an Italian teacher in Perth, Australia. I'm looking for a school to set up a pen pal experience for my students of grade 8 and 9 (13-15 years old) in Italian and/or English.
I'm also looking for a school interested to came to Australia for an an exchange.
Next year I will bring my students to Italy.
Looking forward to hear from you :)
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modify delete 112247 - from Hennie238 (Australia) - 2016-08-20
Primary school - "Looking for class of penpals in German speaking country"

Hi there,

I am teaching German at a rural Primary School in Australia (Victoria). I am looking for pen pals for my grade 5 and 6 students ( 9-12).

Let me know if you are interested (hj.schrijver@gmail.com)

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modify delete 110838 - from Anita44 (Australia) - 2016-05-05
Middle school - "Looking for German Pen Pals for year 7 German class"

Hi there,

I am teaching a year 7 class in German. I have got about 24 students. They are currently writing letters and I am hoping to actually send them to an English class in Germany. The letters are in German and I thought they could respond in English?
Let me know if you are interested (anita.wiens90@gmail.com)

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modify delete 110703 - from Emma185 (Australia) - 2016-04-16
Middle school - "Excited students looking for Pen Pals! :)"

Hey there!

I teach two year 8 English/Humanities classes, in a coastal town of South Australia. We would love to correspond via letters to a class of similarly aged (13-14) English speaking students. I want my students to experience authentic learning about another countries culture, while developing their English skills.

Can't want to hear from you!
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modify delete 110529 - from Debbie175 (Australia) - 2016-03-19
High school - "Class Project"

Hi I am teaching Indonesian for the first time and have a class of Year 8 students. They range in age between 13 and 14. I was looking for a similar aged class in Indonesia we could twin with to help with our language learning. Terimah Kasih.
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modify delete 110422 - from chris70 (Australia) - 2016-03-09
Primary school - "penpals"

I am a nsw teacher working in Aboriginal education. My students are aged between 8 and 12 years of age.I would like to set up a pen pal program with other Aboriginal students in Central Australia. Please let me know if you are an interested teacher.
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modify delete 109701 - from Lynn215 (Australia) - 2015-12-18
Middle school - "Looking for pen pals for my year 8 and 9 high school students"

I am an English Teacher in Australia looking for a teacher elsewhere to set up a penpal program with my year 8 and 9 students (44 total). I want them to practise letter writing to improve their literacy. If you are a teacher interested in doing this with me, please let me know.

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modify delete 108594 - from Erin45 (Australia) - 2015-10-19
Primary school - "Pen pals for year 5/6"

I have a wonderful class of polite, interesting and very funny country kids, that would love to set up a pen pal system with another class or group. We are interested in everyone, particularly another class, similar to our age (11/12) so if you would like to be involved, please let me know soon so we can get started! :D
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modify delete 106923 - from Emily188 (Australia) - 2015-08-25
Primary school - "Would love a pen pal"

Hi my name is Emily. I am a teacher and tutor. My student and myself are very interested in creating a pen pal.
We live in Melbourne. She is in grade 5 and I am 28.
We are been writing letters together and have enjoyed doing so that will would be thrilled in receiving mail!!!!
Contact me if any class or students are interested.
Kind Regards
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modify delete 106790 - from Rebecca 187 (Australia) - 2015-08-21
Primary school - "Looking for class penpal"

My year 5 class (10/11 year olds) are looking for a penpal or penpals - correspondence through post only (hand written letters).
We are located in Queensland, Australia.
We are currently in term 3, term 4 starts the 6th of October and the school year ends the 12th of December. I would be happy to continue the friendship into next year with my new class or make a penpal group to continue individual friendships with my current students :)
Our lote (language other than English) is Japanese (I myself have been teaching Japanese for the last 9 years, this is my first year back on class). My students would be thrilled to learn about school life from any walk of life.
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modify delete 106284 - from Carole30 (Australia) - 2015-08-04
Middle school - "Echange de Poste avec college /lycee en France"

Professeur de francais langue etrangere en Australie cherche a faire un echange de poste pour un an avec professeur d'anglais langue etrangere en France.
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modify delete 104270 - from Kirsty127 (Australia) - 2015-07-04
Primary school - "G'day from WA!"

I am a teacher of thirty one 10&11 year olds in Western Australia. We are looking for children and young people from Asia, particularly China, Japan and Indonesia to exchange snail mail with because we will be learning about Asia after the school holidays and want to understand what life is like for young people in other countries. We can also share with you what our lives are like in Western Australia and maybe even send you some special Aussie treats! If you are interested in being pen pals with us, please email our teacher Mrs Butler :)
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modify delete 103981 - from Gemma107 (Australia) - 2015-06-17
Primary school - "Year 4 students (ages 9-10) looking for penpals in other parts of Australia"

Hi all,
Im a teacher of a year 4 class in Western Sydney. we are looking for penpals in other areas of Australia. I think it'd be great for my students to make friends with kids from other cultures and lifestyles as well as practice letter writing skills!

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modify delete 103343 - from Nicola14 (Australia) - 2015-03-30
Primary school - "Looking for Pen Pals around 11-13"

I am a teacher in Western Australia. Our class (22 students) are looking for a class to become pen pals with. The students are a mixture of boys and girls around the age of 11-12. The students are really excited to get to know other students outside of Australia.
Look forward to hearing from you.
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modify delete 103206 - from Vanessa212 (Australia) - 2015-03-13
Others school - "English speaking penpals from around the world wanted!"


I am an outside school hours educator and am interested in offering the students in my care an opportunity to communicate via snail mail (handwritten communication) to other children around the world. We are located in Sydney, Australia and have children ranging in age from 5-12 years (Primary school) who would be keen to participate in this written cultural exchange.

I am a trained English teacher and firmly believe that the art of letter writing is becoming lost in this digital age and a skill that should be developed at an early age. I think it is also important for children to be able to converse with other children from around the world, to develop a sense of identity, appreciate the diversity between cultures and better understand the world in which we live.

Lastly, I would like to give the kids the chance to get excited about writing and reading through this wonderful concept as a means to boost their literacy and communication skills.

If you are interested in communicating with us, please email me.

Kind regards,

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modify delete 102944 - from Mark174 (Australia) - 2015-02-11
Primary school - "Penfriend School Exchange"

We are a 3/4 Grade class with 29 Students. We are looking for a class of similiar size to write letters in English with and share some examples of work. We are from Lismore which is on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. If you are interested give our teacher an email.
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modify delete 102885 - from Ivan Araujo45 (Australia) - 2015-02-04

Hello All Teachers from around the world.

My name is Ivan and I am a youth worker at a Primary School in Australia. I am currently working with our School Captains who are in Grade 5 and 6 ( 11 and 12 year olds). I have an idea to go beyond just pen pal but to have a global project where all kids can participate. I was hoping to generate interest from any school from around the world who would like to take part.
The project will involve class students contacting other school leaders from other schools around the world in developing an Anti bullying message.
The aim of this project is to show kids that bullying and peer group pressure occurs everywhere in the world. Can you imagine 15 second video clips from schools around the world collaborated into one short 3min video on how they feel about bullying(can be in English or your own home language with English subtitles).

If this sounds interesting your school and students and you would like to participate please email me on Araujo.ivan.I@edumail.vic.gov.au

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modify delete 102734 - from Claire148 (Australia) - 2015-01-20
Middle school - "Looking for French students to exchange with our Australian students"

Bonjour! I'm a French teacher in Australia and thinking of starting a penpal exchange to hopefully develop long term friendships between my students and yours. My students are around 13 years old (Year 8). The aim of this exchange would be for my students to practise their French and your students to practise their English.
A bientot j'espere, Claire.
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modify delete 102537 - from Sharon3 (Australia) - 2014-12-30
Primary school - "Australian school seeking penpals from New Zealand."

This year I am teaching a class of Year 1 and 2 children- 6-7 year olds. I thought of NZ because the new school year begins around the same time as ours. I think. Hope to hear from someone.
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modify delete 102429 - from Laure243 (Australia) - 2014-12-15
High school - "Spanish - English 16-18 year old students"

Our IB school is based in Sydney, Australia. We have 8 students in Year 11 and 3 in Year 12 studying Spanish at ab initio level. We are looking at establishing a penpal programme with a school in a Spanish speaking country.
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modify delete 101592 - from Hayley168 (Australia) - 2014-10-22
Middle school - "LETTERS READY TO GO!"


I have letters ready to send tomorrow or email across to your students from a group of 12-13 year old Australian students! We are eagerly seeking pen pals to communicate with across the world.

Please reply with your email so I can forward these letters onto your students and we can begin communicating with other cultures and look at starting a book club or simply improving our students literacy and writing skills.

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modify delete 101452 - from Hayley107 (Australia) - 2014-10-14
Middle school - "PenPals wanted for Australian Students!"


I am looking for some Year 7 (11-12 year old) students to talk to my Australian literacy class. I want these students to be able to learn about other cultures and developing their writing skills in letters, creative writing and persuasive texts. They can also discuss stories and maybe look to developing a book club.

Eagerly awaiting your reply.
Thanks :)
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modify delete 101448 - from Lloyd107 (Australia) - 2014-10-14
Primary school - "Penfriends"


My name is Lloyd. Im emailing from Australia with a year 5/6 (10-12 year olds) interested in learning about your country and way of living. If you are interested in sharing cultures. Let us know!
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modify delete 101189 - from Madeline32 (Australia) - 2014-09-30
Primary school - "Australian class seeking kindergarten or 1st grade pen pals"

I teach a Prep class of 26 (5-6 yrs old) in Australia and we are seeking pen pals for our final 9 week term of the year. We will be focusing of a variety of different countries throughout our term and so would be open to pen pals from any country however USA is preferred.
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modify delete 100075 - from Catherine77 (Australia) - 2014-08-28
Primary school - "Australian Primary class wanting to correspond with a Japanese one"

We are a grade two class in Queensland Australia, we would like to correspond with a class of similar aged children (ages 7-8yrs) and find out what it is like to live in Japan. We would like to tell you about Australia too.
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modify delete 98702 - from Lucy28 (Australia) - 2014-06-15
Higher school - "Looking For French speaking Penpals for my yr 11 students"


My name is Lucy and I am a French teacher in Australia.

My students are seeking French speaking pen pals From France or any other French speaking country.

I have 16 students (15-16 ans). 1 boy and 15 girls. They are beginners but they have been learning for 7 months now. They are of mixed ability.

If anyone from ANY French speaking country would like their students to converse with mine via email, or whatever, please contact me: Lucyrgilbert@gmail.com. Thanks.
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modify delete 98687 - from Lucy28 (Australia) - 2014-06-11
Middle school - "Mes etudiants de francais (australians) veulent de la correspondance!"


I have lots of students who would love to have a French or French speaking Penpal.
If you can help me, even with one of the classes, it would be fantastic.:)

J'ai beaucoup d'etudiants (australiens) qui cherchent un 'penpal' francophone. Aidez moi s'il vous plaît. :)

My classes include:

year 8 (12-13 years) X 4 classes of 30 students
year 9 (23-14 years) x 1 class of 19 students
year 11 (16-17 years) x 1 class of 15 students

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!
Si vous avez des questions n'hesitez pas de me contacter!!

Merci mille fois,

Lucy Gilbert
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modify delete 98567 - from Lucy28 (Australia) - 2014-05-29
Middle school - "French Speaking penpals for my australian students"


I have lots of students who would love to have a French or French speaking Penpal.
If you can help me, even with one of the classes, it would be fantastic.

My classes include:

year 8 (12-13 years) X 4 classes of 30 students
year 9 (23-14 years) x 1 class of 19 students
year 11 (16-17 years) x 1 class of 15 students

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Merci mille fois,

Lucy Gilbert
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modify delete 98436 - from Tess45 (Australia) - 2014-05-08
Primary school - "International pen pals for aussie Grade 6 class"

Hello. My class has requested help in finding pen pals to write letters to. I am looking for international pen pals for correspondence with two Grade 6 classes, 48 students in total. We would like to learn about differences and similarities in our cultures and lives and have fun getting to know new people. The majority of the students only speak english.
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modify delete 97701 - from Alison 4 (Australia) - 2014-02-08
Primary school - "Grade Five Correspondence"

Hi, I teach 30 grade five students ages 9-10, at a Catholic Primary School, and we would like to correspond with two classes of similar age. One class in France and one class in North America.. Please email me if you are interested, including your school website. Thank you.
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modify delete 97539 - from Steph166 (Australia) - 2014-01-23
High school - "Class of pen pals - ready and waiting!"

Hi I am an English teacher and my year 8 class are about to begin a small unit on letter writing.
I would love to establish a connection between my class and another class from an English speaking country in order for my students to learn how the postal system works and how to correctly write a letter.
I also think that it would be great for students to set up a pen pal overseas and learn about other cultures.
please get in touch if you have a class of students and are able to help! Thanks :)
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modify delete 97297 - from Sharon166 (Australia) - 2014-01-03
Primary school - "Seeking a class to write to. Grade 2/3"

Im looking for a class to write to. I have a group pf approximately 25 students, Year 2 and 3. (8-9 year olds) Im rally keen to write via snail mail. Hope to hear from someone soon. Cheers
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modify delete 74837 - from amelia107 (Australia) - 2013-06-20
Primary school - "looking for penpals asap- any country"


We are a 3 and 4 class of students from Australia. We are 8 and 9 years old. There are about 25 of us. We would love a pen pal class from any country to either email or snail mail. Please contact Miss Smith by email to start a friendship.

Amelia and 3/4S
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modify delete 74670 - from Cassandra168 (Australia) - 2013-06-08
High school - "Classroom Exchange"

Insegno l'italiano a un liceo in Australia nella citta' di Brisbane.

I miei alunni hanno tra 13-18 anni. Vogliono migliorare il loro italiano!

Cerchiamo degli alunni in Italia con cui possiamo scambiare lettere (snail mail prefered).
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modify delete 74363 - from Luke95 (Australia) - 2013-05-08
High school - "Seeking penpals aged 13-17"


I have a class of boys (Tutor Group)aged between 13-17 who meet every day whilst at school. We would like to set up pen pal contacts with another similar aged group of students in an English speaking country. Keep in touch!
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modify delete 74287 - from Jane90 (Australia) - 2013-04-25
Middle school - "Middle School looking for Spanish penpals"

Hi! I teach students in the city of Adelaide in Australia. I am looking for penpals for my students, aged 10-12, for them to practise their Spanish. If you would like your students to practise their English, we could each ask our students to write the letters in both languages (using the native language like a draft and the target language as the focus in your classroom, of course) and then we could just send the letters in the target language, e.g. I could send my student's letters in english for your students, and you could send me your student's letters in Spanish :) Que le parece? Jane
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modify delete 73809 - from Bonnie228 (Australia) - 2013-03-20
High school - "English"

I was wandering what year 10 Victorian students are doing english?
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modify delete 73566 - from Kellan168 (Australia) - 2013-02-26
High school - "Looking for French penpals/epals and possible exchange/sister school relationshi"

Je suis professeur de français au nouveau lycée à Melbourne. J’enseigne aux élèves très sympas et motivés de 14 ans (qui sont des débutants) à 17-18 ans. En particulier, j’ai une classe de 22 élèves en terminale (17-18 ans) qui adoraient avoir de correspondants francophones (de la France, la Nouvelle Calédonie, la Belgique, la Suisse, de l’ile de Maurice, du Canada, etc). Nous aimerions échanger des lettres, cartes postales, des courriels ou même parler par Skype, à la vie quotidienne, et/ou les sujets plus spécifique comme l’environnement, l’histoire, ou tout ce que vous voulez. Nous nous intéressons aussi à la possibilité d’un échange « réel » à l’avenir. Veuillez me contacter si ça vous intéresse.
I’m a French teacher at a new secondary school in Melbourne. I teach lovely, motivated students from 14 (beginners) to 17 or 18 years old. In particular, I have a class of 22 students in Year 12 who would love to have French-speaking penpals. We would like to exchange letters, postcards, emails, or even talk on Skype, about daily life, or more specific topics like the environment, history, or anything you want. We are also interested in the possibility of a ‘real’ exchange in the future. Please contact me if you are interested!
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modify delete 73451 - from Carolyn181 (Australia) - 2013-02-16
High school - "email pals wanted to share life experiences and cultures"

I am a Teacher with a group of students in year 9 and year 10, aged 14-16 looking for students in other countries to correspond with about their everyday lives, lifestyle and culture.
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modify delete 47776 - from Olivi171 (Australia) - 2012-10-17
Primary school - "Recherche correspondant Francais"

Je suis une jeune institutrice française vivant en Australie a Canberra et je recherche une classe d’élèves français ou apprenant le français de 5 ans. J'aimerai que nous échangions nos cultures par lettres postales et projets. Merci de me contacter ;)
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modify delete 47775 - from B'ashae 45 (Australia) - 2012-10-17
Primary school - "Looking for students between ages of 8-12"

I have some students between the ages of 9 and 12 looking for pen pals. We are a small school of around 50 in central Victoria.
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modify delete 47460 - from Helen30 (Australia) - 2012-10-02
High school - "Looking for French penpals and possible school visit"

I teach at a lovely co-ed school in Sydney and we have some very keen 13-15 year olds who would like to practise their elementary French with students of similar ages...Would anyone in France like to correspond with us?
We are coming to France in September 2013 and it would be lovely if we could meet..you and see your school.?
If anyone is interested in writing to us please let me know...it could be the beginning of a lifelong friendship between our students!!
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