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modify delete 34417 - from Scotia10 , 18 yrs (Australia) - 2020-05-05
Parrot - "Alex the African Grey Parrot"

hey guys,
i'm visiting this forum because i thought you might be interested in something i have to share.
A little background: I'm studying Languages and Linguistics at university
Something that i learnt about in my communications class was this famous African Grey parrot named Alex. Alex was apart of a massive study into animal communication and animal language acquisition. He was trained a very large amount of English words and actually had the impressive ability to not only speak but much as a parrot can, which compared to humans is about the ability of a toddler. His speech sounds were remarkably accurate, he knew 100+ object names and some fixed expressions. He could answer simple questions about the shape, size colour and material of objects. Honestly you should look it up on Youtube, its quite weird but amazing to see a parrot not just speaking like a human but showing that it understands too. At one point he asked to be done with the training so he could play. He also asked for water. It makes me a bit sad that to get to this point he had to undergo immense amount of training everyday though :(

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modify delete 34756 - Reply from STEPHANE195 (France) - 2020-11-19


modify delete 33127 - from Ariadne 86 , 12 yrs (Greece) - 2018-04-11
Parrot - "Lovebirds"

Hi, dear Ruby. I am a twelve years old girl from Greece. I like parrots too! I have four lovebirds, a girl, a boy and their babies. The three of them are greel( mum and babies ) and the dad is yellow! I think you know, they dont sing, they say something like TUIT! Lovebirds come from Angola , so the youngest baby is named Terseiro. It means third in the language that people speak there. He was born third. Her sister, the second baby, is named Rita, a Greek name. We gave the first bird to some friends because it was toooo loudly. Now he has some babies too.
Friendly , Ariadne
And I m sorry if you cant understand my English!

modify delete 32633 - from Krista245 , 16 yrs (Finland) - 2017-10-04
Parrot - "lovebirds"

I would like to have a lovebird as a pet, do you have advices? Also how many birds is good to keep together, and does they come along with other birds

32633 -
modify delete 32713 - Reply from Brian156 (Australia) - 2017-10-28

Dear Krista Here in our house in Australia We have a "rainbow" lorikeet parrot and they are such beautiful and friendly birds and we have one which is very easy to take care of. Please email me so we can have a chat. cheers!! have a nice day !! Bye

modify delete 31877 - from Cece60 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2016-11-29
Parrot - "Poicephalus Parrot"

I am thinking about getting a Meyer's parrot. I already contacted a woman who may be wanting to rehome hers. I'm crossing my fingers. Anyone have any advice? this will be my bird. Not a family pet.
This will also be my first bird. I have cared for parrots in the past but not owned one.

modify delete 31677 - from Sofia 14 (Italy) - 2016-09-23
Parrot - "Budgies! ^-^"

Hi! My name is Sofia and I'm Italian. I have got 2 budgies and I like them! ^-^ Their names are Laima and Puffetto :) Who like budgies?

31677 -
modify delete 34416 - Reply from Scotia10 (Australia) - 2020-05-05

i love budgies, they were my first bird :). I would love to see them in the wild one day. Did you know they travel in flocks of thousands sometimes, they create what looks like a moving wave through the sky.

31677 -
modify delete 33129 - Reply from Ariadne 86 , 12 yrs (Greece) - 2018-04-11

Me too!

31677 -
modify delete 32133 - Reply from Cynthia202 , 14 yrs (Korea) - 2017-02-19


modify delete 28367 - from Leila35 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2015-05-25
Parrot - "Sunny and Cher"

I have two African Grey parrots, Sunny and Cher. They are the sweetest things to walk the earth, or fly in this case! ☺

modify delete 27726 - from chan78 , 9 yrs (China) - 2014-12-08
Parrot - "parrot"

i have a parrot

modify delete 27721 - from 63 , 12 yrs (China) - 2014-12-07
Parrot - "Nice to meet you!"

I like parrot,Because they are very nice,do you like parrot?

27721 -
modify delete 34923 - Reply from Julia33 , 14 yrs (Germany) - 2021-01-31

i love parrots too and i want to have one as a pet when i live alone :)

modify delete 26324 - from Sude172 , 14 yrs (Turkey) - 2014-02-03
Parrot - "Parrots"

well, i guess i have to write something about parrots. OKi i am turk and i am 14. but i havent seen a lot of parrots. this is very sad for me. because I love parrots.but i saw only 1 or 2 parrots so far.really i'd like to have a parrot.

26324 -
modify delete 33130 - Reply from Ariadne 86 , 12 yrs (Greece) - 2018-04-11

I know it is hard to find parrots in some places. I stay... near to u, in Greece. So you can travel here to see some . But I think that in Turkey there are many cats ! Lucky you!

26324 -
modify delete 31718 - Reply from Sneha96 , 14 yrs (United Arab Emirates) - 2016-10-06

I totally understand you!

It's kind of hard to grow parrots here! I've been badgering my parents to buy me a African Grey Parrot.

modify delete 13670 - from Natalie187 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2013-09-24
Parrot - "Parrots are AWESOME"

I have a 9 month old Parrotlet named Nico, he started talking a few months ago and he is sooo much fun! If you have parrots or just like to talk about them, check out my page and let's be email friends!!!

13670 -
modify delete 33695 - Reply from Haseli157 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2018-12-13

Hi.I'm Haseli.I have a parrot. They are beautiful birds.My parrot name is Twitty.I like to friends become you.

modify delete 13216 - from Leila142 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2013-06-21
Parrot - "Parrots!!!"

We just got 2 African grey parrots. They talk and there vocabulary is growing every day!!!

13216 -
modify delete 13896 - Reply from kelvin29 , 9 yrs (United Arab Emirates) - 2013-10-19

hi Gabriel my name is kelvin and i love parrots too and do you go to summerhill in brightion and are you in year 5

13216 -
modify delete 13571 - Reply from gabriel173 (Great Britain) - 2013-09-02

that's soooooooo cool!

please reply.

modify delete 13094 - from Deborah 215 , 199 yrs (Congo (Dem. Rep)) - 2013-05-26
Parrot - "Animal"

Mon animal prfr est trop marrant
J'aime aussi paon

13094 -
modify delete 33131 - Reply from Ariadne 86 , 12 yrs (Greece) - 2018-04-11

Aussi, jaime les chats. Je ne souis francaise, allors, tu peux faire une effort pour comprendre mes francais. ...

modify delete 11341 - from Julia149 , 13 yrs (Belarus) - 2012-10-05
Parrot - "parrots"

Hi, everybody. I have a parrot at home . Its mane's Zhora. It's 2 years old. It is gren and yellow . It can't speak. Which is the best way to teach it to speak ?

11341 -
modify delete 14029 - Reply from Kali105 , 17 yrs (USA) - 2013-11-07

I love parrots. Their learning curves compares to other avian species astound me and I an enthralled by the magnificent displays of their ornately patterned wings. Tell me, why is it that so many people love these birds?

11341 -
modify delete 12295 - Reply from chyna146 (Great Britain) - 2013-02-03

I have an african grey and 2 small birds called parrotlets, they grey speaks, you just have to speak to them, read to them. Now my grey can pick something up after you have only said it to him once

modify delete 9749 - from Georgina212 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2012-03-17
Parrot - "Parrot"

Hi! I am Georgina. My mums dad is from Poland. I like parrots but I don't see them much :)

9749 -
modify delete 27277 - Reply from brianna109 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2014-09-12


9749 -
modify delete 9755 - Reply from manuela33 , 11 yrs (Italy) - 2012-03-17

my name is mnauela ... i like lions nad butterfly!! :)

modify delete 9635 - from Milosz43 , 11 yrs (Poland) - 2012-03-02
Parrot - "Parrots"

Hi peoples, I love parrots, I have one in my house. We are happy to talk of each of all :) :) :) PLEASE WRITE TO ME !!! :D

9635 -
modify delete 26097 - Reply from Miss.Bean134 , 12 yrs (Sri Lanka) - 2013-12-06

EXCUSE me naesmai nisthar nana youve can't Do like THat man!

modify delete 9249 - from shynique211 (Virgin Islands US) - 2012-01-18
Parrot - "hiiiiiiiiiiii"

my names is shynique.. i live on the beautiful island of st.croix. i like all kinds of parrots

modify delete 7354 - from SummerLeanneWalker4 , 12 yrs (Great Britain) - 2011-06-08
Parrot - "Parrakeets"

Hey, I Have A Parrakeet But I Dont Know Anything About It. We Cant Even Tell If It Is A Girl Or A Boy Or How Do You Get Them To Like You. We Called The Parrakeet Jasper And If Anyone Has Any Information, Please Send Me A Message Back. Thanks ! x

7354 -
modify delete 7841 - Reply from Brandon121 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2011-08-10

Hello Summer I have also been in the same predicament as you with parakeets. I know that to determine the gender of a parakeet you look at the color of the upper portion of the parakeets beak. If the beak is Blue then the parakeet is a male. If its brown then the parakeet is a female.

Hope that helped a little. Feel free to ask me any other questions,

7354 -
modify delete 7356 - Reply from Summer4 , 12 yrs (Great Britain) - 2011-06-08

oops wrong email

7354 -
modify delete 7355 - Reply from SummerLeanneWalker4 , 12 yrs (Great Britain) - 2011-06-08

Or you can email me at

modify delete 3690 - from mohammed210 , 16 yrs (Ghana) - 2010-03-22
Parrot - "animals"

I like parrot because they are cold blooded animals and also friendly

3690 -
modify delete 31878 - Reply from Cece60 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2016-11-29

They are not cold blooded. You need to educate yourself.

3690 -
modify delete 9423 - Reply from jordan134 , 8 yrs (USA) - 2012-02-04

why I like parrots because ther so so so so preety

3690 -
modify delete 6929 - Reply from Kirsty131 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2011-04-11


3690 -
modify delete 4993 - Reply from subika56 (USA) - 2010-09-09


modify delete 1617 - from Elenagm123 , 50 yrs (Ukraine) - 2009-07-23
Parrot - "I need your help to save a pat!"

Please, help me to redeem a parrot Rosie out of the pet-shop.
I have 4 cats; I usually go to that pet-shop to buy some feed. The name of the parrot is Rosie, it is a girl, and she is 6 years old. She has been staying in the pet-shop for about 6 month. Nobody want to buy her, she costs too much (24 000 hryvnia ~3 000 dollars). She is sitting in a small cage without any movement! Nobody speaks to Rosie, I think she is very lonely. Of cause, when I visit a pet-shop, I try to speak to Rosie, and she always point at rods of her cage by her beak, as like she is asking for help. If I redeem Rosie, I promise to be a good mother for her!
I am 43 years old, my name is Elena. I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I am architect. I have two grown-up children.
If somebody wants to help me for Rosie, I promise to tell how things have come right and send some photo. I will be very grateful for your help!
My e-mail:

1617 -
modify delete 10225 - Reply from abdoulaye145 , 24 yrs (Burkina Faso) - 2012-05-19

hi tim! i wanna do any thing for u but i wanna know if rosi is alive.tank u

modify delete 19 - from mamadou ham niang214 , 33 yrs (Senegal) - 2009-01-24
Parrot - "correspond"

j'aime cet oiseau je l'ai lev depuis 1999 je ne peux pas rester sans lui

19 -
modify delete 9750 - Reply from Georgina212 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2012-03-17

She is speaking French. She is saying I love this bird I erected since 1999 I can not stay without him

19 -
modify delete 9424 - Reply from jordan134 , 8 yrs (USA) - 2012-02-04

what the heck are you sayying

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