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modify delete 35406 - from Isla76 , 12 yrs (Finland) - 2022-03-15
Lizard - "1510919"

In three weeks we are gonna pick up me a leopard gecko. It color is mack snow and its 4 years old. Does anyone here have leopardgecko? Please tell me if you have so we could send mesaages about them😊 What is your favourite color conversion of leopard gecko? But have a nice day ans already thanks for answer!

modify delete 33128 - from Marta180 , 24 yrs (Poland) - 2018-04-11
Lizard - "lizard"

Hello everyone,
I'm going to buy a pet. I thought about buying a lizard. What does it eat, is dry food ok? How many time a day do I need to feed the lizard?
I'm waiting for your reply !

33128 -
modify delete 35384 - Reply from Isla106 , 12 yrs (Finland) - 2022-02-20

Hi! Im getting leopard gecko its easy to take care but the care depenses which lizard are u gonna buy? Some lizard and geckos eat vegetables and some geckos and lizards eat bugs and like that. And some lizards neeb be feeded one time in day and some three times in week. If you have not had lizards before I recommend the leopard gecko as it is a good lizard for beginners! Leopard geckos dont need everyday caring. When they are adult them need just feeding two or three times in week. They eat different bugs. They need always water and chalc. They live by good care 20 years! I hope this helped you!
Have a nice day! From Isla.

modify delete 32561 - from Jorja251 , 10 yrs (Australia) - 2017-09-03
Lizard - "lizards!"

hello grant its me Jorja. i never knew you were into lizards? for me i depends on which type of lizard it is. E.G. geckos they just creep me out. Anyway i would love to be your pen friend. Ethan isn't quite on pen pals yet, but he's getting there. so send me a message as soon as you see this. PLEASE.

modify delete 31948 - from Lock88 , 14 yrs (China) - 2016-12-18
Lizard - "Find someone who like The lizards as well."

I actually publish this message for one of my best friends,he's crazy about The lizards,and I guess you'll like him because he is humorous and kind.Send me an e-mail if you want be his friend.Thank you a lot.

modify delete 31128 - from Mimi101 (USA) - 2016-04-10
Lizard - "Leopard Geckos"


I use to have three leopard geckos, a female named Pookie and two males, Frederick and Christopher. Unfortunately I had to send them to another home, due to a new job, however, I still love geckos and lizards of all sorts. I would say "all" reptiles, but I am not a fan of snakes. I do indeed miss the three geckos I had. I hope all is well, and treat your animals with love < 3

modify delete 28258 - from Maddie255 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2015-05-05
Lizard - "Green Anoles"

Hello! I have Green Anoles! 2 females and 1 male. the male chases the female and there names are slimy slithery and slump. (I call her Slump because she just sits there all day.)

modify delete 26909 - from nasir16 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2014-06-20
Lizard - "my pet Mags"

Hi!, my name is nasir and I have a pet leopard gecko it is a girl her name is mags and she is a baby e mail me your reference number or your e mail if u want to be friends also I need help I think se is dehidrated but thx e mail me for pics and more info

26909 -
modify delete 27109 - Reply from Angelica99 , 16 yrs (USA) - 2014-08-14

Hi! I have a Leopard Gecko too! Her name is Hinata and she's about a year and a half old. Is your leo doing okay? If you pull on one of her wrinckles, does it stay in place or go back to how it was before? if it stays in place, then she's dehydrated.

modify delete 26204 - from Jillian57 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2014-01-03
Lizard - "Bearded Dragon"

I live in Texas and love my Bearded Dragon and all reptiles and want to be pen pals with someone in Australia who also loves reptiles.

26204 -
modify delete 32041 - Reply from Peter0 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-01-18

me to can we be pen pals got a little lizard and might be getting a snake

26204 -
modify delete 26878 - Reply from nasir137 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2014-06-11

Hi, Jillian my name is Nasir and im not from Austria but i too like lizards, hey do u want to be pen palls my email is

modify delete 12393 - from Aubrey252 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2013-02-15
Lizard - "Liz"

I have a pet Lizard! Her/his name is: Liz.

12393 -
modify delete 26847 - Reply from Shaylie185 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2014-05-28

Hey I have a gecko, leopard gecko, his name is Speedy

12393 -
modify delete 14028 - Reply from Franck Didier239 , 22 yrs (Burkina Faso) - 2013-11-07

Je sus Franck Didier , 22 ans .je suis burkinabè. J'aimerais bien avoir de amis Taiwanais sans distinction de sexe ni d'age, pour echenger sur la culture Taiwanaise et bien d'autres choses sur la vie parle Francais et anglais. Thank you

12393 -
modify delete 12946 - Reply from Gemma165 , 18 yrs (Australia) - 2013-05-08

Hey what type of lizard is he? I love lizards too

modify delete 12104 - from SDG223 , 13 yrs (Great Britain) - 2013-01-10
Lizard - "Bearded Dragons"

My two older beardies are in love, but I'm not going to let them mate until I have all the proper knowledge and equipment. Email me if you want to see pictures of my bearded dragons or knowledge about this fantastic animal.

12104 -
modify delete 34197 - Reply from Madeleine28 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2020-01-14

I have a beardie to! I was wondering if you wanted to talk! My email address is Email me!

12104 -
modify delete 12417 - Reply from SDG22 , 13 yrs (Great Britain) - 2013-02-16


Don't we all? :)

12104 -
modify delete 12415 - Reply from Shannon 126 , 12 yrs (Ireland) - 2013-02-16

I live for my 15 weeks old beardie

modify delete 10143 - from Anonymous159 (USA) - 2012-05-09
Lizard - "Yah wanna know what ticks me off? Read this:"

You know what hacks me off?! Is nobody is new on here. All these messages are old! There isn't even a second page!!! I bet the dog forum has 40 pages! Lizards are so misunderstood just because they are different from other people. Snakes as well! So all you people who hate herps(Reptiles&Amphibians) for no reason at all, have fun being racist.

10143 -
modify delete 26879 - Reply from nasir137 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2014-06-11

hi guys im not an animal hater i especialy love herps we... all animals basicly hmu some times

10143 -
modify delete 10255 - Reply from Brunnhilde145 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-05-22

I meant Simone is a girl's name.

10143 -
modify delete 10246 - Reply from Brunnhilde145 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-05-22

Simone is a boys name.
I don't know why I'm writing this message, because I know you quit SOTW. Bye.

10143 -
modify delete 10212 - Reply from Simone75 (USA) - 2012-05-17

HER? What makes you think Simone is a HER? :D's me...;) But seriously, what makes you think i am a girl?

10143 -
modify delete 10211 - Reply from Brunnhilde145 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-05-17

I know its you, Simone! You LIAR!! It IS you, and I know it! Simone said she would email you, so if you're someone else(which I don't believe), you know her!!

10143 -
modify delete 10208 - Reply from Anonymous75 (Armenia) - 2012-05-17

Umm...who is Simone?

10143 -
modify delete 10196 - Reply from Brunnhilde145 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-05-17

Wait a second is that YOU SIMONE?! If it is, YOU TRICKED ME!!!

10143 -
modify delete 10158 - Reply from Anonymous159 (USA) - 2012-05-11

Well, actually, haha, i am someone you know! Do i not seem familiar the way i speak? Or the way i burst out when i am angry? Haha, oh Brunnhilde, i thought you knew me better.

10143 -
modify delete 10156 - Reply from Brunnhilde145 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-05-11

Hey I'm Brunnhilde and you're totally right! Watch this:
So, want to be penpals? What's your REF number for your penpal page(if you have one)?

modify delete 9201 - from sharne165 , 10 yrs (Australia) - 2012-01-14
Lizard - "i love lizards!!!"

lizards are awesome!!
blue togue lizards are the best!!
i like drawing them too!!
i would like to be your pen pal too.

9201 -
modify delete 32039 - Reply from Peter0 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-01-18

i keep a small lizard they are really good pets

9201 -
modify delete 12947 - Reply from Gemma165 , 18 yrs (Australia) - 2013-05-08

Hey lizards and blue tounges are amazing i think they are one of the best creatures ever!! Lets be penpals :D

9201 -
modify delete 10199 - Reply from Brunnhilde145 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2012-05-17

Hey again Simone! HA HA HA that is funny!
Sharne, lizards are awesome!

9201 -
modify delete 10142 - Reply from Simone159 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2012-05-09

They are called: Blue tongued skinks. I have one. His name is Skinky and he has orange eyes.
It is funny because my bearded dragon tried to bite his tail once but Skinky just flicked him off like he was a fly or something.

modify delete 8655 - from Xuexi116 , 13 yrs (China) - 2011-11-11
Lizard - "hello£¡I am glad to be your friend£¡"

Hello, friend. I am a student in china. I am in a key middle school is read first one, I like drawing, reading. I can speak Chinese and a little English,, ( * ^ _ _ ^ * ) hee hee ... ... Want to be your pen pal, can exhibitions English, read your information, I think you are an open, enthusiastic good girl! I love you very much. Can you be my friend?

8655 -
modify delete 9211 - Reply from sharne165 (Australia) - 2012-01-15

yes i can be your friend?

modify delete 8530 - from Patrick28 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2011-10-31
Lizard - "My leopard gecko"

Hi my name is Patrick I have a pet leopard gecko he is really nice. He eats crickets, wax worms, and mealworms. Hope you can be my penpal.

8530 -
modify delete 30790 - Reply from alexander38 , 8 yrs (USA) - 2016-01-12

i wish i had a lizard

8530 -
modify delete 8579 - Reply from Simone82 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2011-11-04

I had a designer leapord gecko, he died today though, his name was Ray. I would love to be your pen pal.

modify delete 8068 - from paola36 , 13 yrs (Italy) - 2011-09-03
Lizard - "my garden lizards"

I love lizards!!!! I have some lizards in my garden but my mother doesn't like them.:(

8068 -
modify delete 32040 - Reply from Peter0 , 10 yrs (Great Britain) - 2017-01-18

i keep one they really cute right try keeping one ing one in the garden

8068 -
modify delete 12948 - Reply from Gemma165 , 18 yrs (Australia) - 2013-05-08

What type of lizards do you get in your garden? I love lizards!!

modify delete 6626 - from matthew90 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2011-03-13
Lizard - "Hi"

Hi i have a bearded dragon named spike he is very nice, i feed him freeze dried crickets, he loves the taste of them. i have successfully tought him to ride on my shoulder and to not bite my ear when he does. he runs around my room and chaces a shoe lace and if he gets it i give him a cricket. he is a very nice lizard.


6626 -
modify delete 9827 - Reply from Thomas22 (France) - 2012-03-27

Bearded Dragons rules ! :P

I have 2 bearded dragons, one male and one female, and know what ? They had a child ! He's named Conan, because he's a barbarian :)

6626 -
modify delete 8580 - Reply from Simone82 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2011-11-04

Hi! I have a bearded dragon, he eats kale, dandelions, live crickets, meal worms and lettuce. I wear a cloth hat called a du-rag and he rides on it without running off. He is very well trained even though he will eat my anole and my poisonious toad. He also puffs up at my Blue-tongued skink! Sheesh!

6626 -
modify delete 6819 - Reply from bill244 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2011-03-30

i have on two name big baby i feed him live crickets and he loves the out doors

modify delete 5312 - from Mitchell164 , 8 yrs (Australia) - 2010-10-11
Lizard - "My lizards"


My name is Mitchell and I have four bearded dragons and one blotched blue tongue lizard. The blue tongue's name is Blue and all of the bearded dragon's names are Roxy, Zapper, Zac and Isabel. Roxy has eggs in her tummy.


5312 -
modify delete 12394 - Reply from Sheila252 (China) - 2013-02-15

That's cool!

5312 -
modify delete 8581 - Reply from Simone82 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2011-11-04

Hi! I have a blue-tongued skink named Skinky, a bearded dragon named Martin, a green anole named Jordan and a fire-bellied toad named Herman. i am also getting a Sand Fish today! It is a type of lizard. My leapord gecko named Ray died today so i am getting another lizard. I miss him already!

5312 -
modify delete 8067 - Reply from paola36 , 13 yrs (Italy) - 2011-09-03

really?? do you have lizards at home like a pet??? it's strange for me!!

5312 -
modify delete 5379 - Reply from Ben60 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2010-10-19

I have an anole lizard i got it from santa.

modify delete 3643 - from charlie100 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2010-03-14
Lizard - "lizard"

i had a lizard but it died then a month or 2 ago my friend gave me a leopard gecko

3643 -
modify delete 6370 - Reply from megan159 , 9 yrs (Canada) - 2011-02-18

my lizard died 1 month ago

3643 -
modify delete 4909 - Reply from robbie152 , 11 yrs (Great Britain) - 2010-08-30

Hi charlie
i have a bearded dragon called captain jack,hes 4 years old.captain jack eats live locusts what do your geckos eat.hope to hear from you soon
looking for penpal too are you interested

modify delete 1771 - from Tristan150 , 8 yrs (Great Britain) - 2009-08-13
Lizard - "Tortoise"

hi, i know its not a lizard but i have a tortoise called Hagrid (after the Harry Potter character)

1771 -
modify delete 8449 - Reply from samantha17 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2011-10-23

do u like hp ? i love hp

modify delete 977 - from charlie100 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2009-05-02
Lizard - "hi"

i used to have a lizard but it died bye

977 -
modify delete 1770 - Reply from Tristan150 , 8 yrs (Great Britain) - 2009-08-13

hi would you like to be penpals?

977 -
modify delete 1768 - Reply from Tristan150 , 8 yrs (Great Britain) - 2009-08-13

thats sad, i would love a lizard!

modify delete 957 - from neil1 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2009-04-28
Lizard - "lizard"

hey what up

957 -
modify delete 5835 - Reply from Sarah18 , 12 yrs (Australia) - 2010-12-08

Hi my name is Sarah,
I have a blue tong lizard called Huccup. We are probably gonna have to let em go soon!!! wanna talk sum time??? My email is:

;D =D < 3

modify delete 955 - from neil1 , 13 yrs (Croatia) - 2009-04-28
Lizard - "lizard"

i like lizads to

955 -
modify delete 28277 - Reply from dylan231 , 100 yrs (Azerbaijan) - 2015-05-11


955 -
modify delete 1505 - Reply from marcelin207 , 20 yrs (Togo) - 2009-07-08

hello ;tu veux des amis ?Moi je t'attends pour qu'on s'échange des idées et parler plus que jamais

955 -
modify delete 956 - Reply from neil1 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2009-04-28

do you want to be penpals

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