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modify delete 35750 - from Lydia 189 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2023-09-27
Goat - "Goats!"

I really like goats! My aunt has a ranch/homestead sort of thing and she has a herd of pet goats! Last time I went they had like 20-something, a couple of which were babies! They are all super cute but my favorite is 'fatty patty' (shes a lil' chunky, haha) Shes been around forever and she's one of the reasons I like going up there :)

modify delete 35233 - from anna210 (Australia) - 2021-09-29
Goat - "gaot"

I like goats

modify delete 34586 - from soria200 , 16 yrs (Australia) - 2020-09-06
Goat - "goats"

I have a goat named Jackie. He is a boar goat. He's sooooo cute and uglyyyyy. I love him so much T^T. He's also very annoying like you would want to cook him SO BADLY but he's too adworable :(

34586 -
modify delete 35598 - Reply from Alan224 , 19 yrs (China) - 2022-12-06

Wow so cute!

34586 -
modify delete 34672 - Reply from BWAMBALE231 (Uganda) - 2020-10-13

i like goats

modify delete 33033 - from chayton26 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2018-02-23
Goat - "goats"

My name is Chayton, and I am wondering if anyone would like to be my pen pal. I like to cook and I really love animals especially goats.

modify delete 32640 - from Krista245 , 16 yrs (Finland) - 2017-10-04
Goat - "i was sad"

Once i petted baby goat it ate my safety reflecktor

modify delete 32513 - from Camille73 (France) - 2017-08-18
Goat - "Salut"

Salut.Chez moi j'ai 3 chèvres naines.Je peux vous dire 2 3 trucs sur leur mode de vie.Il y a 2 choses qui peut les faire mourir.Le blé et le chêne.
Bye répondez moi

32513 -
modify delete 33411 - Reply from julien0 , 10 yrs (France) - 2018-07-25

oui je sais

modify delete 32310 - from Gabriel48 , 21 yrs (Puerto Rico) - 2017-05-06
Goat - "I love those silly creatures"

As a child, I was intolerant to lactose, so Goat's milk was a great solution. As a result, I think I may have some goat in me, haha!

modify delete 31341 - from Meike85 , 13 yrs (Netherlands) - 2016-05-29
Goat - "Goat"

A goat bit me once and now I have a scar on my finger, but they're still the best animals

modify delete 31187 - from Lily236 (Great Britain) - 2016-04-16
Goat - "I'm Capricorn but I hate goats"

Im Capricorn which is the goat but a goat ate my hair once and I hate goats

modify delete 31186 - from Lily236 (Great Britain) - 2016-04-16
Goat - "I hate goats"

One once ate my hair at Marsh Farm when I was five or six. I was bending down to pick a daisy near the goat pen. One walked up to me and thought my blonde hair was straw. It took a massive bite out of my hair and I SCREAMED. It hurt SO bad. And that is why I dislike goats.

modify delete 13564 - from Jubilee127 , 12 yrs (USA) - 2013-08-31
Goat - "Goats! LOVE EM'"

I love goats! I have 2 right now becuase I have been selling them.
And I have been raising them for 3 years. I would love to talk to someone who likes them
too! Thanks!

13564 -
modify delete 33399 - Reply from Nurmizuhaika1 , 14 yrs (Malaysia) - 2018-07-24

Hi my name is Nurmi.I love goat too because its so cute.

13564 -
modify delete 33062 - Reply from olivia107 , 11 yrs (Australia) - 2018-03-08

hi my name is Olivia i love goat. i have 4 i hop we can be friends

13564 -
modify delete 32606 - Reply from Lilly28 (USA) - 2017-09-21

I have had goats for 5 years and love them! I have had goats have kids at my house for 4 years.

modify delete 12239 - from Aubrey252 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2013-01-26
Goat - "goats, cute!!"

for Christmas my mom almost got me a goat! I'v held a baby goat before, they are very cute! :D :P :)

12239 -
modify delete 12559 - Reply from Selena247 , 15 yrs (USA) - 2013-03-12

I've bad a pet goat before. Their really cute. I really like the fainting ones.
Their funny.

modify delete 10320 - from Fred34 , 25 yrs (China) - 2012-05-30
Goat - "my goat"

when i was 7 years old, my mother bought me two goats.they were several months old and very healthy.i usually told my trouble when i got along with them.they lived with me for 8 years.they brought me many pleasure in my child time.i miss them.

10320 -
modify delete 11256 - Reply from Õ×Óî232 , 13 yrs (China) - 2012-09-26


L am a boy from China. L am Chinese. L am twelve years old. There are four people in my family. They are my mother,my father,and me.
¡¡¡¡L go to Qi Bao NO.3 middle school. L am in Grade 7. My favourite subjects are Maths and
English. L like riding my bike ,playing badminton ,watching TV.
¡¡¡¡Please write soon and tell me about yourself .
¡¡¡¡¡¡Zhao Yu Chen

modify delete 10218 - from Gwendoline64 , 13 yrs (France) - 2012-05-18
Goat - "Chèvres < 3"

J'ai 5 chèvres donc je sais de quoi je parle ! ( Bon ce n'est pas encore une ferme mais c'est déjà pas mal )! Si vous avez des questions à propos de cet animal envoyez moi des messages j'essaierai d'y répondre ou si vous voulez être mon amie pas de souci je suis ouverte à tout le monde ( mais je ne parle que anglais esapgnol et français ce qui est déjà pas mal ) ! Bisous

10218 -
modify delete 30744 - Reply from selom248 (Togo) - 2016-01-04

jaime bien la chèvre car nous en élevons aussi chez nous

modify delete 7503 - from waoekung89 , 14 yrs (Thailand) - 2011-06-24
Goat - "Wonder"

It makes me smile.oh! I like goat too! XD

7503 -
modify delete 27368 - Reply from Simonov247 (USA) - 2014-09-23

I love goats to and I breed them. But it is their choice to breed, not mine.

modify delete 6870 - from Savannah102 (USA) - 2011-04-05
Goat - "Goat"

I love goats :D They are very adorable. I wish I could own one, but I'm not allowed. I am a Capricorn which the symbol for that is a goat < 3

6870 -
modify delete 32607 - Reply from Lilly28 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2017-09-21

I have goats at our farm, and I love goats. I am a Capricorn also.

6870 -
modify delete 27369 - Reply from Simonov247 (USA) - 2014-09-23

Im a Capricorn too

6870 -
modify delete 27212 - Reply from Leetka7 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2014-09-07

Hi! I love goats - and I'm a Capricorn too!

modify delete 5532 - from Elizabeth34 , 10 yrs (USA) - 2010-11-06
Goat - "interesting subject"

thats an interesting animal to like have you learned any info or facts about them?

5532 -
modify delete 5900 - Reply from brynne112 , 11 yrs (Alaska (USA)) - 2010-12-18

I have goats and have been breeding them for about 3-4 years, i only have 2 because i have been selling but i am going to be breeding in some more soon, i have does kidding all month long

I wish you all luck with your goats



modify delete 1710 - from astou207 , 23 yrs (Senegal) - 2009-08-04
Goat - "ma pensée sur mon ami"

La chèvre est mon animal préféré par sa gentillesse et elle est trés facile à entretenir dans une maison. Elle craint moins de dégat.

1710 -
modify delete 27201 - Reply from margaux23 , 26 yrs (France) - 2014-09-06

j'adore les chèvres , mon grand père en avait à la campagne , c'est trop mignon , ça pue mais c'est tellement adorable , en plus j'adore le fromage de chèvre .
a plus Margaux .

1710 -
modify delete 13976 - Reply from EMMANUEL251 , 38 yrs (Ghana) - 2013-10-30

i love to rear animals especially goats and i have seven now.i am always fond of them and wonderful if you know how to deal with them

1710 -
modify delete 13215 - Reply from Tamas135 , 38 yrs (Hungary) - 2013-06-21

hey, im sorry, just checking my profile, can i send you a message, or not, i don't know.

if yes, please read me, and answer, if you want, as you can see on my profile, i want to learn the language, and mostly, i want to know more african people.

so, if you feel any compelling to answer me, it would be great to me.

it's your choice, and this is my only try to make this, i think.

1710 -
modify delete 12246 - Reply from Julie247 , 28 yrs (Belgium) - 2013-01-27

J'ai aussi des chèvres mais pas des naines. J'ai des Saanen (les grandes blanches aux belles cornes ). Je viens d'ailleurs de perdre une de mes fifilles (elle n'avait que 9 mois :( ) Il me reste un bébé de 9 mois et deux adultes de 3 ans qui sont enceintes :)

1710 -
modify delete 7572 - Reply from Algassimou78 , 21 yrs (Guinea) - 2011-07-04

j'aime aussi la chèvre par son innocence et c'est aussi un animal très mignon.

1710 -
modify delete 7056 - Reply from Njatovoherimamy P.204 (Madagascar) - 2011-04-28

tu as raison au face de mes raison

1710 -
modify delete 2821 - Reply from Elvina146 (France) - 2009-12-03

C'est vrai !! :)

1710 -
modify delete 2023 - Reply from n143 , 99 yrs (Belarus) - 2009-09-13


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