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Would you like to talk about your favourite animal? (advices, experience...)
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modify delete 35666 - from rissi64 (Australia) - 2023-04-06
Camel, Dromedary - "bactrian camel"

i like bactrian camels more than dromedary camels, but there was no option for that. bactrian camels are cooler because they have more humps.

modify delete 35664 - from Martin103 , 9 yrs (France) - 2023-03-29
Camel, Dromedary - "Chameau et Dromadaire"

J'aime bien les chameaux et les dromadaires mais je préfère les félins.

35664 -
modify delete 35667 - Reply from rissi64 (Australia) - 2023-04-06

i feel the same :)

modify delete 31961 - from Dana161 , 14 yrs (USA) - 2016-12-22
Camel, Dromedary - "Camels"

My best friend is a camel.

modify delete 30873 - from Julien96 (Canada) - 2016-02-05
Camel, Dromedary - "Chameau"

Les chameaux sont cools

30873 -
modify delete 34298 - Reply from camille88 (France) - 2020-03-26

salut je suis trop d'accord avec toi !!!

modify delete 12874 - from agali203 (Niger) - 2013-04-25
Camel, Dromedary - "Salus les amis"

salus les amis,sachiez bien que moi en personne j'aime le chameau,parceque tu peus l'utiliser pour voyager,utiliser son lait et ses viande aussi................

modify delete 8844 - from Sami60 , 9 yrs (USA) - 2011-11-27
Camel, Dromedary - "Hi"

My name is Sami. I have a dog do you have a dog??? I have 3 siblings do you any sibling.?? My fave color is red whats yours?? I live in North America were do you live. During the winter it is very cold but during the spring and summer it is warm what is the weather like at your place. Oh and please show me a picture of you

8844 -
modify delete 8856 - Reply from Jacqueline212 , 14 yrs (Great Britain) - 2011-11-29

Hi, Sami. My name is Jacqueline. I have a dog, too. He's a Bichon Frise named Charlie. A Bichon Frise is a tiny, white, fluffy dog. He's adorable.:) I was born in northeastern America, but less than a year ago, I moved to Great Britain. I live with my Aunt Clarissa, my Uncle Jacob, and my older cousin, Emilie. My favorite color is purple. I live by the beach in a town near Bristol. If you want to see a picture of me, follow this link: http://imgur.com/gpf9V .:) It's my picture from my first formal dance.:)

modify delete 7713 - from mabel4 , 11 yrs (USA) - 2011-07-22
Camel, Dromedary - "Mabel"

I love camels and kangaroos also purple is my fav color. do you like to sing?I love to sing dio you like camels?

7713 -
modify delete 7950 - Reply from Birzeit161 (Israel) - 2011-08-23

Not More than you. i am just joking...you know what we have alot of camels here...but until now i didn't ride one !

modify delete 5224 - from SOUGOUR HASSAN179 , 21 yrs (Chad) - 2010-10-02
Camel, Dromedary - "camel"

I like camels because they are current for long distances. they do not tire quickly and does not thirst quickly also.

5224 -
modify delete 9006 - Reply from John185 , 35 yrs (USA) - 2011-12-16

i like camels to

5224 -
modify delete 8045 - Reply from sougour hassan251 , 21 yrs (Chad) - 2011-09-02

oh cool and how do you??? and how is China. i'm also living nearby....

5224 -
modify delete 8044 - Reply from peiquanheg82 , 21 yrs (China) - 2011-09-02

i am a chinese;now i live china;

modify delete 1049 - from Katarina80 , 13 yrs (USA) - 2009-05-15
Camel, Dromedary - "Camels rock!"

I love camels! They are EPIC. I have collected them since I was five from all over the world.

1049 -
modify delete 27691 - Reply from Lily16 , 12 yrs (China) - 2014-11-27

Hello!I am a girl.I am 12 years old.I am from China.I am a student.Nice to see you!

1049 -
modify delete 4839 - Reply from Assane246 , 19 yrs (Senegal) - 2010-08-25

i love camel oui j'aime le meme si dans
mon il a n'a pas beaucoup

1049 -
modify delete 4016 - Reply from khalid217 , 22 yrs (Morocco) - 2010-05-06

hi,c'est moi khalid moi aussi je parle français et l'angais arabe berber est ma langue maternelle maintenan nous somme des amis sa3a sa3ida

1049 -
modify delete 1340 - Reply from Rostom227 , 31 yrs (Tunisia) - 2009-06-19

hallo je m'appel rostom, j'ai lu ton annonce moi je parle français allemand et bien sure arbe si tu veux on peut etre deux amis voici mon complet Rostom Khaldi tu peux me rejoindre sur Facebook bye ou par ce forum tschuss

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