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modify delete 9692 - from Taysia , 13 y.o. (CAN) - 2013-03-06
Figure ice-skating : "FIGURE SKATTTING"

Anybody else a skater? I lvoe skating. It's honestly amazing! I have skating tonight! It's gonna be fun! I am a competitional skater in Paris ON! SO BYE!

9692 -
modify delete 9957 - Reply from roserau , 13 y.o. (BRA) - 2013-04-26

Taysia, although in my country there are no ice-skating rinks, I like roller-skating.

When I travel to the States, I use to skate on ice. I make beautiful presentations.

I took some courses: Classical Dance, Drawing and Piano. Once I made a portrait of a Brazilian artist, and it was a hit.

Do you know the Brazilian Carnival? It is a true art, much praised by the tourists from the whole world.

An embrace to you.

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