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modify delete 27406 - from Trevor , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2021-08-28
American football : "High school football"

I donít play for just jv or just varsity but I have to dress for all 3 teams because as a sophomore I have to play with the freshman because they have only 11 freshman on their roster and as a starting junior varsity player I am constantly pulled up to play varsity so I am stuck practice 3 times a week and sometimes playing 3 games a week. Donít get me wrong I like the playing time but sometimes itís a little too much. Does anyone get overwhelm with dressing for multiple teams?

27406 -
modify delete 27411 - Reply from Aristide , 20 y.o. (TOG) - 2021-09-02

Hallo!!!!My name is Aristide.
I like to become to jour correspondent.
If you accept,it is good for me.

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