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modify delete 27320 - from selina , 14 y.o. (CHN) - 2021-04-02
Dance, Ballet : "Dance"

I like dancing very much.I learn to dance from four years old.Until now,there are already nine years.I take part in many activities,because I think I want to perform in front of people.I have a good dance teacher.She dances very well.She is strict with me.Once I make mistakes,she points it out directly.I learn a lot from her.Now,we are good friends.She always encourages me.I think dance is good to me.I make many dancing friends.And itís good way to build my body.

27320 -
modify delete 27325 - Reply from Lis , 15 y.o. (GER) - 2021-04-13

Hey Selina,
That sounds interesting. I was dancing ballet too, I also started with four years, but i wasnít so lucky with my teacher, thatís why i stoped the training. Now i repent it a little. I am pleased that you get so well with your teacher. Donít give up!
Sincerely Lis

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