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modify delete 26833 - from Dee , 11 y.o. (MLS) - 2020-04-25
Basketball : "Basketball"

Hi, guys. I'm Dee a girl from Malaysia. I live basketball so much. I have basketball training every Wednesday in Malaysia. I also have badminton training every Saturday. I made my basketball team in my school. We always represent our school for basketball tournament. We won the tournament last year.😊

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modify delete 26985 - Reply from Eric , 12 y.o. (CHN) - 2020-07-10

Hello guy I have my basketball team called "Lightspeed ",what about yours?

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modify delete 26836 - Reply from Kushi , 13 y.o. (SRI) - 2020-04-26

Yes,me too.I represented our school team last month and we won too.I love basket ball and I also train batminton.We have practices every thursday.

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