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modify delete 26566 - from Kerttu , 13 y.o. (FIN) - 2019-11-01
Basketball : "Kerttu"

Hello! I'm Kerttu and I'm from Finland. 😄I want friends, that speak english😊 I like painting and jogging. I have 3 dogs and 3 guinea pigs💗

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modify delete 27354 - Reply from Shenu , 14 y.o. (SRI) - 2021-06-12

Hi! Iam new to this page. And I want to make lots of friends 😄

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modify delete 27098 - Reply from Erin , 15 y.o. (USA) - 2020-10-05

Hi! My name is Jacqueline! I am from America. I enjoy painting too. What's your favorite basketball team? Mine are probably the Toronto Raptors. I also have a dog, and may or may not get some pet rats in the future.

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modify delete 26789 - Reply from Hannah (USA) - 2020-04-07

I love basketball, I play for the team at my school. I am from America and speak only English, but am trying to learn Spanish and Korean! :)

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modify delete 26583 - Reply from Didi , 16 y.o. (IDN) - 2019-11-12

Hello! I love basketball too. But ican't do it. I want to be your friends! Send me some greeting in my gmail if you interested, or you can send me some letter :D

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