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modify delete 26319 - from jack zhou , 15 y.o. (CHN) - 2019-02-23
Basketball : "NBA's fan"

is anybody here?I love basketball and love NBA.and I watch NBA in my spare time.I love OKC and MIL. which team do you like?and who is the best?who's MVP? we can be friends if you love sport too.

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modify delete 26994 - Reply from Eric , 13 y.o. (CHN) - 2020-07-11


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modify delete 26856 - Reply from George (GRE) - 2020-04-30

Hi, i like basketball very much. I was in a team and i played basket every day. When i start my studies i stop to play with team. But always i have the feeling that something war far for me.
So i start to play basket alone in the field. I went nights and i played basket and i did the exercises which said in the past my coach.And i found my self again.

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modify delete 26406 - Reply from Lebron James Jr , 13 y.o. (ALA) - 2019-05-23

I LOVE basketball. I like to play in my spare time. I like LeBron James. I dont really like a team because LeBron has played for 3 of them. And ive lived in Miam, Cleveland, and L.A.I play in an A.A.U team. And my games are on youtube.
Im lebrons son so i have to say he's the g.o.a.t

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modify delete 26391 - Reply from Marios , 15 y.o. (GRE) - 2019-04-21


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modify delete 26349 - Reply from Laura , 16 y.o. (FRA) - 2019-03-17

I love Lebron James . Because it’s The best

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modify delete 26331 - Reply from SAPARAPA , 17 y.o. (TOG) - 2019-02-27

houston is for me the best team in western conference

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