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modify delete 24851 - from Martha , 11 y.o. (USA) - 2016-12-25
Figure ice-skating : "Hello"

I have been figure skating since the age of 3 or 4. I recently graduated to the highest level at my rink, where we will be starting our axels. Any advice on getting over my fears on trying it?

24851 -
modify delete 25463 - Reply from Milana , 14 y.o. (RUS) - 2017-10-21

Hey! If you want to get over your fear, listen to music while doing so! It helped me a lot. If you started at age 3 or 4, shouldn't it be easier to get over your fear faster? I mean you have gotten your loops and toe jumps right? But another thing to do it practice it on solid ground. Make sure you stretch good as well!

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