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modify delete 24126 - from Melissa (SAA) - 2016-03-20
American football : "Football girl"

I'm a girl but I love football I play in the yard with my brother and his friend all of the time but I can't play for the school because my mom and dad say football is not a girls sport so it makes me kind of mad but I play almost every day with my bros

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modify delete 24681 - Reply from Payton , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2016-10-20

I say you should totally go for it, too! Girls can be anything boys can be. And it is a fun sport...I just wish I could throw farther!

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modify delete 24624 - Reply from Megan (USA) - 2016-09-20

Hey! That's awesome that you want to play! I'm a girl and play for my school team as an inside linebacker; I say even if your parents won't let you, go for it. It's a really awesome experience!

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modify delete 24340 - Reply from ade (FRA) - 2016-05-22

i wanna play football americain too but where i livin they don't practive this sport :(

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