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modify delete 24114 - from Emma , 12 y.o. (USA) - 2016-03-15
Figure ice-skating : "i love figure skating!!!!!"

hi, my name is Emma i am twelve years old and i love to figure skate! the jumps i can do are: a salchow.a toe loop, a loop, a flip, and i am starting to work on my lutz. i am working on a flying camel and a biellmann spin. I take ballet at my ice rink, so that i can be more flexible. My favorite skaters are: madison chock, evan bates, gracie gold, polina edmunds, ashley wagner, brandon frazier, and jason brown.. I skate at the same club that madison chock and evan bates skate at!!!! I met them they are super nice! I also met brandon frazier( one of my favorite skaters!) he was super nice as well! I love to talk about figure skating!!!!! If you're a figure skater or a big fan of figure skating maybe we could become pen pals!

24114 -
modify delete 24281 - Reply from Megan , 13 y.o. (USA) - 2016-04-30

Hi! Yes, I love ice skating and I would love to become pen pals with you! Those jumps are amazing! Practice makes perfect! I've always wanted to do tricks on ice but I'm not very experienced.

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